Monocle 24: The Cinema Show

Monocle 24: The Cinema Show


Tune in every week to a brand new show on Monocle 24 devoted to the best in cinema. Hear from filmmakers, critics and students of the genre as we shine a spotlight on everything from revivals and the restoration of vintage cuts, to Hollywood's golden age and the role of the auteur. Hear feature length interviews with the biggest names, roundtable discussions, special reports and more as Monocle 24 delves into the rich history of the silver screen. The Cinema Show is brought to you in association with MUBI.


Dear Meryl, we’re sorry  

A record win for ‘La La Land’, a political protest and an angry rebuke from the soon-to-be president: this year’s Golden Globes was certainly memorable. Plus: The White House apology letter that probably won’t actually be written, a word from film-maker Eugène Green and standing on the famed ‘Evita’ balcony in Buenos Aires.

World tour  

Join us on a global tour to some of the world’s most fascinating film locations. We visit an exhibition in San Francisco celebrating the artist Bruce Conner, stroll the beaches of Mar de Plata in Argentina, speak to Czech film-maker and Berlin Film Festival favourite Petr Vaclav and hear from two stars of London’s Russian Film Week.

2016's most fascinating film-makers  

We discuss our favourite titles of 2016 and the film-makers to watch out for in the new year. Plus: the year’s most fascinating film identities, including Xavier Dolan, Ken Loach, Todd Solondz, Ben Wheatley and Peter Greenaway.

Festive films  

Monocle’s editors and correspondents share their favourite cinematic picks for the festive season. Plus: Christmas at some of the world’s most spectacular cinemas and a look back at some bizarre Christmas specials.

‘Meet Me in St Louis’ and Lucy Raven  

Artist Lucy Raven discusses her curation of films at London’s Serpentine Gallery, including the strange and disturbing 1932 Betty Boop short ‘Minnie the Moocher’. Plus: why ‘Meet me in St Louis’ is the quintessential Christmas movie and our gift guide for film-lovers.

BONUS – Kirk Douglas’s screen debut  

In celebration of Kirk Douglas’s 100th birthday, we look back at his first screen role in the 1946 noir melodrama ‘The Strange Love of Martha Ivers’.

‘The Eagle Huntress’ and ‘Fashion in Film’  

Soaring above the peaks of Mongolia on the back of a golden eagle, director Otto Bell discusses his stunning new documentary ‘The Eagle Huntress’. Plus: Christopher Laverty on his book chronicling the role of clothing in cinema and we admire the new colour-in ‘Star Wars’ cover from ‘Little White Lies’.

BONUS – ‘Snowden’  

The actions of Edward Snowden have led to a shift in global attitudes towards privacy under the watchful eyes of government in the digital age. But is he a hero? As Oliver Stone’s new film hits UK theatres, Ben Rylan chats to Luke Harding, journalist for ‘The Guardian’ and author of the book upon which Stone’s film is partly based.

Benjamin Law and the legacy of Harvey Milk  

In recognition of World Aids Day we look back at the people and films that have shaped LGBT history on the screen with writer Benjamin Law, Harvey Milk’s nephew Stuart, actress and author Magda Szubanski, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of ‘The Imitation Game’ Graham Moore, and LA nightclub pioneer Jewel Thais-Williams.

BONUS – ‘I, Olga’  

In this special bite-sized edition, Ben Rylan discusses the horrific crime committed by Olga Hepnarová in 1970s Prague and the new film chronicling the event with actress Michalina Olszanska and co-director Tomás Weinreb.

Around the world in 80 films  

Join us on an expedition exploring the sights and sounds of world cinema. We touch down at the Cairo International Film Festival, visit the home of Austrian film-making, pop into the Cine Dore picture palace in Madrid and take a walk through the London of the movies.

“I’m as mad as hell!”  

‘Bleed for This’ director Ben Younger began his career as a successful political-campaign manager before something inspired a change of direction. We find out what it was. Plus: how to crowdfund a film’s preservation and what happens when politics, media and the movies collide.

Xavier Dolan  

Canadian film-maker Xavier Dolan is a prodigy. At age 16 he wrote his first feature film that took him all the way to Cannes. As he completes work on his seventh film, he tells Ben Rylan about his impatience with cruel reviews and why his latest film, “It’s Only the End of the World”, is his favourite work to date.

A guided tour of Los Angeles  

We explore the great city of Los Angeles old and new with Tom Ford’s production designer of ‘Nocturnal Animals’, Shane Valentino. Plus: a walking tour past the houses of Hollywood Hills and revisiting a classic Hollywood nightspot, the Cocoanut Grove.

PREVIEW - 'Nocturnal Animals'  

As the production designer of Tom Ford’s new film ‘Nocturnal Animals’, Shane Valentino crafted two very different but equally nightmarish worlds. Here he tells Ben Rylan how our surroundings shape our moods.

Halloween and ‘The Handmaiden’  

Recorded at the Grossmünster church in Zürich, we spend Halloween with South Korean film-maker Park Chan-wook, discussing his new erotic thriller ‘The Handmaiden’. Plus: a visit to an abandoned amusement park, the works of Edgar Allan Poe and investigating a haunting at Melbourne’s Astor Theatre.

Ken Loach and ‘I, Daniel Blake’  

British film-maker Ken Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty discuss their Palme d'Or winner ‘I, Daniel Blake’. Plus: Christopher Guest, the man behind ‘This is Spinal Tap’ and ‘Best in Show’, returns with his new film ‘Mascots’.

PREVIEW - Christopher Guest  

From 1984’s ‘This is Spinal Tap’ to 2000’s ‘Best in Show’, Christopher Guest is the driving force behind some of cinema’s most awkwardly accurate comedies. His latest film follows the bizarre journey of a group of mascots. In this preview Monocle’s Tom Hall asks the film-maker how the ‘mockumentary’ approach alters the production process.

The Dardennes and ‘The Room’  

Two-time Palme d'Or winners the Dardenne brothers discuss their response to the surprisingly negative reaction to their latest film. Plus: Oscar winner Eva Orner explains how her new documentary caught the attention of Australia’s border force and we talk to one of the stars of the famously awful film ‘The Room’.

PREVIEW – The Dardenne brothers  

Belgian film-makers the Dardenne brothers are members of a very exclusive club: they’ve won Cannes’ Palme d’Or twice. In this special preview Ben Rylan sits down with the duo to discuss the slightly negative reaction to their latest film and their unexpected response.

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