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A ten minute digest from author, humorist and creator of Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. New shows published weekly.


Ep 42: Consumption  

In this week's episode of Monocycle, Malcolm Gladwell tackles the notion of consumption in 2016 -- how we eat, how we engage with our Internet tendencies and whether or not, in spite of statistics that suggest millennials are acquiring less, we are addicted to material gain. I'm just kidding, Malcolm Gladwell is not in the building. It's just me, Leandra, talking into her tiny booth about consumption. I do break up the topic into the three aforementioned categories: food, shopping and Internet but probably also go on to diminish any credibility tagged to my points given the sweeping statements that are subsequently posited about our generation, and how we're different (for better or worse) because. Of. How. Much. We. Consume. All. The. Time. For a while, it sounds kind of cynical, but then I reel it back in with a dose of diet cherry coke and optimism because frankly, if you only learn one thing from Man Repeller/Monocycle/me, I hope that it is this: cynicism is much easier than optimism, so do the right thing, which is always the hard thing and force yourself to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Related Stories: Welcome to Consumption Month on Man Repeller I Hate Being On My Phone All the Time Is Technology Eating Our Feelings? MR Round Table: That Elusive Work/Life Balance In Defense of Slow Fashion In partnership with TheRealReal Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 41: Surviving Cancer in Your Twenties  

Before Breast Cancer Awareness month ends, here is one more point of awareness in the form of a Monocycle podcast interview with's executive editor, who was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer when she was 21. Given the overwhelming financial resources that have been allocated towards research, we are uniquely positioned at this juncture to feel less helpless at the hand of breast cancer. As mentioned in a round table that ran earlier this month, though, it is precisely these resources that have taken us this far, and will continue to move us towards the goal of a world free of breast cancer. So, if you would like to donate, please click here. If you can't, that's okay, just be there when your people need you -- and have the courage to reach out when you need your people. Related Stories Breast Cancer Awareness: The Man Repeller Round Table Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 40: Am I Comfortable or Complacent?  

In case you have missed tuning into the monologues that occur inside the (membrane) walls that define my head, welcome back! Here we are! With a fresh new episode of Monocycle that outlines a recent question mark I've been shopping around -- how different are comfort and complacency? Can they be regarded as one and the same? It is such a unique and profound luxury, but more and more I have been wondering whether I am adjusting appropriately to this newfangled time. Have I become more comfortable? Absolutely. But is that comfort bringing on this curious sense that I might be complacent -- that is, uncritically satisfied with myself? Or is this just, like any other adjustment would require, a time of transition? LISTEN UP, PEOPLE! TO THIS AND MORE. Related Stories: I Hate Being On My Phone All the Time Monocycle: Episode 35, Learning to be Content As Your Own Boss 5 Things Running Man Repeller Taught Me 6 Things I’ve Learned About How to Manage People In partnership with Squarespace Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 39: Doldrums at Paris Fashion Week  

In partnership with TheRealReal. Paris Fashion Week ended on Wednesday. I'm not entirely sure if the season felt quieter or less exciting than usual because I wasn't there, but watching it unfold on social media and through the lens of the some of the critics who I most admire made me think about a lot of stuff. Stuff like...what actually comes first? A good collection or a good review (meaning, do the writers inform how we will feel about certain clothes, or can they speak for themselves?) When the clothes are good enough to speak for themselves, do you ever feel that sense of just not...caring? What is that? Why do we feel that? What differentiates the designers who move the needle and inform the zeitgeist and those who just make really nice-looking clothes? Or are we experiencing fashion fatigue? If we are, what should we do to combat it? We are definitely undergoing some version of a revolution in fashion, so maybe we just need a more positive perspective to lead the charge. It's too soon to be so cynical, isn't it? Amelia makes a cameo in this episode and we definitely over intellectualize the whole damn thing (it's what we do!) only to arrive at the simplest question of all: Did I just not feel it because I wasn't there? Find out by listening. Related Stories: The Mind-Boggling Consistency of Chanel Sunday Paris Dispatch: Balenciaga and Céline Dispatch from Paris: Dior’s Overt Feminist Message, Saint Laurent’s Yves Is Back (But That’s About It) Fashion Bloggers Aren’t the Problem In partnership with TheRealReal. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 38: Cultural Appropriation  

Not to beat a horse that has been killed multiple times already but in this week's episode of Monocycle, we reopen the conversation around the dreadlocks at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 runway show. It's not to throw more shade, or say anything that hasn't already been said, but rather, to talk about two larger problems. The first is, of course, cultural appropriation and the overarching blindspot of the privilege that occurs outside of a minority. It's a huge coup that this is becoming less tolerable and acceptable as our society evolves, but I wonder, as the outrage machine continues firing up, when we've constructively added to the conversation vs. just made noise. Designers, artists -- all creatives, really -- build their collections on reference. There is no art, at least as we know it, without the act of riffing, but the solution isn't pulling ideas from the sky, shutting ourselves off to the incredibly rich cultures of both yore and now. On the contrary, it's proper accreditation and more importantly, the second step towards becoming better people, it's doing something (not just saying something!) to give back to the culture from which you're borrowing. So here, I speak with our new editorial director, Leslie Price, who wrote the original Man Repeller story on the Marc Jacobs show on what we're doing, and stuff like that. As always, this podcast is only as valuable as the feedback you provide, so... Related Stories: On Cultural Appropriation, Racism and Fashion’s Blind Spots Let’s Talk About It: Diversity in Fashion MR Round Table: We Need to Talk About Race A Letter from Leandra: We’ve Updated Our Mission Statement In partnership with Squarespace. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 37: Uterus Envy  

Have you ever felt that terrible, nauseating pit in your stomach? It makes doing anything other than focusing on the pit feel impossible. I used to get it every time I found out my ex-boyfriend was dating someone new. Recently, I started getting it every time I found out that someone is pregnant. I never knew how to process the pit as anything other than heartbreak but I'm starting to realize that it's more than that -- it's envy, so in this week's episode, we unpack that like it's a carry-on suitcase full of grenades. Related Stories: A Pregnant Pause Monocycle: Episode 26, Not Pregnant Thinking About Babies? Pregnant? Just Gave Birth? How to Exercise in 10 Gifs In partnership with Squarespace. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 36: Back to School  

Sometimes I feel like my brain is a variety show and your cable network is out of whack, which is to say that you only catch slivers of each section. The fact of the matter is, I'm only delivering slivers of each section, so I'm sorry I just blamed your network. Self-deprecation aside, this episode is all about real world re-entry following a lazy, delightful summer. When you work in fashion, the week that follows Labor Day has this unique ability to make you feel as though you are practically starting your first day of high school, which we talk about a little as a starter thought to open up a larger conversation about fashion week. Note that this episode was recorded BEFORE fashion week started and requires feedback. So, take it away! Related Stories: Back to School: Welcome to New Beginnings Month on Man Repeller Do You Read Fashion Week Reviews? The Strange State of Social Media Etiquette at Fashion Week Fashion Week Is Here And The Clothes Are Easy WATCH: Leandra Introduces Herself To Our New Nolita Neighbors Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 35: Learning to be Content As Your Own Boss  

In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra discusses how to be content as one's own boss and the importance of leaving home life at home and work life at work. This podcast is sponsored by Squarespace, the easiest way to create a blog or website. Use the offer code MONOCYCLE at check out for 10% off your first purchase. Related Stories: 5 Things Running Man Repeller Taught Me Monocycle: Episode 4, Self-Sabotage Are You Happy? Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 34: Endless Summer  

On this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra talks about Endless Summer and how it can be tarnished by planning ahead. Do chronic planners wish away their ability to be present by simple virtue of their gift for planning? After flipping through the first round of September issues available, Leandra found herself suddenly excited for fall, despite the fact that it is still very much summer. And from there began the turning and turning and turning. Related Stories: Welcome to Endless Summer Month on Man Repeller Ask a French Girl in London About August Summer is a State of Mind The Only Three Hats You Need This Summer !Plus! Man Repeller’s Baseball Cap Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 33: Body Image  

In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra discusses body image, accepting ourselves the way we are and re-training ourselves in the way to speak about our bodies. Related Stories: MR Round Table: Plus Size Women in Fashion How to Talk Yourself Down From a Self-Esteem Spiral Women Come in All Shapes and Sizes The “Fat Talk” Diet Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 32: The Editorial Process  

If you have ever wondered how the editorial process at Man Repeller works, this week you’re invited to learn first hand how a story is created from incipient idea to final product, a sometimes half-baked cookie, often silly, sometimes serious and always made with LOVE. Joining me in this episode of Monocycle are Haley Nahman and Amelia Diamond — junior and deputy editors respectively –to make the painting of this picture appear a bit more colorful. More questions? Comments? Ideas? Recommendations? Hit us up below. You know we’re always in there waiting 4 U. Related stories: 6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working 10 Women on Success As They Know It Kitchen for Dummies: 10 Things You Need in Your Pantry According to Leandra’s Mom For Men, Leg Abs Are Very Big This Summer 3 New Ways To Wear Your Button Down Shirt In partnership with Newsette Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 31: Let Loose, Dispatch 3  

This week's episode of Monocycle is one last plea in the direction of letting loose, only this time -- to conclude the last leg of a three-part series of episodes -- Leandra simplifies the whole concept and realizes that letting loose isn't really about skipping the gym or eating an entire cake or going streaking. It's about...well, you'll see. Headphones in and enjoy. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 30: Let Loose, Dispatch 2  

On this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra touches upon many of the same points as last week's episode: letting loose. After briefly touching about her mission to get pregnant, the majority of the episode revolves around recognizing the importance of relaxing and when it's actually being achieved...learned behavior is the simple answer, while the hard part is unlearning. Anyway, let's do this together, yeah? Not become better -- I mean this podcast. WE'RE BEGGING YOU. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 29: Let Loose  

In this week's episode, Leandra discusses Man Repeller's monthly theme: Let Loose and Relax. In the process of letting loose, Leandra will assign herself a Let Loose task each week and report back on it in order to track her progress. The idea marries with self compassion, and treating oneself like the advice you would give another. So go ahead and cut yourself some slack. Drop the fucking ball, you're not going to get fired. It's summer and you deserve to live it the same way your body does inside a caftan, unrestricted and free. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 28: Relationships  

This week's episode of Monocycle features a very special guest: Leandra's husband, Abie. The two cover a range of topics inspired by their four years of marriage, like learning how to live with a partner and the importance of forfeiting selfishness in favor of sacrifice). Abie's sleeping habits are also discussed; he cites "an inability to nap as freely" as one of the hardest parts of marriage. Free naps on us after this episode, okay? Enjoy! In partnership with Zola. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 27: One Week Later  

This week on Monocycle, after a sharing a personal story about a failed IVF implant in the moment, Leandra reflects back one week after. She makes the point in the difference between sharing thoughts and emotions immediately and in the moment, versus after the fact, when one is able to "package" their feelings just a bit more. It makes for an interesting dichotomy, so pop your headphones in and start listening. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 26: Not Pregnant  

This week's episode of Monocycle is about sharing what one is going through while going through it as opposed to the aftermath, after, as Leandra said, "the experience has been put in a box and wrapped in fancy words and called a first person essay," because this is real life, right? Between the inspiring stories of victory and triumph that emerge out of despair and the road blocks that life throws in our tracks, there is the very real question of, "But what do I do NOW?" She doesn't have a profound answer but believes that sometimes, sharing is enough. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 25: Does a Good Week Ruin Our Weekend?  

In this week's episode of Monocycle, I get way too deep into my own head and contemplate the question, how important is the line that demarcates work from our social lives? I think I've always felt like this, but lately I have noticed how blurred the lines between work and private life have become -- does one inform the other? Is it supposed to? So I'm thinking...why do we celebrate the "can't stop, won't stop" attitude at work when we know, as we've seen, that it leads to burn out? How do we combat this very American, acutely millennial mentality and take back the quiet respite of having nothing to do? Remember Saturdays in bed with a bowl of cereal and Nickelodeon? How important were those breaks for our formative, young minds? Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

Ep 24: Addicted to the Comfort Zone  

In this week's episode of Monocycle, Leandra talks about her addiction to the comfort zone -- that area that prohibits us from tackling the hard or uncomfortable tasks in our day. What happens when we get caught in those black holes that prohibit us from doing the things we need to do? Like we're existing, but with 50-pound weights attached to our legs? How do we identify this addiction and ultimately, what do we do to break it? Good news! The first step is awareness. So plug in your headphones and take a listen. Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander manrepellerleandramedineleandramedinepodcastmonocyclemonocyclepodcastwhatisamanrepeller

Ep 23: The Definition of Man Repeller  

Man Repeller is officially six years old. Did you know that through it all, the website's written description of what it means to be a man repeller has never been updated? Not once. It's time to expound upon the definition, but it wouldn't be right without your help. So! Using this week's recording as a launch pad to open the flood gates of what it means to read, engage with and experience Man Repeller, let's talk about our mission together. What does Man Repeller mean to you? Logo by Kelly Shami - Edited by Nicholas Quazzy Alexander

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