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Formerly professional Counter-Strike player in 2004-2012. Now part-time analyst, writer & podcast host. Twitter: http://twitter.com/lurppis_ Written content: http://medium.com/@lurppis/ Business contact: paistit@gmail.com


Episode 4 - Viktor "@vuggo" Jendeby  

I spoke with fnatic's long-time coach vuggo about his team's recent changes, the new coaching rule, and preparation in the future of CS:GO. He also revealed the story of fnatic's roster changes, his future in fnatic, and gave his thoughts on GODSENT, NiP and SK, as well as much more. 0:00:27 The story of fnatic's changes 0:05:13 What if the off-season started a few weeks earlier? 0:07:15 Assessment of JW as a player 0:09:35 The status of olofmeister's injury 0:10:22 Assessment of GODSENT as a team 0:12:48 Why is NiP not making changes? 0:14:28 Thoughts on disco doplan, draken, other upcoming players 0:16:15 How it worked out with PlesseN 0:18:09 New fnatic roster 0:21:00 Why didn't twist join the tier one teams sooner? 0:22:15 AWPing in new fnatic 0:22:52 Thoughts on major and qualifier format 0:26:40 Was SK robbed by the next major taking place in 2017? 0:28:26 Why is SK so good? 0:30:18 Assessment of Virtus.pro and fnatic changes' affect on their ELEAGUE win 0:32:40 Valve's new rule on coaching 0:36:32 What about allowing coaches to speak during freezetime? 0:40:03 Why does Valve value matchmaking players over the spectator sport? 0:45:48 The potential long-term effects of uncertainty Valve isn't dissolving over CS:GO's future 0:48:44 vuggo will not be new fnatic's coach 0:50:02 How much staff do top teams employ? 0:52:22 Potential developments in CS:GO 0:57:01 Major group stage format: BO3 vs. BO1 0:59:05 Preparation for games in the future 1:01:47 Heatmap-style analytics vs. demo viewing - replacement or complementary? 1:02:34 "Watching tape" in CS:GO as a way of preparation

Episode 3 - Jason "@OnFireMoses" O'Toole  

I caught up with Jason "moses" O'Toole, former professional Counter-Strike player from more than a decade ago and one of the most popular analysts of 2016, currently representing RoomOnFire. We focused on ELEAGUE and the North American scene, but also touched on a couple of other issues such as oversaturation. Timestamps: 0:01:15 Thoughts on ELEAGUE's inaugural season 0:09:17 moses on attending CPLs with a fake ID, and Astralis's adjustment post-gla1ve 0:17:05 ELEAGUE effectively monopolizing the calendar 0:21:42 ELEAGUE viewership and its potential effects on future plans 0:26:01 mousesports's surprising run at ELEAGUE and reported oskar change 0:30:55 Switch to North American Counter-Strike; talk about Liquid's Pimp change 0:39:16 Cloud9's reported Slemmy changed and future outlook 0:43:04 Being the in-game leader as a coach versus a player 0:48:14 CLG's new coach and to be announced roster 0:55:15 TSM and OpTic's recent performance and future 1:03:17 Next major being in January 2017 and the off-season's effect on performance 1:08:21 Chat about old CPLs when CSDM did not exist; talk about the old days

Episode 2 - Petar "@Tgwri1s" Milovanovic  

I spoke to my former colleague at HLTV.org, Petar "Tgwri1s" Milovanovic, with focus on topics such as seeding, coaching, player development, statistics and mousesports' improvement. Tgwri1s's tweet about seeding: https://twitter.com/Tgwri1s/status/742147843012595713 Timestamps: 0:00:10 Issues with seeding and potential fixes 0:13:10 Coaching and its future 0:22:40 Scouting new players 0:29:23 Age's effect on players and careers 0:44:26 Importance of statistics and their interpretation 0:50:40 Why the eye test never works with large samples 1:02:16 Discussion about rating 2.0 on HLTV.org 1:07:18 Statistics' correlation with roster changes 1:16:06 mousesports' development and kassad's contribution 1:22:53 Best example of statistics predicting a future superstar 1:23:40 How to look into great statistics of a lower-tier player 1:26:03 More talk on how to scout properly

Episode 1 - Bryce "@esportslaw" Blum  

I spoke to Bryce Blum, also known as esportslaw on Twitter, for 47 minutes about gambling/betting in CS:GO with specific focus on case opening, Valve's cease and desist letter, match fixing and the future of gambling/betting. Bryce Blum's article on ESPN: es.pn/29MRhh0 Bryce Blum's article on Daily Dot: www.dailydot.com/esports/gambling…sports-benefits/ Bryce Blum's reddit AMA: https://redd.it/4rep4f Timestamps: 0:00:29 Who is Bryce Blum? 0:01:50 Is case opening gambling? 0:05:21 Case opening as a precedent for gambling 0:08:50 Valve's potential future liabilities 0:10:45 Valve's cease and desist letter 0:14:35 The future of betting sites 0:20:35 Could Valve run gambling for CS:GO? 0:23:13 Why gambling will never be as convenient again 0:28:02 Esports should not blindly follow the major sports 0:31:22 Uncertainty and betting's impact on viewership and investors 0:37:16 iBUYPOWER's match fixing bans 0:42:20 Probabilities on further match fixing since iBUYPOWER 0:44:04 Surprised of the pure gambling site scandals?

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