No Effects with Jesse Cohen

No Effects with Jesse Cohen

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Conversations with musicians and other performers from one of the people who brought you Tanlines the band and Tanlines the twitter feed. I will never ask about the name of your band.


62 - Andrew Savage (Parquet Courts)  

Andrew Savage from the band Parquet Courts joins me this week. Listen as he sails a Bob Seger reference way over my head, talks music school, what it’s like as a DIY band playing festivals and large venues, and much much more. Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

61 - Julianna Barwick  

Julianna Barwick's new album "Will" is out on May 6, 2016 on Dead Oceans. Listen to Julianna tell me about growing up in the church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, moving to New York, her early experiences doing music in Brooklyn and around the world, and how she made her new album "Will". Plus, her time as an intern for a very famous children's musician, and much much more. Julianna is a true one-of-a-kinder and I loved talking to her for an hour. I think you will too. email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

60 - Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend, Baio)  

Recorded at an AirBnb down in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2016, this is my great conversation with Chris Baio. Chris plays bass in Vampire Weekend and plays everything in his own project Baio. Chris is a super nice guy who is super talented and this is a super conversation. As always, we delve into early bands and how he started playing in Vampire Weekend. Also, he tells me about mixing his album in Malibu, living in London, and much much more. Plus, I go negative on the Chi-peps. Enjoy! email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

59 - Kristin Welchez (Dum Dum Girls, Kristin Kontrol)  

Kristin tells me about her life before, during, and after being Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls, and her new project: "Kristin Kontol." Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

58 - Nick Sylvester (GODMODE)  

A fantastic double xl episode of No Effects this week with god in chief of the GODMODE Squad, Nick Sylvester. Before helming his own record label / management / production company GODMODE and producing albums for Shamir, Deerhoof and more, Nick was a teenage trumpet player performing at weddings and bar mitzvahs in Philadelphia. After that, he was a Harvard kid writing snarky album reviews for Pitchfork. After that, he was a writer for the Colbert Report for 4 years. After that, he started a muscular brooklyn rock band called Mr. Dream. And now, he is putting it all together in a really unique way at GODMODE. He's a true one-of-a-kinder and I was very happy to talk to him about all that and more. GODMODE: Email me:

57 - The Range  

The Range is James Hinton and "Potential" is his new album, out March 25, 2016 on Domino Records. I spoke with James on an unseasonably warm February day in his apartment in Brooklyn. We talked about his open mic days, the movie Sliver, "reverse catfishing" in order to make his album, and much much more. Fun fact: there was a gas leak in James' apartment while we recorded this episode. I helped discover it right after we finished and saved his massive apartment building from burning down. ENJOY!! @noeffectsshow

56 - DJDS (DJ Dodger Stadium)  

DJDS is Sam Griesemer and Jerome Potter. They are from LA, they have a new album called "Stand Up and Speak." This episode is a step by step guide for how to get a cool internship in the music industry and how to take that experience into work as an electronic music professional. email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

55 - Pictureplane  

HNY EVERYONE Starting off 2016, my guest is Mr. Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane. We talk about being a history buff, being in a "conscious hip hop" group in New Mexico in the early 2000's and the golden era of the Denver DIY scene. Among MANY other things. Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

54 - YACHT  

Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt join me for one of my favorite conversations of 2015. We go over the many incarnations and affiliates of the band known as YACHT, what it's like to do music and so many other things, Jona's idea for a site that reviews YACHT reviews, their TV pilot, their lapsed URLS, and finally, their amazing personal journeys. email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

53 - Jake Duzsik (HEALTH)  

Recorded in LA in March 2015, this is my conversation with Jake Duzsik of the band HEALTH. We talk about discovering you're not punk rock, touring with his band HEALTH, taking 5 years between albums, and much much more. Lots of swearing in this one, kids. HEALTH are on tour right now! Google that for more. email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

52 - Neon Indian  

Alan Palomo and I sit and talk for almost an hour about the Tomb Raider Soundtrack. There are also side conversations about sensory deprivation tanks on tour, growing up in Monterrey, Mexico and San Antonio, and the new Neon Indian album "Vega Intl. Night School" Twitter: @noeffectsshow Email:

51 - Martin Courtney (Real Estate)  

Martin joined me in my kitchen to talk about his new album "Many Moons," his life in upstate New York, yawning on stage, and much more. PLUS a couple of very exciting bonus announcements Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

50 - BØRNS  

I try not to dwell too much on the young age of my guest this week, Garrett Borns. He records as BØRNS and his new album "Dopamine" is out right now on Interscope. He tells me about how he went from a kid in Michigan doing online jingle contests to an international recording artist in record time. email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

49 - MNDR  

Amanda Warner is MNDR and on this episode she shares her story: from growing up on a farm in North Dakota to auditioning to play bass for Hole (!) to the warehouse world of Oakland, to having a number one song in Europe, to writing a thousand songs for other artists, and, if you can believe it, much much more. She is amazing, an A+ guest, I loved talking to her, and you will love listening to her, so please do that! Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

48 - Them Jeans  

Recorded out in LA back in March of 2015, my guest this week is LA based slasher Jason Stewart. He's the DJ slash podcaster slash music supervisor slash "food enthusiast" known as Them Jeans. We talk about the heyday of blog djing in the mid 2000's, DJ's complaining, and a variety of other subjects as I unload all of my DJ related material on him. email:

47 - Autre Ne Veut  

Arthur Ashin, the artist currently known as Autre Ne Veut, joins me to tell me about his parents, his near birth experience, his favorite concert of all time, his new album, his college theory days, and much much more. His new album "Age of Transparency" is available now from Downtown Records. email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

46 - Youth Lagoon  

Trevor Powers records as Youth Lagoon and he has a great new album out right now called "Savage Hills Ballroom." Go listen to it! He's an amiable guy who was happy talk baseball, to listen to me casually psychoanalyze his love of the movie "Castaway" and much MUCH more. I'm trying to put out new episodes weekly now! As always: my email is Subscribe and Rate on iTunes:…id815705988?mt=2

45 - Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear)  

Welcome to episode 45 of No Effects with Jesse Cohen! On this episode, my guest, Ed Droste, and I talk about the early days of his band Grizzly Bear, moving to Los Angeles, envying DJ's, writing music for the radio, and much much more. FYI: I recorded this conversation at Ed's home in Los Angeles back in March, about 6 months ago. Email me at

44 - Albert Hammond, Jr (The Strokes)  

Albert Hammond, Jr joins me in my kitchen to talk about his new album "Momentary Masters" and married life upstate. We talk about the time that Tanlines played the main stage at FYF before the Strokes, we talk about difference between making an album 10 years ago and today, and we talk about much much more. Email: Subscribe and Rate on iTunes:

43 - Molly Lambert  

Molly Lambert is a writer for Grantland and a podcast host there as well. She's a dear dear friend and I was very happy to talk to her back in March in Los Angeles. She tells me about how she started writing and how she believes that every TV writer has a deep, dark, secret. Email: Subscribe and Rate on iTunes:

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