Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Highlights)

Information Morning from CBC Radio Nova Scotia (Highlights)


CBC Radio's Information Morning kick starts the day on mainland Nova Scotia with news, survival information, compelling stories and opinions from all perspectives in the province.


Teachers leave NSCC after pay changes  

A former employee at the Nova Scotia Community College says the school is taking advantage of some of its teaching staff.

Environmentalist irate about proposed changes  

Canada's offshore and northern regions are some of the most dangerous locations in which to drill for oil. The Federal government is currently updating those regulations. John Davis is the Director of the Clean Ocean Action Committee.

Former MLA skeptical about electoral boundaries committee  

When it looked like the Acadian Federation could derail the provincial election last spring, Premier Stephen McNeil struck a committee to look into the issue of protected ridings. Yvonne Atwell represented one of the former protected seats.

Nova Scotians in Florida ride out Hurricand Irma  

Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean and Florida over the weekend. It's not yet high season for Canadian snowbirds who head south, but there are a number of expats who live in Florida year round.

NSCC researchers using cutting-edge technology  

A team of researchers from NSCC is using cutting edge technology to map part of the South Shore coastline. The goal is to understand how to protect vulnerable ecosystems if an oil spill ever happened in our waters. The CBC's Shaina Luck spent time with

Computer game for an uniquely Maritime food  

The donair is an odd culinary creation. It's a dish that some love, while others avoid. But the donair remains a uniquely Maritime food. One man's fascination with the dish has led to the creation of a donair computer game.

Nova Scotia expert explains delusional disorder  

Dr. Alistair Munro who is an expert on delusional disorder, explains what it is.

Legal implications of Bridgewater intimate images case  

Six boys got suspended sentences for trading naked pictures of their classmates. Wayne MacKay explains what that means for future sentences with similar crimes.

Enjoy the warm water safely  

The ocean is at its warmest. Our A for Adventure team says it's the perfect time to hit the beach, if you're aware of the risks.

More teens running away from group homes than you might imagine  

A CBC News investigation sheds light on the number of Nova Scotia youths running away from group homes. CBC Investigative Reporter Angela MacIvor tells us more.

Let kids eat what parents pack  

Back to class means back to school lunches and snacks for most students. Food Columnist Jennifer Brady talks about the roles of food monitors.

Run, Hide, Repeat - A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood, a remarkable memoir by Pauline Dakin  

Following a strange childhood - a childhood on the run - Pauline Dakin finally gets an explanation.

New job at Halifax Regional School Board to protect junior high sports  

After much uncertainty, it's looking like junior high students in Halifax will be able to play competitive sports. The Halifax Regional School Board has created a position to look after junior high sports.

What town slogans really mean  

If you've been driving around the Maritimes you've probably come across city or town slogans on signs along the highway. The CBC's Natalie Dobbin decided to find out how communities come up with these slogans and why.

VETS Canada and Salvation Army partner to help homeless veterans  

Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada, otherwise known as VETS Canada, is the national volunteer led charity that helps homeless and in-crisis veterans. They're partnering with The Salvation Army to offer a first of its kind project.

Owners abandon pets in Halifax park  

Not every creature found in the Public Gardens is supposed to be there.

Wildlife biologist skeptical about forestry review  

Stephen McNeil promised during the election campaign that there would be a review of the province's forestry practices. Now former deputy environment minister Bill Lahey has been appointed head of the review.

International day of awareness about opioid overdoses  

Today people around the world will take time to remember friends and family lost due to drug addiction. It's International Overdose Awareness Day. Cindy MacIsaac is the Executive Director of Direciton 180.

Nova Scotia poker player donates winnings  

A Nova Scotia man had a run of very good luck at a big poker tournament in Barcelona. And Scott Wellenbach has decided to give all his winnings away.

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