Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast

Late Night Live - Separate stories podcast


Separate stories LNL podcast lets you choose the interviews you want from the whole program, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers. One hour, 10-11pm Mondays to Fridays.


Australia boycotts disarmament conference  

Australia is boycotting the current UN negotiations for a prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

Australia's honest history  

An honest look at the need to rid ourselves of some the myths surrounding Australians at war

Bruce Shapiro's USA  

Bruce considers the doomed health care plan and looks at Trump's next hurdle.

David Marr on Pauline Hanson  

An analysis of what motivates Australia's most famous politician.

White Queen: David Marr on Pauline Hanson  

Why does Pauline Hanson command so much political airtime and who votes for her?

Laura Tingle - polls, company tax, electricity inquiry?  

This week in politics - the latest news polls, the government's attempts to bring in company tax has become embroiled in the Senate, and Nick Xenophon has asked for an ACCC inquiry into electricity prices.

Managing Somalia's famine: a rethink  

As famine looms over Somalia, is aid the only solution?

The place where rules don't apply  

The NT's royal commission has drawn a highly disturbing portrait of youth detention.

Google's move into British healthcare  

What is Google's AI company Deepmind doing with British health data?

Remembering Robert  Silvers  

The long and incredible career of New York Review of Books editor, Robert Silvers

China's crony communism  

How the post-Tiananmen Square era issued in an era of large scale looting of China's public assets by officials, family members and their cronies in the private sector.

A glimpse into Chuck Berry's long life  

Chuck Berry has died aged 90 after perhaps inventing the idea of rock and roll.

Is Modi the new Nehru?  

Narendra Modi's recent win in Uttar Pradesh gives his party a dominance rarely seen in Indian politics - the question is how he'll use that power.

Farewell Martin McGuinness and Robert Silvers  

Martin McGuinness, the former deputy first leader of Northern Ireland has died aged 66. Robert Silvers, one of the founding editors of the New York Review of Books has also died.

An optimist for the Middle East - Wadah Khanfar  

One man believes that for the Middle East, positive change is inevitable, and he finds this hope in the next generation of young people.

Illiberal politics and the threat to democracy in Europe  

Do extreme forms of nationalism pose a serious threat to democracy in Europe?

Canberra shenanigans  

Opinion polls show Malcolm Turnbull as preferred PM, penalty rates, the return of the 18C debate, and housing affordability.

Journalism and crime  

Victorian era child killers and how their crimes were reported.

Australia joins the circus  

The Americans are coming, circus tours of colonial Australia

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