Music Popcast

Music Popcast


New York Times music critics Jon Pareles, Ben Ratliff, Jon Caramanica and Nate Chinen talk each week about the latest pop music news, the top songs, the best albums, the biggest stars — and the up and coming stars you haven't heard of yet.


How Lil Uzi Vert Turned Rap Into Rock and Became a Pop Star  

He’s a rapper, a social media phenomenon, the guy yelling “ya” on Migos’s hit “Bad and Boujee.” What’s the secret of Uzi’s success?

A Deep Dig on Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s Hip-Hop’s Values  

The two rappers recall an earlier time in the genre’s history, in terms of aesthetics and politics. How do they fit in today?

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Chainsmokers?  

In three years, the duo has had several hits while offending all sorts of people. What does its sound say about EDM?

Jazz in 2017: The Music Is Thriving, Though Support Is in Peril  

Kamasi Washington and some Los Angeles musicians are producing vital recordings, but N.E.A. funding is uncertain. A conversation about the state of jazz.

Drake Changed Hip-Hop’s Sound. Can He Change the Business?  

His release isn’t an album or a mixtape, but a playlist — a move that could position him to shift the music industry once again.

How Chuck Berry Became a Rock ’n’ Roll Mastermind  

He wrote the guitar licks, told the clever stories, duckwalked across the stage and forever changed popular music

The Billboard Charts Are Wackier Than Ever: What’s Going On?  

Streaming figures into chart positions now, a fact that has started yielding some very odd results.

The Greatest Trick Ed Sheeran Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He’s an Underdog  

The British singer/songwriter is a record-smashing superstar, but he still plays the spurned lover. How does he do it?

Atlanta Has a Firm Grip on the Future of Hip-Hop  

A panel discusses Migos, Lil Yachty and more of the city’s budding stars on Popcast.

What Happens When Nashville Outsiders Become Country’s Big Stars?  

The city synonymous with the country music business is in transition. How is it dealing with rapid change, and the Trump era? A panel discusses on Popcast.

Were There Any Real Winners at the Grammys?  

It was an awards show filled with flubs, tear, apologies and protests. The New York Times pop music writers discuss Adele, Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper and more on Popcast.

Will the Grammy Awards End With a Big Surprise?  

The New York Times pop team debates whether Sturgill Simpson will pull out a surprise victory in a night stacked with Adele vs. Beyoncé face-offs.

Punk Rock Is Alive and Well, No Politics Required  

The current political climate doesn’t come up even once during the latest Popcast, a conversation about Japandroids, the Menzingers and the state of rock.

The War Over ‘La La Land’: Gotta Hear Both Sides  

The toast of Hollywood has divided our culture writers. Two of the movie’s boosters go to battle with two of its critics in this week’s Popcast.

The Crooner in Chief: Barack Obama’s Musical Legacy  

He brought soul and hip-hop into the White House like no president before him. A discussion of Mr. Obama’s most powerful musical moments, on this week’s Popcast.

Hip-Hop’s Elders and Youth Go to Battle (Again)  

Should rap’s young stars have more reverence for the genre’s pioneers, and vice versa? A conversation about hip-hop’s latest generation-gap struggles.

Mariah Carey and New Year’s Eve: Is the Fantasy Over?  

A panel discusses Ms. Carey's recent New Year's Eve performance and career.

10 Songs That Tell the Story of 2016  

A round table of pop experts discuss the year in tracks, from Maren Morris's "Rich" to Twenty One Pilots' "Ride" to Rihanna's "Sex With Me."

The Year in Jazz Music  

A roundtable of writers discuss trends and notable moments of the year.

Pop Music Trends in 2016  

The pop music team discusses news themes and what may shape it for years to come.

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