Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Hi

Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Hi


CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.


Could a Supreme Court ruling from B.C. affect an imposed teachers' contract in N.S.?  

A Supreme Court of Canada decision involving British Columbia's teachers has people here wondering if that case is relevant in our situation in Nova Scotia. Wayne MacKay teaches law of Dalhousie University.

Challenging pink and blue stereotypes for kids' gifts  

In toy stores there are aisles of pink aimed at girls, while the 'boy' aisles are predominatly blue and black. Fiona Martin is an associate professor at Dalhousie University. She also has three young children and has been thinking a lot about gender-bas

G is for gear and C is for comfort - for our A for Adventure Team  

Our A for Adventure team wants you to be warm, dry and comfortable so you can enjoy the outdoors even when it's cold. Chris Surette and Jan-Sebastian La Pierre have thrifty tips for the best way to dresss and what to wear for winter adventures.

Our political panel on the fallout from the teacher contract dispute  

The McNeil government's week-long shutdown of schools has ended after just one day, and students will be back in school this morning. Ralph Surette is a freelance journalist in Yarmouth County. Brian Flinn is a political reporter for

Two former NSTU presidents on contract dispute with Province  

The shutdown of the province's schools ended yesterday, and we are back to a work-to-rule job action by the Nova Scotia Teachers' Union. Donnie MacIntyre and Brian Forbes are former NSTU presidents.

Analysis of contract dispute between NS teachers and Province  

The CBC's Michael Gorman looks at how we arrived at this point where the Province has closed schools to students ... and where the contract dispute may go from here, legislated contract and all.

Head of NS Teachers' Union on what's next  

Union President Liette Doucet speaks to Information Morning about schools being closed to students, and the government's plans to impose a new contract.

Education Mnister Karen Casey on decision to close schools  

On Saturday, the province moved to cut off teachers' work-to-rule job action before it began, by cancelling school starting this morning. Teachers are still expected to work, but students won't be admitted until a new contract is imposed on teachers. Kar

Buying local is about to become more difficult for mushroom lovers  

Valley Mushrooms will close this month. Employees will lose their jobs... and loyal customers will be without their favourite mushrooms. Information Morning's Phlis McGregor tells us more.

Mad Science  

Work to rule job action by Nova Scotia teachers will have a serious affect on the after-school program Mad Science of the Maritimes. Ryan Turner runs the program.

Elizabeth May on electoral reform  

The committee on electoral reform filed its report yesterday, and then mayhem broke out. Elizabeth May fills us in.

World AIDS Day  

Al McNutt has been living with HIV in Nova Scotia for almost thirty years.

Students react to work-to-rule  

Grade 12 students Gabrielle Torrealba and Brooke Kattenbush react to the upcoming work-to-rule job action by Nova Scotia teachers.

Public Navigators  

Public Navigators help people representing themselves in court make sense of the system. We speak with lawyer and volunteer Julien Matte, along with the executive director of the Legal Information Society, Heather De Berdt Romilly.

Getting guns off the streets  

Miranda Cain works with youth in North Preston and has been thinking about what it takes to prevent more murders in Nova Scotia. She says there's a need to get guns off the street, and revamp community programs.

Trauma of gun violence  

Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard talks about how to deal with the trauma of gun violence.

Getting guns off the streets  

Miranda Cain works with youth in North Preston and has been thinking about what it takes to prevent more murders in Nova Scotia. She says there's a need to get guns off the street, and revamp community programs.

Teachers' Labour Dispute  

Graham Steele looks at the communications strategies on both sides of the teachers' labour dispute.

Gun violence in Halifax  

Members of the African Nova Scotian community met Monday night to talk about gun violence. Information Morning spoke with Reverand Rhonda Britton about that meeting.

Keeping in shore lobster fishery  independent  

The president of the fishermen's union in sou'west nova is fighting to keep the lobster fishery controlled by fishermen and not corporations. Information Morning speaks with Graeme Gawn.

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