How To Do Everything

How To Do Everything

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We're half advice show, half survival guide. We answer all your questions, from how to find a date, to how to find water in the desert.


Beefily Ever After  

In our last episode, we learn how to drink tea, build human towers, watch the sunset forever and find the Ian inside all of us.

Freedom, Justice, or Peter Sagal  

We learn what happened to a two-thousand year-old toe, and what to do when our voices make you sick.


Devil In The White City author Erik Larson helps us write gooder, and we tell you how to snack silently at the movies.

We Accidentally Made A Halloween Episode  

Mark Bittman helps us answer a very creepy question, and we learn who's helping the Obamas move.

Romancing The Cod  

How to talk to fish and protect your yard signs.

Trust Him On The Frustum  

We help you brush that dirt off your shoulder and get the most out of your Reese's.

The Never-Ending Cave  

We tell you how to get deep and how to fake childhood memories.

The Sound of Silence  

A listener needs help opening his Velcro bag quietly, so we call in the military.

Fiddlin', Gruntin', Snorin' and Carlin'  

How to get people to remember your name and find thousands of worms. Note: this episode talks about curse words but bleeps them out. It's educational, but there's a lot of cursing.

The Champ  

We tell you how to keep your fries crispy and make your friends cry.


How to lose to Usain Bolt by a slightly smaller margin, and another use for your bowling shoes.

Bonny's Dream  

How to endure hearing someone describe their dream.

Bears and Bubbles  

How to bathe discreetly and get close to a panda.

Bears, Tigers, Leeches, and Spicy Food  

How to pick a winner in a bear v. tiger fight, find an endangered species, and eat spicy food.

Best Man O' War  

How to train your pet jellyfish and plan a wedding no one will forget.

The Only Olympics Guide You'll Ever Need  

With how-to advice from a bunch of Olympians and Patrick Stewart.

Lyin' Eyes  

How to protect your cow and pull a loose tooth.

Merry Chrismas!  

How to celebrate your new favorite holiday and enjoy the Summer Olympics.


How to talk to a dinosaur and survive a public bathroom.

Human Feet and Graham Crackers  

How to have less fun at the beach, and how to enjoy graham crackers.

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