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Can Wells Fargo Repair Its Image Through Arbitration?  

In response to a class-action lawsuit resulting from its fraudulent accounts scandal, Wells Fargo has petitioned a Federal District Court to force the bank's customers into arbitration.

What Would Dismantling Dodd-Frank Mean for Banks and Consumers?  

As the Trump Administration prepares to alter regulation of the financial sector, some big threats loom, experts say.

The Final Frontier: How Entrepreneurs Cracked the Aerospace Industry  

Space exploration is a complex, highly technical and increasingly expensive endeavor. What’s enabling more private firms to jump into the fray and achieve success?

How Physicians Can Enrich the Doctor-patient Relationship  

Physicians are learning to create deeper relationships with patients to improve health outcomes, says Cleveland Clinic neurologist Adrienne Boissy.

The Digital Leader: Self-transformation for Long-term Success  

The key to successful digital transformation of companies in the long run is the self-transformation of the business leader.

How Clean Power Plan Rules Could Ultimately Cut Electricity Costs  

Implementing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan initially means higher costs, but ultimately it lowers wholesale electricity prices, according to new Wharton research.

Why Trump’s Election Was a Financial Boon for Some Nonprofits  

Anxious Americans are voting with their checkbooks as they fear the incoming Trump administration will trample on their favorite causes.

Why Women and Some Minorities Are Under-represented in Small Business  

Why do some groups struggle more at becoming small business owners? In most cases, it's a lack mentoring, not money.

Is It Time To Rethink the Traditional Fixed-Rate Mortgage?  

Recent Wharton research looks at how lower interest rates impacted homeowners – with some surprising results.

Has Black Friday Lost its Magic?  

The holiday season has become synonymous with major sales -- but retailers could be taking a savvier approach.

Fake News, Hate Speech and Social Media Abuse: What’s the Solution?  

Google, Facebook and Twitter last week vowed to fight fake news, hate speech and abuse amid a backlash over how such content may have influenced the U.S. presidential election.

Why Middle America Voted for Trump  

Middle America came out for Donald Trump. Why? They played by the rules and yet were left behind economically.

Can the U.S. and China Avoid a Trade War?  

The U.S. must avoid positions that could trigger trade wars with China or upset the military balance in Asia, say experts.

Will Trump’s Rhetoric Hit a Wall?  

President-elect Trump’s bark will likely prove worse than his bite, says a Penn ethicist, who expects reality to taper his more extreme positions.

‘Seoul Man’: An American’s Cultural Challenges Working at Hyundai  

Frank Ahrens was a reporter for The Washington Post before joining Hyundai as head of communications and experiencing culture shock upon moving to Seoul.

Trump’s Planned Economic Policies: What Could Work, and What Won’t?  

Donald Trump’s plans to invest in infrastructure could stimulate the U.S. economy and create jobs, but tax cuts could smother long-term growth, says Wharton’s Kent Smetters.

What a Trump Presidency Means for the Supreme Court  

Penn's Kermit Roosevelt and Georgetown's Nan Hunter discuss the future of the Supreme Court.

How a Trump Presidency Could Affect LGBT Rights in the Workplace  

Many LGBT individuals and other minorities in the U.S. have expressed concern about what a Trump administration, along with a conservative congress, will mean for their rights in the workplace and elsewhere. Penn law professor Tobias Barrington Wolff discusses what's at stake.

What a Trump Presidency Will Mean for Globalization  

Donald Trump will have to recalibrate his positions on trade deals, China and globalization as he begins to govern, says Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett.

How Will Trump Rebuild His Brand?  

The Trump brand once stood for luxury but it’s now about populism. How will Trump recast his brand's image?

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