Jamie Lee's Best of the Worst

Jamie Lee's Best of the Worst

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Finally, a show that celebrates the things in life that in no way warrant celebration! Each week, comedian Jamie Lee (Girl Code, Conan, Late Late Show) and her hilarious friends share and discuss a new personal "Worst." Part 1: Jamie & co play catch up. Part 2: They get into it. Worst vacation, worst sex, worst advice... Strap in for the ultimate round up of top-notch rock bottoms. Catharsis guaranteed.


Worst Rejection  

Comedians and boyfriend/girlfriend Giulia Rozzi and Will Miles join Jamie to discuss rejection! Part 1: How Giulia and Will met, an inside scoop about their amazing podcast "Hopefully We Don't Break Up" and... random bathroom hookups. Part 2: Jamie tried to kiss a dude on Spring Break and he flat out said, "No." Cool!

Worst Drug Experience  

Jamie is joined by writer/film buff/BFF Shawn Pearlman to discuss drrrruuuugs. Part 1: Writing tips, TV pilots and "choice paralysis." Part 2: Dope is for dopes. And Shawn. And Jamie. And a lot of people.

Worst Sex  

Jamie is joined by best friend/author/comedian Phoebe Robinson to discuss Worst Sex. Part 1: Development executives and writing books in eight grade. Part 2: body positivity in the bedroom and confronting a micropenis.

Worst LIVE! with Karen & Georgia from "My Favorite Murder" and Heather McDonald  

Live from UCB Theatre, at their show "Date Night," Jamie Lee and her husband Dan Black host Chelsea Lately's Heather McDonald, who tells a hilarious "Worst Encounter with an Ex" story. Then Jamie and Dan moderate a very special panel with Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark from the acclaimed My Favorite Murder podcast, discussing JonBenet Ramsey and other Worst Murders. Well, all murders are the worst. Because it's murder! ...Enjoy!

Worst Advice  

The in-laws are in town, and in studio! Part 1: Jamie's mom-in-law gets jacked on coffee, and Dan Black reveals the truth about Limp Bizkit. Part 2: "Follow your dreams..."

Worst Date  

Comedians Kara Klenk and Rose Surnow (from Episode 1) join Jamie to discuss their Worst Dates. Part 1: "Zootopia was just Crash, but with bunnies." Part 2: Good-on-paper guys and face-licking.

Worst Celebrity Encounter  

Jamie is joined by her husband, comedian Dan Black. Part 1: Dan and Jamie discuss Dennis the Labradoodle, a cat "trick" and Jamie's dad. Part 2: Yeezus on an elevator and douchechillz at Conan.

Worst Relationship  

In her first episode ever, Jamie talks to her dear friend, comedy writer Rose Surnow. Part 1: The girls take a hard stance on poop humor and Jennifer Aniston. Part 2: The Russian that thankfully got away...

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