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MyMac Podcast 672: While my Podcast gently sleeps  

All kidding aside, please take a moment to give generously to the charity of your choice to help some of those in need after the recent weather related problems. Speaking of weather related problems, Guy’s brother Larry escapes from South Florida to th wilds of Northern Virginia and joins the GMen on the podcast. Equifax takes a grilling, Apple’s TV programing (or lack thereof gets smacked around, and Apple’s UK Music Festival gets tossed into the dumpster. Just FULL of good news aren’t we?

MyMac Podcast 671: And he's back  

So Guy FINALLY gets off the road and behind the mic to do a MyMac Podcast. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, some still think this is a good thing. Guy talks about his various goings on and Gaz talks and becoming a decorator! Then more talk about Apple events and whether or not someone will buy stuff. Hint: they probably will

MyMac Podcast 670: iPad’a go go  

Again Yes again Guy is away but this time helping his Son Move (well that’s what I think he said! Karl Madden from the Mac and Fourth podcast and Alex Fox joins Gaz to go through the usual MyMac nonsense. The first section has a plethora of articles and the 2nd they have a discussion about the iPad.

MyMac Podcast 669: iPhone  

This Week Guy is away watching some Sun event or non sun event I don’t know, anyway Karl Madden from the Mac and Fourth podcast joins Gaz to go through the usual MyMac nonsense.

MyMac Podcast 668: Extraction Distraction  

For one week anyway, Guy and Gaz manage to record a podcast. Guy has had two teeth removed by an actual dentist and not by someone he managed to get mad at him and Gaz is really busy doing work and home stuff. Also his purple line issue is resolved. Why won’t Apple join the Advanced Mobile Location platform, Amazon want to make food that doesn’t spoil, and the iPad’s Smart Connector doesn’t seem to connect to all that much.

MyMac Podcast 667: Past that evil thing now  

Second half of the interview with Mike Potter from the For Mac Eyes Only podcast talking about Macstock 2017. We have ALL kinds of minor delay issues which is so annoying, but they don’t let it stop the show…except…when they stop the show and then come back in. There’s also solar eclipses and dogs and silly Siri tricks! So don’t miss a moment!

MyMac Podcast 666: It's EVIL Don't touch it  

No matter how many exorcisms you thrown at them, the GMen keep making podcasts and now they’re at show 666. How ever Mike Potter from the For Mac Eyes Only podcast and head guru of Macstock comes on to talk about how the event went and he’s is not evil at all!

MyMac Podcast 665: MyMac Geek Gab  

Against Dave’s better judgement, he thought it would be fun to record a combination MyMac and Mac Geek Gab podcast while we’re all here at MacStock 2017! Guy, John F. Braun, and Dave Hamilton all on the same podcast. Next time he’ll listen to that inner voice. They talk about All kinds of stuff, MGG listener questions and tips and general Tomfoolery!

MyMac Podcast 664: Socked in the Jawbone  

For one week, Gaz and Guy are recording together. Next week, not so much but Guy will be at Macstock so he’ll probably be able to find someone to record with. 2nd part of the Stephen Tobolowsky interview! Jawbone joins Fitbit in the rubbish bin of smart wearables. Instead what's left of the company will focus on medical software and hardware, a segment that Apple doesn't compete in...(gales of laughter)

MyMac Podcast 663: Technical Issues  

Gaz is off this week, but Guy isn’t alone as he brings back after only 7 years, Stephen Tobolowsky! The interview went long so Guy broke it up into a two parter for this week and next. Stephen talks about how technology has made life easier…and harder for actors, directors, and editors. Plus fun time after show stories! Why are still reading this? GO LISTEN!

MyMac Podcast 662: On the Road, Still  

Guy is heading back from his vacation, white socks and sandals and all, so Gaz roped in Karl from the Mac&Forth show, they go through all the usual stuff and chat about Karl’s iMac and their use of iPads in the middle section, Gaz’s tip is a Menu Bar Wonder , well sorta!

MyMac Podcast 661: Nano Bites and Road sights  

Well the road experiment did work, sorta and we had Gaz on for the first section. Half the time he couldn’t hear us though. So after that, Guy talks to his son Peter and his video partner Jake in creating original content on YouTube on their Nano Bites page. It was all about how they create this content on their Macs. A weird blend of serious and wacky.

MyMac Podcast 660: Dub-ling Down  

So WWDC is over and done with and the Men were pretty excited about the outcome. How excited? Well in about 20 minutes they’ll go over nearly everything talked about…though in not great detail. Guy changes his audio setup (AAAAgain) and wait till next week when recording while driving on I-95 will be attempted!

MyMac Podcast 659: Blue Monday  

WWDC has probably happened since you’ve heard this, but the Men have much more important things to talk about. Like outrage at Eddy Cue, Google rigging results in their own favor, and password managers that have been compromised. Also a fun after show where neither Guy nor Gaz understand what the other is arguing about.

MyMac Podcast 658: Should I stay or should I go  

Lots of products that haven’t been updated and WWDC right around the corner. Should have been an interesting topic but it ended up not so much. No matter when Frisian still provides lots of entertainment value!

MyMac Podcast 657: Guyless just Guyless  

All the podcasts and analysts are getting excited about WWDC, but here on the MyMac podcast we’re not lowering ourselves to that sort of informative level.

MyMac Podcast 656: Analysts agree with Gaz  

Whether to be be smiling wisely and frightened beyond measure, many analysts are agreeing with Gaz that Apple’s interest in cars is as a service, not in the actual manufacturing of automobiles. Bloomberg wants to talk about tables, Apple makes a big glass out of itself with Corning, and sure, let’s give big government agencies backdoor access because based on the current ransomware they’re SO good at keeping it secret.

MyMac Podcast 655: Doomed I tell, DOOMED!  

Regardless of what we say, Apple is NOT doomed. Especially with over 250 billion in the bank. Which we talk about in this show along with our vacation plans (because we can), Apple competes with Square and Venmo, and Apple has 80% of the smartphone market in China that sell for over $600.

MyMac Podcast 654: It's the Mally Malware Show  

So yet another piece of Malware that relies on the gullibility of computer users to infect themselves. Are you “that” guy? Apple making chips, but not to serve with fish, free apps extravaganza, and cutting rates to affiliate commissions is bad! Wait, no it’s good! What does it mean anyway? Lastly why are they talking about Grandma’s bottom?

MyMac Podcast 653: Apple's Autobot  

MyMac Podcast 653: Apple’s Autobot

They said it couldn’t be done, but the Men manage to put out a podcast that is UNDER an hour! Apple’s car (or not), The Guardian newspaper drops Apple ads (or not), and Apple is building a space fleet (or not). SO much more too!

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