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Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science. The Nature Podcast is a free weekly audio show highlighting content from each issue, and interviews with the scientists behind the research.


Nature Podcast: 17 August 2017  

This week, preventing genetic diseases in China, a red supergiant star's mystery, and the algal boom.

Nature Podcast: 10 August 2017  

This week, ancient mammal relatives, complex brain maps, and a 19th century solar eclipse.

Nature Podcast  

This week, the first flower, gene editing human embryos, and the antimatter quest.

Nature Podcast: 27 July 2017  

This week, a brain-inspired computer, the brain's control of ageing, and Al Gore the climate communicator.

Nature Podcast: 20 July 2017  

This week, getting a handle on topology, and working out why the fastest animals are medium sized.

Nature Podcast: 13 July 2017  

This week, defying quantum noise, looking at early signs of autism, and taking steps to assess exercise.

Nature Podcast: 6 July 2017  

This week, a new kind of quantum bit, the single-cell revolution, and exploring Antarctica’s past to understand sea level rise.

Grand Challenges: Energy  

To combat global warming, the world needs to change where it gets its energy from. Three energy experts discuss the challenges of transitioning to low carbon energy, and what advances are needed to make the journey possible. This is the final episode in the Grand Challenges podcast series.

Extra: The grey zone  

Sometimes people can become trapped in the grey zone between conscious and unconscious states. Kerri Smith talks to neuroscientist Adrian Owen about communicating with patients in vegetative states.

Backchat: June 2017  

Our reporters and editors respond to the UK election. Plus, the tangled taxonomy of our species, and why physicists love to hate the standard model.

Nature Podcast: 15 June 2017  

This week, treating infection without antibiotics, wireless charging, and making sense of music.

Nature Podcast: 15 June 2017  

This week, treating infection without antibiotics, wireless charging, and making sense of music.   

Nature Podcast: 8 June 2017  

This week, early Homo sapiens in Morocco, mathematicians trying to stop gerrymandering, and going beyond the standard model.

Grand Challenges: Food security  

Millions around the world are chronically hungry. Three experts on agriculture discuss how to help people grow enough food, in a world of evolving technology, global markets and a changing climate. This is episode 3 of 4 in the Grand Challenges podcast series.

Nature Podcast: 1 June 2017  

This week, ‘sticky’ RNA causes disease, disorganised taxonomy, and 'intelligent crowd' peer review.

Nature Extra: Futures May 2017  

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from May, 'Life, hacked' by Krystal Claxton.

Backchat: May 2017  

This month the team are chatting scientific data, scientific papers and... religion.

Nature Podcast: 25 May 2017  

This week, E. coli with colour vision, tracing the Zika virus outbreak, and a roadmap for medical microbots.

Nature Podcast: 18 May 2017  

This week, wonky vehicle emissions tests, error-prone bots help humans, and animals that lack a microbiome.

Nature Podcast: 11 May 2017  

This week, fake antibodies scupper research, the diversity of cells in a tumour, and what happened before tectonic plates? SURVEY:

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