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We often get in our own way by creating stories in our mind that aren’t true. We think we can’t do something before we have even tried. We push our dreams and desires, our life, to tomorrow. But that day never arrives. The Live Immediately Podcast is about taking control of today. I have conversations with people who are living life on their own terms. We dive into those big moments that have pushed them through the fears and self-limiting beliefs that hold so many of us back. I hope these stories encourage people to start today. Everyone’s journey will be different, but there will be no journey if we don’t begin. None of us have control of tomorrow, so why not do something you love and enjoy today?


047: Clare Short - Navigating Towards A Simpler Life  

Simple living looks different for everyone. What does it look like for you?

In this episode I chat with Clare Short who is a wife, mother of two, and someone that is navigating her way through simple living. If that description sounds very similar to you, well that is exactly why I wanted to have Clare on the podcast today. To share the ups and downs, little strategies and resources which have helped her and hopefully will help you.

Clare talks about how she first eased her way into simple living by doing the 40 bags in 40 days challenge, a fun game and something I hadn’t heard of before. We also chat about decision fatigue when we don’t know where to start so we just don’t start at all, simple living and parenting, and that natural progression from living more with less to simplifying our food and being more mindful about our waste.

Clare also shares many of the resources that she turns to for inspiration and motivation including Marie Kondo, Joshua Becker, Courtney Carver and her project 333, the wonderful Slow Home Podcast and the book Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

This is an episode to really let you know you’re not alone, and however you are personally doing simple living, is the best way.

I hope you enjoy x

046: Emrys Westacott - The Wisdom of Frugality  

One of the easiest ways to learn is to listen to people that have done it before you. We often do this when it comes to learning new skills for a profession—we do an apprenticeship, attend university or have a tutor.

So why don’t we listen to people about living life, as it seems to be one of the most challenging adventures we are all trying to navigate through.

My fun conversation today is with Emrys Westacott, who is the professor of philosophy at New York’s Alfred University. Emrys’ most recent book is titled The Wisdom of Frugality, where he examines why, for more than two millennia, so many philosophers and people with a reputation for wisdom have been advocating frugality and simple living as the key to the good life.

In this episode Emrys and I discuss how simple living has changed over the centuries, the role our expectations play, simple pleasures, and holding our materialistic desires in check. Along with the importance friendship has on our happiness and one of Emrys’ classes, Tightwaddery: The Good Life on a Dollar a Day.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and tapping into all of Emrys’ wisdom.

I hope you enjoy x

045: Ricki Coleman - Tackling Fear, Creating Change & Losing 45 Kilograms  

What changes can you make in your life today that will enable you to live immediately?

That is really the essence of the episode this week.

My guest today is Ricki Coleman, a man, who at his heaviest, weighted 130 kilograms. Ricki lost his father at a young age, he turned to excessive eating and alcohol to numb the feeling, to the point where his weight had paralysed him from living the life he truly wanted to live.

But Ricki’s story is so much more than lost kilograms. It is about taking control of your life, making the decision to change and allowing that change to slowly happen. Ricki talks about the importance of a support network, getting back on the pushbike to clear his head, and learning patience.

The change we need to make can often be simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. Every change will come with its own challenges, it will push us and make us question if we really want the change to take place, even if we know we will benefit from the outcome of the change.

We might not all have 45 kilograms to lose, but I am sure we all have self-limiting beliefs or fears that are holding us back just as much.

What change will you make today?

I hope you enjoy x

044: Frances Trussell - Mindfully Happy  

My guest today, Frances Trussell, is one of the leading mindfulness and meditation teachers in the UK and I personally had an absolute blast chatting with her.

We cover so much in this conversation including, mindful eating, being mindfully happy, how we always wait for the perfect conditions in life, travelling through life with our blinkers on, and the relationship between mental health and mindfulness.

Frances gives some great mindfulness tips when dealing with teenage kids, mindfulness and being a parent, and how our bad days filter through to our kids.

We also touch on Paradise Syndrome, which is when we achieve everything but we’re still not happy.

If you are new to meditation or simply want a different guided meditation, then please check out Frances’ podcast, Mindfully Happy, in the show notes below. She has a bunch of little series and in each there are five and ten minute meditations.  I love my morning meditation with Frances.

There are so many great takeaways in this episode and Frances has such a beautiful and fun vibe.

I hope you enjoy x

043: Samantha Doove - The Rich Life  

Money is an interesting element in our society—we seem to work so hard to acquire it, often not knowing why we want it, and simply believing we need more of it.

In today’s episode I have a wonderful chat with Samantha Doove about the rich life and how money is only a small ingredient of it.

We cover a lot in this episode as Sam and I discuss the real cost of things, not just the money cost but also the time and mental costs, the balancing dance between money and time, the benefits of experimenting and testing things in your own life, and the juggle between kids and work.

Sam also touches on this notion of knowing your number, that financial dollar amount that you need to live on each year, that once you know “the number” it can help with making other life decisions. Sam also talks about the importance of recording what you spend, analysing what you spend your money on, and then comparing that with your values.

This was a fun chat and I love it that Sam has made some financial decisions that might not have been the best financially but they have allowed her to enjoy her kids again, which is the best kind of decision in my book.

I hope you enjoy x

042: Three Simple Ways To Take Back Your Time  

If you are a long time listener of the Live Immediately Podcast or even if you’ve only listened to a handful of episodes, I am certain that you’ve heard me say, many times, that “time is the true currency”. It really is the cornerstone of Live Immediately. That we only have this moment, right now, to do the things we love with people we love.

Many people have asked me about this notion of time, as they continuously feel busy. Through all their questions, the underlining theme is, “How can I reclaim some of my time back.”

In this episode I talk about three simple ways to take back your time, three simple techniques that I learnt, or was forced to lean, that have been huge game changers for me.

All three of these techniques are free and you could implement them into your daily life starting today.

Let me know how you go and what you end up doing with all your additional available time.

I hope you enjoy x

041: Innovation Through Simplicity (Idea Bombing Newcastle Talk)  

I had a blast talking at the Idea Bombing Newcastle event last week to kick off the Hunter Innovation Festival. It was exciting to hear so many ideas being passed around the room, and to meet a wonderful collection of people that want to create change. 

The change I created in my life started when I purged the excess, the items and stuff that I mindlessly accumulated over the years. The interesting thing is, I didn’t start purging items to change, I didn’t start purging items so we could slow travel around North America for a year, I didn’t start purging items so I could spend more time doing the things I love with people I love. But all of that, and more, happened because I let go of things I didn’t need in my life. All those wonderful changes and experiences were bi products of living more with less.

I try to cover a lot in a short amount of time and there is a bit of background noise as the Edwards was quite full. But hopefully this talk will help you create change in your life.

Just send me an email if you have any questions or an event you’d like me to speak at. I’d be happy to help.

I hope you enjoy x

040: Hope Zvara - Yoga, Death & A Little Girl Called Faith  

Today I have a beautiful conversation with Hope Zvara, who has experienced the most heartbreaking of things any parent could go through. But what I truly admire about Hope is how she decided to learn the most wonderful lessons throughout her ordeals.

In this episode Hope describes the eating disorder she had during her younger years, the messages we observe in our childhood, and how the yoga mat became a safe place for her to practice how to live life again.

There are some things we should never experience, and having your child die in your arms would have to be at the top of that list.

As you will hear, I was moved deeply when Hope shared her story of her first daughter Faith and how she only lived in this world for twenty minutes. Something that I feel would be the hardest thing for any parent to go through.

But how Hope reframed this situation to herself, believing that “there has to be a reason for this”, is simply beautiful. Hope saw the death of her first child Faith as a sign.  That Faith had sacrificed herself so Hope could fix her illness, look after her body, and go on and have a family of three healthy children.

I am sure the episode is going to touch many people in different ways. I know after I finished the interview I hugged and kissed Andy and Inga, very grateful that they are both healthy and part of my life.

I hope you enjoy x

039: Lauren Sams - A Baby Minimalist With Grown-up Ambitions  

We have such a short-term memory when it comes to achievement. We easily forget all that we have done and allow self-doubt and fear to creep back in.

My guest today is fictional author Lauren Sams, and we discuss this notion, or otherwise known as impostor syndrome—the feeling that you’re not good enough or worthy of your accomplishment and worry that you’re going to be exposed as a fraud.

In this episode, Lauren shares her story about becoming a published author and growing through rejection, the selflessness that motherhood brings, and the importance of teaching our children to choose work they love.

We also discuss the philosophy of minimalism and how it has less to do with the amount of things you own and more about what you value in life. We also touch on being optimistic through adversity, and positively reframing the story we tell ourselves.

Like all parents, Lauren has moments where she feels crazy, busy, guilty, but she is mindful of being completely present when she is with her children. Something, I am sure we could all try to do more often.

I hope you enjoy x

038: Lisa Luken - Are You Living Life By Default?  

To me the “rat race” isn’t about working a 9 to 5. It is about living your life by default—simply going through the days, doing the things you do, without much thought. We often do this because we’re programmed to think that we are just one more purchase away from being happier, better, higher up the social platform.

But we all know this isn’t the case.

My guest today is Lisa Luken and we discuss this notion of living life by default and how when we simplify our life we can see what is truly important. We can make changes, sometimes big leaps of faith, in a direction where we are deliberately living—that we don’t need to wait until “someday”, that today can be that day.

Lisa and I also discuss the concept of easy. That often “easy is the default” that simple living isn’t always easy, but it does make you feel like you’re living.

This is an episode that will make you think and question what it is in your life that you truly want. Lisa decided to simplify her life so she can fill it with family travel memories.

What do you want to fill your life with?

I hope you enjoy x

037: Audrey Wanders - Minimalism, Death & Passion Before Paycheque  

The death of a parent would be life altering at any stage of your life, but more so when it happens suddenly and you’re in your adolescence.

My guest today, Audrey Wanders, had the unfortunate experience of dealing with her father’s death when she was only fifteen.

The road definitely wasn’t easy as Audrey felt a lot of guilt, she would shut people out and she had to navigate the growing pains of youth without her father. But listening to Audrey’s beautiful story, her father left her with so many gifts and helped shape her life from the inside.

Audrey and I pack a lot into this conversation as we hold hands and jump into the deep-end from the beginning. We discuss growing in discomfort, the importance of reflection, minimalism and asking that important question, “does this add value to my life?”, Audrey’s 31 Days of Nature challenge, microadventures, building habits around mental health, putting passion before your paycheque, and so much more.

Audrey is creating her path and walking on it daily. Winding it around her passion of kids, nature and living more with less.

I hope you enjoy x

036: Apryl Schlueter - The Cheerful Mind  

The modern life is a busy one, and more often than not, it feels like we are being pulled in all different directions. We’re busy, but we don’t feel like we get anything done. Often thinking, am I succeeding at work, am I being the best parent, am I a good partner, am I simply good enough.

My guest today, Apryl Schlueter, wants to take you on a journey to the cheerful mind. Because Apryl was being pulled in all directions, was feeling overwhelmed, was getting angry and frustrated, complaining when things didn’t go the way she wanted them to as she had put in so much effort, and she was tied.

Until something completely changed her mindset. Apryl realised that “being happy is actually one of the ingredients to be more productive”. When she changed her thoughts on a situation her productivity levels changed too.

Apryl and I dive deep into this notion, of increased productivity through happiness, along with listening to our bodies, self-care, having a positive mindset, and the ridiculous guilt that we often put ourselves through.

I completely agree with Apryl when she says, “Have more fun, while getting stuff done.” And I really do hope that it is one of the lessons you takeaway from this lovely conversation with a beautiful and cheerful woman.

I hope you enjoy x

035: Leigh Campbell - A Beginner's Journey Into Minimalism  

We often hear from people that have succeeded, that have done something or gone through a process and come out the other side. But we rarely hear from people at the beginning of their journey—people who are going through the same issues that we are going through.

This is why I really wanted to chat to my guest today, Leigh Campbell, as she is at the beginning of her minimalist journey. She is going through all the struggles, battling a “hoarding husband”, and dealing with the challenges of changing her habits. Those same rocky hurdles that we all face and that we all need to get over at some point.

Leigh and I cover a lot in this episode: how everyone’s journey is different, fast fashion and the quick joy we get from shopping, decision fatigue, the link between physical clutter and mental clutter, along with the 30 day no shopping and no wearing the same outfit twice challenge that Leigh is doing.

Leigh is honest and open about how she stuffs up sometimes and that there are still areas in her life that she needs to work on. But that is the beautiful message in this episode—that we don’t need to be perfect or have things a certain way all the time. But we do need to be aware of our actions. Because when we do things on autopilot we numbingly fill our life up with things we don’t need.

I love it how Leigh is questioning the things she has in her life, and doing it in her own beautiful way.

I hope you enjoy x

034: Gary Ware - The Importance Of Play  

There are many things that we neglect in our life when we are busy being busy or when we are not mindful of what we are doing each day. In this episode my guest, Gary Ware, and I discuss one very important element that many people neglect, something that can have a huge effect on all areas of your life—play.

In this episode Gary and I discuss the relationship between happiness, success and choice, learning from play, the importance of play, growing through play, and living a life of gratitude.

Gary is charismatic, fun and someone who is going to power-up your day with a little play.

I hope you enjoy x

033: The Benefits Of Living More With Less  

Living more with less has been a real game changer for me and this deliberate way of living has had many beautiful consequences on my life.

Many people have been asking me what I think the benefits of living more with less are, and even though I believe the benefits of living more with less are individual for everyone, I have seen four fundamental benefits of living more with less in my own life that I fell would be quite universal to everybody.

In this short solo episode I discuss the four fundamental benefits of living more with less.

If you do feel that living more with less could be beneficial to you but you don’t know where to start, or you have some questions, then please reach out, as I would be more than happy to help you in any way I can.

I hope you enjoy x

032: Jeff Sandquist Guest Host - Having Fun  

I am mixing it up a little bit in this episode as my good friend, Jeff Sandquist, is taking on the hosting duties. I interviewed Jeff for the Live Immediately Podcast way back in episode one, and I first met Jeff when my family and I were on our year adventure through North America.

I was on a Skype call with Jeff the other day and he suggested that he guest host an episode of my podcast and interview me. I had no idea what questions he was going to ask and it is quite free flowing.

Jeff starts off with a fast 20-question game to get to know me a little, and then he dives into this notion of FUN.

Fun is a big component of my life and my personality, and it is something that Jeff and I have been discussing a lot lately with each other. Even though fun has been part of my DNA for a long time, it was Jeff who raised it with me and really got me thinking about fun in a different way.

Some key takeaways from this episode would be, to start things with no expectations so whatever happens is going to be great and surprising, and to intentionally look for fun in everything that you do.

This was a fun episode to record and I am so thankful to have people like Jeff in my life that try to pull the best out of me and get me thinking about things in a different way.

I am sure you’re going to learn some new things about me, and I hope you look for and create a bunch of fun in your day today.

I hope you enjoy x

031: Justin Smith - Growing Through The Questions We Ask  

I love being around people that inspire me and make me think. My guest today, Justin Smith, is definitely one of those people. Our paths only crossed a few weeks ago, at an event I was hosting in my hometown of Newcastle. Justin and I connected after the event and I simply loved that this guy, in his mid-twenties, was already asking some big questions of himself, and that he had the courage to make some changes in his life that meant detouring from the so called normal path.

In this episode, Justin and I discuss human connection, wearing multiple professional hats, work life integration, the importance of mentors, and adding value to the lives of the people around us.

Justin also goes into the five value pillars that he guides his life by. One point I really loved about this was his notion that the skill of contentment is so important when striving for growth and betterment. That we need to be happy with what we have, before we can grow and be better.

Justin grows, and helps the people around him grow, through the questions he asks himself and the changes he is willing to make.

I hope you enjoy x 

030: Brooke McAlary - Slow Your Home  

In a fast passed world of trying to be everything to everyone, my guest today, Brooke McAlary, has one word for you – Slow.

Brooke is the author of the new book “DESTINATION SIMPLE – Everyday Rituals For A Slower Life”, host of the hugely successful and #1 iTunes podcast, The Slow Home Podcast, and co-founder of the independent podcast company, Jack Rabbit FM, that she launched with her husband Ben a couple of years ago. Ben was also a guest on the Live Immediately Podcast way back in episode four. I have linked to his episode in the show notes. It is well worth a listen as Ben touches on his thoughts around the alignment of health, happiness and heart.

Brooke has had a massive influence on my life, as it was the lessons I learnt, from her conversations with her guests, that really helped me to shape my thoughts, start asking questions, and create beautiful change in my life over the past few years.

There is so much in this episode, I don’t know where to start. Brooke and I discuss postnatal depression, suicidal thoughts, being led by ego, comparing ourselves unfairly, the beauty in decluttering and the mental white space it brings, becoming present, and the importance of being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Brooke also goes into detail and explains two words that have had a simple, yet enormous impact on my life – Rhythm and Tilting.

I love Brooke as she is carving out her own path - One that isn’t always easy, but one where she is paying attention and being present.

This is an episode you’ll want to re-listen to, and when you finish listening, I hope you find pockets of slow in your day.

I hope you enjoy x

029: Lynne Welch - Ticking The Boxes Of Social Expectation  

We often feel like we have ticked all the boxes of social expectation, but we still have this feeling of emptiness. We keep trying to chase that imaginary finishing line.

My guest today, Lynne Welch, is a girl from the suburbs of Sydney, who felt like she had ticked all the boxes of social expectation. That age-old question, “So now what?” came into her mind. But unlike many of us, Lynne decided to explore the world to see if she could find the answer.

Lynne, who feels more comfortable and at home in a foreign place, now runs two businesses in the Indian town of Ladakh, which is at the foothills of the Himalayas and has no road access for seven months of the year during winter.

Lynne and I piece together her epic travel adventures and discuss designing a lifestyle around flexibility, going into the unknown without expectations, working through cultural differences, and crowd funding a new school.

I love Lynne’s easy going, lets see what happens, caring attitude. And if you are anything like me, by the end of this podcast you will want to travel to the remote town of Ladakh to see its beauty and enjoy the simple things in life.

I hope you enjoy x

028: Will Ainsworth - Creating Positive Change  

Crossroads appear throughout our lives, some are created by particular moments, and others we go searching for. And that decision on which way to turn, is more challenging at some points than others, but it is that willingness and determination to change that enables us to grow.

My guest today, Will Ainsworth, has made some big, positive, and important changes in his life. After watching his father die by the bottle, and realising he was potentially walking a similar path, Will broke this vicious family cycle right before his first son was born. This positive change rippled throughout his entire life.

In this episode we discuss knowing your purpose, being forced to make a change, breaking habits by replacing them with better ones, and working on being optimistic.

I admire Will for being very open and raw on quite a personal and sensitive topic, and I love the life that he has designed for himself and his family.

I hope you enjoy x

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