Matt and Alex

Matt and Alex


The most entertaining podcast this side of the Downton Abbey season 1 blooper real, triple j breakfast hosts Matt and Alex degrade themselves for your amusement in easy to download audio allotments.


"That's what terriers used to be for."  

Is the Truth really out there after NASA's big discovery this week? Plus NYC duo Sofi Tukker swing by for Like A Version.

"He thinks I mean it, but I've never technically said it."  

Serious problems, creative solutions. Sammy J swings by to talk about his latest comedy show and we fill you in on what went down with choccy milk pong.

"California here we come"  

We clown down with those hectos party boyz Peking Duk and Ben's Poppy sings a certain Hottest 100 fav for us...

"Pro Ignominia Lac"  

We're starting a University Club... And we need your help. Angourie Rice and Aaron McGrath from the new film Jasper Jones hang out, too.


We cop a listen of Asta's brand newie and set out to create our own University Society!

"Please tell me that is not your penis!"  

We find out what weird/gross shit you ate as a kid and Bec Sandridge swings by for a bit of Fanrsy love for Like A Version.

"There was no action against us, so we called the war off."  

We sidle up to Vera Blue who premiered her brand newie for us plus ask for your Knight nominations.

"Was Grandma participating?"  

There's an office rat! Plus we chew the fat with rap hero Lady Leshurr and ask the age old question: are memes art?

"It's complicated when you're young... and stuff."  

We find out the shittest ways you've broken up with someone and try to get some new 'testimonials' for comedian 2. Ivan Aristeguieta.

"Treat it as a bonus, not a threat"  

We test 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' stars Susie Youssef and Tom Walker's improv skills out, plus meet the Chef who's cooking for everyone at the Grammys!

"Damn good to eat sometimes, eh"  

We discover the Principality of Hutt River and Tash Sultana pops in for a stunning Like A Version.

"Downhill, you'd want a decent glug-in."  

Liam has an epic mate date with Imogen, we yarn about swimming carnivals and we find out what our listeners are experts in.

"My parents are embarrassed for me."  

Pro Surfer Bronte Macaulay hangs ten with us, Liam swears he has a good joke and Imogen is up for a mate date.

"Like that'll happen in the next 20 years"  

We meet Weird Dinosaur fan John Pickrell and try to find a friend for Liam.

"Sorry mate, just had to chuck that on mute."  

We chill out with Thundamentals and check out your 'Lanework' efforts.

"Found sitting in a fiddlewood tree"  

Glass Animals swing by for a Like A Version and we hear your best amateur detective stories.

"They're the mum and dad!"  

Beef with Veronica and Lewis? Chillin' with Carlton's Darcy Vescio? The Hook Up's Hannah Riley? Guess you'll have to listen to see if it's true!

"How good's my cousin?"  

We play the Obscure Fame Connection game, as well as chat to you numero dos Hottest 100 hero, Amy Shark.

"License? What license?"  

We announce the Groovin' The Moo 2017 line-up and speak with one of the acts (hint: they're marsupials) and ask for your favourite film quotes.

"You know that Michael Crawford?"  

Alex Lee celebrates the Lunar New Year with us (Year of the Rooster, baby!). Sam Brophy-Williams tells us about being a Doctor with MSF and Jess Kent swings by after a couple of Laneway shows!

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