Matt and Alex

Matt and Alex


The most entertaining podcast this side of the Downton Abbey season 1 blooper real, triple j breakfast hosts Matt and Alex degrade themselves for your amusement in easy to download audio allotments.


When you finally got to say 'BINGO!'  

South Australian Poet Manal Younus / Ian Dyson reviews Julia Jacklin / BINGO!

We we talked Money Talk with Melissa Browne  

Money mistakes / Rae Johnstone / Melissa Browne

When we hung out with Bill Bailey  

What have avocados taken away from you? / Saying the wrong thing for years / Bill Bailey

When we kicked off triple j Bingo!  

triple j Bingo / Surf champ Tyler Wright / Music News with Al Newstead

When Emma Louise covered Nick Cave  

Sick burns / presents from Grandma / Emma Louise is here for Like A Version

When D. D. Dumbo taught us how to say Castlemaine  

Alex + make-up / Video Games and Mental Health / D.D. Dumbo talks Utopia Defeated

When Alex tried make-up and showed Zoe Coombs-Marr  

Alex tries make-up / Mack Okine reviews D.D. Dumbo / comedian Zoe Coombs-Marr is Dave

When Dr. Nikki Goldstein gave you sex advice  

We trade out a Like A Version CD / talk plebiscite / Dr Nikki Goldstein's here for sex talk!

When Illy hung up on us during a world premiere  

It's a world premiere of Illy's new song!

When PUP covered Phantogram for Like A Version  

PUP do Like A Version / Jono Harrison's power's out / Important liquorice discussion

When we went inside Indigenous Virtual Reality film Collisions  

Alex is back! / What did Matt stuff up? / How awful are clowns / Ian Dyson reviews Banks / Indigenous Virtual Reality film Collisions

When Matt solo-interviewed Amy Shark and Yael Stone  

Matt flies solo while Alex is at training / Ruby Jones loves Darwin / Amy Shark / Yael Stone

When Allday and Alex Lahey fought over a hat  

Gettin spareys / Gonski / Gen Fricker / Dogs at School / Allday / Alex Lahey / 10 years of!

When Matt and Alex wrapped the NRL/AFL Grand Finals  

NRL and AFL grand finals / Underdogs / Music News / Jono Harrison's fridge

When Matt Corby covered Tina Arena  

FIFA World rankings / Pyrohex / Gordi / Like A Version: Matt Corby

When we debated the Chiko Roll  

What happens in cupboards / Mack Okine reviews Remi's Divas and Demons / Chiko Roll debate

When we announced the Laneway 2017 lineup  

Matt tries 'what have you done in a cupboard' talk / Gen Fricker / St Jereome's Laneway Festival 2017 line-up

When we met the World Pizza Champ  

Feel good animal stories / World Pizza Champ / Are you the biggest Tool fan?

When we went undercover in North Korea with Suki Kim  

Flight Facilities gig report / Have you been to North Korea? / Suki Kim

When Ta-Ku and Wafia covered JoJo  

Playing yourself / Like A Version: Ta-ku and Wafia / Brunch table

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