Question 95 - Stopping Pension Contributions To Save For A House  

Tina asks: "I'm 24 y/o and saving for a house. If I don’t stop contributing to my pension, next tax year I'll be paying 5%, and my employer will match that with 3%. Should I stop my pension contributions and only save for a house?"

Question 94 - Investing In Oil Stocks  

Ian asks: "I have zero knowledge about investing, but I'm interested in oil stocks. Any idea where to start, and any specific company to invest in?"

Question 93 - How Much Rent Should I Pay My Dad  

Heather asks: "I currently pay my Dad £120 towards the household expenses, as does my brother. My partner is due to move in, should he also pay my Dad?"

Question 92 - Is The Share Price On Google Finance Right  

Danielle asks: "The close price of shares on Google Finance is different to that on the Stock Exchange website. Is the data on Google Finance correct?"

Question 91 - Should I Repay My Student Loan  

Tamzin asks: "I've been left some money by my late Grandfather and I'm trying to work out whether I should pay down my student loan. What do you think?"

Question 90 - Capital Gains Tax On A Rented Flat  

Frances asks: "I bought in 2001 for £137k as my only residence and its now valued at £400k, implying the CGT will be astronomical. How much CGT will I pay?"

Question 89 - Debt Advice  

Jim asks: "I've got into the habit of paying for things with my credit cards, and need some advice on paying down the debt that I've built up."

Question 88 - Cancelling A Credit Card  

Harry asks: "I have had a Santander 123 credit card for about a year. How negatively it will affect my credit score by cancelling?"

Question 87 - Taking In A Lodger Draft  

Sandy asks: "How should I inform if I'm getting a lodger. Will my insurance premium go up? Could my mortgage provider forbid me?"

Question 86 - Investing in the S&P 500  

Siv asks: "I plan to invest monthly £1000 in an S&P 500 ETF. Should I use S&S ISA or SIPP? Which platform or broker should I invest in?"

Question 85 - Tax Implications on Selling To Buy Property  

Lynda asks: "I wonder if you could advise me if there would be any tax to pay if we sold a buy to let property and invested money into another property as a buy to let."

Question 84 - Capital Gains When Selling Two Properties  

Sarah asks: "I have 3 properties that are rented out, and am selling 2 so I can buy a property for myself to live in. I have lived in all of them as my own home at some point before letting them out, can I use the PPR and letting relief on all of them?"

Question 83 - What are the debits and credits on my CC  

Barry asks: "I need some help understanding what my credit card portal information is saying. I don't understand the breakdown on the portal they give."

Question 82 - Should I Use My Credit Card More  

Adrian asks: "I have a capital one credit card, which I got over year ago now, purely to just get a bit of credit history that I lacked. As I'm looking to get a mortgage in a year or so time what is best for my credit rating for this card? "

Question 81 - Capital Gains On Sale Of A Garden  

Gisele asks: "I read with great interest your article on Capital gains tax and I hope you can give me a clearer idea of my tax liability on a sale of land that is about to go through, and how to invest the proceeds".

Question 80 - How Should I Invest My Money  

James asks: "I want to start investing but I am struggling with my next steps. I have £1000 saved already which will act as my emergency fund and I am saving £300 a month into a savings account."

Question 79 - Investing £25 per month  

Tony asks: "I want to start investing in a stock & shares ISA but only investing £25 per month and would like to put it into a ETF that is fairly diverse. How should I go about doing that?"

Q&A 78 - More Capital Gains Tax Questions  

Emily asks: "We bought a London property in 2007. We lived in it for 2 years then on and off for a further 2 years. We rented this out from 2010 to the present day. Is there anyway we can avoid paying further capital gains tax?"

Question 77 - Stuck In A PCP Trap  

Shelina asks: "I've got myself caught up in a PCP nightmare. Please can you advise me on what to do as I'm really stuck and it's really stressing me out."

Question 76 - Investing As A Teenager  

Charlie asks: "Hello I'm currently 16 and wish to retire by age 40 with a pot between 1-2 Million pound. Apart from maxing out my S&S Isa on a low cost index fund and possibly through bonds, how shall I invest?"

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