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Less Talk More Movies is a show where three friends talk about all things movies, films, comedies, dramas, comic book films, cowboy films and any other kind of movies, but inevitably we shall talk about other stuff too such as TV, the jolly green giant, favourite dad from 90s sitcoms, the fact that zordon from the power rangers is a pot head and of course what alcohol are we drinking during the podcast.


Ep 72: Let the Duck Out!!!  

What we watched this week? The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Don't Breathe and Mascots Topics Actors returning to characters after long periods of time

Ep 71: Bringing Back Desert Boots  

What we watched this week? The Guilt Trip, Cafe Society, Run Lola Run Topics What we think about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?

Ep 70: John Dice - The Croupier  

What we watched this week? Violet and Daisy, Kindergarten Cop and Ant-Man Topic Whats our favourite 'Save the Cat' moments?

Ep 69: Fate was the Editor this Evening  

What we watched this week? Mike and Dave need wedding dates, Tusk Topic The recording was corrupted so no topic this week unless you count we talked about Kevin Smith a lot

Ep 68: Potatoes are Irish, Tomatoes are Italian, What are Apples?  

What we watched this week? The Van, Sausage Party, Frenzy Topics Subtext in films What do we feel when a film pushes an agenda?

Ep 67: Sam Worthington's Suicide Bouncy Castle  

What we watched this week? Man on a Ledge, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Strangers on a Train Topics What we think Film making should be about? Actors that know their limits

Ep 66: FASTER !!!!  

What we watched this week? Backdraft, The Conjuring 2 and Batman: The Killing Joke Topics Cheap DVDs and what's the best dvd collection you could buy for under £2

Ep 65: He was a very Un-Hoppy man  

What we watched this week? San Andreas, Public Enemies and Suicide Squad Topics Should they release two different versions of Suicide Squad?

Ep 64: PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

What we watched this week? A Fistful of Dollars, Paper Planes and Central Intelligence Topics What actors would we like to see work more?

Ep 63: The Skint Special  

What did we watch this week? Two days, one night The Way if the Gun Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End Topics We discuss John Carpenter's law suit against Luc Besson

Ep 62: HP Lovecraft, inventor of Brown Sauce  

What we watched this week? Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters (2016), Devil in a Blue Dress Topics Actors in small parts before they made it big

Ep 61: Bac-on Bac-Off  

What we watched this week? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Legend of Tarzan, The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Ep 60: Hollywood declares 'John Lithgow to star in Everything'  

What we watched this week? The Good Dinosaur, The Fundamentals of Caring and Rocketeer Topics The importance of voting with your wallet

Ep 59: How do you pronounce premise?  

What we watched this week? The Secret Life of Pets, The Nice Guys and Hardcore Topics What films when you revisited them do you enjoy less?

Ep 58: Predators Vs Predatees  

What we watched this week? Zootropolis/ Zootopia, American Sniper and Blow Out Topics Mini Topic extravaganza: Why isn't Idris Elba a bigger star? Who will be the next James Bond How much of a bad ass is Kiefer Sutherland? and more

Ep 57: Crowe and Gosling to remake 'Birds of a Feather'  

What we watched this week? The Nice Guys, True Story, Silent Running Topics What Films have you taken a punt on?

Ep 56: Billy Zane smells something in his car  

What we watched this week? The Do Over, This is Where I Leave You, Midnight Special, This Film is Not Yet Rated Topics Why should you watch bad movies?

Ep 55: Our Favourite Realistic Canadians and Mark Ruffalo  

What we watched this week? X-Men: Apocalypse, Bad Neighbours 2, Everything Must Go, Begin Again Topics Egotistical actors

Ep 54: Pierce Brosnan chomping on a stick of celery  

What we watched this week? Buried, Eyes Wide Shut, Escape From L.A. Topics What small things, have ruined a film for you?

Ep 53: Tom Cruise hit the ground like a bag of soup  

What we watched this week? The Jungle Book, Batman Forever, The Nostalgist, Leader of the Pack and Krampus Topics Famous Film Feuds

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