Three Times The King In The North  

EPISODE 66 - Three Times The King In The North with Fredric Aasbo   On Today's episode we have once again, Formula Drift Canada's champion Fredric Aasbo, who not only managed to win this round for the third time in a row, but also became the driver with the most wins in Formula Drift (10 wins to be correct). Also we apologize for the quality, we ran trough some technical issues which we are fixing as you read this, but thanks for staying with us during the live streaming and please enjoys this episode!   CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!   Click here to become a PATREON!

Fifty Shades of Fame  

EPISODE 65 - Fifty Shades of Fame with Ryan Tuerck and Matt Madrigali   On Today's episode Sam is riding shotgun with Ryan Tuerck after a weekend of shooting Ferrari powered GT86 videos and we also have Pro licensed driver Matt Madrigali, who tells us about the struggle of trying to move up from Pro 2. He also made a very sick sign for our new studio, so big thanks Matt!   Enjoy!!   CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!   Click here to become a PATREON!

FIA, D1GP and FD Japan with Noriyaro  

EPISODE 64 - FIA, D1GP and FD Japan with Noriyaro Today we have Alexi Smith aka Noriyaro, giving us a bit of an insight about the FIA recognizing drifting as a motorsport and they award of their first FIA Drift event to Sunpros/D1GP, we also talk about the last D1 round, Formula Drift Japan and of course YouTube. Enjoy!   CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!   Click here to become a PATREON!

The Lord of the Four Rings  

EPISODE 63: The Lord of the Four Rings with special guest Darren McNamara Today we have the Irish Falken drifter who left Formula Drift a few years ago but still has a spot in our hearts, Darren “D-Mac” McNamara, who happened to be at GridLife Midwest back in his 1250HP Twin Turbo V8 S14, together […]

One More Time Odi  

EPISODE 62: One More Time Odi with special guest Odi Bakchis On today’s episode we have the Formule Drift New Jersey champion Odi Bakchis, who went from an engine swap and broken wheel studs to one of the most awesome stories we have ever heard in FD!! Enjoy!!   Become a Patron! https://www.patreon.com/maximumdriftcast Thanks for […]

Fieldget Spinner  

EPISODE 61: Fieldget Spinner with special guest Matt Field On today’s episode we have Matt Field, spinner master and vape aficionado. And today he tells us about his adventures at D1GPSE . Enjoy!   Become a Patron! https://www.patreon.com/maximumdriftcast Thanks for your support! WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION HERE: ______________________________________________ Maximum Driftcast is hosted by: Corey Hosford Sam […]

Ready To Rowdy  

EPISODE 60: Ready to Rowdy with special guest Chelsea DeNofa On today’s episode we have Vaughn Gittin JR’s new teammate and RTR’s newest driver Chelsea DeNofa!! We talk about his changes from going to his old beat up BMW to a reliable car built by another team, the pros and cons of being a hired […]

Jumping Jackstands  

EPISODE 59: Jumping Jackstands with special guests Mike Kojima and Chris Forsberg On today’s episode we have MotoIQ‘s Mike Kojima, he is Dai Yoshihara’s crew chief and overall drifting/motorsports nerd who made a facebook comment about the fairness of having other teams helping other drivers during their 5 minute time out and it created some […]

How to ProAm  

EPISODE 58: How to ProAm with special guests Dominic Martinez and Raz Naor On today’s ProAm special episode, we have Southwest Drift and Just Drift ProAm drivers, Dominic Martinez and Raz Naor. Dominic is only 15 years old and he already has a 2nd and 1st place podiums at Just Drift events, he and his […]

MAXIMUM Driftcastro  

EPISODE 56: MAXIMUM Driftcastro with special guest Jhonnattan Castro Today we have the man who gave us the most exciting moment at Formula Drift Orlando with one of the sickest chases we’ve ever seen against James Deane. This man is Jhonnattan Castro, the Domincan Slayer!! Enjoy!   Become a Patron! https://www.patreon.com/maximumdriftcast Thanks for your support! WATCH […]

Machu Picchu Man  

EPISODE 56: Machu Picchu Man with special guest Alex Heilbrunn Photo by CAR STREET JOURNAL Hans Marquez Today our guest is Alex Heilbrunn, the giant slayer from Peru. We talk about how dominating South America’s drifting scene and an appetite for a new degree brought him to California and to dominate ProAm and Formula Drift’s Pro 2, […]

The Longest Beach  

EPISODE 55: The Longest Beach with special guest Joey Redmond from Wrecked Magazine Today, after taking a week off because we were all sick after Long Beach, we are back! And we have Joey Redmond from Wrecked Magazine to help us discern what happened on the first round of Formula Drift 2017. New cars, new […]

Round: ZERO  

EPISODE 54: Round: ZERO with special guest Ryan Sage Today we bring you an early and very special episode from Formula Drift Long Beach with the man behind the world’s largest drift organization, Ryan Sage. We get to talk about the changes for this season, the new sponsors and the new drives. Enjoy!     […]

Papa’s Impressive Machine  

EPISODE 53: Papa’s Impressive Machine with special guest Stephan Papadakis On today’s episode we talk to Stephan Papadakis about the big reveal of 2017, Fredric Aasbo’s new Toyota Corolla IM drift car. He also tells us more about his origins as a street racer and his evolution from street drag to professional drifting. We also […]

Dublin Down  

EPISODE 52: Dublin Down with special guest David Egan from Irish Drift Championship and British Drift Championship After a long St. Pattrick’s day weekend, we had to finish it with the man behind the Irish Drift Championship, David Egan. Who also runs the British Drift Championship and just recently made some big announcements about rule […]

The Stunner Dealer Stoneback  

EPISODE 51: The Stunner Dealer Stoneback with special guest Geoff Stoneback Today we have huge announcements from Geoff Stoneback, who also gets personal on his upbringing as a member of the Stoneback Stunners family, his good friend Mark Lennardon’s RX7 build with Tony Angelo and his plans for 2017. Enjoy!!       Become a […]

The Nishida Show  

EPISODE 49: The Nishida Show with special guest Robbie Nishida We had a horrible computer crash while working on the video version and we lost everything, sorry guys

Getting Litteral with Ryan  

EPISODE 49: Getting Litteral with Ryan with special guest Ryan Litteral Today we literally have Formula Drift’s Hot Boi, Ryan Litteral. We got an in depth perspective on moving into professional drifting without loosing the style or commitment to the sport. Literally an episode you can’t miss. Enjoy!!     Become a Patron! https://www.patreon.com/maximumdriftcast Thanks […]

Facts with Forsberg  

The Facts with Forsberg with special guest host Chris Forsberg Today we have Chris Forsberg visiting Arizona to correct all our mistakes once and for all, he also talks about the old days of professional drifting and talks about his plans for Sam’s drift car. Enjoy!! Become a Patron! Our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/maximumdriftcast Thanks for your […]

The Slayer of Chairs  

The Slayer of Chairs with special guest Rob Parsons Today we have a very special guest. Mr. Chairslayer himself, Rob Parsons. The wheelchair bounded Hoonigan who caught the world by surprise with his hand controlled drift car, amazing fabrication skills and electronics knowledge which he used to build this awesome machine all by himself. A […]

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