Lanzarote Information Podcast

Lanzarote Information Podcast

United Kingdom

A weekly Podcast each Friday with news and views from Lanzarote in The Canary Islands.


Lanzarote Information Podcast 21072017  

In this episode we cover news snippets from Lanzarote, talk about hydration when on the island, cover Fiesta del Carmen and share some readers questions and our answers.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 30062017  

In this episode we talk about issues at the airport when 25 aircraft were diverted, how to get a great sun tan, a dead whale washed ashore and problems with sun beds in Costa Teguise.

Living in Lanzarote Chapters 11 and 12  

In these chapters, Speedy the scooter reaches the end of the road with us, we get on air with a local radio station for a day, and we finally create a real business for ourselves to run.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 23062017  

In this episode we talk about the shortage of long term rental housing in Lanzarote, a crocodile captured on the island, the village of Haria, the annual swim from Lanzarote to La Graciosa and plenty more.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 17062017  

In this episode we talk about The Wine Run, what might be happening at Islote Fermina in Arrecife, a rainbow colour festival, our special freebie for people who book Jet 2 holidays with us and more.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 02062017  

In this episode we talk about sports tourism in Lanzarote, a couple of tragic swimming pool accidents, a restaurant we tried in Puerto Calero and our idea for a "Gastronomy week" on the island.

Living in Lanzarote Chapters 9 and 10  

In these chapters, we realise living in Puerto del Carmen isn't right for us, plan a move to Arrecife and talk about how we started to build a relationship with the international community here on the island.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 26052017  

In this episode we talk about water on the island and the efforts made to find some, things for more mature couples to do in Lanzarote, the amazing triathlon coaching that Stephen and Bella Bayliss are doing in Costa Teguise and The Pirate Museum in Teguise.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 19052017  

In this episode we talk about some of the more unusual museums in Lanzarote, review a restaurant in Playa Honda, cover the sad drowning of a lady, talk about a couple of special offers on the island and have a short preview of Ironman Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 21042017  

In this episode we talk about how many visitors per hundred head of population we have, the upcoming Ironman Lanzarote, a new cruise service from the island, a new hop on / hop off bus, and we had an offer for an all inclusive stay in a newly refurbished hotel in Playa Blanca.

Living in Lanzarote Chapters 3,4 and 5.  

Continuing the story, read by the author, we cover our arrival in Lanzarote as new residents, getting our beloved dog to the island, our first experience of Telefonica and buying a car and a scooter.

Living in Lanzarote Chapters 1 and 2  

The author reading the book Living in Lanzarote, written in 2006 and covering the decision to move to the island, and the planning needed to make the move.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 14042017  

In this episode we talk about what the black stuff is on the soil in Lanzarote, we review what you should consider before starting a business here, and as always we cover local news from your favourite island.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 07042017  

In this episode we explore things to do on a Saturday in Lanzarote, the lack of long term rental accommodation on the island and the recent increase in road accidents here as well as much m,ore

Lanzarote Information Podcast 17032017  

In this episode we talk about some stiff sentences for transgressors on the island, the visitor stats for 2016, a record year, a new restaurant in Puerto del Carmen and much more.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 10032017  

In this episode we talk about the current heatwave, corruption from the former mayor of Yaiza, advice for first time visitors to Lanzarote, helping the island become more green and the latest news from your favourite island.

Lanzarote Information Podcast 03032017  

In this episode we talk about how Lanzarote "grabs" some people and fills them with a passion for the island, we discuss some of the things that make Lanzarote different, we talk about a new internet service and update everyone on brief news from the island.

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