Jim Florentine's 'Comedy Metal Midgets'

Jim Florentine's 'Comedy Metal Midgets'

United States

Comedian Jim Florentine is no stranger to making people laugh. The co-host of VH1's 'That Metal Show' and Special Ed from Comedy Central's 'Crank Yankers' has made his mark on the comedy scene not long after his 'Terrorizing Telemarketers' prank CD exploded shortly after it's release. Jim's hilarious, unapologetic deadpan style has him not only among the top touring stand-up comedians in the country, but lending his unique comedic skills to a multitude of shows, films, comedy albums and radio programs including 'The Howard Stern Show', 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', ‘Chelsea Lately' and far too many others to mention. With 'Metal Comedy Midgets', Jim brings his comedy and heavy metal worlds together to form a unique blend of rock star and comic interviews, or drunken discussions from comedy clubs and baseball games. Subscribe now and be sure to get every single hysterical moment.


Awful Facebook Posts Part 21  

Jim dissects dumb Facebook posts

Random Rants  

Jim goes off on an article about a woman who thinks her husband is dumb

Awful T-Shirts Part 9  

Jim rips apart t-shirts that brag or try to be funny

Random Rants  

Jim rants on people blaming the year 2016 on celebrity deaths and more

Awful Vanity Plates Part 13  

Jim tries to make sense of dumb personalized license plates

Q&A with Jim  

Jim answers fans questions

Awful Inspirational Quotes Part 5  

Jim dissects bad inspirational quotes

Awful Facebook Posts Part 20  

Jim rips apart bad Facebook posts

Random Rants  

Jim talks about the Mannequin Challenge, Election Results and more

Awful 80's Songs Part 3  

Jim rips apart songs like Everybody wants to rule the world, Danger Zone, Safety Dance and more

Jim Interviews His Nephews Band  

Jim interviews his nephews band

Awful Slang Words Part 13  

Jim tries to make sense of all the latest awful trendy slang words

Random Rants  

Jim rants about various topics

The Current State of the NFL  

Jim discusses why the ratings are down in the NFL and the shitty product that's put on the field

Awful Facebook Posts Part 19  

Jim rips apart bad Facebook posts

Awful Baby Names Part 3  

Jim talks about dumb baby names and also the celebrities that feel the need to name their kids awful names

Awful Inspirational Quotes Part 4  

Jim dissects dumb inspirational quotes

Awful T-Shirts Part 8  

Jim rips apart t-shirts that brag or try to be funny

Jim Previews the Upcoming 2016 NFL Season  

Jim goes through each team and tells you which one suck  and which ones don't

Random Rants  

Jim rants about various topics

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