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MyMac Podcast 648: A Taxing Situation  

Guy and Gaz have a chat about taxes (who pays and who doesn’t), cloud services (who plays and who doesn’t), and how the press sometimes looks at Tim Cook (who neighs and who doesn’t). Also, vacations and repercussions afterwards.

MyMac Podcast 647: Repairing Reputations  

Some reputations can’t be fixed (like the hosts of this show) and some get changed over the course of time. One half the GMen (Guy) discuss this with Karl Madden while the other half (Gaz) is off on vacation. Why? Because he can.

MyMac Podcast 646: It’s all about the Lightning…C  

It’s dawn here in MyMac land except for Gaz where it’s almost noon. We talk about the differences between certain things and Shinola, podcasting while traveling at ludicrous speed, what the iPad might be good for in the future, why the Lightning port isn’t going anywhere, and just why eyeteeth are so darn valuable. Also nah nah to the people that pooh-poohed Apple stock recently and the questionable benefits of parallel parking a 1968 Mercury Colony Park Station wagon.

MyMac Podcast 645: Hell freezes over  

Another show with a variety of topics and longer than usual since we weren’t able to record last week. That’s a good thing right? On a weird note, Guy might be right about something and we’re told we’re a political show. What are the odds of that happening more than once?

MyMac Podcast 644: Film Flam Scammers  

The GMen are NOT scammers, they just don’t necessarily tell the truth when or if they ever say they’re good podcasters. No, this time it’s about OTHER types of scams that can affect your Mac experience and what to do about it when it happens to you. And LOTS of Google + feedback once again proving Guy wrong about social media.

MyMac Podcast 643: Mac Users up in ARMS  

So, Intel Macs? ARM based Macs? Just what’s coming down the road for Mac users everywhere? The GMen have their opinions which may or may not be based in anything that others consider reality. To be fair though, that’s never stopped them before.

MyMac Podcast 642: Appfus for all  

Appfus? What the heck is Appfus? Sounds like a yummy German desert, but it’s actually something that will affect every Mac and iOS user very soon. Listen in while the GMen say things that may (or may not) be a topic of importance! No, we won’t make a regular habit of that. Also Guy gets taken to task for something said in a previous show.

MyMac Podcast 641: Crashing Moonshot  

Who doesn’t love to hear about failure? The Men talk about some of the biggest failures to come out of Apple and Google (mostly Google) and are serenaded by a Wookie. Well it sounded like one anyway

MyMac Podcast 640: Still Happy about the Mac...Mostly  

The GMen are “generally” happy about the state of Apple but wish someone other than Tim Cook would be the speaker of new stuff. Lots of feedback and Karl Madden SINGS! Notice how I made it sound like that’s a GOOD thing.

MyMac Podcast 639: FakenewsBlitzaggenTrumpocolypsegate  

A weird show with a weird title that we have a terrible time pronouncing. We’ve got articles from MyMac and all over the Apple web since Apple can’t apparently make anything new for us to talk about. Like iPhone production reduction, Tim’s visit to Wall Street, Apple sued for driver stupidity, and AirPods condoms!

MyMac Podcast 638: New Year, Same GMen  

It’s a new year and Gaz is back and Guy is…still Guy. They talk about Apple Cars, Mac and iOS not merging, how vinyl sales beat downloads in the UK, and Apple passing 20 million subscribers for Apple Music. Lot’s of other nonsense too because that’s what they do.

MyMac Podcast 637: Merry ChrisHannaKwanzmas  

Ah the joys of the holiday season is upon us so naturally many people are unhappy because they didn't or won't get some doodad they wanted! I say, look on the bright side, 2016 is almost over and a more screwed up year might be possible, but I wouldn't want to live through it. Another solo show, kinda short because Guy is busy! He talks about all the recent gloom and doom surrounding the Apple press because that’s SO festive!

MyMac Podcast 636: Moving to new updates  

Short show because there’s no Gaz, just Guy this week. Gaz isn’t here since there’s moving stuff happening. Guy talks briefly about the new updates for macOS and iOS and generally seems lonely (aww sad face). Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAZ!

MyMac Podcast 635: It’s 350 shows! Kinda  

We warned you this might happen and it did. Some 6 and a half years later, the GMen have made 350 episodes since starting all that time ago and you’ve stuck with us. Again, sorry. Besides all the usual stuff, we read out all the reasons why you listen and frankly we’re still not convinced that many of you aren’t figments of our shared delusional imaginations. We think it counts anyway. Thank you Chris Leiter, Gerald Tevreden, Elisa Pacelli, Allister Jenks, John Nemo, Clive Hammett, Troy Muller, Warren Sklar, Alex Fox, Michael Lacey, Melissa (MacMommy) Davis, Karl Madden, Gary Apter, Erick Diaz, Andria Schell, Serenak, and Gordon Keenan for taking the time to write in!

MyMac Podcast 634: It's three weeks to Christmas  

Will Santa put Tim and Jony on his naughty list for not delivering more Apple stuff? The GMen hope so because it’s so lonely for them at the top of that list. A cornucopia of articles from MyMac that they butcher first won’t help them get off that and neither will all the different stories they talk about later. Next week is their 350th episode so not much time left to say why you listen!

MyMac Podcast 633: Airport Alternative Black Friday Christmas Trees  

A long title for a short(ish) show. Apple may stop making routers, Jony Ive make a forrest in a hotel, crappy Apple deals, and Frankenstein loves Christmas! How can two men make a show out of such diverse topics? They really don’t know either, and one of them seems lacking in brains. Or claims that anyway

MyMac Podcast 632: DongleGate  

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to podcasts again, Gaz and Guy get back together. Oh Em Gee, where to start with this show? They talk about dongles, Sal Soghoian’s departure from Apple, lack of a pro focus with latest releases, iPhone 6 flickering and freezing issues, that bloody book, and why Mrs. G can’t get apps working out of the dock.

MyMac Podcast 631: Dodgy Slot Car Guy  

We promised or maybe threatened that we would get back to this story and so we have. On an otherwise slow week where talking about the Touchbar AGAIN would just be boring, Gaz and Guy instead talk about UK Real Estate, dead people on Facebook, and used iPhones. Because we can.

MyMac Podcast 630: Tech is HARD  

Guy has a football game to go to,that American version of it anyway, so the GMen couldn’t find a way to match up the schedule. Fortunately Mark Chappell of the Essential Apple Podcast jumped in to keep that UK US mix happening and of course the show went completely off the rails AND went really long AND doesn’t have a 3rd section OR after show. How did that happen?

MyMac Podcast 629: Distinctly Disappointed  

What if they had an Apple event and nobody liked it? Well that’s not fair as there were claps aplenty during the event and even the Men are split over whether or not it was a decent event. Gaz thought it was fine, but Guy was not a happy bunny. Somehow or another even Steve Jobs chimes in…sure he did.

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