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S04E11 - The Future of RxJS 6 & 7 - Roadmapping Operators with Ben Lesh and Tracy Lee  

In this Modern Web podcast Ben Lesh discusses the future of RxJS with Tracy Lee.

Topics covered:

- Decreasing the bundle size of RxJS
- Implementing new operators
- Lettable operators
- A more functional RxJS
- Using RxJS in frameworks

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S04E10 - The New Payment Request API with Molly Dalton, Zach Koch, and Ray Shan  

Making and accepting payments on the web is quite cumbersome.

Thankfully, the new Payment Request API and vendors like Apple and Stripe make the implementation simple and secure. Molly Dalton and Zach Koch, who work closely with Edge, Chrome and the Payment Request API, join us to discuss how to use this new standard for seamless payments on the web.



Molly Dalton @mollyadalton

Zach Koch @zachk



Ray Shan @rayshan




W3C Payment Request API

S04E09 - Promoting Diversity in TC39 with Leo Balter and Tracy Lee  

Leo Balter is a software engineer at Bocoup and an active member of the TC39 technical committee. If you are unfamiliar with TC39, it is the governing body for Javascript standards.

TC39 members include individuals from Google, Netflix, Facebook, Yahoo and many others. Leo is among these individuals and attends committee meetings as a representative of the JS Foundation.

Leo and Tracy discuss topics of societal barriers, exclusion of minorities, and sexism. Many of these topics surface as deterrents to individuals who want to be involved in the tech world but feel as if they are unable to do so well.

Leo’s talks about his experience being a Brazilian male entering a male dominated, Caucasian world and how this inspired him to want to promote greater diversity within the TC39 community.

S04E08 - Vue.js with Evan You and Sarah Drasner  


Vue.js with creator Evan You and Sarah Drasner


Vue.js is a JavaScript UI framework built to be approachable, versatile and performant. Its creator Evan You and the award winning writer of CSS-Tricks Sarah Drasner join us to discuss the creation of Vue.js, the beginner learning curve, how it handles data and animations, and how it differs from Angular and React.


Evan You @youyuxi

Sarah Drasner @sarah_edo


Ray Shan @rayshan< [...]

S04E07 - Accessibility with Rob Dodson and Alice Boxhall  


Accessibility on the Web


This episode is all about web accessibility. We’re joined by Rob Dodson, developer advocate at Google, and Alice Boxhall, software engineer at Google. We talk about why accessibility matters to everyone, even beyond people with disabilities. We dive into the implementation details, such as navigation, semantics and styling, based on Rob and Alice’s Web Accessibility course. We explore various guidelines and learning resources to improve your design and implementation.


Rob Dodson @rob_dodson

Alice Boxhall @sundress

S04E06 - Web Analytics with Andy Elliott (Google) and Calvin French-Owen (Segment)  


The What, Why and How of Web Analytics



Calvin French-Owen, CTO of Segment, and Andy Elliott, business analyst at Google, join us to discuss analytics. We talk about what business metrics to measure and how to select analytics vendors for businesses large and small. We also discuss the technical challenges of analytics instrumentation, such as measuring web apps vs. websites, automation and data schema design.



Calvin French-Owen @calvinfo

Andy Elliott


Hos [...]

S04E05 - NeuroJavaScript + Angular of Things with Stephen Fluin, Alex Castillo, and Uri Shaked  

In this episode, Stephen Fluin (@stephenfluin), Angular core team member and Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) interview Alex Castillo (@castillo__io) and Uri Shaked (@urishaked) on unique and interesting projects utilizing Angular (2).

With these two pushing the edge on what is possible with JavaScript and as speakers on the upcoming ngcruise, listen in to hear about IoT, neurojavascript, and Angular.


Alex Castillo (@castillo__io)

Uri Shaked (@urishaked)


Tracy Lee (@ladyleet)

Stephen Fluin (@stephenfluin)

F [...]

S04E04 - Firefox Developer Tools with James Long  


James Long, Mozilla, speaks to us about developer tooling in this podcast. What is the state of firefox tooling? How was the migration of firefox developer tools to react? What are some upcoming features in firefox like reverse debugging?

We discuss other topics such as browsers standardizing on the chrome debugging protocol, redux-observable, redux middleware, error trapping issues with promises, and implications in the observable spec.


James Long @jlongster

Ben Lesh @benlesh

Tracy Lee @ladyleet


S04E03 - UI Components - Challenges and Best Practices Across Web and Native  


Benoit Marchant, create of the Montage Framework, and Andy Matuschak, UIKit engineer, researcher and head of mobile engineering at Khan Academy, join us to discuss UI components. We reminisce Benoit and Andy’s extensive history of web and native engineering at Apple. We debate various challenges and best practices of component reusability, encapsulation, gestures, data binding, and collaboration between engineers and designers.


Benoit Marchant @benoitmarchant

Andy Matuschak @andy_matuschak


Ray Shan @rayshan


S04E02 - Polymer and Web Components vs Frameworks (Jerry Springer Edition)  

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast - Ben Lesh stars as the Jerry Springer of JavaScript stirs things up with the Polymer team Monica Dinculescu and Fred Schott with hard questions about louder voices representing Polymer on twitter and the reasoning behind perceived abrasiveness.

Thankfully, no one gets pregnant in this episode and hard conversations are all in jest. The meat of this podcast is centered around the difference between Polymer and web components, composable components nested inside svg, where browsers are in supporting native custom elements, web components versus frameworks, the concept of using the platform, using Polymer in frameworks like Angular 2, the progression of the polyme [...]

S04E01 - Data Visualization on the Web with DataSketches  

We talk to Shirley Wu and Nadieh Bremer, long-time members of the D3 and data visualization communities, about their latest collaboration DataSketches and building data visualization using web technologies.



Shirley Wu @sxywu

Nadieh Bremer @NadiehBremer



Tracy Lee @ladyleet

Ray Shan @rayshan



Data Sketches

S03E06 - React Router, HistoryJS, State Management, Webpack vs Rollup, and more (React Rally Edition)  

Michael Jackson, Stephen Rivas Jr, and Jay Phelps discuss React and other front end frameworks at React Rally. 

Topics covered: 
- Create-react-app - How using ember prior to react has affected the thinking behind working on react - React trainings - Building complex react apps
S03E07 - React, Node, TC39, Cancellable Promises, and Observables, Oh My! (React Rally Edition)  

Tracy Lee interviews Ben Lesh at React Rally. They discuss the React community compared to other JavaScript communities, which they boil down to being very similar to a “choose-your-own-adventure”.
Important things to note in this podcast: The benefits and costs of new ES2015 features, Node’s position in the JavaScript ecosystem and how TC39 standards are affecting the node ecosystem, senior developers mentoring and making junior developers feel comfortable, the promises spec and cancellation tokens with observables.
Other topics: how React trainings [...]

S03E05 - Open Sourcery and The React Community (React Rally Edition)  

Modern Web sits down with Devon Lindsey (@devonbl), Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo), James Kyle (@thejameskyle), and Katherine Poulter (@katpoulter) at React Rally (@reactrally). 

Our main goal was to put them in power ranger outfits, but you’ll have to watch that on Youtube. Listen as they discuss the benefits of being an individual technical contributor versus taking the management route. The four share their views on the excitement of being a JavaScript developer, learning new technologies and how the trend of openly sharing co [...]
S03E04 - The Truth Behind The Practical Dev  

Ben Lesh and Tracy Lee interview Ben Halpern, the “voice” behind the famous twitter handle, @ThePracticalDev. 

Did you know you can tweet The Practical Dev about your javascript homework? This podcast gives us a fun and quick view into what it’s like behind the scenes as The Practical Dev. Learn about the organization and its the future. [...]
S03E03 - Authorization vs Authentication in Ember with Rock ‘n Roll Ember  

In this podcast episode, Taras Mankovski, aka EmberSherpa, interviews Balint Erdi, the author of Rock and Roll with Ember about authentication and authorization in Ember applications. They discuss common authentication strategies and how to implement them with addons like Ember Simple Auth and Torii.

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S03E02 - D3 Solutions in Ember and Composable Helpers  

Ivan Vanderbyl (Co-Founder, and Taras Mankovski (Founder, EmberSherpa), 2 Ember developers have a discussion around D3 in Ember and the solutions they have been working on to make graphing easier with the framework using add-ons. Ivan and Taras have been working on separate D3 ember solutions - ember-d3-helpers and maximum plaid.

S3E01 - The Evolution of the React Community & React Rally  
Ben Lesh and Tracy Lee interview Zabriskie’s Beard and Jamison Dance on the accidental creation of React Rally, how the JavaScript framework communities are organically formed based on the strength of the framework’s opinions and exploration into why the react community exists in the form that it does.
Also discussed are Power Rangers fighting bananas at React Rally, how redux is pushing the envelope for react developers to solve harder problems, and discussing the possibilities of a future react cli.

S02E01 - The Jeff Cross & Alex Eagle Dino Show on Modern Web with Ben Lesh  

In this episode filmed at #ngconf, Jeff Cross and Alex Eagle fight over Ben Lesh and his awesomeness while wearing dino hoodies. 
The show begins with an angularjs tattoo branding of The Ben Lesh, then moves on to conversations around last minute bundling decisions for the Angular 2 RC and when RxJS will be incorporated in. 
Jeff, Alex, and Ben banter over TypeScript pros and cons (Ben doesn’t hate TypeScript all the time), reveal the real reason that Ben Lesh is in all of Jeff Cross’ talks, how to use operators and subscriptions in RxJS, deco [...]

S02E04 - Bringing Laughter and Excitement to Conferences and How to be a Better Speaker  

In this special episode, Ben and Shai crawl into bed together dressed as dinosaurs and talk about his career as a comedian, how he’s bringing laughter and excitement to the Angular community, and give advice to developers for speaking at conferences.

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