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IT'S TIME w/Bruce Buffer

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Bruce Buffer, "The Voice of Mixed Martial Arts," brings his special brand and flare to FOX Sports each and every week on "IT'S TIME!!!" Buffer chats with celebrities, fighters, and individuals from all walks of life about pop culture, news and of course mixed martial arts and the UFC. Sick of the same old podcast banter? "IT'S TIME!!!" for something new.


Bruce Buffer Talks UFC, NFL & More with Jon Anik  

Bruce Buffer chats with play-by-play man Jon Anik on this week's episode of "IT'S TIME!!!" The pair discuss the latest in mixed martial arts. NFL betting, and more.

Bruce Buffer Chats with 'Sexpert' Sammy Phillips on "IT'S TIME!!!"  

Bruce Buffer and Ms. Sammy Phillips are back for November's “Sex & Relationships” episode on the “IT’S TIME!” podcast where they talk & cover a variety of subjects surrounding the world of “Sex & Relationships” plus much more due to some wild current event stories happening this week in the news. Tune in for this and much more, as always on the “Life-Styles” show of the internet.

UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley Chats with Bruce Buffer on IT'S TIME!!!  

Bruce Buffer is joined by UFC welteweight champion Tyron Woodley. On this episode of "IT'S TIME!!!" Woodley discusses his UFC 205 draw with Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. Buffer also breaks down what happened when he read the decision and how the draw was announced originally as a win for "T-Wood."

Bruce Buffer Chats with Wealth Coach JT Foxx  

> Bruce Buffer brings on international motivation and wealth building motivational speaker JT Foxx, who is known internationally as the “Millionaire Underdog”. JT Foxx went from poverty to riches in the last 10 years and he coaches and teaches business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world thru his public speaking appearances and seminars. Buffer is appearing and speaking with Foxx in Orlando, Florida this week along with John Travolta and 50 Cent. Check out this high energy interview as JT and the V.O.T.O. go at it for your entertainment. > > All this and much more as always on “IT’S TIME!”… the “Life-Styles” podcast of the internet.

Bruce Buffer Chats with Eddie Bravo About EBI 9, Combat Jiu-Jitsu & More  

Bruce Buffer chats with Eddie Bravo ahead of EBI 9: "The Light-Heavyweights." The 10th Planet master discusses his submission grappling tournament, how he plans on changing it up by adding strikes, and who he feels will win between Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes.

Bruce Buffer: Is Trump's Campaign Hurting His Business? NFL Pick  

On this week’s “IT’S TIME!” show Bruce Buffer & Co-Host TJ DeSantis “Rant & Rave” about a variety of subjects this week including current events, the NFL plus recent developments in the presidential election and much more.

Bruce Buffer Chats with Ralph Sutton, Insticator CEO Zack Dugow  

Bruce Buffer was back on "IT'S TIME!!!" with radio personality Ralph Sutton and Insticator CEO Zack Dugow.

Bruce Buffer Reacts to UFC 204, Dan Henderson Discussion  

On this week’s “IT’S TIME!” show Bruce Buffer & Co-Host TJ DeSantis break down the UFC 204 war between Henderson & Bisping along with the Presidential Debate & the ongoing war between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton… This & more surrounding popular current events in the news this week.

Bruce Buffer Remembers Josh Samman, Chats with Motivational Speaker Scott Dimon  

Bruce Buffer dedicates this week’s “IT’S TIME!” show to UFC fighter Josh Samman who passed away Oct. 5th. The V.O.T.O.’s special guest is his long time friend Steve Dimon who is an author, wellness motivational speaker & stroke survivor. Buffer & Dimon discuss his new book “Health, Wellness & Longevity” which details how to avoid disease through proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation and life-style changes where & when needed. All this and much more as always on “IT’S TIME!”... the “Life-Styles” podcast of the internet.

Bruce Buffer Talks Sex & Relationships with Penthous Pet Sammy Phillips  

Bruce Buffer Talks Sex & Relationships with Penthous Pet Sammy Phillips by IT'S TIME w/Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer Chats with "The Hurt Business's" Vlad Yudin  

Bruce Buffer is joined by Vlad Yudin who discusses his new film "The Hurt Business" which takes a deeper look at the world of mixed martial arts.

Nick 'The Tooth' Joins IT'S TIME!!! To Talk Matt Serra, His Relationship with Dana White & More  

One week removed from Matt Serra's comments on why Nick "The Tooth" left "Dana White: Looking For A Fight," the former cast member joined Bruce Buffer's podcast to share his side of the story. "The Tooth" gets in to why he didn't want certain portions of the show released, why he felt like the show wasn't working for him, and if he has any regrets on the decision to walk away.

Matt Serra Goes Unfiltered on "Looking For A Fight," Nick The Tooth's Departure & More  

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra borrows from his new podcast's name and goes "Unfiltered" on a variety of topics. On a special raw and uncut version of "IT'S TIME!!!" Serra lays it all on the table with Bruce Buffer. Why did Nick "The Tooth" leave Dana White's new reality series? Serra shares his side of the story and let's us know if there are any hard feelings. The Renzo Gracie black belt also takes us back to his big win over Georges St-Pierre, Chris Weidman's victories over Anderson Silva, and Ray Longo even makes a cameo!

Play-By-Play Man Jon Anik Talks UFC, NFL & More with Bruce Buffer  

Bruce Buffer was back for another edition of “IT’S TIME!!!” This week on the show he was joined by UFC play-by-play man Jon Anik. Together the two talked UFC’s recent show in Vancouver, Canada which saw Demian Maia defeat Carlos Condit in the very first round. The two also talk football including Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the national anthem. “Buff” also talks about traveling to Germany this week for Andrei Arlovski’s battle with Josh Barnett and other current events inside and outside of the world of mixed martial arts.

'Big' John McCarthy Talks Diaz-McGregor 2 with Bruce Buffer  

Bruce Buffer is back on "IT'S TIME!!!" with veteran referee "Big" John McCarthy. On this broadcast McCarthy chats with Buffer about last Saturday night's UFC 202 main event when he over saw the classic rematch between UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

Fight Doc to the Stars Dr. William Kessler Talks Injuries in MMA with Bruce Buffer  

Bruce Buffer returned to his podcast with special guest Dr. WIlliam Kessler. "The OC Fight Doc" joined Buffer to talk about injuries in sports and new therapies and techniques that are being used to treat them. Buffer also talks UFC 202 and the anticipated rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor.

Bruce Buffer Discusses McGregor's WWE Comments, Collectibles & More  

Bruce Buffer was back on "IT'S TIME!!!" This week Buffer reacts to comments UFC champion Conor McGregor had for the roster of the WWE. He also discusses the latest in collectibles.

Brad Fite & The Whisper Mill Join Bruce Buffer on "IT'S TIME!!!"  

Bruce Buffer returned for his It's Time podcast and was joined by Brad Fite, who received a Purple Heart after a roadside bomb detonated beneath him, and Kyle Hildebrand, an music industry veteran and former front man of the band Edify. Together, Fite and Hildebrand, form The Whisper Mill and today we heard two of their tracks. The two join Buffer not only to discuss music but also to discuss an 8-year-old with a rare and terminal disease who became a marine a day before his death.

Actor Louis Lombardi, Sexpert Sammy Phillips Discuss Sex & Relationships with Bruce Buffer  

Actor Louis Lombardi and Sexpert Sammy Phillips talk sex and relationships with Bruce Buffer on this edition of "IT'S TIME!!!"

Bruce Buffer Recaps UFC 200, Talks Knee Injury  

Bruce Buffer was back on "IT'S TIME!!!" with co-host TJ De Santis. On this edition the two recap the historic International Fight Week which was capped with the biggest event in mixed marital arts history, UFC 200. Buffer shares his thoughts on new bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, Brock Lesnar's successful return to the Octagon, and what might be next for Jon Jones. The Octagon announcer also discusses an injury he sustained during the UFC's lip-sync battle.

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