Monocle 24: The Cinema Show

Monocle 24: The Cinema Show


Tune in every week to a brand new show on Monocle 24 devoted to the best in cinema. Hear from filmmakers, critics and students of the genre as we shine a spotlight on everything from revivals and the restoration of vintage cuts, to Hollywood's golden age and the role of the auteur. Hear feature length interviews with the biggest names, roundtable discussions, special reports and more as Monocle 24 delves into the rich history of the silver screen. The Cinema Show is brought to you in association with MUBI.


Toby Jones at Cannes  

Among the renowned film-makers taking a seat inside the Palais du Festival at the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival this year is Michael Haneke. We speak to Toby Jones, the star of his latest film, ‘Happy End’, whose past credits range from the Harry Potter and Captain America franchises to Oliver Stone’s political drama ‘W.’ Plus: why Roger Moore will be remembered as one of the screen’s great action stars.

Cannes Film Festival  

The 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival got off to tense start as participants and audiences clashed over whether streaming giants ought to be allowed to compete. We assess the arguments. Plus: how Warner Bros got ‘King Arthur’ so terribly wrong and why the world’s most famous giant ape is taking on the Broadway musical.

François Ozon  

As the creative force behind such films as ‘Swimming Pool’, ‘8 Women’ and ‘Young and Beautiful’, François Ozon has become one of the most respected and versatile directors working today. In this special extended interview the French filmmaker discusses his passion for the craft and how his new film, ‘Frantz’, touches upon some surprising parallels with Europe’s current political machinations.

‘Lady Macbeth’ and ‘Valley of the Dolls’  

Director William Oldroyd and actress Florence Pugh discuss gripping new drama ‘Lady Macbeth’ and 50 years after the disastrous release of ‘Valley of the Dolls’, we look back at the soapy drama and assess the legacy of Sharon Tate. Plus: Kitty Green, director of documentary ‘Casting JonBenet’, reflects on our cultural obsession with true crime.

Tribeca and politics  

The selection at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival suggests that 2017’s festival season is likely to be dominated by political films. We take a look at the titles that are capturing attention with ‘New Republic’ magazine’s Alex Shephard. Plus: the new documentary recalling the incredible life of actress-turned-inventor Hedy Lamarr and director Katel Quillévéré discusses her new film ‘Heal the Living’.

‘Tom of Finland’  

Tom of Finland is one of the world’s most prolific erotic artists. We speak to film-maker Dome Karukoski about his new film recalling the difficult private life of the man behind the moniker, Touko Laaksonen. Plus: Un Certain Regard winner Juho Kuosmanen on his new film ‘The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki’ and why Hollywood is heading to Europe for blockbuster musical scores.

How to build a cinema  

Why do so many grand old theatres fall into disrepair? ‘ArchDaily’ editor James Taylor-Foster and architects Jason Flanagan and Takero Shimazaki share the secrets to gently updating a picture palace for the modern age.

‘I Am Not Your Negro’  

Director Raoul Peck draws upon the original text of James Baldwin to create the sensational Oscar-nominated documentary ‘I Am Not Your Negro’. In this special extended interview, Ben Rylan discusses the film with Peck while examining Baldwin’s extraordinary words.

Are we out of ideas?  

After a string of failed reboots and remakes Paramount Pictures has a new CEO. But while March’s box-office returns hit a billion-dollar all-time record, some studio bosses are questioning whether audience appetites for franchise films are fading. We assess the evidence. Plus: a lesson in film criticism from David Stratton and a tribute to no one’s favourite superhero, Condorman.

Cinema on tour  

A special screening at the Barbican in London aims to present the great French film-maker Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished film ‘The Inferno’ as it might have been; we speak to its director, Serge Bromberg. Plus: Vienna’s unluckiest address and how Brazil’s ‘Aquarius’ director Kleber Mendonça Filho became a reluctant but popular political symbol.

BONUS – Kelly Reichardt and ‘Certain Women’  

Kelly Reichardt’s new film ‘Certain Women’ stars Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern in the story of three women forging their own paths in small-town America. The director discusses her life and career with Ben Rylan.

Olivier Assayas and ‘Personal Shopper’  

Olivier Assayas, last year’s winner of the Best Director award at Cannes, discusses his spooky new genre-defying film ‘Personal Shopper’ and Kristen Stewart’s high-fashion wardrobe. Plus: a look back at one of Assayas’ favourite ghost stories, 1961’s ‘The Innocents’.

BONUS – Q&A with Lav Diaz  

Since Rodrigo Duterte came to power in the Philippines many people have voiced alarm at the impact of his leadership, including some from the nation’s arts scene. Recorded at the Regent Street Cinema in London we present a special Q&A with Filipino “slow cinema” filmmaker Lav Diaz.

“Elle” and “The Love Witch”  

Isabelle Huppert’s Oscar-nominated performance in “Elle” is stunning but what can we make of the sexual politics at play? We ask film critic Tara Judah. Plus: bizarre Freudian psychosexual drama ‘The Love Witch’ and an analysis of the films of Paul Verhoeven.

Before and after ‘Moonlight’  

Has the success of ‘Moonlight’ altered the way that we see sex on screen? We ask two curators of London’s BFI Flare. Plus: the censoring of Mae West, a visit to Vienna’s Film Museum and the secrets of programming a film festival.

‘Moonlight’ and Xavier Dolan  

We look at the sensational ‘Moonlight’ and its creators Barry Jenkins and Tarrell Alvin McCraney. Plus: Xavier Dolan discusses his latest film ‘It’s Only the End of the World’ and we examine the colourful dreams of Italian horror auteur, Dario Argento.

BONUS – Patriot's Day  

Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese found himself face to face with one of the Boston Marathon bombers during a police operation following the attack. He recalls his story as depicted in the new film ‘Patriot's Day’, in which he’s played by actor JK Simmons.

Berlin Film Festival  

We’re in Berlin for one of Europe’s most celebrated film festivals. Kitty Green discusses her new documentary ‘Casting JonBenet’, which cleverly sets itself apart from the flurry of tabloid archival retreads of the US child-murder case. Plus: new films from Bruce LaBruce, Cate Shortland and Stanley Tucci.

Mike Mills and ‘20th Century Women’  

Mike Mills explains how he spun recollections from his childhood into his new film, ‘20th Century Women’, starring Annette Bening. Plus: ‘Thumbsucker’ author Walter Kirn and we write a letter of appreciation to Ferris Bueller’s sidelined sister.

‘Toni Erdmann’ and ‘Gaslight’  

‘New Republic’ magazine’s Tim Grierson discusses the politically charged finale of this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Plus: how clever marketing made some people think ‘The Blair Witch Project’ was real, the new German comedy ‘Toni Erdmann’ and a look at the 1944 film that coined the term “gaslighting”.

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