Official Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Official Mark Levin Audio Rewind

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Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, his top-rated show on WABC is now syndicated nationally. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena.


12/2/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The purpose of the Constitution is to enable freedom of the individual and set up a government that nurtures our unalienable rights. It’s not meant to provide us with our material wants and needs. In order for the government to do that, someone else’s rights would have to be denied. In addition, progressives were the one who instituted tariffs in this country. The likes of FDR and Huey Long would agree with tariff and protectionist policies being proposed today. Tariffs don’t build an economy or encourage a freedom mentality. What President-elect Trump ought to do is unleash the economy so that more and more people get jobs and wealth is created. This is why Reaganites are needed in the Trump administration. Unfortunately, many conservatives don’t seem to understand this today. The Republican Party is regressing and we have lost sight of liberty. Many are getting caught up by the same class warfare of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. We should not contribute to the degradation that the left and President Obama have imposed on this country. America needs to embrace Reagan, Thatcher and freedom. Later, of course the left wingers in the Senate are not going to pass a statute to confirm General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense. Republicans better steam roll the minority on this one.

12/1/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

It appears that President-elect Donald Trump has a pen and a phone too. The president doesn’t have the power to control the economy and businesses, yet Trump wants to punish businesses who want to move overseas. This is a statist move that is in the mold of FDR, Herbert Hoover and Woodrow Wilson. If a president can browbeat a company like Carrier, than he can browbeat anyone. This attack on the private sector is not something that we as conservatives should support. On one hand the Trump administration wants to unleash the economy but on the other hand they want to use the iron fist to control it. Later, General James Mattis would be an excellent choice for Defense Secretary. The big question is the State Department. Do we want a mush as Secretary of State like Mitt Romney or Gen David Petraeus who doesn’t have a good understanding of foreign policy? Then we have Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton. Bolton will control the bureaucracy and has a solid understanding of foreign policy. He is the stand out choice for Secretary of State.

11/30/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Leftist cities around the country, with the support of the Democratic Party and President Obama, are nullifying federal immigration law by stating that they will not cooperate with law enforcement agencies in enforcing immigration. They are behaving like Civil War-era pro-slavery states. By refusing to follow the law these Confederation cities and states are lawless. If confirmed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions should go into federal court and seek a court order compelling states to comply with federal law and enforce immigration law. If nullification is the new norm then it’s a new game. The left has far more to lose from nullification than anyone else. The left is all about Federal regulations and imposing their will on states and local communities. If they can nullify Federal Law than any other state can as well. After that, there’s nothing new about President Elect Trump’s plan to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure. FDR, LBJ, Woodrow Wilson, Ike Eisenhower and President Obama have all spent like crazy. The money won’t even go to repairing roads or bridges but to new projects that the government comes up with. Later, it wasn’t tariffs or protectionism that is keeping Carrier in the U.S. It’s just the opposite, it was free enterprise and the promise of tax cuts and decreased regulations.

11/29/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

When it comes to Donald Trump’s cabinet, it’s make the Establishment and Goldman Sachs great again. With the nomination of Elaine Chao, the wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell, for Secretary of Transportation and Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs employee, for Treasury Secretary, it’s quite obvious that President-elect Trump and the Republican Establishment are now partners. This is not Trump draining the swamp, this is the swamp draining Trump. Conservatives need to be more vigilant than ever. Has anyone seen any Sen Ted Cruz supporters nominated for cabinet positions? Trump hasn't had a good appointment since Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Pompeo. At the end of the day personnel is policy. Without principled and loyal cabinet secretaries the Trump administration is putting itself in a failing position. After that, there is no mandate for populism, nationalism, and big government who picks winners and losers. . It was conservatives near the end who decided the winner of this election; we were the neithers. Later, Kellyanne Conway said the Trump election was a landslide. This is not the case as Trump is 44th in a line of presidents who won the Electoral College. He won 56.9% of the Electoral College and this is not a landslide by any historical measure.

11/28/16-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Fidel Castro is finally dead. He murdered tens of thousands of innocent human beings, ran drugs, almost started a nuclear war and even banned Christmas. Now people like President Obama, Canadian PM Trudeau and leftists in America are heaping praise on him. The left in this country loves dictatorships as long as their side is in office. Progressives and socialists all have the taint of Marxism so they defend it. No one on the hard left will condemn Castro. After that, an 18 year-old Somali refugee, Abdul Razak Ali Artan drove a car into a group of people on the Ohio State campus then jumped from the car and slashed people with a machete before he was fatally shot by a hero police officer Alan Horujko. This police officer deserves the Presidential of freedom, not these millionaire actors and athletes. Later, Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States because he received most of the Electoral College votes. Now there is effort under way to smear Trump and the country and attack Trump’s mandate by a recount in some states. It’s the same left wing goon mentality that undermines our country and the Constitution. The goal of the left is to delegitimize the election results. This started with Al Gore after the 2000 election when he demanded a recount after losing to George W. Bush.

11/25/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review fills in for Mark. There are a lot of people that conservatives can thank for the Donald Trump victory. Some of them include, the leftist agitators at Trump rallies, Jonathan Gruber, Paul Krugman and others on the left. In addition, those who wanted to agitate violence at Trump rallies only motivated Republicans to come out and vote for Trump. The agitators no longer have Walter Cronkite and others in the media to cover for their actions. Now they can be exposed by social media. Later, the left is having a total and complete meltdown over some of Trump’s appointments. Liberals are now outraged over the appointment of Myron Ebell to head the EPA. After that, the whole idea of the Electoral College was to prevent states like California, Texas, or New York from taking away the rights of smaller states. The Framers wanted the rest of the country to have a say in what was going on.

11/24/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

We bring you the best of Mark Levin and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. It was not Trump who defeated Hillary Clinton. Rather, the constitutional conservatives who went forth and voted for him are the real victors. Trump won by running on one of the most conservative policy records and agendas of any modern president. It wasn’t until later when we held his feet to the fire insisting that he embrace conservative principles that he was able to do so. Now it’s time to get to work on implementing that conservative agenda. And we’re going to insist that on these important conservative issues that this Republican monopoly advance our principles, the principles they said that they would institute. Also, the National Republican Senatorial Committee had nothing to do with the success of the Trump campaign. They didn’t even come out to support Darryl Glenn for Senate in Colorado. Glenn, an African American military veteran lost his race by 2%. The NRSC didn’t spend one penny on his race because they want to keep conservatives out. Finally, one thing Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree on is that FBI Director James Comey needs to be fired. Being an FBI director is not a job for a politician.

11/23/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor of Conservative Review fills in for Mark. The liberal Democrats loved the electoral college before President-elect Trump won the election. But now they are attacking it because the liberals change their positions on many things when it suits them. They even had a nickname for the electoral college, “the blue wall” which was a group of states Democrats counted on to win elections since 1988 to beat Republicans. Now they are complaining and saying that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but that doesn’t matter, the electoral college matters. After an election we shouldn’t assume that liberals will take the high road. We conservatives stick to our positions and principles whether we lose or win the elections. In addition, the left always uses the racist label all the time. They are at it again especially when it comes to the media coverage of Trump. Without using the label of racism the left has absolutely no valid arguments. The media and the left are all in collaboration with each other.

11/22/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Will President-elect Trump be more like Nixon or Reagan? Will he try to cut deals with Democrats like Nixon or be like Reagan where he cut the size of government and return power to the states? Trump has walked back or been silent on many major campaign promises, including the building of a border wall, cancelling the Paris climate agreement, and prosecuting Hillary Clinton. Of course, we are told to ignore this. We want Trump to succeed, but we also want him to do the right thing. Now, before the inauguration, is the time to hold Trump to his word and pressure him towards conservative policies. Once he is president it will be very difficult to influence him. So, why are so many in conservative media ignoring Trump’s softer rhetoric? After that, the State Department has the most vile bureaucracy on the planet. Both Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are not suited to be Secretary of State but John Bolton would be great for the position because he can manage this bureaucracy. Bolton is not a Neocon but a patriot. In addition, Bernie Sanders likes the Trump trade policy and is willing to work with him on this. Apparently nobody in D.C supports the Commerce Clause. Trump might as well bring Sanders into his administration rather than bringing on a Sanders surrogate such as Harold Ford Jr. Finally, Sen Ron Johnson calls in to discuss his victory against Russ Feingold in the November 8th election.

11/21/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Sen Chuck Schumer and the other Democrats have announced that President-elect Trump's agenda is dead by way of the filibuster rule in the Senate. It’s time that Sen Mitch McConnell steps up and makes sure Trump’s agenda gets through by getting rid of this rule. He and the Republicans made promises and it’s time for them to follow through. We don’t need to die politically over the filibuster rule, which isn’t even in the Constitution. Democrats will fight Trump on everything except of course for the trillion of dollars in stimulus spending. Schumer, the left and the pseudo-right may debate the size of government but they all believe in centralized and big government. This trillion dollars in spending will be a waste and will just add more to the national debt. Later, there is an epidemic going on in this country. We now have people shooting police officers for the fun of it and President Obama and AG Loretta Lynch are not saying a word. Is it too much to ask for the Attorney General and the President to speak out in defense of the police? Finally, Brian Kilmeade calls in to talk about his book, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The forgotten War that Changed American History.

11/18/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Sen Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn and Mike Pompeo were appointed to serve in senior positions in the Trump administration and they are great appointments by President Elect Donald Trump. The left is trying to ruin Sessions by accusing him of making racist comments. Sessions is a thoroughly decent human being and doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. He’s an extremely ethical man who worked to desegregate schools in Alabama and has done more to ruin the KKK than Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or President Obama have ever done. The Trump team has to be ready for this leftist onslaught against Trump appointees because they are testing Trump to try and make him buckle. After that, this new nationalism that some talk about is nothing new. The phrase, “new nationalism” was first coined in a speech given by Theodore Roosevelt in 1910. He was a Republican then who denounced the Declaration of Independence and embraced the new nationalism. Roosevelt rejected the American heritage and limitations placed on the federal government. He argued for a powerful central government that would take care of welfare of people. Finally, we don’t believe in global government that disenfranchises Americans and tears down the Constitution. Trade is not globalism and Trump needs to understand this.

11/17/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

On Thursday's Mark Levin show, Nancy Pelosi should be House minority leader, Chuck Schumer should be Senate minority leader, and Keith Ellison should be head of the DNC. Because if the Democrats reach into their farm team and elect moderates, they’d be a lot tougher to beat than these radicals. For us, the more radical and repulsive the people the Democrats nominate for high office, the better. Unfortunately, to leading Democrats, the Democratic Party isn’t radical enough. After that, what is it with President Obama traveling the world? He’s a complete failure in foreign and domestic policy and has no place lecturing Donald Trump or the world. Also, since Obama has been President, the Republicans hold more state legislatures and governorships since the Reconstruction era. That is one thing about Obama that Republicans can be thankful for. Later, Mitt Romney is now being considered for Secretary of State. Sen Bob Corker would be the worst nominee but Mitt Romney is not much better. He used his position as a former Republican nominee to eviscerate Trump in a speech and bash him as a low life. He has no business visiting Trump Tower to discuss this position. Finally, Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire calls in to discuss his speech at the University of Wisconsin where he put down leftist protestors who eventually left on their own out of embarrassment.

11/16/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Rep Keith Ellison, the potential head of the DNC, is a disaster. He’s a left-wing, anti Semite congressman with past ties to the Nation of Islam, the Muslim brotherhood and CAIR, who has ties to Hamas. Why isn’t this national news? Because the media is in tank for the Democrats. It doesn’t matter who’s at the DNC position, they will be protected by the media. Also, Sen Bob Corker helped President Obama arm Iran and his name is being considered for Secretary of State and Sen Rand Paul thinks it’s great. How can Paul say he supports the Constitution and yet support Corker for this position? When it comes to war Rand is closer to code pink then he is to any mainstream conservatism and that’s a problem. This is an important decision President-elect Trump has to make and it will determine what kind of foreign policy we will have going forward. In addition, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Trump got almost the same popular vote total. The population is growing and our Presidential popular vote is not, that’s problematic. We need to find a better way to get our message across. Finally, Caroline Glick calls in to discuss her cancelled invitation to speak at the University of Texas. It was cancelled due to the University being unsure on how the State of Israel could cause the students to react.

11/15/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The Trump administration cannot succeed if it doesn’t put some conservatives in some very senior positions in the cabinet. We mostly see establishment types on Donald Trump’s shortlist. Sen Jeff Sessions would be great to head the Justice Dept or Attorney General. John Bolton would be brilliant as Secretary of State, not Rudy Giuliani, who has no solid conservative credentials except for law enforcement. You want to pick the best people you can who will be loyal to you and who share your ideology. But the Republican establishment does not share conservative principles and they do not want to implement a conservative agenda. Also, the best person that Trump should nominate for Supreme Court is Sen Mike Lee, who’s on his shortlist. The supreme court is a big reason why conservatives voted for Trump. The only problem is that Trump would have to put aside the fact that Lee wasn’t a Trump supporter. Finally, when democrats lose elections, they say that it’s rigged and the system needs to be changed and they always attack the constitution. Now they have a proposal to abolish Electoral College and it looks to be gaining steam.

11/14/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Those who are principled constitutional conservatives have a role to play in the new Trump government. Our role is to push aggressively when the Trump administration supports conservative principles and push back when it doesn’t. Conservatives need to watch out for those like Chuck Schumer and the left who are already trying to sabotage and seek to sabotage the Trump administration when Trump takes the helm early next year. In addition, Trump is bringing on Steve Bannon of Breitbart, and RNC Chair Reince Priebus into his administration. Some are claiming that Bannon is a racist but there is no evidence for that. Reince Priebus is a phony and took credit for a large turnout, which never occurred, for Ken Cuccinelli’s race for governor in Virginia. Later, some on the left are against the states nullifying federal laws. What are sanctuary cities but places that nullify federal immigration law? After that, we have an Electoral College because the Framers of the Constitution didn’t believe in direct democracy. The Framers believed in unalienable rights and that if there was no electoral college people would vote to take away these rights. In addition, having an Electoral College ensures that the states matter, have equal representation and that candidates aren’t just campaigning in Los Angeles and New York.

11/11/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

It's Veterans Day and we provide a special thank you to all our men and women who served in the U.S. armed forces. After that, Chris Christie is out as head of the Trump transition team and Vice President elect Mike Pence will be leading it now. Christie was bringing in Bushies, Romney people, and Chamber of Commerce people. What we really need in the Trump administration are solid conservatives. The reason Christie is not Chairman is because he was undermining Trump and conservatives and not because of Bridgegate. Trump needs to be careful not to surround himself with Nixon types. The Republican Establishment is going to do everything that can be done to water down Trump's agenda. We need to do everything we can to insert a liberty agenda. Later, Democrats including Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren are pushing Keith Ellison to head the DNC as Chairman. Ellison is a radical leftist with ties to the Muslim brotherhood and he supports CAIR. The message that Schumer, Warren and those like them is that the Democrat Party is not radical enough. The radical left agenda is never in retreat, but the conservative agenda always seems to be. Also, the Democrat party is shrinking with Hillary Clinton obtaining almost 10 million less votes than President Obama did in 2008. The public has had enough of the radical leftism in this country and the Democrats have had about enough of their own party.

11/10/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President-elect Trump must not nominate Sen. Bob Corker for secretary of state. Corker single-handedly undermined the constitution, undermined the treaty provision, and helped hand President Obama exactly what he wanted with Iran. We’re sick and tired of Republicans like this and cannot have any more losers as secretary of state. Conservatives ought to be prepared to fight this. These personnel decisions are going to make or break the Trump administration. Presidential appointees will determine the fate of this administration and this country. In addition, does this sound like an outsider administration to you with Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie and Bob Corker being considered for presidential appointments? We need some new and fresh blood in Washington. The Republican Whigs are trying to populate the Trump administration with their own people. Trump has to be careful that he doesn’t become another President Nixon. After that, Republicans have monopoly power now and must do something effective and not dance around the edges. They should start by cutting government and making other needed changes. Who is to stop Republicans from cleaning the D.C. swamp but themselves?

11/9/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence. It was not Trump who defeated Hillary Clinton. Rather, the constitutional conservatives who went forth and voted for him are the real victors. Trump won by running on one of the most conservative policy records and agendas of any modern president. It wasn’t until later when we held his feet to the fire insisting that he embrace conservative principles that he was able to do so. Now it’s time to get to work on implementing that conservative agenda. And we’re going to insist that on these important conservative issues that this Republican monopoly advance our principles, the principles they said that they would institute. Also, the National Republican Senatorial Committee had nothing to do with the success of the Trump campaign. They didn’t even come out to support Darryl Glenn for Senate in Colorado. Glenn, an African American military veteran lost his race by 2%. The NRSC didn’t spend one penny on his race because they want to keep conservatives out. Later, one thing Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree on is that FBI Director James Comey needs to be fired. Being an FBI director is not a job for a politician. Finally, Chris Christie, who is leading the Trump transition team, is bringing in Bush and Romney people to help. This would be keeping the same mentality that Trump ran against. Christie is capable of sabotaging the new Trump administration before it even starts.

11/8/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

It’s election night! Mike Pence calls in to talk about the election and explains how this is an opportunity for the people to make America great again with Donald Trump. This is an election where turnout is necessary. Unfortunately, there are people voting now who will vote to transform country in unacceptable way. It’s time to do more than just send a message and it is time to take action. It’s time to send the Clintons home where they can make $3 million in speeches. So much is at stake to stop Hillary Clinton; the principled and moral thing is to stop her. We can’t fight for conservatism if Hillary wins and the Democrats take the Senate. After that, Rand Paul wins in Kentucky, Marco Rubio wins in Florida and Brian Mast wins the District 18 House seat in Florida. Later, the Democrat Party has thrown in with the Degrowth movement and driving up the cost of healthcare. Their policies and taxation always fall on the head of the middleclass.

11/7/16 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

This isn’t an election; it’s a war over politics. This is a battle between traditional values on one side and the other side that believes in concentrated centralized power. We must be saved from the continued breakdown of our values and principles. The Left has targeted constitutional values such as liberty, limited government, and private property for years and they are not stopping now. Regardless of who wins Tuesday, the Left will keep marching. The war rages on beyond Nov. 8, and conservatives must be ready. Also, Hillary Clinton is one of the modern day leaders of the soft tyrannical movement that utterly rejects the American heritage. She will just continue President Obama’s work of tearing the country apart. If Trump wins we still have a lot of work to do, but a Trump victory will slow down the progress of the left. In addition, unfortunately we don't have anybody in the upper ranks of the DOJ who believe in justice. Hillary gets a free pass by James Comey again but if the average person did what she did with classified information they would be in all sorts of trouble. Later, if Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus and Kevin McCarthy don't go, the Republican Party is doomed. The current situation exists because of them, John Boehner and the Republican leadership. They undertook an intentional campaign of deceit against the Tea Party. They ran ads to get elected saying they would repeal Obamacare and balance budget, yet failed to so and have destroyed their party. Finally, Brian Mast, running for Florida’s 18th Congressional District, calls in and tells America to get out and vote Tuesday!

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