Life Matters - Full program podcast

Life Matters - Full program podcast


Life Matters is your guide to a better life for you, those you love and the place you call home. We're here to help you get a handle on all the important stuff: love, sex, health, fitness, parenting, career, finances and family.


Sexploration, digital detox, national smartphone survey results, shame and blame and The Moth  

Digital detox: we delve into the findings of the ABC Science Smartphone Survey. Digital Detox Challenge #2 - no social media for 24 hrs. Three Men and a Feeling: blame and shame. 'Sexploration' sex-ed with laughter and song. The Moth: a dying friend's wish.

The law and the gig economy, managing dementia in the family, and young social media stars  

How is the law catching up with the gig economy? Family dynamics, relationships and living with dementia. How social media videos turn children into viral sensations.

Best of Life Matters: What matters to young people, kinder kids in the bush, brilliance through boredom, and expanding waistlines  

An essay competition belies claims that students are disengaged, why children need to get muddy, wet and scared, the impact that switching off has on creativity, and the skinny on waistlines and health.

Your mind and you, Buddhist economics, when your friend is rude, Digitial detox results  

The secret life of the mind. Can Buddhist economics make people happier? Modern Dilemma: when your friend is rude. Digital Detox: Challenge #1 Results.

Phil Jarratt on surf culture, why kids need to run around in dirt and NBN equality  

Equality of access to the NBN. Bush kinder: why kids should run around in the dirt. Tracks Magazine's Phil Jarratt: surf culture evolution.

PTSD, waistlines and health, and early results from our digital detoxers  

Understanding and treating PTSD. Burning Question: Does waist size truly matter? Digital Detox: Challenge #1 update. The rise of co-working.

Mending a broken heart, what young people value, The Moth and three men and a feeling: fear  

Essay competition taps into what matters to young people. Three Men and a Feeling: Fear. Driving across the country to mend a broken heart. The Moth: My grandfather's happy place.

Breaking our smartphone habits, technology detox, and inspiration from objects.  

Bored, brilliant and breaking our smartphone habits. Digital Detox: Challenge #1. Talkback: objects that inspire great Australians .

Navigating finances in a relationship, Janet Mock on womanhood, don't call me Grandma  

Relationships, money and getting on the same page. Janet Mock: broadening society's portrait of womanhood. Modern Dilemma: Don't call me Grandma!

Chinese miners in Robe, dieting a dirty word and homelessness in vacant cities  

Using investment properties to help solve Australia’s housing shortage problem. Should dieting be a dirty word? Chinese gold miners in Robe honoured in new exhibition.

Teaching respect and equality between the genders, leading a double life, lounge room workouts  

Talkback: teaching respect and equality from a young age. Double life dentist. Exercise Room: Lounge room workouts.

Not liking your friend's partner, ethical internet, three men and a feeling: joy, The Moth: Jay Dixit  

When you don't click with a friend's partner. Is the internet becoming more 'ethical'? Three Men and a Feeling: Joy. The Moth: Jay Dixit.

Future of work, accents and employability, dressing the dead  

What does the transformation of the workforce mean for you? When accents impact employability. Dressing the dead.

Best of Life Matters: is drinking ever healthy?, feeling like you belong, dancing doctors, seeing yourself in the world, and smartphones in traffic  

The latest evidence on alcohol and health, the importance of feeling like you belong, the doctor who discos, seeing yourself reflected, and putting the phone down at intersections.

The future of recycling, the agony of red hair, job references and honesty  

Recycling's future: can you still make a difference? ABC Open: Stoning at the creek. Modern Dilemma: The job reference, how honest should you be?

Fat shaming: the politics, smartphones the "signature artefact of our age" and traffic lights on footpaths  

Promoting a healthy weight without fat shaming. The sociology of the smartphone. Putting traffic lights where smartphone pedestrians are looking.

Royal commission, alcohol and health and the dancing doctor  

Assessing the impact of the child abuse royal commission. Burning Question: Does one drink a day damage your health? The first time I saw me: part 2. The Dancing Doctor.

Baby bonus and breeding rates, country art therapy, three men and a feeling: belonging and The Moth: Dan Souza  

How government policies impact the decision to have children. Healing power of art therapy in the country . Three Men and a Feeling: Belonging. The Moth: Dan Souza.

Same-sex couples and adoption, fictional characters you can relate to, falling in love with anyone  

Same sex couples and adoption in Australia. The first time I saw me. How to fall in love with anyone.

Best of Life Matters: Youth philanthropy, Heywire innovation, Sesame Street ordeal, and kids speak out on parent smartphones  

A new school program has resulted in primary students funding community outreach projects, young regional women deal with loss by saving others, why Oscar the Grouch almost caused a tragedy, and why children are sick of parents on smartphones.

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