Life Matters - Full program podcast

Life Matters - Full program podcast


Life Matters podcast gives you the complete program from start to finish, with Natasha Mitchell hosting interviews and discussions about what's affecting our daily health and wellbeing at home, work and school.


Ritalin and dexies - do you depend on them to get through your work day?  

Increasing numbers of people are becoming dependent on Ritalin, dexamphetamines and other stimulants to perform at work

The class of 1986 looks back  

Were you in the graduating class of 1986? What were you doing...watching...wearing?

The real life damage that internet trolls do - and how best to counter them  

They inflict trauma and real life harm on people.. so what can be done about internet trolls.

The secret life of children - imaginary friends  

Did you have an imaginary friend, or create imaginary and secret worlds as a child?

Hipsterism or home-buying. Gen Y, thrift, frugality and avocado toast.  

Are Gen Ys  spendthrifts, choosing expensive little luxuries like avocado toast over saving for a roof over their heads?

Why do Australians love their meat so much ?  

Australia’s love affair with meat- and what it means for our health and the well-being of animals.

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize  

Bob Dylan: The 2016 winner of Nobel Prize for Literature

My grandmother’s lingo - electronic musician Kuren on maintaining indigenous language  

The struggle to maintain indigenous language goes on-line and interactive

Biscuit, Hedgehog, love cats! Meet Tourette’s superhero Jess Thom  

Jess Thom says ‘biscuit’ 16,000 times a day, give or take a few. Her show “Backstage in Biscuit Land” takes us deep into the brain wiring of those with tourettes.

Women, Groping, Locker-rooms and Presidents  

Is Donald Trump the turning point for the casual objectification of women?

From bingeing to baby- Talitha Cummins on alcoholism, sobriety and motherhood  

How weekend sunrise newsreader Talitha Cummins hid her escalating alcoholism for years and now how she’s sober, thriving and a new mum.

Could your child become an addict? 4 indicator traits might give a clue.  

Some teenagers are more at risk of addiction than others. Researchers say that personality testing can help solve the problem before it gets out of control.

Overwhelmed and overworked. Are you having to do a lot more for less?  

The harried tones of fellow workers, the bleary eyes of commuters, the glow of the laptop well into the night - “the overwhelmed employee” is a significant trend in the workplace.

Manny Waks - sexual abuse survivor - fighting back  

Manny Waks decided to go public with allegations of child sexual abuse within Melbourne’s tight knit ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

What it is like to be a 13 year old in 2016  

Lolz, Likes and Skyping Your Bestie: the online-saturated world of today’s 13 year old girls and boys. A special program about life at 13

Why our skies, beaches, and parks are teeming with tiny flying cameras.  

As drone regulations are relaxed, are privacy concerns coming to the fore?

Is romantic love still possible in the age of Tindr?  

How are dating apps affecting modern relationships?

Is feminism connecting with teenage girls in 2016?  

Writer Clementine Ford is proud to call herself a ‘feminist killjoy’. She’s released a book which she hopes will be a manifesto for the next generation. But do girls today want to hear the message?

Is it easier to be an ‘out’ lesbian in Australia today?  

Until recently, lesbian women have been mostly invisible in popular culture - and wider society. But things are changing rapidly.

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