Monocle 24: The Cinema Show

Monocle 24: The Cinema Show


Tune in every week to a brand new show on Monocle 24 devoted to the best in cinema. Hear from filmmakers, critics and students of the genre as we shine a spotlight on everything from revivals and the restoration of vintage cuts, to Hollywood's golden age and the role of the auteur. Hear feature length interviews with the biggest names, roundtable discussions, special reports and more as Monocle 24 delves into the rich history of the silver screen. The Cinema Show is brought to you in association with MUBI.


Action! 06: How to make a Nike commercial  

Before he was making feature films Adam Smith was the creative force behind several television campaigns for brands including Nike and Adidas. He shares his thoughts on what makes an attention-grabbing TV spot.

Cinema under the stars  

We’re mixing an Aperol Spritz with some of our favourite film-makers as we embark on a tour of our favourite outdoor cinematic locations. We sit down for lunch with Paolo Sorrentino and take a tour of the sites of Rome as seen in ‘The Great Beauty’, before stopping off in Belgrade for a look at the city’s favourite outdoor screening event: Filmstreet.

Action! 05: Rooftop movies  

As a sweltering summer’s day comes to a close, Melbourne’s city rooftops are transformed into bars, restaurants and, in some cases, cinemas. Pour yourself a cocktail as we explore the Lido’s screening space under the stars.

American roadtrip  

Pack your bags! We’re taking a ride across the US to visit some of the locations behind the country’s film history. In Dallas, we take a seat in the cinema where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested shortly after the death of president John F Kennedy. Plus: how superheroes give voice to American cultural fears and the new documentary that questions popular perceptions of genetically modified food.

Action! 04: Cinematic harmony  

Come waltz with us in Vienna! Alexei Korolyov discovers how the city’s rich history of classical music gave rise to the modern film score.

Movies of the Mediterranean  

Setting sail on the blue waters of the Mediterranean, we explore the real-life locations behind some of our favourite films. Malta’s film commission explains how the tiny nation has acted as a stand-in for just about everywhere, we take a tour of Italy’s most cinematic coastline and we examine the extraordinary story behind the stunning 1958 film ‘Bonjour Tristesse’.

Action! 03: A beautifully designed screening house  

With its exposed brick walls, custom red chairs and lush indoor greenery, New York’s Metrograph cinema is one of the world’s most beautifully designed independent picturehouses. We take a seat with founder and designer Alexander Olch.

Art of the title  

The designers of the opening sequence of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’ explain the importance of handcrafted originality in the digital age. Plus: ‘Slack Bay’ director Bruno Dumont takes us to the French coast with Juliette Binoche and we touch down in Vienna to rediscover the city’s favourite film.

Action! 02: Designing movies  

Miljen Kreka Kljakovic has undertaken some fairly ambitious projects during his decades-long career as a production designer. He’s recreated Venice in Luxembourg and Mecca in Iran. We pay a visit to his workshop to find out how the magic is made.

‘Churchill’ and ‘Whitney: Can I Be Me’  

Miranda Richardson and Brian Cox reveal what they learnt about the concept of leadership while playing the UK’s first couple in the new film, ‘Churchill’. Plus: director Nick Broomfield discusses his new documentary exploring another side of the legendary performer, Whitney Houston, and our top five reasons to revisit Adam West’s feature film version of ‘Batman’.

A cinematic grand tour  

The nest of houses beneath the famous Hollywood sign is one of the best places to view the popular landmark. But some residents of the Hollywoodland neighbourhood are going to extraordinary lengths to ban tourists – with some even calling for the sign to be removed. Plus: we find out why one of Argentina’s favourite film festivals has erupted in street protests and Italian fashion designer Massimo Alba guides us through his favourite cinematic location in the Bay of Naples.

Action! 01: How to make a choc-top  

Welcome to The Cinema Show’s bite-size spin-off: Action! Each week we’ll meet the makers behind all facets of the cinema-going experience. In this premiere episode we discover the secret to perfecting Australia’s favourite movie-time snack, the ice cream choc-top.

Handcrafted movies  

Director Patty Jenkins was given an enormous challenge when she took on the blockbuster adaptation of superhero staple Wonder Woman. We ask whether it was worth the long wait. Plus: a special look at the handcrafted side of movie-making with poster designer Sam Smith and meet the curators of London’s ArchFilmFestival.

Toby Jones at Cannes  

Among the renowned film-makers taking a seat inside the Palais du Festival at the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival this year is Michael Haneke. We speak to Toby Jones, the star of his latest film, ‘Happy End’, whose past credits range from the Harry Potter and Captain America franchises to Oliver Stone’s political drama ‘W.’ Plus: why Roger Moore will be remembered as one of the screen’s great action stars.

Cannes Film Festival  

The 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival got off to tense start as participants and audiences clashed over whether streaming giants ought to be allowed to compete. We assess the arguments. Plus: how Warner Bros got ‘King Arthur’ so terribly wrong and why the world’s most famous giant ape is taking on the Broadway musical.

François Ozon  

As the creative force behind such films as ‘Swimming Pool’, ‘8 Women’ and ‘Young and Beautiful’, François Ozon has become one of the most respected and versatile directors working today. In this special extended interview the French filmmaker discusses his passion for the craft and how his new film, ‘Frantz’, touches upon some surprising parallels with Europe’s current political machinations.

‘Lady Macbeth’ and ‘Valley of the Dolls’  

Director William Oldroyd and actress Florence Pugh discuss gripping new drama ‘Lady Macbeth’ and 50 years after the disastrous release of ‘Valley of the Dolls’, we look back at the soapy drama and assess the legacy of Sharon Tate. Plus: Kitty Green, director of documentary ‘Casting JonBenet’, reflects on our cultural obsession with true crime.

Tribeca and politics  

The selection at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival suggests that 2017’s festival season is likely to be dominated by political films. We take a look at the titles that are capturing attention with ‘New Republic’ magazine’s Alex Shephard. Plus: the new documentary recalling the incredible life of actress-turned-inventor Hedy Lamarr and director Katel Quillévéré discusses her new film ‘Heal the Living’.

‘Tom of Finland’  

Tom of Finland is one of the world’s most prolific erotic artists. We speak to film-maker Dome Karukoski about his new film recalling the difficult private life of the man behind the moniker, Touko Laaksonen. Plus: Un Certain Regard winner Juho Kuosmanen on his new film ‘The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki’ and why Hollywood is heading to Europe for blockbuster musical scores.

How to build a cinema  

Why do so many grand old theatres fall into disrepair? ‘ArchDaily’ editor James Taylor-Foster and architects Jason Flanagan and Takero Shimazaki share the secrets to gently updating a picture palace for the modern age.

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