Life Matters - Full program podcast

Life Matters - Full program podcast


Life Matters podcast gives you the complete program from start to finish, with Natasha Mitchell hosting interviews and discussions about what's affecting our daily health and wellbeing at home, work and school.


Living with Alopecia, the wellness obsession & why it's our fault dogs are naughty  

Living with Alopecia. Wellmania: one woman's quest for a healthy and happy life. Why it's our fault dogs are naughty: Part 1.

Laughing at cancer, combat sport and respect, early childhood education, whisky and motorbikes  

Australia lagging behind other OECD nations when investing in early childhood education and care. The Exercise Room: Do combat sports encourage violence or teach respect? ABC Open: Whisky and the rage of a woman. Laughing at cancer.

Freelancing, as sexy as we think? Affordable homes & older women & The Moth: Mary Kate O'Flanagan  

Affordable homes for older women. Is freelancing as sexy as we think? Three Men and a Feeling: Compassion. The Moth: A message from beyond the grave.

Bullying in primary schools, low impact living and a mother's addiction  

Bullying, mental health and academic performance. What it's like to live without money. ABC Open: Cards and 'bored' games. Growing up in the shadow of valium.

Best of Life Matters: Auskick and autism, 3 men talk hope, millennials volunteer, and the plumbing ballet dancer  

How children on the autism spectrum are finding a place in the AFL's sports program for kids, why hope is the essence of humanity, research says millennials are eager to help the world, and a mechanical plumber discovers his calling - ballet.

Shaking hands versus kissing, rethinking Heathcliff, coping with cancer in your youth  

You're 20 and you get cancer... what happens? Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever: dispelling the myth of Heathcliff as romantic hero. Modern Dilemma: the meet and greet, are you a hugger, kisser or hand shaker?

Affordable funerals, sport accessibility and Mallacoota's doctor search  

Planning an affordable funeral. Sport and disability: making sport accessible to all. Mallacoota searches for its own doctor.

Finding your religion, a ballet dancing plumber, drugging your kids, rising electricity costs  

Petrol or power bills: energy costs hitting low income households. Burning Question: Is it okay to drug your child... on a plane? Ike's conversion: finding a faith different to your upbringing. Plumber learns to dance.

Genital surgery for women, The Moth: Kiri Bear and three men on 'hope'  

When women don't like their vulvas. Three Men and a Feeling: Hope. The Moth: Kiri Bear.

Cultural diversity in aged care, Millennials that volunteer and libraries in jails  

Ageing in a foreign land: cultural diversity and aged care. Are millennials as selfish as we think? Escaping with a good book: the value of libraries in Australian jails.

Best of Life Matters: male pattern baldness, selfie culture, fitness tips for aging and true footy fandom  

Men coming to terms with going bald, the rise of the selfie culture and how we became so self-obsessed, top tips for staying fit as we age, and a life-long football fan's love for her team.

The secrets of empathy, supporting adult children financially, share housing for oldies  

Co-housing oldies: would you sell the share house lifestyle to your granny? How to practise empathy. Modern Dilemma: how far do you go to financially support your adult child?

How to deal with baldness, year 12 score longevity and our selfie obsession  

How long does your Year 12 score last? Selfie: how we became so self-obsessed and what it's doing to us. Tackling baldness head on.

Footy and fandom, fitness for men of all ages, teething problems for the NDIS  

Choice and control: the challenge of growing the NDIS. The Exercise Room: fitness tips for men through the ages. True footy fandom: Yvette Wroby on football and family.

Healthcare workers under attack, inspiring stories from Wilcannia, men and integrity, crime and punishment  

Violence in the healthcare system. Introducing The Real Thing's 'Positively Wilcannia'. Three Men and a Feeling: Integrity. The Moth: Kathi Hill.

Indigenous rangers, piano lessons for refugee children and the dark side of international modelling  

Indigenous groups calling for funding to expand ranger program. The Piano Project. The grit behind the glamour - the true life of an international model.

Best of Life Matters: former ice addict speaks out, splinter tips and tricks, music and teenage mood, give aged parents their freedom  

Local mayor shows unity with a recovered ice addict, can you leave splinters inside you?, how teenagers can shape their moods through music, and why we shouldn't mollycoddle our aged parents.

Dealing with narcissists, investing after a break-up and eating food from the street  

From the office to the home, dealing with narcissists. Suddenly single: investing wisely after a break-up. Modern Dilemma: would you eat food found on the street?

Women in leadership, moving for happiness and shaping teen emotions with music  

The history and future of women in leadership. Does moving make you happier? Teenagers use music to name and shape their emotions.

Coming out as transgender, removing splinters and living with epilepsy  

Finding Nevo: coming out as transgender today. Homotopia audio extra: Simona Castricum. Burning Question: Removing splinters . Electro girl: living with epilepsy.

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