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Kate, Tim and Marty


Kate, Tim and Marty 4-6pm weekdays on Nova. If you miss any of the fun, don't stress it, you can always download this daily podcast to get your fix.


Extra - Week in Review 28 October 2016  

The week in review from October 28!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 28 October 2016  

What did you do with your sister, How much did you spend on halloween, Glossy, Did they disapear, What do you have instead of a partner, Would you wear it anyway, It's another one of these, Caller of the week + week in review!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 27 October 2016  

Do you keep the ring, Printing disasters, Punny businesses, Horror at the hair salon, Are you hot for married men, Cost of living, Glossy and Bathroom selfies!

Extra - The Age Game "Mac Bros Edition" 26 October 2016  

It's time for another round of the Age Game!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 26 October 2016  

What do you want from a man, Whose house have you been in, The Age Game, What did your partner talk you into, Brilliant busts, Text talk and Glossy!

Extra - Quick Draw Redemption with Julia Zemiro 25 October 2016  

Quick Draw Redemption with Julia Zemiro!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 25 October 2016  

Great neighbours, Ringspiration, Glossy, Parking altercations, When went wrong when you tried to help, Quick Draw redemption with Julia Zemiro, Ghoulish Tuesday and What did the kids ruin!? 

Extra - Mailbag 24 October 2016  

Kate, Tim and Marty's Mailbag from October 24!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 24 October 2016  

Did your mate save your life, Mailbag, Encounters with the other world, Huge life changes, Take aways Trauma, Glossy and Adult toy story

Extra - The Week in Review 21 October 2016  

All the best bits from Kate, Tim and Marty this week!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 21 October 2016  

Dumpers remorse, Unfortunate nicknames, Glossy, Where do you shop because they're hot, When your brother told you the truth, Kate's Sunshine mayhem part 2, Things we missed, Caller of the week + Week in review!

Extra - Kate's Sunshine Mayhem (Part 1) 19 October 2016  

Kate's Sunshine Mayhem from October 20!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 20 October 2016  

Kid Tatts, How far did you travel for the cancellation, Glossy, Reno recoveries, Camp Awful, Bad influences, Strange things you find attractive and Kate's Mayhem! 

Extra - The Age Game 19 October 2016  

The Age Game from October 19th!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 19 October 2016  

What have you dodged, Animals in the wrong place, Dumb criminals, Was it romantic, Why did you cheat, The Age Game, Phone poll and Scariest films!

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 18 October 2016  

Ever had an eating injury, What course do you regret doing, Fashion, Worst dumping ever, Did you keep someone's secret, Quick Draw redemption with Richard Wilkins and Glossy!

Kate, Tim, and Marty Podcast - 17 October 2016  

Did you end up with your highschool sweet heart, Mailbag, Glossy, What tore your lobe, What do you hate about being a stay at home parent, How did they drop it in, What have you had removed and conspiracy theories / who did you go to school with! 

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 14 October 2016  

How did you get a day off, Mastermind, Bob dylan glossy, What have you got that's big, Clumsy customers, Beiber tickets, Caller of the week + Week in review. 

Kate, Tim and Marty Podcast - 13 October 2016  

That can't happen, Cost of living, Blast from the past, How did they take the rejection, Mastermind, Glossy and Infections!

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