Life Matters - Full program podcast

Life Matters - Full program podcast


Life Matters podcast gives you the complete program from start to finish, with Natasha Mitchell hosting interviews and discussions about what's affecting our daily health and wellbeing at home, work and school.


Best of Life Matters: kids and money, CPAP Pt 4, boxing fitness, and real lives compiled  

Should banks be financial mentors in schools? Boxing as exercise, the final airway uncovered for a better night's sleep and a woman born in 1939 who remembers flashes of WW2 for a new book on Australian lives.

Reconciliation, tall tales, modern dilemma  

Tall Tales & True: Jessica Tuckwell. Bringing Indigenous culture to the playdough table. Right Wrongs: A new generation. Modern Dilemma: disability and strangers.

Veterans mental health, CPAP Part 4 and kids and money  

Extra funding for veterans' mental health. Adventures in CPAP Pt4. Banks teaching kids about money.

Tackling antibiotic resistance, living with autism and reflecting on Australian lives through oral history  

Dealing with upsetting news. South Australian surgeon performs hundreds of surgeries without antibiotics. Presence of mind. Right Wrongs: We dared not hope. Oral histories illuminate Australian lives.

The good and the bad of the My Health record, social media in love and faraway farming  

Every Australian to have a digital health summary. ABC Open: Communication breakdown. Starting life afresh: Zimbabwean farmer flees Africa and moves to Australia. The Moth: Steve Zimmer.

Iodine deficiency, the art of boxing and wellness dreaming  

Is your diet putting you at risk of iodine deficiency? ABC Open: Vegetarian children? The Exercise Room: Boxing workout. Wellness Dreaming tells a different story.

Best of Life Matters: Dads at home, CPAP part 3, Norman changes jobs, and new solar for old flats  

One stay-at-home Dad bucks the trend and defends the role, tennis balls and buzzing collars fight apnoea, meet pre-millennial job changer Norman, and how a new piece of tech could change how the sun powers our high rise.

Life Matters 19.05.17  

Helping kids deal with death. Why we herd and how it can harm us. Modern Dilemma: When a caravan threatens your marriage.

Stay at home dads, resisting self improvement and CPAP Pt 3  

Dads still unlikely to be house husbands. Stand Firm: resisting the cult of self-improvement. Adventures in CPAP Pt 3.

Educational gender gaps, eating mouldy food, road trips, career changes  

Gender gaps in primary school achievement. Burning Question: Eating mouldy food. ABC Open: Off the beaten track. Professor Norman Drummond reflects on a lifetime of career changes.

Strata solar, pelvic problems & sex education stories  

A new solar way for apartments. Concern grows over side effects of pelvic mesh implants. The Moth: Sara Rosa Espi.

Mental health awareness, the arbitrary goal of 10,000 steps, and how far plastic waste travels  

How mental health smart are you? The Exercise Room: Is 10,000 steps enough? Plastic, plastic, everywhere.

Best of Life Matters: sorting fitness fact from fad, CPAP and love lives, fidgeting pros and cons, and a haunted family  

New toys have sparked debate about whether they're useful for fidgety kids, or distracting gimmicky gadgets. Separating fitness science from fitness fad, and is wearing a sleeping mask and having a love life incompatible?

Fidgeting, invisible farmer and modern dilemma  

What's so bad about fidgeting? Invisible Farmer Project brings women to the front. Modern Dilemma: I've been 'ghosted' by my friend and I don't know why - should I confront her?

Stem cell tourism, Nikki Gemmell and CPAP part 2  

How hope drives stem cell tourism. After: Nikki Gemmell on mothers and daughters. Sleep Apnoea: Adventures in CPAP Pt 2.

What the budget means for you and living with OCD  

Budget 2017: Moderate steps on housing affordability and funding for the NDIS. Because we are bad: Living with severe OCD. Budget 2017: Your questions answered.

Generic medication and teaching children 21st century subjects  

Doctors set to prescribe more generic medicines. What should students be learning in the 21st century? The Moth: Ya-Mini Naidu.

Household budgeting, fitness crazes, and a mother's story  

Household debt and why we should budget. ABC Open: The Prefect portaloo. The Exercise Room: Fitness trends. Dragonfly.

Best of Life Matters: preventing dementia, tips on running better, apnoea adventures and a new indigenous cartoon series  

Health journalist Cathy Johnson examines the latest data on dementia prevention, is CPAP the answer to sleep apnoea? One person's adventures in tiredness. The biomechanics of better running, and Little J and Big Cuz animates indigenous stories for a national audience.

Technology and privacy in family life, aftermath of Cyclone Debbie and Modern Dilemma  

Technology, trust and privacy. In the wake of disaster: Cyclone Debbie took half my house. Modern Dilemma: The flea circus, if the cat next door is giving your cat fleas, do you treat it?

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