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Masterpiece Studio is your backstage pass to the PBS series—from Downton Abbey to Sherlock. After the show, turn off the TV and tune in to Masterpiece Studio for the inside scoop with host Jace Lacob. Listen for exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of your favorite shows. Get the history lowdown behind the people and places you see on screen, and hear revealing stories from the set. Masterpiece Studio is made possible by Audible. Sponsors for Masterpiece on PBS are Viking River Cruises, Audible and The Masterpiece Trust.


Talking with Poldark's Villain, George Warleggan  

(Warning: This show contains “Poldark” Season 2, Episode 2 spoilers!) With all of George Warleggan's antics this season and last, it's hard to see him as anything other than Cornwall's resident villain...or is it? In this episode, actor Jack Farthing gives us a different take on the Poldark character.

Eleanor Tomlinson Dishes on Demelza  

Warning: This show contains spoilers from the Poldark, Season 2 premiere! In the wake of Poldark's tense, Season 2 premiere, Eleanor Tomlinson sits down with us to talk about playing the fiery Demelza Poldark and Demelza and Ross's future together: the good, the bad, and the baby.

Aidan Turner's Ready for Poldark, Season 2. Are you?  

Season 2 of Poldark is just around the corner! So what's in store for Ross, Demelza, and the rest of the Cornwall crew? On this episode, Aidan Turner looks back on Season 1 -- including Ross's shirtless scything scene -- and shares a few Season 2 secrets with us to get us ready to watch the premiere.

Churchill's Secret Uncovered  

Actors Sir Michael Gambon and Romola Garai -- who play Winston Churchill and Millie Appleyard in the film Churchill's Secret -- have a relationship as lighthearted on-screen as they do off. Here, the two come together in this exclusive interview to talk about the film, Albus Dumbledore, and the necessity of secret keeping. Also hear from the film's director, Charles Sturridge, on bringing this remarkable and true story to life.

Is This the End of Lewis? Kevin Whately Speaks  

(Warning: This show contains spoilers!) Though this is not the first time that we've said "goodbye" to Inspector Robbie Lewis, actor Kevin Whately insists that, this time, the beloved character is leaving the screen for good. But before we say our final farewells, Kevin Whately joins us to look back on his incredible 30 year career as Robbie Lewis -- the once "second banana" turned leading detective and star.

20 Years On, Clare Holman Still Delivers Sass and Science  

Clare Holman's 20-year run as pathologist Dr. Laura Hobson is coming to a close. But before it does, Clare joins us to reminisce about her time on Morse and Inspector Lewis and to tease the explosive series finale.

Bonus: On the Brink of Death  

(Warning: This show contains spoilers!) Roger Allam returns to the podcast to take us behind the scenes of the wild Endeavour season finale -- from the bullet-spitting scene to Thursday and Matthew's standoff.

Shaun Evans is His Own Endeavour Morse  

(Warning: This show contains spoilers!) Although young D.C. Morse is not the first version of the iconic detective to grace the screen, in the aftermath of one of the most intense episodes of Endeavour to date, it's clear that Shaun Evans' take on the famous character is a memorable one all the same. Five years after agreeing to play the part of the young Endeavour Morse, Shaun Evans reveals what it was that attracted him to the role, explains how Endeavour is like Sex and the City, and answers our most burning questions about the third season finale.

Is Anton Lesser the "Kiss of Death?"  

(Warning: This show contains spoilers!) These days, Anton Lesser is most recognized for playing two very different characters: Endeavour's Chief Superintendent Bright and Game of Thrones' Qyburn. Now, in the aftermath of his standout performance in Endeavour's "Prey," the seasoned British actor talks with us about his roles both past and present, heroic and murderous.

Endeavour: New Case, New Character  

(Warning: This show contains spoilers!) DC Morse and the Oxford City Police are back to business as they investigate a whole new spate of crimes: poisonings, kidnappings, and explosions. But beyond being chock-full of crime-drama goodness, this season's second episode also introduces us to a new character and the show's first female police officer, WPC Shirley Trewlove. WPC Trewlove joins the Endeavour cast just as actor Daktoa Blue Richards joins us here to talk about her character's "morbid fascination" with Oxford's dark side, and to tease her future on the Cowley team.

Thursday and Morse, Back on the Beat  

After being shot at the end of season 2 of Endeavour, Inspector Fred Thursday is back on the beat with a hole in his lung and a lot on his plate. He has to deal with a fairground murder and a suspected drug overdose, but his biggest challenge: convincing Morse to rejoin the force. In this episode, we talk to Roger Allam about the third season premiere, playing Inspector Fred Thursday, and his other acting endeavors.

Inspector Morse's Legacy Lives On  

Back in 1987, actor John Thaw brought the endearingly cantankerous Inspector Morse to life on screen for the first time. Now, nearly 30 years later, John Thaw's daughter helps to keep that legacy alive. This is the story of how Abigail Thaw came to play Dorothea Frazil in the Inspector Morse prequel, Endeavour, just in time for Endeavour's third season premiere.

Julian Fellowes Remembers Downton Abbey  

Do you miss Downton Abbey? Well we do and we're bringing back our conversation with Julian Fellowes -- creator, sole writer and executive producer of the show -- to revel in Downton's final season and 6 years of Downton magic one more time. We released this interview previously -- in two different places on the podcast -- but now you can hear it all in one place.

Directing Wallander: "The Biggest Challenge of My Career"  

From dealing with big cats and non-stop rain to guiding Kenneth Branagh's last performance as Kurt Wallander, Benjamin Caron describes all of the challenges that came with directing Wallander's final season.

Kenneth Branagh's Last Day as Kurt Wallander  

The series finale of Wallander had a lot of heart; it gave us a heartbreaking diagnosis, a heart-pounding case, and to top it off, a heart-filled performance from the great Sir Kenneth Branagh. Now, appearing for one last time on the podcast, Kenneth Branagh discusses the most memorable moments from the final episode -- including the questionably happy ending -- and dishes on his last days as the brooding detective.

Jeremy Piven Says "Goodbye" to Mr. Selfridge  

Mr. Selfridge is going out in style. From spectacle to stunts, this season has it all. But how will the party end for the larger-than-life retail magnate? Actor Jeremy Piven looks back on his four-year journey as Mr. Selfridge and to get us ready to watch the series finale.

Kenneth Branagh’s Wallander Can’t Catch a Break  

(Warning: This show contains spoilers!) In his second appearance on the podcast, Kenneth Branagh dishes on the latest episode of the final series, "A Lesson in Love," and provides his own take on Wallander's seeming endless struggle with relationships, health and happiness.

Bonus: A Nod to Nordic Noir  

What's behind the darkness and violence seen in Wallander and other Nordic Noir crime drama? And what makes these shows so entertaining to watch? Professor Andrew Nestingen, expert in all things Nordic Noir, investigates.

Kenneth Branagh Faces the End of Wallander  

(Warning: This show contains spoilers!) The Season 4 premiere of Wallander finds the North Irish actor, Kenneth Branagh, playing a Swede in South Africa. Here, Branagh reveals what it was like to be "out of his usual surroundings," and remembers the experiences he had eight years ago that made playing the Swedish detective possible.

Inside the Wallander Theme Song  

Back in 2008, Australian native Emily Barker and her band the Red Clay Halo recorded their song, "Nostalgia," in relative anonymity. But when the crime drama Wallander premiered, accompanied by the song, "Nostalgia" became an instant hit. As told by Emily Barker herself, this is the story of "Nostalgia" from its chilly inception to its eventual fame.

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