More Than One Lesson

More Than One Lesson


More Than One Lesson is a podcast for Christians who love cinema. Every episode, hosts Tyler Smith (Battleship Pretension) and Josh Long discuss a recent film, breaking it down to its key thematic and artistic components, finding what lessons we as followers of Jesus can learn from this amazing medium.


Episode 176- The Shallows  

In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss Jaume Collet-Serra's THE SHALLOWS. There are some audio issues with this episode. Thanks for your patience.

Episode 175- The Witch  

In this episode, Tyler and Reed discuss Robert Eggers' THE WITCH.

Episode 174- Werewolf Movies  

In this episode, Tyler is joined by author Andrew Klavan to discuss werewolf movies.

Episode 178- Jim's Top Ten  

In this episode, Jim Rohner discusses his ten favorite films of all time.

Minisode 91- The Apartment  

Tyler and Josh discuss Billy Wilder's THE APARTMENT, Best Picture of 1960. There is some slight audio distortion in this minisode. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Minisode 90- West Side Story  

Tyler and Josh discuss Robert Wise's WEST SIDE STORY, Best Picture of 1961. Warning: Some slight audio distortion.

Updates and Apologies  

Just a quick note about our sound quality.

Episode 172- with special guest Adam Yenser  

In this episode, Tyler is joined by comedian Adam Yenser to discuss his life and career.

Episode 171- Religious Satire  

In this episode, Tyler and Robert discuss religious satire, both good and bad.

Minisode 89- Sausage Party  

Tyler shares his thoughts on SAUSAGE PARTY.

Episode 170- Story and Structure  

In this episode, Tyler and Reed respond to a Movieguide article about screenplay story and structure.

Episode 169- Prisoners  

In this episode, Tyler and Reed discuss Denis Villeneuve's PRISONERS and Clint Eastwood's MYSTIC RIVER.

Sermon: "The Mission"  

Pacific Crossroads Church presents Ray Cortese to help define our mission in life.

Episode 168- Purpose: Variety Faith-Based Summit  

In this episode, Tyler and Josh discuss the Variety Faith-Based and Family Summit.

Minisode 88- Ghostbusters 2016  

In this minisode, Tyler discusses Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS.

Minisode 87- Lawrence of Arabia  

Tyler and Josh discuss the Best Picture of 1962, David Lean's LAWRENCE OF ARABIA.

Episode 167- with special guest Tim Long  

In this episode, Tyler and Josh are joined by therapist Tim Long to discuss the church's complicated relationship with psychology.

Episode 166- The Top 50 Movies of All Time  

A discussion of the listener-generated list of the Top 50 Movies of All Time.

Minisode 86- Tom Jones  

Tyler and Josh discuss Tony Richardon's TOM JONES, the Best Picture of 1963.

Minisode 85- My Fair Lady  

Tyler and Josh discuss George Cukor's MY FAIR LADY, Best Picture of 1964.

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