Life Matters - Full program podcast

Life Matters - Full program podcast


Life Matters podcast gives you the complete program from start to finish, with Natasha Mitchell hosting interviews and discussions about what's affecting our daily health and wellbeing at home, work and school.


Fogey Speak - interpreting sayings and aphorisms of the ‘older’ set  

Fogey Speak - interpreting sayings and aphorisms of the ‘older’ set

A lateral, alternative….cool even Christmas Song list for you  

Just what makes for a great Christmas song list ?

What happens when a war correspondent returns to ‘real’ life?  

Dean Yates was a war correspondent for Reuters covering some of the world’s major conflict zones. And on his return to Australia things went seriously wrong

Does Christmas combined with credit cards mean catastrophe for your  Finances?  

It’s that time of year again where we have to get the money from somewhere for presents, festive fare and holidays aware. What is your credit card strategy for the coming month?

With suicide as the leading cause of death for young people in Australia, why don’t we view it as a national emergency?  

Should we be changing the way we talk about suicide and self harm? What we are doing at the moment isn’t working to prevent it according to a new report.

Why are Australia’s childcare workers still paid the minimum wage?  

Childcare workers are paid the same as low-skilled workers. But they aren’t low skilled. And they do some of society’s most important work.

Is there such a thing as a ‘good’ divorce?  

Is a low-conflict divorce possible? And how does ‘bird-nesting’ help the children?

Why teaching kids empathy could be the most important skill for the future  

What are the skills that will help the next generation thrive?

Writer Anne-Marie Slaughter says ditch 'the stay at home' labels  

Writer Anne-Marie Slaughter is working to change how we view caring roles in society.

Men interrupting women: why is it so annoying?  

Why do people feel so confronted when a man interrupts a woman while she is speaking?

What is young onset Parkinson’s and who is at risk?  

Parkinson’s disease is no longer considered to be only related to old age. So how early is ‘early onset’ and who is at risk?

How to turn around a lifetime of bad food habits  

How to turn around a lifetime of bad food habits.

Is the internet a basic human right, even if you’re in jail?  

Does denying prisoners access to the internet hurt their job prospects on release?

How do you cope when you loathe the political views of someone you love?  

Are the political and ideological gulfs within families widening as the world becomes more polarised post Trump, Brexit and Hanson?

Why shouldn't school hours be working hours - 9 to 5?  

A recent US study suggests that aligning school hours with work hours would make it easier for families to manage their lives without expensive childcare. Could it work here?

Professor Fiona Wood on grasping the nettle with both hands  

Plastic surgeon Fiona Wood on her upbringing, her education, her commitment to making a difference and how her mother urged her  to  "grasp the nettle with both hands and not let go”.

How young girls cope with early (or late) puberty  

What pre-teens really need to know - author and cartoonist Kaz Cooke turns her focus on the eight to twelves

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