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Beyond Netflix: How Binging Impacts Online Learning  

New Wharton research examines binge consumption in the online education sector and finds that those who binge tend to perform better and are more likely to complete an online course.

How Will Trump Reshape the Federal Reserve?  

The imminent departure of Fed vice chair Stanley Fischer creates a power vacuum and an unprecedented opportunity for President Trump to reshape America’s central bank.

Time for a Tax Overhaul: What the U.S. Can Learn from Other Countries  

History suggests a U.S. tax overhaul is coming soon. The author of a new book has traveled the world see what has worked best elsewhere.

What Does the End of DACA Mean for Immigration Reform?  

The move to end the DACA program has beneficiaries worried – and it casts a shadow over future immigration reform, experts say.

Lessons We Learn from Hurricane Harvey  

Wharton faculty discuss the fallout from Hurricane Harvey and what role the private and public sectors should play when it comes to managing the risks from floods.

Why Dodd-Frank Increased Banking Industry Consolidation  

Wharton research looks at how new regulatory asset thresholds introduced with the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 led to an increase in acquisitions by large banks.

Will Walmart’s Partnership with Google Give It an Online Boost?  

Despite the retail giant’s latest move to partner with Google, its e-commerce strategies need more coherence to gain traction, say experts.

How the Father of Arbitrage Pricing Theory Influenced Wall Street  

This year's Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize winner, Stephen A. Ross, is remembered for his ground-breaking arbitrage pricing theory.

How AI Makes Brand Personalities Come to Life  

Artificial intelligence is reinventing the creative landscape for marketers, according to Winston Binch, chief digital officer for Deutsch North America.

The ‘Why’ Behind Asking Why: The Science of Curiosity  

A new book examines the different drivers of curiosity, and how this fundamental human trait has been impacted by the digital age.

Why Automation Is Killing the Property Appraisal Business  

The number of appraisers is shrinking as software gets more accurate at valuing property and is increasingly integrated into the sale process.

The North Korean Crisis: Beyond ‘Belligerent Rhetoric’  

Penn’s Jacques deLisle and Stanford’s Richard Dasher discuss the Korean nuclear threat and the implications for the players in this “complicated, tough, high-stakes diplomacy.”

What Google’s Memo Controversy Means for Gender Diversity  

The recent memo controversy at Google may not result in immediate gains for working women, but it casts a harsh light on underlying assumptions, say Wharton experts.

The Business Fallout from Charlottesville  

A public rift has opened between Donald Trump and CEOs upset by his comments following the white supremacist rally in Charlottesvile. What are the lessons in branding and leadership?

U.S. Tax Reform: Will the Math Work?  

Finding ways to raise revenue and avoiding excessive government debt are the top hurdles, say experts.

American Science and the Solar Eclipse of 1878  

As the U.S. preps for a rare total solar eclipse on August 21, a journalist looks back on the furor surrounding that same event when it happened back in 1878.

The Real Costs of the RAISE Act  

Recently proposed immigration reforms in the U.S. would shave 2% off GDP growth and result in more than four million jobs lost by 2040, according to the Penn Wharton Budget Model.

Hacking in Hollywood: Why the Industry Needs to Shore Up Security  

Experts say the increasing threat of sophisticated cyber crimes should force entertainment firms to take serious stock of their internal security measures.

The Next Wave: Using AI to Build Better Marketing Campaigns  

As the digital revolution keeps on turning, brands are looking to artificial intelligence to bolster their marketing efforts.

Gender Lens Investing: Why the Opportunities Are Growing  

The field of gender-lens investing is growing fast, with more than 100 private and public funds now available to impact investors.

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