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Masterpiece Studio is your backstage pass to the PBS series—from Downton Abbey to Sherlock. After the show, turn off the TV and tune in to Masterpiece Studio for the inside scoop with host Jace Lacob. Listen for exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of your favorite shows. Get the history lowdown behind the people and places you see on screen, and hear revealing stories from the set. Masterpiece Studio is made possible by Audible. Sponsors for Masterpiece on PBS are Viking River Cruises, Audible and The Masterpiece Trust.


Getting Inside the Mind of Emily Brontë  

Warning: This show contains "To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters" spoilers. Emily Brontë—of “Wuthering Heights” and Brontë family fame—looms large over English literature and high school lectures alike, yet so little about her is actually known. How did actor Chloe Pirrie bring this almost mythological writer to life? We spoke with Chloe about getting inside the mind of Emily Brontë and all of the wacky things that she discovered along the way.

Jenna Coleman & Tom Hughes Relive Their On-Screen Romance  

Warning: This show contains "Victoria" Season 1 finale spoilers. In the aftermath of a season finale that tested the relationship between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, we’re talking to “Victoria” stars Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes about what it is like to play a royal couple whose love story is – quite literally – one for the history books.

Writer Daisy Goodwin Brings Victoria to Life  

Warning: The show contains "Victoria" Season 1, Episode 5 spoilers. What does it take to write a television series? In Daisy Goodwin’s case, it took a fight, 30 years of research experience, and a lot of heart. This is the story of how Daisy Goodwin came to write "Victoria," and how she brought 19th-century characters to life on screen.

Rufus Sewell on Lord Melbourne’s Appeal  

Warning: The show contains "Victoria" Season 1, Episode 3 spoilers. Although many people have been rooting for Lord Melbourne and Victoria to end up together, history decided a different fate for the pair. Rufus Sewell, the actor who plays Lord M, joins us to reveal his own “mixed feelings” about being replaced by actor Tom Hughes and his character, Prince Albert, and weighs in on audiences’ reactions to Lord Melbourne.

Jenna Coleman Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Victoria  

Warning: The show contains "Victoria" Season 1, Episode 1 spoilers. Though MASTERPIECE's new period drama, "Victoria," is based on actual, 19th century history, it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Did Victoria and Lord Melbourne actually have a "special relationship"? And what was Queen Victoria's coronation really like? Actor Jenna Coleman and "Victoria" writer Daisy Goodwin join us to answer these questions surrounding the series premiere and more.

Martin Freeman on John and Sherlock's Complicated Relationship  

Warning: This show contains “Sherlock” Season 4, Episode 2 spoilers. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes have been through some rough patches before, but never one quite like this. In the wake of an episode that tests both their relationship, and their sanity, Martin Freeman joins us to look back at John and Sherlock’s unlikely friendship, and teases their uncertain future.

Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington Weighs in on the Premiere  

Warning: This show contains “Sherlock” Season 4, Episode 1 spoilers. “Sherlock’s” Amanda Abbington weighs in on the premiere, and on playing the divisive Mary Watson.

Sherlock's Louise Brealey on Molly, Dogs, and Season 4  

Sherlock’s Molly Hooper has gone from being somewhat of a joke to a fan favorite. She has gotten to slap and kiss Sherlock Holmes; we’ve even seen her portrayed as a mustachioed, Victorian doctor in “The Abominable Bride.” So, how will Molly Hooper surprise us next? Actor Louise Brealey discusses her quirky character and teases Season 4 just in time for the January 1st Sherlock premiere.

Aidan Turner Opens Up About Ross's Flaws  

Warning: This show contains “Poldark” Season 2, finale spoilers! Even though actor Aidan Turner understands Ross Poldark's motivations more than most, he can admit that Ross was "a mess" this season. In this episode, Aidan Turner joins us to reflect on Ross's missteps, the fiery finale, and why he still believes that Ross and Demelza are "soulmates."

Elizabeth Poldark — No Regrets  

Warning: This show contains “Poldark” Season 2, Episode 8 spoilers! Actor Heida Reed is nothing like the character she plays on MASTERPIECE. In fact, she describes herself as, "actually the opposite;" she's impulsive and she "doesn't have a filter." So what has it been like for her to play the buttoned-up (and hate-able) Elizabeth Poldark? We turn to Heida to find out.

Bonus: Team Demelza  

Warning: This show contains “Poldark” Season 2, Episode 7 spoilers! Eleanor Tomlinson -- who plays Demelza Poldark -- comments on recent events as shocking as a slap in the face.

Dr. Dwight's Forbidden Love  

Warning: This show contains “Poldark” Season 2, Episode 6 spoilers! Dr. Dwight Enys knows how to extract fish bones from throats, cure scurvy, and fix locked knees, but for all of his knowledge about the human body, he really struggles when it comes to matters of the heart. Actor Luke Norris joins us in the aftermath of the latest love drama to comment on whether or not things will ever come around for the good doctor.

Kyle Soller on Francis's Fate  

Warning: This show contains “Poldark” Season 2, Episode 4 spoilers! Francis Poldark might be the unluckiest character to appear on MASTERPIECE since Lady Edith Crawley, but whereas Downton's Lady Edith got a happy ending, Francis Poldark did not. In this episode, actor Kyle Soller talks about Francis's unhappy ending and looks back on some of his favorite scenes from the past two seasons.

Talking with Poldark's Villain, George Warleggan  

(Warning: This show contains “Poldark” Season 2, Episode 2 spoilers!) With all of George Warleggan's antics this season and last, it's hard to see him as anything other than Cornwall's resident villain...or is it? In this episode, actor Jack Farthing gives us a different take on the Poldark character.

Eleanor Tomlinson Dishes on Demelza  

Warning: This show contains spoilers from the Poldark, Season 2 premiere! In the wake of Poldark's tense, Season 2 premiere, Eleanor Tomlinson sits down with us to talk about playing the fiery Demelza Poldark and Demelza and Ross's future together: the good, the bad, and the baby.

Aidan Turner's Ready for Poldark, Season 2. Are you?  

Season 2 of Poldark is just around the corner! So what's in store for Ross, Demelza, and the rest of the Cornwall crew? On this episode, Aidan Turner looks back on Season 1 -- including Ross's shirtless scything scene -- and shares a few Season 2 secrets with us to get us ready to watch the premiere.

Churchill's Secret Uncovered  

Actors Sir Michael Gambon and Romola Garai -- who play Winston Churchill and Millie Appleyard in the film Churchill's Secret -- have a relationship as lighthearted on-screen as they do off. Here, the two come together in this exclusive interview to talk about the film, Albus Dumbledore, and the necessity of secret keeping. Also hear from the film's director, Charles Sturridge, on bringing this remarkable and true story to life.

Is This the End of Lewis? Kevin Whately Speaks  

Though this is not the first time that we've said "goodbye" to Inspector Robbie Lewis, actor Kevin Whately insists that, this time, the beloved character is leaving the screen for good. But before we say our final farewells, Kevin Whately joins us to look back on his incredible 30 year career as Robbie Lewis -- the once "second banana" turned leading detective and star.

20 Years On, Clare Holman Still Delivers Sass and Science  

Clare Holman's 20-year run as pathologist Dr. Laura Hobson is coming to a close. But before it does, Clare joins us to reminisce about her time on Morse and Inspector Lewis and to tease the explosive series finale.

Bonus: On the Brink of Death  

Roger Allam returns to the podcast to take us behind the scenes of the wild Endeavour season finale -- from the bullet-spitting scene to Thursday and Matthew's standoff.

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