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Why a U.S. Tax System Overhaul Would Be ‘a Massive Undertaking’  

Tax reform is a hot topic in Washington, but many questions surround the complex issue, both on the personal and the corporate tax side.

How the CBO Report Will Impact the AHCA’s Fate  

The CBO's report is in about the potential impacts of the American Health Care Act -- here's how the findings could impact Senate Republicans' version of the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Myth vs. Reality: Four Behaviors That Define Successful Leaders  

Four traits characterize a high-performing CEO, according to an extensive 10-year study called the CEO Genome Project.

Why Finding Meaning — Not Happiness — Is What Really Matters  

It is the pursuit of a meaningful life -- not happiness -- that leads to true contentment, according to a new book.

Is Canada on the Brink of a Housing Bubble?  

Housing prices in Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver have skyrocketed in the last few years, putting home ownership out of reach for many and causing experts to warn about a possible bubble.

What Employers Should Know About Generation Z  

Recession and other realities have left Generation Z more pragmatic, independent and competitive than their millennial predecessors.

How the Waymo-Uber Lawsuit Could Rewrite Intellectual Property Rules  

The lawsuit brought by Alphabet subsidiary Waymo against ride-hailing app firm Uber over self-driving car technology has experts reexamining how trade secrets are handled.

Under Pressure: The Shifting Landscape of Banking Regulations  

Recent Wharton research analyzes how external auditors and bank regulations affect the discretion that banks have in loan loss provision estimates.

The Promise — and Perils — of ‘Smart’ Contracts  

Smart contracts promise to bring innovation and much greater efficiency to contract law. But what they cannot do is replace contract law itself, new Wharton research shows.

Will the Thaw in U.S.-China Relations Continue?  

U.S.-China relations had a rough start this year. Then relations became more affable. Can the need to cooperate overcome the risks of confrontation?

Silicon Valley: A Peek Behind the Veil of Young Entrepreneurs  

A new book takes a look inside the insular world of Silicon Valley’s young entrepreneurs.

How the WannaCry Attack Will Impact Cyber Security  

A “Digital Geneva Convention” and government mandates to prevent use of harmful software are among several measures experts suggest to boost cyber security.

Why Amazon Is Leaving Legacy Retailers in the Dust  

What is the secret to the unparalleled success that keeps Amazon growing while so many traditional retailers are shutting their doors?

Should a Robot Run Your Retirement Portfolio?  

Jon Stein, CEO of robo-advisor firm Betterment, talks about why this technology is the future of wealth management.

How Behavioral Economics Could Solve America’s Health Care Woes  

Behavioral economics could help tackle the complex problem of creating a health insurance system that works for all citizens.

Has Venezuela’s Crisis Reached a Tipping Point?  

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s attempts to consolidate political power amid economic misery are taking a huge toll, according to two Penn experts.

How Moon Jae-in’s Win in South Korea Will Impact Asia  

Two experts discuss the challenges ahead for new South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

A ‘Collective Impact Model’ to Fight Domestic Violence  

The head of Women Against Abuse, winner of the 2017 Lipman Family Prize, talks about the group's work and goals.

A ‘History-Friendly’ Way to Look at Tech Innovation  

Four economists offer a new way of looking at technological innovation: by expanding beyond theory and accounting for an industry’s historical context.

How Our Reignited Love Affair with Cities Created an Urban Crisis  

Americans are flocking to major cities, leading to an urban revival. But the shift also brings challenges, according to a new book.

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