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Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science. The Nature Podcast is a free weekly audio show highlighting content from each issue, and interviews with the scientists behind the research.


Nature Backchat: October 2016  

Europe’s Mars probe loses touch, UK government proposes research funding shake-up, and science’s most bothersome buzzwords.

Nature Podcast: 20 October 2016  

This week, making egg cells in a dish, super-bright flares in nearby galaxies, trying to predict the election, and the scientists voting for Trump.

REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - October 1993  

In the early 1990s, a team of astrophysicists saw signs of life on a planet in our galaxy. Astronomy experts tell the story, and discuss how we can tell if there is life beyond the Earth. Originally aired 16/10/2013.

Nature Podcast: 13 October 2016  

This week, refugee mental health, better neural nets, and changing attitudes to female genital cutting.

Nature Extra: Nobel News  

Science gets glitzy in October each year as the Nobel Prizes are awarded. Find out who took home the prizes for Medicine or Physiology, Physics and Chemistry.

Nature Podcast: 6 October 2016  

This week, a limit to lifespan, AI's black box problem, and ageing stem cells.

Nature Backchat: September 2016  

The challenges of getting into science, getting a decent salary once you’re in, and getting funding through philanthropy.

Nature Podcast: 29 September 2016  

This week, the chemistry of life’s origins, two million years of temperatures, and studying the heaviest elements.

Nature Extra: Futures September 2016  

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Miranda Keeling reads you our favourite from September, ’Try Catch Throw’ by Andrew Neil Gray.

Nature Podcast: 22 September 2016  

This week, a sea of viruses, defining social class, the human journey out of Africa and human remains found on Antikythera shipwreck.

REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - September 1963  

When a German geologist first suggested that continents move, people dismissed it as a wild idea. In this podcast, we hear how a 'wild idea' became plate tectonics, the unifying theory of earth sciences.

Nature Podcast: 15 September 2016  

This week, the ideal office environment, synthesising speech, and embryo epigenetics.

Nature Podcast: 8 September 2016  

This week, solving ethical dilemmas Star Trek style, farming festivals boost yield, and three scientists on their sci-fi inspirations.

Nature Podcast: 1 September 2016  

This week, famous hominin Lucy may have died when she fell from a tree, and an antibody-based drug shows promise in Alzheimer’s

Futures: August 2016  

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Kerri Smith reads you her favourite from August, 'Interdimensional trade benefits' by Brian Trent.

Nature Backchat: August 2016  

A nearby Earth-like planet, preprint servers proliferate, and the scientific legacy that Obama leaves behind.

Nature Podcast: 25 August 2016  

This week, an Earth-like planet on our doorstep, dietary restriction combats ageing syndrome, and drugs for neglected diseases.

REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - August 1975  

Six out of ten of the world's best-selling drugs are based on molecules called monoclonal antibodies. But their high impact comes with a low profile. This is a story of how basic science quietly became blockbuster medicine. Originally aired 14/08/13.

Nature Podcast: 18 August 2016  

This week, how fins became limbs, a giant gene database cracks clinical cases, and making better opioids.

Nature Podcast: 11 August 2016  

This week, the migration route of the first Americans, the bandwidth crisis, clever conductors, and the next CRISPR.

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