Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast

Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories LNL podcast lets you choose the interviews you want from the whole program, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers. One hour, 10-11pm Mondays to Fridays.


Trump Administration and the Third Reich  

How accurate are assertions that the Trump Administration resembles the Third Reich?

Fake news and real journalism  

Allegations of 'fake news', 'or 'alternative news' from the Trump White House are undermining real journalism.

Taking to the streets in Romania  

Romanians live with a level of corruption. But when their ruling party tried to give themselves immunity from prosecution it was the last straw for a new generation.

Anniversary of bombing of Darwin  

Did the Japanese ever intend to invade Australia?

The Liberal party's identity crisis  

The current ideological crisis within the Liberal party has a long history.

Air pollution crisis  

India has overtaken China as the heaviest air polluter

Policing the digital cartels  

Antitrust regulators versus the robo-sellers

The debriefing of Saddam Hussein  

When CIA analyst John Nixon was asked to debrief Saddam Hussein after his capture in December 2003, it was the culmination of years spent studying the man.

USA postcard with Bruce Shapiro  

Out like Flynn and other news Stateside...

Making sense of the French election  

Scandals, stumbles, splits; the French election looms closer - and the outcome is anyone's guess.

Clean energy politics: can you dig 'clean coal'?  

Renewable energy versus the 'clean coal' push - the US example.

Is One Nation splitting the Libs?  

With the news that WA Libs will preference One Nation, what does this say about the party's future?

Weird Dinosaurs  

We're in a golden age of dinosaur discovery, and what we've found makes T-Rex look like a kitten.

Australia's defence strategy  

Does Australia have the best possible defence strategy?

Trump’s War on Climate Science  

Will Trump turn the US into a petro-state?

Trump versus the Federal Reserve  

Can Donald Trump fire Janet Yellen, the chair of the Federal Reserve?

Canberra Capers with Laura Tingle  

Conservatism in a crisis, populism unleashed.

The untold story of the death of Dickie Manson  

How did an 11 year old Australian boy from Adelaide end up being executed as a spy by the Japanese in Rabaul in 1942?

Iran's ballistic missile test  

Iran's relationship with Israel and the USA has taken a turn for the worse since the testing of a ballistic missile.

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