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Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

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Heather loves juicy scoops, topics and guests and that is just what she'll be delving into each week on her podcast. Much like the very missed Chelsea Lately, that Heather wrote and appeared on since it's inception, Heather will tackle the juiciest and most controversial topics that are in the Zeitgeist. Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone and when talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather will ask the questions you were always wondering about yourself.


Juicy Scoop - Ep - 84 - Kandi Burrass  

Bravo's RHOA Kandi Burrass spills all about her cast mates past and present. Heather shares a plot to cancel a nemeses Dry Bar appointment and more juicy stories.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 83 - Serial Sexual Harasser Strikes Again & Hannah Hart  

Serial Sexual Harasser strikes again in an explosive new piece of audio! It's oh-so JUICY! Then Heather talks to actress, YouTube star and inebriated chef Hannah Hart, about turning in child predators to the police, trying to convince yourself that you're straight, & growing up with a schizophrenic mother and the heart-wrenching struggle to save her.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 82 - Sex, Lies & Saved By The Bell  

Heather interrogates Saved By the Bell creator Sam Bobrick to get the inside scoop on which costars did or did not have a threesome, was Mario Lopez and his mullet always a woman magnet, & what when wrong with Screech??? Plus, Heather sits down with comedian Tammy Pescatelli to talk about Sister Wives, RHONJ and the secret "little people" skid row in Los Angeles.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 81 - Kelly Dodd vs. Heather & Serial Thanksgiving Stories  

The best serial Thanksgiving stories ever plus RHOA recap and serial sexual harasser update! Also Heather interviews actor Kirk Fogg who shares the most hilarious and humiliating acting stories ever!

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 80 - Dina Manzo of RHONJ Part 2  

Dina Manzo part 2 from RHONJ gives even more juicy scoop about Caroline. Serial sister update! Heather's sisters family attempts to attack her in DC. Dating advice, fans reveal their adulterous affairs and more!

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 79 - Dina Manzo of RHONJ  

RHONJ original Dina Manzo answers all your questions. Dina gives Heather Juicy Scoop that has never been heard. Plus RHONJ and RHOC reunion recaps and more! Super Juicy Thursday edition enjoy!

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 78 - Keith Urban Botox Disaster, Celine Dion Finds Love & Sex In The City Is Back!  

Heather gets into the latest gossip about Nicole Kidman, Celine Dion and Samantha from Sex in The City. More Juicy celebrity Late in Life Lesbian news and Serial Roommate plus a real life wing woman whose job is helping men pick up you.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 77 - Serial Roomate, Real Housewives of OC Reunion & Comedian Brad Wollack!  

From Chelsea Lately days, hilarious red headed Jew Brad Wollack joins to discuss Blac Chyna, Angelina and Maddox, Little Women and Real Housewives. Heather shares listeners super juicy Serial Roommate and Serial Sexual Harasser stories.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 76 - Jon Benet, New Jersey Housewives Reunion & Aura Seeing Psychics!  

Heather recaps the Jon Benet Lifetime movie. Serial Sexual Harraser updates and new stories from listeners. Serial sorority sisters, #RHONJ Reunion most disturbing reveals and a psychic who reads real housewives color auras including Heather's tell us the real truth.

Juicy Scoop Ep - 75 - Tamra Judge Returns  

Tamra Judge from Real Housewives of OC dishes on everything from very present to way past. Some Serial Sexual Harasser updates and personal stories and more! Extra Juicy today!

Juicy Scoop Ep - 74 - Serial Sexual Harasser Update & Comic Trish Suhr  

The fallout from Heather sharing the audio of the Podcastone owner asking to hold Heather's breasts is revealed. Comic Trish Suhr tells her Hollywood tales. Heather impersonates Real Housewives of New Jersey and tells stories of weird college dorm mates

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 73 -  Serial Sexual Harasser & Epic Serial Dater Story  

Heather finally shares why she left Podcastone and shares the audio you've been dying to hear. Comic Sarah Tiana tells her epic Serial Dater story from years ago and what has transpired since. Heather shares her opinion on Vicki's accusations about David beating Shannon Beador on Real Housewives of OC.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 72 - Million Dollar Listing's Josh Altman  

Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing on Bravo spills all the secrets on his co stars/realtors and his tips for negotiating and dating.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 71 Sexual Harassment,  AJ Gibson & Billy Bush  

Heather along with AJ Gibson gets into #RHOC #RHONJ and Heather reveals the most juicy sexual harassment story ever on the job, late in life lesbians and more! Enjoy!

Juicy Scoop Ep - 70 - Chris Franjola, Sara Colona & Donald Trump!  

Serial Sister and Serial Dater updates! Comedians Sarah Colona and Chris Franjola talk about Donald Trump and Billy Bush. Also, Heather and Sarah role play as if they were sexually harassing Chris. Heather re enacts RHOC and RHONJ and talks about her new consulting business to help real housewives.

Juicy Scoop Ep- 69 - Stassi Schroeder  

Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules shares all from her childhood of multiple divorces, her love of comedy and at one time Jax and now being totally single. Heather also recaps RHONJ and gets deeper Brangelina & Jon Benet.

Juicy Scoop Ep - 68 - Ashley Iaconetti  

Don't be afraid of hot fun virgins over 25! Heather was one and so is her guest from Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley I. Together Heather and Ashley go deep into their dating lives which is both hilarious and embarrassing. Plus Heather acts out RHONJ and RHOC episodes and gets into Jim Carey's Venereal diseases, Anthony Weiner's Weiner and Little Women LA.

Juicy Scoop Ep - 67 - Lance Bass  

Lance Bass joins to discuss his new show Finding Prince Charming aka The Gay Bachelor. They also discuss Jon Benet, Angelina filing for divorce and RHOC. Heather shares a listener's Serial dater story too.

BONUS: Introducing Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape  

Today, we bring you a special preview of Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape, a new audio drama podcast told week after week. Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape will feature stories about crime, mystery, love, conspiracy… Some will be dramas; some will be comedies. All of them will bring you an immersive audio experience, where instead of watching the action you can picture yourself in the middle of it. Secrets, Crimes & Audiotape is brought to you by Wondery, the podcast network that Juicy Scoop is a part of. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Wondery.com or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 66 - MAD TV's Carlie Craig  

Heather is joined by hilarious Mad TV cast member and pop star impressionist Carlie Craig. Plus, Heather breaks down RHONY reunion and why Katie Holmes has never gone public with Janie Foxx. Then Heather & Kate Casey are at odds over who killed Jon Benet.

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