Jamie Lee's Best of the Worst

Jamie Lee's Best of the Worst

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Finally, a show that celebrates the things in life that in no way warrant celebration! Each week, comedian Jamie Lee (Girl Code, Conan, Late Late Show) and her hilarious friends share and discuss a new personal "Worst." Part 1: Jamie & co play catch up. Part 2: They get into it. Worst vacation, worst sex, worst advice... Strap in for the ultimate round up of top-notch rock bottoms. Catharsis guaranteed.


Best of the Worst minisode!  

Just a quick message to the listeners! All-new, full-length episodes start up Thursday, March 2nd!

Worst NY Moments  

Jamie is joined by comedians Louis Katz and Molly Ruben-Long. Part 1: ketchup adversity and New Orleans. Part 2: box of bugs on the subway?! and getting broken up with in the dead of winter.

Worst Los Angeles Moments  

My Favorite Murder's Karen Kilgariff joins Jamie in the studio. Part 1: Weekend plans are overrated. Part 2: Karen has a brutal audition for The Simpsons in the 90s and Larry David watches Jamie do stand up.

Worst Fitness Fails  

This week, Jamie is joined in her home by her friend Laura Smelac, as well as Dennis the Labradoodle. Part 1: Jamie talks about Conan being hot, and Laura discusses what it means to date "silly" guys. Part 2: Blacking out from working out and taking a ball to the face.

Worst Holidays  

Dan Black returns! Part 1: Jamie and Dan discuss Hooters, punk music and Chasing Amy. Part 2: Dan's foot went through the floor at Jamie's parents' house, and things got weird at the airport on their way back to LA. Plus, Dan talks about his worst NYE ever.

Best of the Worst minisode: Happy Holidays!  

Jamie sends you off into the holidays with warm wishes. Returning with all-new full-length episodes every Thursday starting Jan 6, 2017!

Worst Habits  

Brent Sullivan, host of the "Completely Obsessed" podcast, joins Jamie to discuss Worst Habits. Part 1: Jamie and Brent discuss the best age to die and first date deal breakers. Part 2: from nail-biting to porn-watching...

Worst Vacation  

Kara Klenk is back! Part 1: Movies we are *supposed* to love. Part 2: Going on a nightmare trip with someone else's family, and honeymooning with your mother.

Worst Day on the Job  

Comedian Merrill Davis sits down with Jamie in Brooklyn, NY to discuss Worst Days on the Job. Part 1: Jamie and Merrill have a deep chat about "hipster chocolate," New York living and how to get motivated. Part 2: Merrill used to be a dog walker. Used to. There was an incident... And Jamie had the weirdest last day on the job of all time. It involved bagels, small talk and 9/11.

Worst Feedback  

Comedian Kate Hendricks (The View, HuffPo, also known as "Kate The Wasp") joins bff Jamie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - the location of Headgum Studio East - to discuss Worst Feedback. Part 1: Jamie used to do a joke about Flavor Flav based on an IRL interaction she had with him. Part 2: An audience member approaches Kate after a show with the most awkward compliment. Plus, more election talk? Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Trying To Stop, But Can't!

Worst Inside Jokes In A Relationship  

From the Headgum Studio in Brooklyn, Jamie sits down with comedians Jacqueline Novak (Comedy Central Half Hour, author of How To Weep in Public) and Chris Laker (host of This Week In Jackin' podcast) to discuss Worst Jokes In A Relationship. Part 1: Hanging out at Javitz Center on 11/8. Part 2: Weird pronunciations, Jacqueline busting out an Italian accent to annoy Chris and... pet names!

Worst Stand Up Advice  

Eye-opening discussion about identity and loss with comedian Riley Silverman. Riley talks about her transgender experience, while touching on dating, rejection and crazy comedy advice. There's no Part 1 and Part 2 this episode. Plz enjoy!

Worst Schools  

Christian Duguay (comedian, MadTV) joins Jamie to blast on back to the past and discuss school daysss. Part 1: Don't die in Yellowstone. Part 2: Jamie's sixth grade bully would call her on three-way and Christian's school in Arizona was terrifying.

Worst Internet Comments  

Comedians Kara Klenk and Dan Black are back on the pod to discuss the repulsive green bile that is internet comments. Part 1: Things get out of control when Jamie posts about her experience on a morning radio show. Part 2: Dan has never had a bad review.

Worst Rejection  

Comedians and boyfriend/girlfriend Giulia Rozzi and Will Miles join Jamie to discuss rejection! Part 1: How Giulia and Will met, an inside scoop about their amazing podcast "Hopefully We Don't Break Up" and... random bathroom hookups. Part 2: Jamie tried to kiss a dude on Spring Break and he flat out said, "No." Cool!

Worst Drug Experience  

Jamie is joined by writer/film buff/BFF Shawn Pearlman to discuss drrrruuuugs. Part 1: Writing tips, TV pilots and "choice paralysis." Part 2: Dope is for dopes. And Shawn. And Jamie. And a lot of people.

Worst Sex  

Jamie is joined by best friend/author/comedian Phoebe Robinson to discuss Worst Sex. Part 1: Development executives and writing books in eight grade. Part 2: body positivity in the bedroom and confronting a micropenis.

Worst LIVE! with Karen & Georgia from "My Favorite Murder" and Heather McDonald  

Live from UCB Theatre, at their show "Date Night," Jamie Lee and her husband Dan Black host Chelsea Lately's Heather McDonald, who tells a hilarious "Worst Encounter with an Ex" story. Then Jamie and Dan moderate a very special panel with Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark from the acclaimed My Favorite Murder podcast, discussing JonBenet Ramsey and other Worst Murders. Well, all murders are the worst. Because it's murder! ...Enjoy!

Worst Advice  

The in-laws are in town, and in studio! Part 1: Jamie's mom-in-law gets jacked on coffee, and Dan Black reveals the truth about Limp Bizkit. Part 2: "Follow your dreams..."

Worst Date  

Comedians Kara Klenk and Rose Surnow (from Episode 1) join Jamie to discuss their Worst Dates. Part 1: "Zootopia was just Crash, but with bunnies." Part 2: Good-on-paper guys and face-licking.

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