Life Matters - Full program podcast

Life Matters - Full program podcast


Life Matters podcast gives you the complete program from start to finish, with Natasha Mitchell hosting interviews and discussions about what's affecting our daily health and wellbeing at home, work and school.


What happens to women who dare to interrupt powerful men, in public  

When Penny met Harry – a very modernist love story

Saving the weekend warriors  

Making weekend sport safer for men and women over 40

What are the keys to raising healthy boys in the modern world?  

Modern boyhood can be fraught with dangers – but not all of them are physical

Wading into the toy wars; why ‘pinkwashing’ is reaping toy companies billions  

The softly spoken Australian woman who has changed the way department stores label the toy aisles.

Meet the woman charged with the future of the Sydney Opera House  

Mary Leunig is Michael Leunig’s sister – and she’s got some thoughts on his fame

What’s going on for 13 year olds today?  

An insight into life for 13 year olds in a modern world.

Is a good divorce possible?  

Is ‘consciously uncoupling’ more common than we think?

What’s it like living off the electricity grid?  

Meet the woman who has lived a flourishing life for 4 decades without an electricity bill

The remarkable life of the boy once known as James Dixon Swan - Jimmy Barnes  

Jimmy Barnes has written down the story of his harrowing childhood in “Working Class Boy”.

When you meet your sperm donor in real life  

The unlikely love story of Aminah Hart and her sperm donor

The secret history of Tupperware  

How a woman called Brownie Wise made a collection of pastel plastic the must-have kitchenware of a generation

Noni Hazlehurst’s vision for a more positive media culture  

Noni Hazlehurst speaks out against the culture of negativity in our media

Revisiting Bob Dylan’s Nobel prize win of 2016  

What made Bob Dylan’s lyrics win him the 2016 Nobel Prize for literature?

In the age of Tinder, is there a place for real romance?  

Does intimacy and romantic love survive in a world of dating apps?

Should getting truly ‘wasted’ ever be socially acceptable?  

Lifting the lid on Australia’s binge-drinking culture

Have you ever put a misbehaving child out of the car?  

Get out of the car! When fighting children are put out of the car to walk home.

Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou on his love for the world game  

What sparked a lifelong passion for the world game in the young Ange Postecoglou?

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