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Off Duty Podcast

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Off Duty is a look inside the lives and minds of real firefighters. A comedy talk show born from coffee table talk at the firehouse. Join Chief, Probie and Ryan every Monday morning as we invite a guest with stressful jobs to sit down with us and talk about life.


Episode 60:  Amanda Scaccia  

In this episode we are joined by Mike's longtime friend Amanda.

Episode 59:  Cathy McElhaney  

This week Chief and the guys are joined by long-time listener and author of the listener-inspired Mystic Shores books Cathy McElhaney, all the way from the great state of Texas.

Black Friday Bonus  

Chief and Mike sit down with Chief's boys, Quinten and Parker. Just a little family fun to enjoy during your Black Friday shopping!

Episode 58:  Becky Again!  

In this episode, Chief is away on assignment while Mike and Ryan take the helm with the one and only Becky Ruff, Chief's wife, as their guest.

Episode 57: Rob Gruener  

In this week's episode, Chief Ryan and Mike invite listener and firefighter Rob to the show to shoot the shit and celebrate his birthday with a cold beer.

Episode 56: Emily Again!  

In this week's episode, the guys invite returning guest and Ryan's dispatch co-worker Emily to the show. Chief speaks his mind about Probie hosting last week, and sheds light on what really happened at the cabin.

Episode 55: Loin Again!  

In this episode, Chief is on the road out on assignment. Mike steps into the host chair, and Loin joints him and Ryan.

Episode 54: Kim Willson  

This week is the guys sit down with listener Kim for an interesting morning chat.

Episode 53: Popsie  

This week's episode features none other than Popsie Ruff, Chief's dad. The guys get the dirt on Chief's childhood as Popsie tells all!

Episode 52: Jude How Rude  

In this episode, the guys are visited by long-time listener "Jude How Rude" from across the pond in France. Jude makes a pit stop at the studio while on vacation in the states.

Episode 51: Trisha Avink  

In this episode the guys sit with this musically talented young lady. Chief even manages to get Trisha to sing for us on the air!

Episode 50: Jason Sutton  

In this episode the guys sit down with jack-of-all-trades Jason for a hilarious morning show.

Episode 49: First Live Event  

The guys head to Three Oaks, MI to show support for the "Swinging For Sam" fundraiser for children of Vets. This is the first time the crew has done a live show.

Episode 48: Pope Returns  

In this episode Chief and the guys have old buddy Pope on for a return visit to the show. Chaos unfolds!

Episode 47: Amanda  

In this week's episode Chief and the guys invite freelance photographer Amanda on to put Mike on blast for being a late idiot.

Episode 46: Chelsea Prior  

In this week's episode, the guys hang out with Pittsburgh blogger Chelsea for a hilarious morning discussion!

Episode 45: The Interview  

In this episode, Chief puts Mike in the hotseat with a job interview from hell for a position as his personal assistant.

Episode 44: Becky Ruff  

In this episode, the guys sit down with the lovely Becky, AKA Mrs.Chief for a hilarious time!

Episode 43: Aubrie Toothman  

In this episode the guys are joined by fellow Michigander Aubrie Toothman for a couple of laughs!

Episode 42: 10-4 Good Buddy!  

In this episode, the guys invite lifelong truck driver Jeff Shaw to share some of his stories from the road!

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