Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast

Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories LNL podcast lets you choose the interviews you want from the whole program, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers. One hour, 10-11pm Mondays to Fridays.


The Mexican-American War  

Before Trump's wall, there was Polk's war for the Mexican territory.

What about a federal anti-corruption commission?  

Why Australia needs a Federal anti-corruption commission.

Brexit and the Irish border  

In a post-Brexit world, Northern Ireland will border the EU state of the Irish Republic. And that's creating a headache.

One family, many revolutions  

David and Ben Horowitz, Father and son: a snapshot of America in 2017

Is Australia behind in the electric car race?  

As the rest of the world prepares to phase out petrol and diesel cars in favour of electric, Australia seems to have its foot on the brake.

The myths behind the confederates statues  

There are over 700 confederate statues and monuments across mostly the southern states of America. Should they all come down?

Trump through his supporters' eyes  

Most media reports suggest Trump has done nothing right since getting into office; his supporters beg to differ.

The enigmatic Mr Deakin  

The life and times of Australia's second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin.

Bruce Shapiro's USA  

It's been the Trump administration's worst week to date and it's not over yet.

The axe murder incident and North Korea  1976  

How the nuclear trigger was almost pulled against North Korea in 1976 and the lessons for today.

A People's History of the Partition  

In India the story of the Partition is one of loss, in Pakistan it's a story of victory. But the state narratives don't tell the whole story.

Barnaby Joyce and the New Zealand citizenship saga  

The latest on the political repercussions of MPs with dual citizenship plus same-sex marriage and the postal plebiscite.

The Show: a history of  B. A. Santamaria's movement  

How B.A. Santamaria's Catholic political movement disrupted the growth of Communism in post World War 2 Australia.

A Banker's guide to money laundering  

Money laundering scandals in international banking

Venezuelan crisis  

Following Venezuela’s vote for a new constitutional assembly this week, many are warning that the country could become a fully fledged dictatorship.

How Christian women's groups reformed Australian society  

Organisations like the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement, The Young Women’s Christian Association and the Mother’s Union played an active role in reforming Australian culture in the later nineteenth and early twentieth century.

PNG election fallout and Manus update  

Newly re-elected Prime Minister of PNG Peter O'Neill faces arrest warrant over corruption charges

Richard Ackland's law and order  

Richard Ackland looks at the banks and dirty money, the legality of a postal plebiscite - and whether we need a federal ICAC

The secret deals shaping our world  

Who is behind the plans to rid the world of cash, and what was the real cause of the Arab Spring? For answers to this and other far-reaching events, look to decisions made in far-away boardrooms for power and profit.

Dealing with North Korea  

A strategy for dealing with North Korea

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