Matt and Alex

Matt and Alex


The most entertaining podcast this side of the Downton Abbey season 1 blooper real, triple j breakfast hosts Matt and Alex degrade themselves for your amusement in easy to download audio allotments.


"It’s a marriage, innit"  

It's Friday Meat Tray time! Plus Kasabian come in for Like A Version and Liam totally fans out.

"A welcome, fresh voice in the world of cooking"  

Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk drops by and fans out over Like A Version, plus Brooke Boney breaks down fake news for us.

"Just a bubble bath now and then"  

We meet the guy behind the Toad Wearing a Hat and find out when you've befriended wild animals, plus Angus Stone tells us about how Grand Theft Auto inspired his latest tune.

"Play up like a second hand lawn mower"  

We FINALLY announce where we'll be throwing this year's One Night Stand with San Cisco, Tash Sultana, The Smith Street Band and Thundamentals!

"I just wanted to say stuff."  

This week's Feature Album legend, Ali Barter, drops by and we offer up some more clues as to where we're bringing the One Night Stand this year!

"The dinners are bit awkward now."  

We find out what your parents 'really' did for work, plus hardcore heroes Hellions drop by for Like A Version.

"Peaches, beaches and strawberries"  

We finally let you know who will be playing at this year's One Night Stand! Plus, we Reference Check alt-J's latest.

"Shut your mouth you salami f***"  

We finally see your texts brought to life with a little help from Michael Cusack and triple j Unearthed High 2016 hero Gretta Ray premieres her new song.

"All these little brown hairballs"  

We talk coins, avocados (with an 'expert') and find a certain someone to bring our textline to life.

"Slammin' down thickies"  

We chat to Ian Thorpe about his new doco series on bullying, plus we discover the triple j textline email chain.

"New phone... Who dis"  

Sydney duo Polish Club swing by for a reworking of a certain Hottest 100 2016 fav and go deep on a Donut Festival.

"Let's go out for seafood sometime."  

The lads from Kingswood drop in to tell us all about their latest record After Hours, Close To Dawn and Poppy Sings Stormzy!

"Both chicken and a Euro"  

We're celebrating International Women's Day with Girls To The Front all across the station, so sit back, relax and enjoy your hosts Veronica and Alex.

"Two thousand years ago..."  

Airling drops by for a chat/fall victim to Ben's latest idea for a segment. Plus Gen Fricker got immortalised in a song!

'I got it all wet, to simulate the sweat.'  

Rad from Good Game tells us all about the Nintendo Switch and we find out how you celebrated Mardi Gras.

'My Lorde, you'll enjoy it'  

We speak to Lorde just after the first single off her new album was released and Margaret Glaspy covers the DJ Snake and Justin Bieber track 'Let Me Love You'.

'It's a slide puzzle ruler!'  

Liam finally gets to relive some certain 'Saturday Disney' childhood dreams, teacher confessions plus Brooke Boney on heatwaves!

"A new star is born again"  

We speak to Mr feature Album, UK grime sensation Stormzy, Ben's Poppy returns with another stunning musical rendition and Liam wonders why the hell he didn't win a Saturday Disney prize pack.

"They're kinda grapey."  

What do people laugh at you for? Is it because you test out the taste of ants that vary from town to town? Plus Native Wildlife expert Chris Humfrey answers your questions and we talk about that Oscars SNAFU.

"You've ruined it now, let it go."  

It's a new week so we ask YOU the big questions: when have you bailed on your own party AND what's the longest you've waited for an encore? Plus total ledge Tyler Wright gives us the latest from the Australian Open of Surfing.

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