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Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science. The Nature Podcast is a free weekly audio show highlighting content from each issue, and interviews with the scientists behind the research.


Nature Extra: Futures November 2016  

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Adam Levy reads you his favourite from November, ’Melissa' by Troy Stieglitz.

Nature Podcast: 1 December 2016  

This week, CRISPR’s rival stumbles, Pluto’s icy heart, and is mitochondrial replacement ready for the clinic?

Nature Podcast: 24 November 2016  

Tracking whale shark DNA in seawater, the human computers behind early astronomy, building materials with a microscope, and a new synchrotron starts up in the Middle East.

Nature Backchat: November 2016  

Donald Trump’s impact on research and climate action, and how Nature should discuss politics.

Nature Podcast: 17 November 2016  

This week, your brain on cannabis, testing CRISPR in a human, and what it might be like to live on Mars.

REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - November 1869  

The first issue of Nature looked very different from today's magazine. It opened with poetry and was written for a general audience. We hear how Nature began, and how it became the iconic science journal it is today.

Nature Podcast: 10 November 2016  

This week, CERN for the brain, modelling the effects of a climate tax on food, a brain-spine interface helps paralysed monkeys walk, and what Trump's win might mean for science.

Nature Podcast: 3 November 2016  

This week, the earliest humans to roam Australia, Werner Herzog’s new film about volcanoes, and are astronomers turning a blind eye to competing theories?

Nature Extra: Futures October 2016  

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Shamini Bundell reads you her favourite from Month, ’The sixth circle' by J. W. Armstrong.

Nature Podcast: 27 October 2016  

This week, the challenges facing young scientists, pseudo-pseudo genes, and the history of HIV in the US.

Nature Backchat: October 2016  

Europe’s Mars probe loses touch, UK government proposes research funding shake-up, and science’s most bothersome buzzwords.

Nature Podcast: 20 October 2016  

This week, making egg cells in a dish, super-bright flares in nearby galaxies, trying to predict the election, and the scientists voting for Trump.

REBROADCAST: Nature PastCast - October 1993  

In the early 1990s, a team of astrophysicists saw signs of life on a planet in our galaxy. Astronomy experts tell the story, and discuss how we can tell if there is life beyond the Earth. Originally aired 16/10/2013.

Nature Podcast: 13 October 2016  

This week, refugee mental health, better neural nets, and changing attitudes to female genital cutting.

Nature Extra: Nobel News  

Science gets glitzy in October each year as the Nobel Prizes are awarded. Find out who took home the prizes for Medicine or Physiology, Physics and Chemistry.

Nature Podcast: 6 October 2016  

This week, a limit to lifespan, AI's black box problem, and ageing stem cells.

Nature Backchat: September 2016  

The challenges of getting into science, getting a decent salary once you’re in, and getting funding through philanthropy.

Nature Podcast: 29 September 2016  

This week, the chemistry of life’s origins, two million years of temperatures, and studying the heaviest elements.

Nature Extra: Futures September 2016  

Futures is Nature's weekly science fiction slot. Miranda Keeling reads you our favourite from September, ’Try Catch Throw’ by Andrew Neil Gray.

Nature Podcast: 22 September 2016  

This week, a sea of viruses, defining social class, the human journey out of Africa and human remains found on Antikythera shipwreck.

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