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London Review Podcasts

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LRB-published writers read their own work, introduced by the editors of the London Review of Books. Recent podcasts have included Gillian Anderson reading Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Ingratitude’, Alan Bennett reading from his diary, Tariq Ali on his visit to North Korea and Jeremy Harding on migration. There’ll be something new every fortnight.


Video: Bitcoin and the nature of money  

John Lanchester on bitcoin and the nature of money.


Charles Hope on Giorgione, 'a sort of Venetian counterpart to Leonardo'.

After I am hanged my portrait will be interesting  

Colm Tóibín on the story of Easter 1916.


Julian Bell discusses Delacroix and his heirs.

Where on Earth are you?  

Frances Stonor Saunders on the crossing of borders.

Robin Hood in a Time of Austerity  

James Meek asks how, in a time of austerity economics, we define the robber and the robbed.

What I Did in 2015  

Alan Bennett Works the Line

Thatcher in Her Bubble  

David Runciman on Margaret Thatcher

Beijing locks up its lawyers  

Chaohua Wang on justice in China.

At Tottenham Court Road  

Andrew O'Hagan crosses the road.

On Putting Things Off  

Robert Hanks on the pleasures and pains of putting things off.

Selfie with ‘Sunflowers’  

Julian Barnes on Van Gogh.

The Killing of Osama bin Laden  

Seymour Hersh talks to Christian Lorentzen about his pieces for the LRB, collected in a new book, ‘The Killing of Osama bin Laden’.

In Sanaa  

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad on the rise of the Houthis in Yemen.

‘The School of English’: A Story  

Hilary Mantel reads her short story, ‘The School of English’.

The New World Disorder  

In his 2015 Winter Lecture, Tariq Ali argues that we are living in the twilight period of democracy.

Learning My Lesson  

In her 2015 Winter Lecture, Marina Warner shows how higher education in the UK has been betrayed.

Against Self-Criticism  

In his 2015 Winter Lecture, Adam Phillips reflects on the ways we hate ourselves.


Peter Pomerantsev on images and myths of Maidan.

Death in Belgravia  

Rosemary Hill on the life and disappearance of Lord Lucan.

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