Lanzarote Information Podcast

Lanzarote Information Podcast

United Kingdom

A weekly Podcast each Friday with news and views from Lanzarote in The Canary Islands.


Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep 8 21102016  

This weeks news from Lanzarote including: What's it like in Lanzarote at Christmas? What happened with Alpharooms? Our review of Los Aljibes de Tahiche Our visit to the island of Los Lobos Will it rain next week?

Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep 7 14102016  

This week's news and opinion from Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep 6 07102016  

Covering the continuing fall in Sterling, dates for carnival in 2017, the Tenerife Mini Quakes, a drowning in Puerto del Carmen and much more.

Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep5 30092016  

All the news and information from Lanzarote in September 2016, including renaming the airport, activities and events coming up on the island and a stack of jobs available here,

Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep4 23092016  

This week's news and views from Lanzarote, including what's on in October, what to do on a Saturday and a Sunday in Lanzarote, things for teenagers to do, answering the question "What's the black stuff on the soil?" And news of a villa holiday scam.

Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep3 16092016  

Latest news from Lanzarote this week, including Line Dancing, two fires, what tapas dishes to order, what to expect in Lanzarote over Christmas and much more.

Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep2 09092016  

The Lanzarote Information podcast from September 9th 2016. We cover why you should visit Arrefice, news about a local athlete competing at the Olympics, a restaurant review on Toro in Puerto del Carmen, the new horse sculptures in Arrecife and many other things of interest to visitors and residents.

Lanzarote Information Podcast Ep1 02092016  

In this week's podcast, we talk about the conquest of Lanzarote, the refurb at Aquasuites, Romería Los Dolores and cover the local news on the island this week.

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