Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast

Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories LNL podcast lets you choose the interviews you want from the whole program, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers. One hour, 10-11pm Mondays to Fridays.


The year that was 2016  

This year has delivered wild weather in both environmental and political terms.

Mad Enchantment  

Claude Monet and the painting of the water lilies

The econocracy  

Is economics too important to be left to economists to explain?

Modi's Great Leap Forward?  

Narendra Modi had an audacious plan for smashing India's vast black economy and targeting the corrupt, rich class. So far it just seems to have hurt the poor.

Finally, a Black History Museum  

It's taken 100 years for the US to get a museum showcasing black American history and culture.

Bruce Shapiro's America  

Bruce Shapiro reflects on a momentous year in US politics.

Brexit byelection backlash  

What are the wider political implications of a Liberal Democrat by-election landslide?

Black Ops Advertising  

How 'native ads' and content marketing are replacing real news.

Trump and US foreign policy  

The future of U.S. foreign policy under president-elect Donald Trump's administration.

Canberra party games, protests and Derryn Hinch  

Protestors in parliament, backflips on backpackers, and the Human Headline plays politics.

How democracy ends  

Does the election of Donald Trump signal the end of democracy in the US?

Rational suicide and euthanasia  

When talking about voluntary euthanasia - there are many legislative models to choose from.

The richest professors in the world  

Who are the academic economists who have become the richest professors in the world?

Will Italy's Renzi-rendum be the next Brexit?  

Matteo Renzi says he can make Italy great again - but only if Italians vote yes to his package of reforms. If he loses his opponents may seize the chance to get out of the EU.

Brandis, Bell group and post truth politics  

Questions remain over Attorney General George Brandis's knowledge of the High Court challenge on West Australian legislation by the Australian Tax Office.

The end of the foreign correspondent?  

John Simpson OBE has spent 50 years as a foreign correspondent for the BBC with no signs of stopping.

How Castro influenced US politics  

Bruce Shapiro reflects on how Fidel Castro influenced US policy and presidents during his entire reign, and on Donald Trump's allegations of illegal vote rigging.

The Castro legacy  

Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro is described as the master of the verbal smokescreen and creator of his own mythology.

The Jo Cox verdict: white supremacy in post brexit Britain  

The lasting impact of the Jo Cox murder on British politics

On being shy  

The difficulties and virtues of shyness

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