Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Hi

Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Hi


CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.


A for Adventure:  Wind in your sails  

S is for sailing! Chris and Jan from A for Adventure have great ideas for accessible and inclusive places to learn about wind, boats, sails and the ocean.

Group of doctors says we need to make big changes to the Nova Scotia Health Authority  

The Nova Scotia Health Authority has no health care providers on its board. We hear from a group of doctors who think that's a bad idea.

Swimming safely:  What to do if you're caught in a riptide  

Staying safe in the ocean - a veteran lifeguard teaches us what to do if you get caught in a rip current.

Injured workers groups say Workers Compensation Board is failing them  

Yesterday Yvonne Colbert told us about a man who had to wait almost a year for the Workers Compensation Board to comply with a tribunal's ruling. Today, Yvonne will be back to tell us how common issues like that are.

Getting satisfaction from the Workers Compensation Board. Consumer Watchdog Yvonne Colbert takes on a Dartmouth man's case.  

A Dartmouth man says he's been waiting almost a year for help from Worker's Compensation - help WCB's own tribunal told them to give.

Deja vu: An Annapolis Valley woman is fighting for cancer treatment and drug coverage for a second time.  

Patient zero - twice! A cancer patient in Port Williams explains how she was misdiagnosed and couldn't access the drug she needed both times she's fought the disease.

Premier Stephen McNeil Tells Us His Priorities for the Upcoming Renegotiation of NAFTA  

Getting set to walk the tightrope of trade talks. We spoke with Premier Stephen McNeil about the upcoming renegotiation of NAFTA and what his priorities will be

Mi'Kmaq Woman Says She Feels Unsafe in Halifax as a Result of the Controversy Surrounding the Cornwallis Statue  

An activist says the controversy surrounding the Cornwallis statue in Halifax is encouraging violence towards indigenous people.

Cape Breton Group Releases and/or False Information about People Connected to The Cornwallis Protest in Halifax  

We hear how a Cape Breton alt-right group used something called doxing, to releasing private and, in some cases, false information about people connected to the Cornwallis protest in Halifax. Reporter Nic Meloney has that story.

Rebuilding Pride in Halifax Pride  

The executive director of Halifax Pride responds to criticism of the organization and a boycott by several LGBT groups.

Provincial Maintenance Enforcement Program Scolded for Dropping Client  

An Ombudsman's report says the province didn't think of the children when it kicked a single mother out of its maintenance enforcement program.

Don't Fight About Food  

Avoiding the food fight....our nutrition columnist has some very practical advice for dealing with a picky eater.

Hep C advocate says NS coverage should be extended  

Thousands of people in Nova Scotia are living with Hepatitis C. In May the provincial government added a new treatment to Nova Scotia's drug formulary. But not everyone in Nova Scotia can get coverage.

Remembering the early days of Pride  

It's Pride week in Halifax. Jim MacSwain and Lynn Murphy were both gay activists in Nova Scotia going back to the 1970s.

Court copyright decision affects universities  

One of Canada's largest universities will have to pay more for copyrighted materials distributed to students, thanks to a court ruling last week.

Health Canada takes closer look at BBQ brushes  

CBC News has learned Health Canada is officially taking a closer look at BBQ brush. The CBC's Katie Nicholson has the details.

Dominic LeBlanc committed to protecting right whales  

How to protect the already endangered right whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Federal Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Dominic LeBlanc reponds.

Family doctor advocates for her homeless patient  

A woman in Cape Breton says she's lucky to be alive after losing her income assistance last year. Mary McNamara had been receiving benefits for more than two decades when Community Services cut her off. The CBC's Elizabeth McMillan has been following th

Mother fights traffic violations for son who was in jail at time of offences  

If you get a ticket under the motor vehicle act, you can contest it in court. And the mother of a Bedford man charged with a traffic violation is determined to do that. That's because the charge happened at a time when her son couldn't possibly have been

Former head of Sotheby's Canada says Annie Leibovitz's work culturally significant  

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia says it will try one last time to convince a federal panel that its collection of Annie Leibovitz photos is culturally significant. If the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board - Or C-PERB - does agree, Nova Scotian

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