Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Hi

Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Hi


CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.


Mission to Jordan  

While many community groups have helped bring Syrian newcomers to this province in the past year - Other sponsorship groups are still waiting for their families to arrive in Nova Scotia. The Southwest Family Alliance is one of those groups in limbo. They'

No details on teachers' tentative deal  

The teachers' union and the province announced Friday that they have come to a tentative deal. Information Morning speaks with the President of the Nova Scotia Teachers' Union Liette Doucet.

Herald strike has hurt journalism in Nova Scotia  

One year ago today unionized news room staff at the Chronicle Herald went on strike. Many feel damage has alrady been done to the news industry in Nova Scotia. Information Morning speaks with Pauline Dakin who teaches in the journalism school at the Univ

Live music is part of Halifax's identity  

Live music is part of Halifax's identity - but with changes in the way we consume entertainment, how do we ensure the city's live music scene doesn't flop? Information Morning speaks with James Boyle, executive director of the Halifax Pop Explosion. And L

Smiles all around  

Orthodontists in Nova Scotia launched a pilot program last year, to help needy families access dental work. We told you about it here on Information Morning. Now that the pilot is over, the program is spreading across the country. Stephen Roth is a Hali

King's student on why he voted for Trump  

Kyril Wolfe will be one of the millions of people watching the presidental inauguration. He grew up near Boston and voted for Trump. Information Morning's Phlis McGregor spoke with him.

Sexual Assault and PTSD  

Most of the stories we hear about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have to do with former members of the military. But in fact PTSD affects more civilians than soldiers. And women are twice as likely to have it as men. Jackie Stevens is the Executive Dire

Don't throw old clothes in the garbage  

Hear what it sounds like behind-the-scenes when an old sock gets recycled.

Police Commission 'not firing on all cylinders'  

Former members of the Halifax Board of Police Commissioners say there are problems with the way it functions. The current chair of the board Steve Craig joins Information Morning to discuss this.

Inspired by a case of racial profiling  

Inspired by a case of racial profiling. Grade six student Micah Anderson tells Information Morning about a winning story he wrote for the African Nova Scotian History Challenges.

Speculation surrounding Vice Admiral Mark Norman  

The country was shocked this week to learn that our second highest ranking military officer had been removed from his duties. Ken Hanson talks to Information Morning about Vice Admiral Mark Norman.

Questions around Halifax Board of Police Commissioners  

The Halifax Board of Police Commissioners provides civilian oversight to the Halifax Regional Police. Former board members say the system is broken.

The joys of skating on frozen lakes and ponds  

I is for ice! S is for Skating! Our A for Adventure team talk about the joys of skating on frozen lakes and ponds.

U.S. Ambassador bids Canada farewell  

U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman says goodbye before leaving post in Ottawa.

New North End Clinic will offer one stop shopping  

The North End Community Health Centre is moving. Dr. Rod Wilson is the Centre's executive director.

Police relations with black community a continual work in progress  

For years Halifax has grappled with the divide between its white and black citizens. Sergeant Craig Smith is the author of "You Better Be White by Six AM". He joins Information Morning.

Residents want more control over snow clearing  

The shovel versus the plow. Councillor Shawn Cleary says it's time to talk about how the city clears sidewalks after a snowstorm.

Arca 1 Update  

Chris Kirby is the salvage master and Director of Project Management at McKeil Marine. He gives us an overview on plans for the next attempt to tow the Arca 1 off the bottom at Little Pond.

New Quiz 0113  

A man who remembers asking his mother if he was adopted. She said, "Not yet--but we placed an ad in the newspaper". Don Munro has the Newsquiz.

Kim's Convenience creates archeotypes not stereotypes  

Kim's Convenience is returning to its roots as a stage play, opening tonight at the Neptune. Creator Ins Choi and actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee join Information Morning.

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