Joe Boyd's A-Z

Joe Boyd's A-Z

United Kingdom

Producer/Writer Joe Boyd takes a trip through his vast record collection using song titles in alphabetical order as doorways to history, memorable recording sessions, rarely heard discs and unforgettable personalities.


Letter QQ  

"..he said he didn't want no shortening in his bread ..." Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate: Queen Bee / Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate: Tunkaranke / Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate: Mississippi Mali / Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate: Fanta Sacko / Toumani Diabate & Group: Konkodunun / Taj Mahal & Toumani Diabate: Ol' Geogie Buck.

Letter PP  

"money's getting scarce...." Pete Seeger: Russian Folk Song (Petrushka) / Igor Stravinsky: Petrushka / Dinu Lipati: Chorale Jesu bleibet meine Freude / Pete Seeger: Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring / Pete Seeger: Chorale From Beethoven's Ninth / Pete Seeger: Anitra's Dance-Brandy Leave Me Alone / Pete Seeger: Time's A-Getting Hard

Letter OO  

"and I bought a cigar, too" Blind Lemon Jefferson: One Dime Blues / Blind Lemon Jefferson: Rabbit's Foot Blues / Blind Lemon Jefferson: Matchbox Blues / Leadbelly: Roberta / Blind Lemon Jefferson: Hot Dogs / Blind Lemon Jefferson: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean / Blind Lemon Jefferson: Balky Mule

Letter NN  

"whom do you talk to?..." Mary Margaret O'Hara: Not Be Alright (demo) / Mary Margaret O'Hara: Not Be Alright / Mary Margaret O'Hara: To Cry About / Mary Margaret O'Hara: Body's In Trouble / Mary Margaret O'Hara: You Will Be Loved Again / Mary Margaret O'Hara: Anew Day.

Letter MM  

"the clock struck three, I said Daddy, you're killin' me" Frankie 'Half-Pint' Jaxon: My Daddy Rocks Me With One Steady Roll / Trixie Smith: My Man Rocks Me With One Steady Roll / Big Joe Turner: Around The Clock Blues / Bill Haley & The Comets: Rock Around The Clock / Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg: Je T'aime, Moi Non Plus / Tigist Assefa: Toutouye

Letter LL  

"I found you were all swallow's milk...." Lela Family: Leskoviqare / Laver Bariu: Gajde Permetare / Laver Bariu: Valle Plakava Medley / Lela Family: N'pensheremne / * Saz'Iso (Donica Pecallari & Adriana Thanou: Pensheremne / Saz'Iso (Aurel Qirjo): Kaba melody *

Letter KK  

"Freedom calls and Pippi runs..." Jan Johansson: Klara Stjärnor / Jan Johansson: Visa Fran Utanmyra / Jan Johansson: Emigrantvisa / Danny Thompson: Swedish Dance / Eva Mattes: Här Kommer Pippi Långstrump / Margie Nelson: Pippi Longstocking / Unknown: Italian Pippi Longstocking theme / Jan Johansson: Kväsarevalsen / Jan Johansson: Ganglek Fran - Upptecknad I Alvdalen

Letter JJ  

"There's a place they find romance where they do the cajun dance..." Eddie Lejeune: J'ai Eté Au Bal / Eddie Lejeune: Diggy Diggy Lo / Iry Lejeune: Lovebridge Waltz / Eddie Lejeune: Lovebridge Waltz / Iry Lejeune: Duralde Waltz / Eddie Lejeune: Duralde Waltz / Eddie Lejeune: The Mistake I Made

Letter II  

"All its wonder to know....." Kate & Anna McGarrigle: I Don't Know / Krystle Warren: I Don't Know / Krystle Warren: Time Has Told Me / Krystle Warren: Tuesday Mornings / Emmylou Harris, Anna McGarrigle, Krystle Warren: Heart Like A Wheel / Krystle Warren: Hanging On A Star - I Was Made To Love Magic / Krystle Warren: Sunbeams

Letter HH  

".... Bless that happy day that Nellie lost her way..." Bill Keith: Hornswoggled / Muleskinner: Opus 57 in G Minor / Muleskinner: Footprints In The Snow / Bill Keith: Bending the Strings / Eric Weissberg: Duelling Banjos

Letter GG  

" it soars and plunges above the crashing waves" / Damia: Les Goelands / Damia: La Châine / Damia: La Guingette a Fermé Ses Volets / Damia: Depuis Que Les Bals Sont Fermés / Jacques Bolognesi: Depuis Que Les Bals Sont Fermés

Letter FF  

"...Doch an mein Pianola, da laß ich keinen ran" Marlene Dietrich: Falling in Love Again / Marlene Dietrich: Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt / Marlene Dietrich: Ich Bin Die Fesche Lola / Marlene Dietrich: Nimm Dich IN Acht Vor Blonden Frauen / Fritzi Massary: Ich Bin Eine Frau, Dei Weiss, Was Sie Will / Lotte Lenya: Barbara Song / Lotte Lenya: Pirate Jenny / Marlene Dietrich: Lili Marlene

Letter EE  

"Look in my eyes, and tell me you love me...." The Chantels: Every Night / The Chantels: He's Gone / The Chantels: Maybe / The Chantels: Look In My Eyes / The Crystals: There's No Other Like My Baby / The Ronettes: Be My Baby / Shirley & Lee: Let The Good Times Roll

Letter DD  

"in case my dynamite change her mind about me...." "Nya me ho renge kyo..." Ethel Waters: Dinah Django Reinhardt: Dinah Fats Waller & His Rhythm: Dinah King Benny Nawahi's Red Devils: Dinah Miss Wakana and Ichiro Hamamatsu: Warau (Laughing) Rhythm Bing Crosby and the Mills Brothers: Dinah

Letter CC  

"that puppy you left behind...." Carlos Gardel: La Cumparsita / Roberto Firpo: La Cumparsita / Julio de Caro: La Cumparsita / Felix Perez Cardozo: La Cumparsita / Alberto Castillo: La Cumparsita / Sexteto Mayor: La Cumparsita / "Some LIke It Hot" / Marty Melnick Orch: La Cumparsita

Letter BB  

"Just like way back in the days of old...." Van Morrison: Big Time Operator / Isley Brothers: Twist and Shout / Them: Gloria / Them: Here Comes The Night / Van Morrison: Brown-Eyed Girl / Van Morrison: Come Runing / Van Morrison: Into the Mystic

Letter AA  

"Oh the sound it rang so clear through the cold" Fairport Convention: Autopsy / Fairport Convention: Tam Lin / Fotheringay: The Banks of the Nile / Fotheringay: The Pond and the Stream / Fotheringay: The Sea / Sandy Denny: The Lady (live)

Letter Z  

"there is delight in doing things right....." McKinney's Cotton Pickers: Zonky / McKinney's Cotton Pickers: Stop Kidding / Don Redman Orch: Rocky Road / Betty Boop w Don Redman: I Heard / Don Redman Orch: Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You / Geoff Muldaur: Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You / Geoff Muldaur: Living In the Sunshine / McKinney's Cotton Pickers: Four or Five Times.

Letter Y  

"she can do no wrong..." Yanka Rupkina: Yankina Mama Dumashe / Balkana: Mari Stanko / Mystere de Voix Bulgare: Kalimenko Denko / Trio Bulgarka (Balkana): Strati Angelaki / Yanka Rupkina: Kana Na Put Sedi / Percy Sledge: When A Man Loves A Woman / Balkana (live): unknown song / Trio Bulgarka: Zaplakala E Gorata

Letter X  

"When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low..." Dörvön Berkh: Xöömij Magtaal / Dörvön Berkh: Xöömij Uria Duudlaga / Kangar-Ol Ondar: Alash Kem / Huun Hur Tu: Ondarnyng Ayany / Yat Kha: Love Will Tear Us Apart / Dörvön Berkh: Xöxöö Namjil

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