Episode 14: Lost tooth, making hip hop, and Steve the jacket  

Ollie and Producer Daddy are back. We talk about planning our lemonade stand, co-hosting a game show in front of "thousands" of people, and we make music.

Episode 11: Bernie Sanders, Going Back to Cali, and Heart Worm  

I'm back from vacation! We had a great time in California. Below, you can see me hanging out on the beach. Also you can see me dancing to the podcast theme song.

Special video podcast! pic.twitter.com/cWwSHD3krt

— Ollie (@OllieWisdom) February 13, 2016

My intro song!! pic.twitter.com/nyqAH8LTMX

— Ollie (@OllieWisdom) February 18, 2016
Episode 10: Sweaty art, the candy lady, and naming bracelets  

I was so excited to have my friend Sherri on the podcast today. She owns a CANDY STORE!!! I love candy. 

I made big big big changes to the bracelet store. Now you can pick the bracelet you want, and I named each one of them. You can buy one right here.

Episode 9: Peyton Manning, Scallops, and Gravity  

On this week's episode we talk about sushi, the Super Bowl, and whether a Panther would win in a fight against a Bronco. 

Episode 8: Cake, Ted, and Mr. Rodriguez  

I have two birthday parties today. I plan on having two pieces of cake. Ted is on my show today. He's 3.

Big new episode coming today with my brother Ted. pic.twitter.com/zr4vafSPNF

— Ollie (@OllieWisdom) January 30, 2016
Episode 7: Sitting with boys, Jackson Pollock, and Ted Cruz  

Pops is on the show. We talk about ice cream. Animal Game is back. 

You can buy a bracelet right here

Episode 6: Serial, Coffee, and the H Word  

We play Fact or Fiction. I tell a very dark story. And I do my first movie review.

Episode 5: New intro music, Hillary Clinton, and the Animal Game  

In this episode we play some fun games and learn some more gymnastics. A guy named Brian or Paul sponsors our joke. I learned about stingers this week.

You can buy a bracelet, if you want to. They are right here. 

You can tweet me at @OllieWisdom

Here I am at Dad's studio

*Typed by Daddy

Episode 4: Ants on a log, handstands, and Rosa Parks  

Today we talk about many things. We talk about lunch with the girls. We also talk about Dr Martin Luther King Jr and why skin color doesn't matter.

Episode 3: Twitter questions, peanut allergies, and eye brow kisses  

Tonight we talk about school, shoutouts, and babies walking out of belly buttons. You can buy my new bracelet here.

Dad and me during our podcast

Thanks to our sponsor Smiling Dog Photography

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Episode 2: School, Bracelets, Gymnastics, and Stuff I like  

Okay. This podcast was based on the things that are about OllieWisdom.com or @OllieWisdom on Twitter. There's also the stuff I like - like going to the grocery store. 

If you have any questions, ask me on Twitter @OllieWisdom.

Here is the picture of the 3D card i talked about.

*Typed by Dad

Episode 1: How the show works  

I didn't know what to say yet. But here are some things I said. I'm going to do more talking later this week. 

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