Matt and Alex

Matt and Alex


The most entertaining podcast this side of the Downton Abbey season 1 blooper real, triple j breakfast hosts Matt and Alex degrade themselves for your amusement in easy to download audio allotments.


"He stuck his flamin' spear into the heart of Real Madrid"  

Slumberjack come in and knock our socks off with a tasty Like A Version!

"F*** school, climb trees"  

We meet Mr Voice-of-every-video-game-ever (kinda) Nolan North, find out about your school clubs and find out what went down in the tennis challenge with Dylan.

"It's mass production, lads"  

We chat with Hottest 100 hero Amy Shark, find out what your sickie voice sounds like and Ben invents something.

"I am going to turn Gotham to ashes".  

We wrapped up the One Night Stand, copped a questionable Bane impression, and challenged Dylan Alcott to a game of tennis.

Live from Mount Isa!  

Hello and welcome to our podcast the day before the One Night Stand to Mount Isa, live from Mount Isa!

"Pick up some random toilets"  

We test Harry from Mount Isa's knowledge about his hometown and Liam is getting a mullet!

"I felt it on the edge of my face"  

Gen Fricker take us back to the highs and lows of the long lost art of RnB interludes and chat with UK body-mod enthusiast Grace Neutral.

"They stink a little bit of lawn"  

We check in with Harry from Mount Isa ahead of One Night Stand, chin wag with funny fellow Romesh Ranganathan and Dave from Unearthed spins us some GOLD.

Live from Good Az Friday 2017  

INCREDIBLE! All the highlights from Good Az Friday 2017, live from the Melbourne Town Hall.

"Who's going to push the physical button?"  

Ben has a killer app idea, Aaron Gocs stitches us up and Gen is The Chocolate Ferret.

"I'm just lazy with my mouth"  

We get around funny folks Danielle Walker and Daniel Sloss ahead of this Friday which will indeed be Good Az, and check in on Doug who's walking to Mt Isa for One night Stand!

"A party mix favourite"  

VFP (very funny person) Loyiso Gola gets us amped for Good Az Friday and teenage prodigy Billie Eilish gives us a call.

"Then it's up to the other person"  

The hilarious lol Machine that is Anne Edmonds takes things to the street, and we talk surprise gigs with Gen Fricker.

"Leader of the pre-world"  

Northeast Patty House perform their tune 'Calypso Beach' before enlisting the help of Nkechi from Saskwatch on a cover of Childish Gambino's 'Redbone'.

"You're a man of multitudes"  

Gen meets metal fans who go gaga for Lorde, plus chats with with Dance Academy's Dena Kaplan and comedian Mar Martin.

"You have an off white limousine in your possession"  

Monty and Harvey from Client Liaison keep things strictly business casual with Gen, and Irish hip hop improv team Abandoman create a song for a listener on the spot!

"I'd love to bake you a casserole"  

Feature Album good boys The Smith Street Band band come by and spill the beans on their new record More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me.

"We didn't have whipped cream, so we used sour-cream"  

Ben and Liam are off and your matey Gen Fricker is front and centre! Gen chats to Maggie Rogers who's pumped to be playing Splendour, comedian Liza Treugar tells us what she should have thrown out and is April Fools Day even a thing anymore?

"Judgemental of Coolio"  

We give comedian Xavier Michelides a topic chosen by us to talk about, and Big Scary break the Nirvana Like A Version curse!

"The old Goanna in the pool"  

Get your belly laughs ready, cos we let you know who will be making you lol at Good Az Friday plus Meg Mac premieres her brand newie!

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