The Road  

I-80, Wyoming


I-10, Texas

I-10, Texas

Hullet, Wyoming

The End of Hope: Outside the DNC  

What if you threw a protest against the oligarchy and not many people showed up?

Music by Laurie Anderson: "From the Air," Big Science.


Cleveland RNC Part 2  

Public Square, Cleveland, Ohio

The RNC in Cleveland followed two weeks of brutal (YouTubed) shootings in America. Anyone who showed up at the protests was either paid to be there, like the police and the media, or they were for some reason unafraid of the potential for more violence. As it was, things stayed relatively peaceful, except for loud shouting at times.

Some of the West Ohio Minutemen with assault rifles in Public Square.

West Ohio Minuteman

Cops had to protect the religious fanatics, as they were extremely loud and annoying and persistent.

MSNBC set up outside on West 4th Street, a block from the Quicken Loans Arena where the convention was in session.

Those three girls from YouTube performed across from the MSNBC booth on West 4th Street.

Special police at Public Square.

Bicycle cops on The Mall, during the BLM/religious fanatic shout down.

Connie, now residing in Mexico.

Opening Day Outside the RNC in Cleveland  

Sean Whitty and Christopher Traviano.

I went to the Republican and Democratic conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia to see who showed up outside on the streets. This is the first in a short series of reports. Donate

Sean Whitty's back tattoo.

A quote by Sam Adams on Sean's arm.

The Public Square in downtown Cleveland, where some of the protests took place.

Two anti-Trump protesters in Public Square.

David Patterson speaking just before Kathy Wray Coleman is arrested.

The Cleveland Police handcuff Kathy Wray Coleman.

Taking her away.

Kathy Wray Coleman was arrested on outstanding warrants for assaulting Cleveland Police officers.

The Rev. Pamela M. Pickney Butts scolding the crowd after Coleman's arrest.

After Thinking About What To Do  

Trent Harris wonders 'what the fuck?' at a gun shop in Salt Lake City.

In a few days I'm getting in my car and driving to the conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia. Donate
Reagan's Neighbors  

William Thomas, Lafayette Park, Washington D.C., 1984

Interviews with people occupying Lafayette Park in Washington D.C. in the early 1980s.


Sarah Vowell's new book, Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.I will be speaking this week, June 29th, at Tape Fest in Brooklyn. Donate

Conception Piccioto, Lafayette Park, Washington D.C., 1984

Tony, Lafayette Park, Washington D.C.,1984

Why People Vote for Hillary Clinton  

Hillary Clinton speaking June 4, 2016, in the Thomas Edison High School gymnasium, Fresno, California.

Some interviews with Clinton supporters before the California primary on June 7, 2016. Donate
Trump and Sanders in South Bend: Part Three  

Interviews with Sanders supporters two days before the Indiana Primary on May 3, 2016.Music by The Youngbloods, Get Together. Donate New tote bags and t-shirts, press the SHOP button in the menu above.

Trump and Sanders in South Bend: Part Two  

Shortly before the Indiana primaries on May 3, 2016, both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders spoke in South Bend. In this episode I interview people waiting in line to hear Donald Trump. Donate

Trump and Sanders in South Bend, Indiana  

Both candidates were speaking in the same place, on consecutive days, just before the Indiana Primary last Tuesday. I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two events. Donate

My Trip To Palestine  

I've heard some people think these maps are not accurate. I think they are accurate enough. 

I wrote this story as a way to overcome my fear of speaking about the Israel/Palestine Conflict, a serious problem for which we bare some responsibility. I don't know what the solution is, or if a solution is even possible at this point, but I'd at least like to not be afraid to talk about it.Music: Mouth harp by Alex Caldiero; Colony Collapse, Dreams From Wounded Mouth, and Fitnah by Filastine


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Maybe He Became a Bear: An Interview with Jim Harrison  

I don't know who took this photo, but I owe him or her a t-shirt and patch.

I spoke with Jim at Dennis Sizemore's house up Emigration Canyon, about ten miles east of Salt Lake City. We'd eaten dinner and it was too noisy inside the house, so we sat in my pickup truck out in the driveway. Donate
Prisoner of Zion  

An essay on where I live and what I live for.Music by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir--Come, Come Ye Saints

Photo by Julian Cardona

The Salt Lake Temple

Joseph Smith 

Brigham Young

Searching for Amnesia  

Scott Carrier

I'm currently at the Panama Music Festival in Launceston, Tasmania. I was invited to speak about podcasting. So this week I'm posting this story from the archives. It originally was broadcast in 1996 on This American Life. New Home of the Brave patches for sale.
One Year Review Meeting  

In which I present the numbers, an accounting, to the listeners/supporters of the show.Music by Mum, Slow BicycleDonate or Subscribe through Pay Pal.Donate through Stripe below: Donate Home of the Brave T-Shirts

The Iowa Caucus  

Two Sanders supporters at the caucus in Dubuque.

A trip to Iowa to see if young people would turn out for the caucus. Donate

Zach Meyer at the caucus in Dubuque.

Lots of older folks turned out, and they mainly supported Hillary Clinton.

Sometimes it was necessary to count more than once, by different methods.


Highway 6, Nebraska, on the way home.

Saints of the Last Days  

Jim Harmston (photo by the Salt Lake Tribune)

Originally broadcast in the "Factions" show of This American Life in 1996. Edited by Alix Spiegel and Ira Glass. Inspired by a story in The Salt Lake City Weekly by Carolyn Campbell. About a group of renegade Mormon polygamists in central Utah. Donate
Absolutely, God Told Us To Do This  

Brand Thornton, one of the militia that has taken over the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon.

An Interview with one of the Bundy gang. Donate

Pete Santili  covering the event.

On the road from Burns, Oregon, to the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge.

The Balkan Route  

The final report on the refugee trail, describing how they travel from Athens to Germany.Music: Crossroad Metamorphosis and Super FM Dub by Hayvanlar Alemi. Donate Photos by Camilla Q. Madsen

Walking from the Greek border to Gevgelija, Macedonia.

Gevgelija, Macedonia.

A Syrian with two babies, near Gevgelija.

Check point at the transit camp on the Serbia/Croatia. Slavonski Brod, Croatia. We were allowed to photograph the refugees but not talk to them.

Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Slavonski Brod transit camp, Croatia.

Transit camp at Sentilj, Slovenia.

Waiting to cross into Austria from the transit camp in Sentilj, Slovenia.

A team of medics from Norway at the Sentilj transit camp.

Inside the tent at the transit camp in Passau, Germany.

Passau, Germany

Afghan volunteers at the transit camp in Passau, Germany.

On the Ferry from Lesbos to Athens  

Donate Photos by Camilla Q. Madsen Donate

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