Make Your Case - With Sam Dastyari And Sam  Crosby

Make Your Case - With Sam Dastyari And Sam Crosby


Join Sam Dastyari and Sam Crosby as they ask the top minds in politics to 'Make Their Case' on a range of contentious topics.


Reform is not dead  

Negative gearing had long been thought of as a sacred cow of public policy. Something so entrenched that no government or opposition would dare to change it. That is, until one did.

Sam Dastyari and Sam

This Is The Podcast That Will Convert Men Into Feminism  

Jane Caro joins Sam Dastyari and Sam Crosby and discusses feminism, quotas, education and revolution - and makes extremely compelling cases for each.

Why the world needs to wake up and intervene in North Korea  

Retired high court judge Michael Kirby, now the Chair of the United Nations commission of enquiry into North Korea discusses the pressing need for the rest of the world to understand what’s going on in North Korea. 

How the RBA could become the most powerful central bank in the world  

Futurist, technologist, and top global digital currency expert Mark Pesce explains to Sam and Sam how embracing bitcoin-style cryptocurrency could make Glenn Stevens the most powerful man on the planet.

Make Your Case - Barney Frank  

Sam Dastyari and Sam Crosby speak with the man voted as the “funniest, brainiest and most eloquent” member of the US House of Representatives, Congressman Barney Frank. Frank gives his unvarnished take on the Safe Schools controversy in Australia, and argues homophobia should be treated like racism and sexism.

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