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Live Immediately with mike campbell


We often get in our own way by creating stories in our mind that aren’t true. We think we can’t do something before we have even tried. We push our dreams and desires, our life, to tomorrow. But that day never arrives. The Live Immediately Podcast is about taking control of today. I have conversations with people who are living life on their own terms. We dive into those big moments that have pushed them through the fears and self-limiting beliefs that hold so many of us back. I hope these stories encourage people to start today. Everyone’s journey will be different, but there will be no journey if we don’t begin. None of us have control of tomorrow, so why not do something you love and enjoy today?


028: Will Ainsworth - Creating Positive Change  

Crossroads appear throughout our lives, some are created by particular moments, and others we go searching for. And that decision on which way to turn, is more challenging at some points than others, but it is that willingness and determination to change that enables us to grow.

My guest today, Will Ainsworth, has made some big, positive, and important changes in his life. After watching his father die by the bottle, and realising he was potentially walking a similar path, Will broke this vicious family cycle right before his first son was born. This positive change rippled throughout his entire life.

In this episode we discuss knowing your purpose, being forced to make a change, breaking habits by replacing them with better ones, and working on being optimistic.

I admire Will for being very open and raw on quite a personal and sensitive topic, and I love the life that he has designed for himself and his family.

I hope you enjoy x

027: Julie Muir - A Journey Of Love  

The universal language is love, and my guest today, Julie Muir, a city girl from Dublin, found hers while backpacking around South America. Julie’s journey of love carried her around the globe and eventually brought her to the sandy shores of Australia.

In this episode Julie and I discuss being open to new and different experiences, paying forward the goodwill you receive while traveling, learning to live with less, and the life lessons we learn by travelling.

Julie is a lover of love with a big heart. And if you are anything like me you’ll be mesmerised by her beautiful Irish accent.

I hope you enjoy x

026: Claire Dunn - My Year Without Matches  

Let me start with one big ask. If you are a parent, please really listen to this episode, as it includes many important factors for raising our children.

My insightful, beautiful, and profoundly articulate guest today, Claire Dunn, is a student of nature.

Claire is the author of the book “MY YEAR WITHOUT MATCHES – Escaping the city in search of the wild”, where she spent a year off grid in a wilderness survival camp.

In this episode, Claire and I discuss her experience in living in the wilderness for a year, the mysterious pull that we feel, and the sacred order of survival.

But where my heart lies in this conversation is when we start discussing rewilding, where we need to rediscover our wildness, and the beautiful and very import notion of bringing up nature connected kids.

Claire is a deep thinker, but not simply in the back corners of her mind, but deep into her soul. I personally took so much away from this conversation and I know you will too.

I hope you enjoy x

025: Melissa And Carson – Going With The Crazy Idea  

We have all had one of those days. You come home from the office and you start questioning everything – “Is this what I want to be doing?”, “Is there something more?”, “How can I make a change in my life?”

And then you throw out a crazy idea to your partner. ”Hey honey, why don’t we renovate a vintage trailer and travel the United States for a year?”

For most of us, we let that crazy idea pass and go about our normal evening.

But what I love about my guests today, Melissa and Carson, is that they ran with the crazy idea and did just that. They spent over a year renovating a 1968 FAN travel trailer, and then spent a year on the road with their Goldendoodle, Costello, spending each week in a different state, picking up local colour along the way.

In this episode we discuss going with the crazy idea, the beauty in planning and growing before the adventure has even begun, living with less, and taking the choice away from ourselves to build better habits.

Melissa and Carson are a bunch of fun and are very honest about their year in a Tiny House On Wheels.

I hope you enjoy x

024: Amanda Kendle - Thoughtful Travel  

It is no secret that I love travelling and that it is a big part of my life. My family and I packed, donated or sold everything we owned in Australia to head off on a year adventure through North America, where we didn’t pay for accommodation.

This time last year, home for us was a log cabin, in the middle of the Northwoods of Wisconsin, in a town called Clam Lake, which has a population of 37 people.

We learn and grow so much when we travel, and this is what my guest today, Amanda Kendle, and I really dive into – those lessons on the road and how we can implement them into our daily life.

In this episode we discuss the beautifulness of short-term perspective, making changes in your life even when things are great, travelling slowly, and choosing the bigger life.

Amanda is the host of the Thoughtful Travel Podcast and also has the travel blog, Not A Ballerina, which she has run for over 11 years.

I hope you enjoy x

023: Angela Lockwood - Switch Off  

We all too often are tangled in the web of life. Feeling like we are suffocating from the expectations of others and the ones we put on ourselves, our endless list of priorities, and that constant need to be connected.

In this episode I have a wonderful chat with occupational therapist, speaker, mother and author of the new book – Switch Off: How to Find Calm in a Noisy World – Angela Lockwood.

I loved this conversation so much as Angela and I go deep on a lot of topics that I feel so strongly about – The importance of slowing down, how we spend our time, creating boundaries around technology use, supporting children’s growth with our time, creating a habitat for health, how our behaviours are teaching our children, and so much more.

This is such a fun and knowledge packed episode, and one that I have been super excited to share with you.

Angela is such a beautiful person and someone who genuinely want to help people, especially kids, to grow and be happy and fulfilled in their lives.

I hope you enjoy x

022: Describe Your Perfect Day  

At this time of year we often look ahead, set a number of goals, resolutions, things we want to achieve and things we want to change. Usually these are centred on looking better, feeling better or getting more of something.

We attempt to map out the entire year looking at it as a whole entity, from a distance, like it is complete.

But our year isn’t complete, it has just begun. And our year, like our life, is simply made up of many days.

In this solo episode I talk about the exercise I did to determine my perfect day and discuss the importance of outlining our perfect day. How once we know what our perfect day looks like we can determine the changes we need to make with our current daily actions to align more closely with our perfect day.

I hope you try the exercise and discover what your perfect day looks like and the changes you need to make in your day to live it.

I would love to know how you go with it so make sure you flick me an email with your perfect day outline and if you have any questions I am here to help and I would be super excited to.

I hope you enjoy x

021: Kylie Aloi - Being Present With Anxiety And Values  

Anxiety seems to be an issue that keeps surfacing through a lot of the conversations I have with people, this heaviness that some people are living with. But often that moment when they are diagnosed with anxiety and they start to take action to fix or manage it is a pivotal moment in their life.

My guest today is Kylie Aloi, is one of those people. Her journey of learning how to manage her anxiety lead her to a place where she now lives by following her values, understanding what is important to her, and living the life she wants to live and not one that she is expected to live.

In this episode, Kylie talks openly about understanding that anxiety is part of her personality, calling off her wedding four weeks out and the freeing feeling it created for her, being in tune with your values, along with some tips on how people can discover their own values.

I really appreciate how honest Kylie is during our conversation on a topic that isn’t always the easiest to talk about.

I hope you enjoy x

020: Zoe Davis - The Health Risks Of Waiting  

“The rut”.

That feeling like you are continuously treading water, moving from one thing, to the next thing, to the next.

It is something we all get stuck in, and if we’re not careful or mindful of our situation, it can cause damage to all other areas of our life – relationships, health, time.

My guest today, Zoe Davis, found herself in one of those ruts, one that had been going on for many years, until her body finally said, enough is enough, and she was bed ridden for two weeks.

Zoe wasn’t able to do anything, but reflect on the situation she was in. Zoe hit a point in her life where she realised she needed to make some changes.

And this is a key point of this episode - Zoe had been stuck in her rut so deeply, that she had neglected health, neglected herself.

Why do we wait so long to make changes in our lives?

Zoe had a massive lump on her right hand, but she kept putting the x-ray off until the pain was too much for her to handle.

That lump, ended up being a Giant Tumour. The doctors had to blast it off and then cut bone from her hip and place it in her hand.

One of the things I love about listening to other people’s stories is that we can learn from them. One of the key things I learnt from Zoe is that we all wait too long to make changes in our lives.

Sometimes we wait until it is too late. We would rather be doing something that is harmful to our health, that is destructive to our lives, than to change - because change means doing things differently.

And that is a huge hurdle we all need to get over.

In this episode we discuss brining mindful of your health, setting goals that aren’t about achievement but purely for enjoyment and happiness, and not ignoring that nagging feeling.

I had the privilege of speaking to Zoe a week after she returned home from the hospital, and I absolutely love her attitude and this beautiful optimistic outlook that she now carries through every aspect of her life.

I hope you enjoy x

019: Cait Flanders - Mindful Budgeting  

This is a conversation I have really been looking forward to and sharing with everyone, as I believe we all need to have a hard look at our financial health.

I strongly believe that if people knew more about money, if they knew how it works, to live within their means, to not constantly live in a state of money stress, and money fatigue, then they could eradicate their money issues.

And if we eradicate our money issues, I believe we would also eradicate a lot of the family fighting, as a lot of the augments stem from money issues or money issues amplify other problems.

And if we could stop the family augments, this would mean more kids are growing up in families that aren’t fighting, more kids are growing up in happy families.

And to me, that is the end goal of everything. To raise kids with smiles on their faces. Because if we raise kids with smiles on their faces. They turn into adults with smiles on their faces. And adults with smiles on their faces don’t start wars - they are compassionate, they are caring.

And if that is not something we should strive for, then I’m lost.

Cait Flanders educates people about Mindful Budgeting, through the lessons she learnt from getting herself out of debt. Cait went on a two-year shopping ban and that was after she was out of debt and has completely turned her life in a different direction. That realisation that more money is not always the answer, but being mindful of where you spend your money and on what, is.

This is a big topic for me as “money” is often what people say holds them back from doing the things they really want to be doing, holding them back from living immediately. But I would argue that what they choose to spend their money on is the thing that holds them back.

Cait has some great tips and my one big ask for this episode is that you have a conversation in your household about money and write down what you spend your money on. You will be amazed at what you learn, and can easily change, from this simple task.

I hope you enjoy x

018: How Are You Settling Back Into Reality  

Inga, Andy and I returned from our family adventure about a month ago, where we were house and pet sitting our way through North America for a year. It has been wonderful, being back in our little home in Newcastle, walking along the beach and catching up with family and friends.

One question that many people have asked us is, “How are you settling back into reality?”

This is an interesting question for me, so in this episode I thought I would answer it. I am sure there are many people who I don’t get to see face-to-face who would be wondering the same thing too.

I would also love to know what you think of this style of episode. If you like it, I will look at including more solo episodes where I discuss the lessons I have learnt and how I am using them in my own life.

I hope you enjoy x

017: Kylie Martin - The melody of life with an autistic child  

When you look back at the people who you have met during your life, there are some who always stick out from the crowd, they are in those fond and happy memories, and they helped nudge your life in a positive direction, where at the time, you didn’t even realise that the nudging was taking place.

My guest today, Kylie Martin, is one of those beacons in my life, as she played a pivotal role in my career into the music industry.

Kylie has had a very successful career in the music industry as head of publicity for leading independent and multinational record companies, starting her own publicity company, Martini Media, publicist for ARIA and their 30th Anniversary Awards, along with being Kylie Minogue’s publicist for umpteen years.

And as much as we do discuss Kylie’s journey through the music industry, we really dive deep when Kylie shares her journey into motherhood and discovering that her baby boy has autism.

Kylie is honest and frank, as only Kylie could be, as she discuses being fearful of her son’s future, how worrying can lead to life improvements, moving out of Sydney to help bring calmness to her son, being at her best when she is busy, and the definition of autism from a mother who has a child with autism.

Kylie is a stack of fun, and you can often hear her coming by the sound of her infectious laugh. My days are always better with Kylie in them, and I know yours will be too.

I hope you enjoy x

016: Tom Glafcke - The Simplicity of an Extraordinary Life  

I am a believer that the beautifulness in life is surrounded by the people you meet.

My guest today is a dear friend of mine, Tom Glafcke. Who I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming deep friends with, when my family and I were housesitting a log cabin in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

Tom describes his life as, “ordinary by many people’s standards”. But through the many conversations I had with him, the stories that he shared, and the lessons that I have learnt from him, I believe his life is anything but ordinary.

Tom is in his mid 60s, a lover of nature, solitude and people. This episode is full of life wisdom - lessons that you only learn through time, experience and actively living life.

Tom shares stories about living a deliberate life, walking through life with optimism, the aliveness that struggle makes you feel, and that love really is the answer.

There is a beautiful simplicity about the way Tom has deliberately chosen to live his life. And it is this simplicity, this rawness of happiness and love that draws me to this beautiful human.

I hope you enjoy x

015: Natalie Walton - A tree change, Co-parenting and imagination with fewer toys  

There are many things I dislike about social media, but one of the positives for me is how you can learn from someone else’s normal life.

My guest today, Natalie Walton, is far from normal as she juggles four children and just as many businesses. But her life, her day to day, her school runs, meal times, waking babies are all normal to her - but I have learnt so much from her experiences, through her photos and articles that she writes.

About a year ago, Natalie, her husband and now four children moved out of Sydney to the hinterland of the Central Coast. And from what I can tell, for no apparent reason. They weren’t leaving the city because they hated it, they weren’t moving for a career, the opportunity presented itself and it gave them a chance to simply try something new.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation as Natalie discussed her tree change and adjusting to the countryside, getting the kids involved and co-parenting, reasons for limiting the amount of toys her children have, and her love of meal time with her family.

Natalie is a creative in all areas of her life, and like all mothers she dreams of more sleep but still cherishes the morning wakeups from her little ones.

I hope you enjoy x

014: Evie Farrell - Stepping Sideways In Life To Live Your Dreams  

We all have choices in our lives and often when we say we can’t do something, it is because we have already said yes to something else.

Just like that old saying, “You can have everything, just not all at the same time.”

My guest today, Evie Farrell, had been saving up to renovate her kitchen. And even though she had gone through the design process, flicked through countless magazines and walked through many showrooms, she just couldn’t bring herself to spend her money on a new kitchen.

Evie kept thinking, that in ten years time, her daughter would not thank her for giving her a new kitchen. But she would thank her for giving her the experience of traveling through Asia for 18 months with her. 

So that is what she did. Evie packed up her life in Sydney and spent the kitchen money on an 18 month adventure through Asia with her 6 year old daughter. 

In this episode we talk about stepping sideways in life, the material waste that we have in our lives, the joy of travelling with kids, and how making things happen isn’t as hard as people think it is.

Evie made the best decision in my mind as a beautiful kitchen table is determined by the people around it, and not the material it is made out of.

I hope you enjoy x

013: Ben Gray – The Three C’s Of Life - Curiosity, Creativity And Courageousness  

One of the key elements of living immediately is to be deliberate with our actions, mindful of the direction we are heading in.

My guest today is Ben Gray, a great guy who loved life in Australia with his wife and two kids. But he also had this feeling that he didn’t want to be living the same day for the next 65 years. So a few years back he decided to spice things up a little and pack the family up in a motorhome and travel across North America.

As exciting as his adventure was, I personally gravitated towards Ben because of the way he has decided to live his life since his road trip. He has recently purchased a property in the countryside of Canada to allow his kids to grow surrounded by nature and to help instil his three C’s - Curiosity, Creativity and Courageousness

In this episode we discuss living a predictable life, chasing the imaginary finishing line, and the importance of setting a date to achieve your dreams.

Ben is as laidback as you’d expect any boy from the Sutherland Shire of Sydney to be, and a great father trying to guide his kids through life with as many experiences as possible.

I hope you enjoy x

012: Stacey Clare – A Healthy Mum Teaching Happiness Through Food  

The fast pass of work and long hours in the office can have a huge affect on all aspects of your life. And this is exactly what my guest today, Stacey Clare, discovered after spending years working late and not thinking about the food she was putting into her body or how she was treating herself.

But that all changed after the birth of her first baby.

Having a baby is a joyful moment, a journey where a woman becomes a mother. And as joyful as it was for Stacey to have her first child, it was also full of complications that lead to her baby being born at 32 weeks and only weighing 1.38kgs.

The poor health of her baby meant that Stacey needed to do something that no parent should have to do. A month after bringing her baby home from the hospital, she found him not breathing in his cot. A heart wrenching sight for any parent to see. Stacey had to put her fingers around his little chest and push down, performing CPR on him to bring life back to his little body - Which, thankfully, she did.

But through all this, Stacey knew that she needed to change her ways by focussing on her health and the food she puts into her body, so she could raise her baby boy in a healthy way.

Stacey was so passionate about this change in her life that she dove deeper and studied nutrition, started her company Stacey Clare – A Healthy Mum, and is now a Health and Nutrition coach helping other mothers and families on their health journey.

We also discus something that I really loved - Family Gratitude Journal that Stacey does each evening at the dinner table with her family. It is something that I will be starting at our dinner table too.

The Skype connection is a little robotic in parts, but stay with it as Stacey is a bundle of joy that is teaching happiness through food, one plate at a time.

I hope you enjoy x

011: Tricia Leach – Keep Your Daydream  

We often want to do things in a particular way, but if that way means that we can’t do that thing until many years into the future, than maybe we need to make concessions with our dream so that it becomes a reality sooner.

And to make this happen my guest today, Tricia Leach, host of the Keep Your Daydream Podcast, proposes a simple question;

What can you do right now?

Through her podcast, Tricia shares inspiring stories of people who have left the so called normal life to pursue their travel dreams and unique lifestyle. When we embarked on our family adventure, to housesit our way through North America for a year, Tricia’s, Keep Your Daydream Podcast made me feel normal – knowing that there were similar people and families that had chosen to travel, to try something new, and to enjoy and learn from the travelling lifestyle.

I initially wanted to reach out to Tricia as, along with her husband Marc, they have decided to pack up their three kids and 16 year-old dog in an RV to hit the open road for six months, travelling around the United States.

I wanted to know how someone with teenage kids could design their life to enable that to happen.

But as I started to dig deeper into her story, I realised there was so much more to tell.

I discovered that there was a journey, of pushing through adversity, brought on by the global financial crisis. That Tricia and her family needed to, as she puts it, stop feeding the shredder.

In this episode we discus prioritising what is important, stepping out of the commercialised dream, transforming from putting value into things, to placing value on experiences, setting a date to make things happen and only having 18 summers with your children.

I thought I was going to talk about travel with Tricia, but she gave so much more. As travelling isn’t about seeing different places, it is about growing from experiences.

Tricia is energetic, warm and a mother who simply wants to rip the curtains open each morning to go exploring with her family, and to see what the world will teach her today.

I hope you enjoy x

010: Julie Preston –Adventures of Traveling and Education on the Road  

As many of you know, Inga, Andy and I have been attempting to house and pet sit our way through North America for a year. As much as people we meet say that it is such a wonderful idea and way to travel, we had never met another house sitter before in person.

That was until we met my guest today, Julie Preston, at a park in Frisco, Colorado, and we formed a friendship immediately.

There were so many similarities with our journeys. We were both traveling with a child, we love the variety and experiences new towns bring, and more importantly, we all adored animals.

But as our friendship grew over the months it became apparent that Julie and her husband Dean were doing this for different reasons to Inga and I.

Julie has been house and pet sitting, on and off, for over a decade, and it was something that she continued to do when she first met Dean. They paused for a few years until Dean was laid off from his work due to the crash in the economy, a week before their daughter Abby was born.

They started housesitting again, as they needed to reinvent the wheel for their family. Where Inga and I are housesitting so we can afford to travel for a year. Julie and Dean needed to house sit again so they could afford to live.

I admire Julie and Dean on so many levels. They have turned an awful life circumstance into a wonderful blessing, and one that allows them to travel and spend more time with their daughter, Abby.

It is not easy and there are many challenges that they face by choosing this lifestyle, but they understand, that for now, this transit lifestyle, the experiences, the education, outweighs the challenges.

We cover so much in this episode including housesitting due to the economy, life on the road with a seven-year-old daughter, finding stability, the challenges with a non-digital job on the road, finding free activities to do in each community and so much more.

Julie looks for the wonders in life, and she finds most of them in her family, or hiking through the mountains.

I hope you enjoy x

009: Tosha Kowalski – Sprinkling Adventure With Reality  

Sometimes we don’t know we’re looking for something until we find it. And even then, we still need to act upon it.

Tosha Kowalski found a sticker on the ground at the SXSW festival in 2013 that read;


Quit your day job

See the world

Fall in love

Find yourself


Now this sticker was apparently everywhere at the festival and there would have been other people that saw it too - but it somehow resinated with Tosha. And since that day she has been designing her life and acting in a way that aligns with the message of that sticker.

In this episode we discuss taking that leap of faith and how the first step is always the hardest, how Tosha found herself on the Appellation Trail and how the 3,500km hike changed her, adjusting back to normality after being in the woods for four months, and curating a life where she sprinkles adventure with reality.

Tosha is a strong woman that navigates life via acute corners, wrong turns and dead ends.

I hope you enjoy x

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