Life Matters - Full program podcast

Life Matters - Full program podcast


Life Matters podcast gives you the complete program from start to finish, with Natasha Mitchell hosting interviews and discussions about what's affecting our daily health and wellbeing at home, work and school.


Being an only child, how ageing effects our hair and nails, and handwriting and the brain  

'For better or worse I am an only child'. Burning Question: How can I strengthen my hair and nails as I age? Growing up in a world with no handwriting.

Life Matters 21.02.2017  

Workplace participation rates drop for disabled employees. The Moth: Lulu Jeremiah. Tips to go help you go slow. Being the stocking laugh of the town.

Microdosing LSD, fitness and health in youth and noise at work  

Microdosing LSD to treat bipolar. The Exercise Room: letter to my 20 year old self. Creating a noise buffer at work.

Best of Life Matters: medicinal cannabis, standing up, sitting down, running 366 Marathons  

Growing pains as medicinal cannabis enters the legal realm. The Exercise Room: keeping it simple. Sitting not as bad as we thought. Complementary medicine: your view. Electric-blanket nights in Darwin. You reckon one marathon is hard going? Try running 366 in a row! Getting kids back on track.

Medical Cannabis, Sitting not as bad as we think, sexist co-workers  

Growing pains as medicinal cannabis enters the legal realm. Sitting not as bad as we thought. Modern Dilemmas: what do you do when a co-worker makes sexist remarks and he is the husband of your boss?

An illness in the family, euthanasia and bad children  

An Illness in the Family: part three. Assisted dying and end of life decisions. Can bad children happen to good mothers?

Youth at risk, the fall of Singapore and the pursuit of silence  

Silence: does it exist? Getting kids back on track. The Fall of Singapore - Singaporean Australians remember.

Paid parental leave and child care, running for love and questionable complementary medicines  

Government proposes changes to child care and paid parental leave. The emoji versus the love letter: reviving the dying art of putting your heart on paper. You reckon one marathon is hard going? Try running 366 in a row! Complementary medicine: your view.

Spoonfed generation, simplifying exercise and the rise of Instamums  

Are we creating a spoonfed generation? The Exercise Room: keeping it simple. Instamums - the commercialisation of family life. Electric-blanket nights in Darwin.

Best of Life Matters: bank behaviour, Heywire and teacher retention  

Growing up in a house with a family member who had a chronic illness, keeping teachers in the class, making a network of nannas and auditing your exercise.

Teachers dropping out, financial goals and sacrificing vegetarianism to be polite  

Keeping teachers in our schools. Setting financial goals and sticking to them. Modern Dilemmas: The vegetarian and the dugong - Do you sacrifice your beliefs for culture, ritual or ceremony?

Alternative therapies, leaving work on time and burning questions  

An Illness in the Family: part two. Making safe choices when it comes to alternative therapies. Burning Questions. Leave that office you fool.

Life Matters hosts the Heywire Youth Summit in Canberra  

Life Matters' Michael Mackenzie hosts a one hour forum and debate live from the Heywire Youth Summit in Parliament House Canberra.

Life Matters 07.02.2017  

Banking pay practices under the spotlight. At a loss for words: falling in love via a translation app. I've just had a baby, why do I feel so bad? The Moth: Japanese Mosh Pit.

Disability in schools, falling in love with your teacher and a fitness audit  

Are children with disabilities falling through the cracks? First day of school. The Exercise Room: fitness audit.

Best of Life Matters - Centrelink debt, study proves diet can lift depression, school refusers come back to class and why messy is good  

An underground miner bemoans the impact of a service he's never used, one woman eats her way to a better state of mind, how school refusers are finding a new way back to the classroom, and why messy can be great for creativity.

Does detention work, can I keep my body hair and should I intervene?  

Does detention actually work? Embracing female body hair. Modern Dilemmas: The Post Office - response to a racist rant.

Children with chronic illness, the Mediterranean diet and depression  

An Illness in the Family: part one. Children living with chronic illness. Mediterranean diet alleviates my depression: Deakin Uni participant speaks out.

Allergies at school, autism assistance dogs and embracing messiness  

Surviving school with a food allergy. Messy. Autism assistance dogs.

Centrelink debts, busking while blind and mind reading in relationships  

Welfare recipients hit by Centrelink’s automated debts. The travails of busking while blind. Mind reading in relationships. The Moth: Risk.

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