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Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Hi


CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.


Offering foster respite gives grandparents "something to talk about"  

Grandparents in Apple River have been providing a weekend home to foster children. She says it helps give foster parents a break. Martha Thompson wants other grandparents to take part.

Halifax woman sews her entire wardrobe  

Erica Penton was tired of buying pool quality and ill-fitting clothing. So she decided to make her clothing by herself. Information Morning's Nina Corfu visited her home workshop.

Teacher's Contract  

CBC Reporter Jean Laroche brings us the latest on Bill 75 from Province House.

A push for Mother Canada  

Parks Canada says the proposed Mother Canada statue in Cape Breton is not going to happen, but the promoter is still hopeful. Information Morning's Nina Corfu tells us more.

Our Political Panel assesses Bill 75  

The McNeil government's decision to impose a contract on teachers has produced protests, and now a one day strike. Information Morning's political panel discusses the week.

Why SPCA is laying more charges  

There have been a growing number of animal cruelty cases in the news during the last year. That's not because of more complaints, just more charges. Jo-Anne Landsburg is the chief inspector for the Nova Scotia SPCA.

Public has say on Bill 75  

Public hearings on Bill 75 are underway. Hundreds of people have asked for permission to speak to the house. CBC Reporter Michael Gorman has been at Province House.

Guysborough Warden determined to build lifestyle centre  

Some residents in the Municipality of the District of Guysborough are concerned about a lifetyle centre being proposed for the area. Yesterday we heard from Guysborough resident Patricia Bates. Vernon Pitts is the Warden for the Municipality of the Distri

Residents want Guysborough council to rethink lifestyle centre  

The Municipality of the District of Guysborough has asked for tenders to build a new $11 million lifestyle complex. That worries some residents. They have organized a petition. Patricia Bates is one of the organizers of the petition.

What Bill 75 could mean for teachers and students  

MLAs spent the night at Province House debating Bill 75. The bill is expected to pass into law by early next week. Larry Haiven is a member of Nova Scotia Parents for Teachers and Professor Emeritus with the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's Univ

Some tips on how to build a really cool snow fort  

Q is for quinzee. Jan Sebastian La Pierre from our A for Adventure team builds a special snow fort for Valentine's day.

Personal experience of what inclusion can do  

Classroom conditions are among the key issues still outstanding on both sides. Teachers say there are not enough resources to help them cope with the demands of educating children with various abilities. Christine Richards was among the first students w

Looking out for our feathered friends  

While most of us have nestled inside during the storm, wildlife doesn't always have it that easy. Helene von Donnick is the founder and veterinarian at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. She has tips for how we can help our feathered friends.

Legislature opens to impose a contract on teachers  

Premier Stephen McNeil has recalled the Legislature to pass back to work legislation. CBC Reporter Michael Gorman takes us through the process of passing the back to work legislation. And Information Morning speaks with Premier Stephen McNeil.

Options limited for homeless youth in rural NS  

A shelter in Yarmouth is looking for new ways to help young people who don't have a place to live. Shyft Youth Services offers residential and outreach support for youth in Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne. Adam Dolliver is the Executive Director of Shyft.

Teachers reject third contract proposal  

Liette Doucette from the Nova Scotia teachers' union talks to Information Morning.

Why is taxpayer money still being spent on Dr. Gabrielle Horne case?  

Supporters of Dr. Gabrielle Horne are asking just how much taxpayer money is being spent on a case the government has already lost. Gabrielle Horne won a million-dollar settlement against, but the province is still fighting. Some citizens are asking an o

Offering foreign workers jobs and citizenship  

In March the federal government will launch a pilot project to address labour shortages in certain industries in Nova Scotia. CBC Reporter Paul Withers is here to tells us about this program.

Safety questions at Bedford Magazine  

Canada's military has hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ammunition stored at the Bedford Magazine. CBC News has been investigating the site and looking into the sites safety. CBC Reporter Brett Ruskin tells us more.

Health Canada to spot check cannibis  

The medical marijuana company Organisgram has been in the news recently for a recall, after its product was found to contain a fungicide that turns to hyrogen cyanide when heated. CBC Reporter Elizabeth Chiu has been looking into this.

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