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Kate, Tim and Marty


Kate, Tim and Marty 4-6pm weekdays on Nova. If you miss any of the fun, don't stress it, you can always download this daily podcast to get your fix.


Extra - Week in Review 20 January 2017  

Kate, Tim and Marty's week in review!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 20 January 2017  

Tenants from hell, That can't happen, Phone Poll, Moments in history, Crazy allergies, Kitchen Capers, Click go the shearan shears and Caller of the week + week in review!

Extra - Kate's Mayhem! 19 January 2017  

It's back! Time for Kate's Mayhem!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 19 January 2017  

Why is your boss the best, Glossy, Click go the shearan shears, Thing you thought you knew, What was in your bed, Kate's Mayhem and if you could be anything what would you be!

Extra - The Age Game 18 January 2017  

It's time for another round of The Age Game!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 18 January 2017  

Who would you like us to track down, Who'd you date to get ahead, The Age Game, How's the swinging going for you, Click go the shearan shears and Explosions!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 17 January 2017  

What's the best thing you've ever found, Click go the Shearan Shears, How tanned did you get, Tatts to mark the occasion, Silly sackings, Quick Draw, Have you fought a wild animal and Who does your dad look like? 

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 16 January 2017  

How did the work affair go, Mailbag, Ed Sheeran red room, What went wrong at the strip club, Glossy and Stars who are much older than you think?

Extra - Week in Review 13 January 2017  

Time to look at the week that was!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 13 January 2017  

The chicken nearly killed me, Sherlock and Snooki update, Glossy, Maids of dishonour, Caught in the act, Did your bestie jump right in, Close shaves and Caller of the week + Week in review!

Extra - The Cost of Living 12 January 2016  

Kate takes on Marty in the cost of living!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 12 January 2016  

Cancellation chaos, What's your hidden talent, It's another one of these, What do you stash in a sock, Where did the tan end up, New couple alert, Channel 9 rave and The Cost of Living!

Extra - The Age Game 11 December 2016  

It's the first Age Game of the year!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 11 January 2016  

Have you heard voices, Animals in the wrong place, Does your nan have a criminal record, Who's your dad, What would you do if no one judged, Would it help the work day, The Age Game and Glossy!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 10 January 2016  

Excruciating ex encounters, Is your date older than your parents, Glossy, Was the forunte teller right, What went wrong at the wedding, Quick Draw and Sad Hobbies!

Extra - Quick Draw with Chrissie Swan  

Kate takes on Chrissie Swan in the first Quick Draw for 2017!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 09 January 2016  

Sibling swap, Mailbag, Flog alert, Sad Hobbies, What day did they start cheating, Showbiz Shigsy, Glossy and do you live with a pig!

Kate, Tim and Marty's - Christmas Spread Podcast!  

Join Kate, Tim and Marty for a special "Christmas Spread" including Christmas Hacks, Cost of Living, Kate's Ho Ho Mayhem, Quick Draw with a special guest and The Age Game!

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