Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast

Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories LNL podcast lets you choose the interviews you want from the whole program, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers. One hour, 10-11pm Mondays to Fridays.


Democracy's new challenge  

Former US Ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich spoke to Phillip at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas about the challenges facing democracy - namely runaway technology and what he calls 'walk-away government'.

In the way of LBJ  

Fifty years ago today a small group of protestors dared to stand up against the hype of a presidential visit.

Laura Tingle's Canberra  

Justice Gleeson resigns, Abbott and Turnbull- BFF's forever. And all the rest of the week's news from Canberra,

The lessons from Curtin  

Adele Dumont arrived on Christmas Island to volunteer to teach English for a month but it was 2 years later that she finally left Curtin Detention Centre a changed woman.

After Mosul, then to Raqqa?  

After Mosul, then to Raqqa? The long battle to destroy Isis.

The third debate  

Trump fumbles, Clinton swings - and America holds its collective breath. The wash up from the third debate.

Inside Team Trump  

It's hard to believe but some of the people on Trump's team make the candidate look almost normal.

The gay hate decades  

In the 70s, 80s and 90s gay men across Australia were targeted in a series of sometimes deadly assaults which have never been properly investigated.

Building a watchdog: the ABCC saga  

The legal problems of the proposed Australian Building and Construction Commission

Mad Enchantment  

Claude Monet and the painting of the water lilies

Mystery of the Thai monarchy  

For the first time in modern history Thailand has no King. The successor to the Thai throne, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn has decided to wait twelve months before his coronation for time to mourn his father.

The times may be changing but the Presidential campaign stays the same  

Bruce Shapiro reports that in a time of unprecedented ugliness in politics, Bob Dylan winning the Nobel prize for literature was a welcome relief.

The man who saved the world:  remembering Des Ball  

Remembering Des Ball , the man who saved the world.

The rise of the cyber military industrial complex  

Cyberwar is on the rise and a handful of powerful private cyber military contractors dominate the market.

This week in Canberra  

Brandis vs Gleeson, Shorten vs Turnbull, Turnbull vs the unions (again) and Sen Bob Day bids farewell

The Battle of Algiers 50 years on  

The political and military influence of The Battle of Algiers on its 50th anniversary

Is meritocracy still a myth in the UK?  

Since 1979, successive British Prime Ministers have claimed to be working towards a meritocracy. So why is there more inequality in Britain than ever before?

Do smart workplaces make us stupid?  

Each year organisations set about courting and hiring the smartest people they can find. So why do they then condemn them to a lifetime of stupidity?

Lost histories of Australia  

There are many important accounts of our history which have been overlooked.

The Management of Hate  

What happens when a Jewish anthropologist goes undercover in a German neo-Nazi group?

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