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MyMac Podcast 633: Airport Alternative Black Friday Christmas Trees  

A long title for a short(ish) show. Apple may stop making routers, Jony Ive make a forrest in a hotel, crappy Apple deals, and Frankenstein loves Christmas! How can two men make a show out of such diverse topics? They really don’t know either, and one of them seems lacking in brains. Or claims that anyway

MyMac Podcast 632: DongleGate  

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to podcasts again, Gaz and Guy get back together. Oh Em Gee, where to start with this show? They talk about dongles, Sal Soghoian’s departure from Apple, lack of a pro focus with latest releases, iPhone 6 flickering and freezing issues, that bloody book, and why Mrs. G can’t get apps working out of the dock.

MyMac Podcast 631: Dodgy Slot Car Guy  

We promised or maybe threatened that we would get back to this story and so we have. On an otherwise slow week where talking about the Touchbar AGAIN would just be boring, Gaz and Guy instead talk about UK Real Estate, dead people on Facebook, and used iPhones. Because we can.

MyMac Podcast 630: Tech is HARD  

Guy has a football game to go to,that American version of it anyway, so the GMen couldn’t find a way to match up the schedule. Fortunately Mark Chappell of the Essential Apple Podcast jumped in to keep that UK US mix happening and of course the show went completely off the rails AND went really long AND doesn’t have a 3rd section OR after show. How did that happen?

MyMac Podcast 629: Distinctly Disappointed  

What if they had an Apple event and nobody liked it? Well that’s not fair as there were claps aplenty during the event and even the Men are split over whether or not it was a decent event. Gaz thought it was fine, but Guy was not a happy bunny. Somehow or another even Steve Jobs chimes in…sure he did.

MyMac Podcast 628: Completely Unannounced Car Cancelled  

What do you call rumors of a project never announced or confirmed being unofficially cancelled? A funny topic to be thoroughly explored (revoked and denied) by the GMen. Australian banks are all mad at Apple except for the one making lots of money off ApplePay, Samsung on fire jokes, a Drobo gets expanded, email gets fixed, a phone gets replaced, and apparently some new Macs will be out soon. However it isn’t confirmed and the GMen hate rumors…usually

MyMac Podcast 627: Taking Stock  

Lots of little things that Apple seems to be doing wrong. Nothing major, but it’s enough to show there could be a problem. Guy and Gaz take a break from praising to wondering what the heck is going on? Also because there was no after show last week, this week it’s probably too long. Oh well.

MyMac Podcast 626: Future Apple  

Gaz and Guy wax poetically about the future of Apple hardware and probably have it all wrong. This has never stopped them in the past so why should this show be any different? Guy also has audio volume issues and is not happy, but again why should this show be any different?

MyMac Podcast 625: Hurricane Apple  

What do USB-C, Lightning Connectors, unnamed ARM processors, LuLu, the Archies, Siri speaking, and general tomfoolery have to do with each other? As it turns out, they’re all on this podcast. Doesn’t necessarily make sense, but it IS Guy and Gaz.

MyMac Podcast 624: Looking for Problems  

More like looking for topics. Gaz and Guy have a great time talking about some of the problems they’ve had with the latest releases of iOS and macOS. But it still does down to SIMBL the White Lion errors. Oh and for the last time, Gaz did NOT release those Pippa Middleton pics so bug off!

MyMac Podcast 623: iOmess 10  

High School reunions and other insanity! New phone for Gaz, lot’s of feedback, and a discussion about iOS 10 and a tale of woe with a happy ending.

MyMac Podcast 622: Once more into the Breach  

So there was this Apple event that Gaz and Guy feel obligated to talk about. Guy goes full Sierra, Gaz has his first game, and we all learn about Squirkles. Lots of feedback, an iTunes review and (GASP!) a Skype phone call.

MyMac Podcast 621: What's Old is New Again  

Gaza is back but about 3 seconds slower than usual. After taking a day off to wait for his ISP to get their heads out of their posterior, they talk a bit about the upcoming Apple event and whether or not an old Mac may fit your life better than a new one.

MyMac Podcast 620: Why all the delay?  

Gaz is off doing stuff, so Guy bribed…coerced…threatened…invited (yeah that’s the word) Karl Madden and Mark Chappell from the Essential Mac and Mac and Forth podcasts to come on. Just so he wouldn’t feel UK deprived you know. The main topic being why Apple has held off on updated Macs for so long and various conspiracies behind it. Most of which is probably not true…probably.

MyMac Podcast 619: Google Lost Stuff  

Gaz and Guy talk a bit about Google’s lost projects and apps, Samoan/Fiji Rugby, back to school stuff, and storage sheds. Yes it’s been one of THOSE weeks.

MyMac Podcast618: Awwwwdio  

Victor Cajiao whose name gives Guy fits, joins the GMen to talk about audio. Hi end to low cost, there’s a little something for everyone here. Check out his podcast, the Terratech, which is all about tech that goes from mastering audio to how to grill meat!

MyMac Podcast 617: Service with a Smile  

So after the iPhone, what do you think is the number two money generator for Apple? Macs? iPads? The Apple Watch (yeah right!). Nope, believe it not, it’s Apple’s services including iTunes, iCloud, and many others. The Gmen explore this a bit before losing track of what it was they were talking about.

MyMac Podcast 616: Revenge of Macstock  

A lot of Guy this episode (too much really) as he talks about his experiences at Macstock 2016, before, during, and after. 10 minutes of audio that shall NEVER be heard and the two of them laughing a lot. So back to a regular show then right?

MyMac Podcast 615: Mobile Madness  

Gas is not in this one but lots of other people are including some from OWC, a few MyMac-ers, and a whole lot more all from Guy’s mobile podcasting rig. If you couldn’t be at Macstock, this is just as good. Actually no it isn’t but still fun!

MyMac Podcast 614-5: Just a little bit more  

A Rare mid-week show as Gaz is back to bookend the podcasts from the Macstock Expo except this one is coming out before the other one! Got it? Neither do they, so just sit back and enjoy!

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