Official Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Official Mark Levin Audio Rewind

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7/19/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

There is a typical smear campaign going on launched by Mitch McConnell’s office against Mike Lee and he’s using the phony conservative media to do this. What pseudo conservatives like Avik Roy are saying, is that thanks to Mike Lee, every bit of Obamacare will remain. McConnell has put out the word go after the conservatives. Lisa Murkowski, Shelley, Capito, and Susan Collins should be defeated, not Lee. Of course there are no articles by Roy on this. In addition, Medicaid was created in 1966. It covered 4 million people in its first year. Now Medicaid has expanded thanks to Obamacare and covers 73.5 million people. States signing up for it got a 100% reimbursement for the first few years. People think that having Republican governors is great, but quite a few signed on for this Medicaid expansion, including, Michigan, Ohio, New Mexico, New Jersey and others. Now Republicans don’t want Medicaid touched. They wrap themselves in compassion, but are not being compassionate as more people will receive coverage but not quality care. This is a battle between liberty and tyranny and Americanism and Progressivism. The left and elements of the Republican Party all share this progressive mindset. Is it too much to ask in a Republic that you and I be free to choose what kind of healthcare we want? We are being devoured by the progressive ideology where even debate on this doesn’t occur. Later, this whole Russian collusion narrative is phony. Why aren’t former Obama Administration staffers like Samantha Powers testifying? The President’s family members, Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner are being dragged in front of Republican committees to testify. How can it possible be that the Senate Intelligence Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee are doing this without a scintilla of evidence that Kushner and Trump Jr. have done anything wrong? Finally, the Palestinian Authority has published its budget for 2017. They are increasing financial outlays to so-called martyrs and their families and are ignoring demands by the U.S. to stop terror

7/18/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review fills in for Mark. You have the Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul axis in the Senate and then you have everyone else. The Republican Party is a waste of our time and they suckered us. They took our donations and time, making us believe that they would repeal Obamacare. What is one major long and lasting policy victory the Republican Party has had in 30 years? They can’t tell you one and have let us down on healthcare and are going to let us down on taxes. Nothing is going to change in this movement until the grassroots makes it change. In spite of this, Democrats are still worse as they are nihilists and want to destroy this country. Later, Mitch McConnell is going to put up a vote for a full repeal of Obamacare with no replacement. It is unlikely that this will pass but at least Republicans will be on the record for where they stand. Moderates like Shelley Moore Capito better vote for this bill or she is going to be in trouble politically. If Capito doesn’t vote for this bill she will probably never live it down in West Virginia as future opponents will remember where she stood. After that, Medicare Reserves will be exhausted by 2028. How can the left tell us that Medicare is a model for success when it is failing? By free market standards Medicare is a substandard of care.

7/17/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, while President Trump is making this week, “Made in America Week, ” does he and the Republican Party really believe in it? Why adopt a European style socialized healthcare system? That system means rationing and lines. If we really believe in “Made in America” we will adopt a healthcare system that will help our coal workers, steel workers and all Americans. Made in America is about liberty and individualism and that we are mature enough to decide what kind of healthcare we want. In addition, what the Republicans are proposing is not going to reduce deductibles or the cost of care. This bill is a loser and should not be voted for. It is ironic when it comes to the massive healthcare industry, that the entire debate on healthcare is a progressive debate. There is no Americanism in this debate and nothing about free markets, private property or choice. Also, moderate Republicans have already extracted payoffs from Mitch McConnell for support of the Republican healthcare bill. If Republican senators are serious in maintaining a majority they shouldn’t do stupid things like going behind our backs and making these deals. After that, while GOP leadership promotes healthcare, not a finger is lifted in support of the military. Can we have a bill that doesn't turn our military into a social engineering project? Finally, the media focus on Trump and Russia, yet there are no discussions with Hillary about the Clinton Foundation’s contacts with the Russians. How come Republicans will not inquire or look into this? The weakness they show is unprecedented. Finally, Mike Lee calls in to say that he and Jerry Moran are not going to be voting in the Senate for a motion to proceed with the Republican healthcare bill. America wants more repeal.

7/14/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer wasn’t inappropriate, what’s inappropriate is that this country is being pushed off the cliff. We are in deep trouble because the politicians are destroying our culture, borders, finances and military. We have Islamonazis in Iran violating the deal cut by Barack Obama. They are building ICBMs and aiming them at us. The Democrats voted for this and they dare to go after Donald Trump Jr. for a meeting where nothing happened. There is no scandal in this meeting as the media continue to drag it on and on. Look at what is taking place and the distraction. They think we are so stupid, but the American people don’t care how many Russians were in the meeting with Trump Jr. It is a disgrace for people including Charles Krauthammer to spend so much time on this nonissue. Why doesn’t the media focus on the 16 military service men who were killed in a tragic accident? The 15 marines and one navy corpsman were flying in a KC-130 and crashed in Mississippi on Monday. In addition, does anybody remember the multiple occasions when the Muslim Brotherhood had visits to the Obama White House? What about Obama’s meetings with CAIR? You had a President selling out the country with his secret deals, violating the treaty clause of the Constitution, and meeting with these radical groups. These are the real and serious issues. Finally, the day after President Trump won the election, there was lawsuits to challenge his agenda, violence in the streets, Democrat Judges blocking him and Democrats undermining him. All of this, leaks included, is intended to destroy Trump and his agenda.

7/13/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

There is a strong possibility that Mitch McConnell is gearing up to screw conservatives in the forthcoming Senate health care bill. Sources from the Republican leadership say that the Ted Cruz and Mike Lee amendment, which allows insurers to sell different plans other than Obamacare, could be altered or removed later. This amendment may be the only thing that gets some conservatives on board, and knowing how McConnell operates, it is very possible he could rip it out in reconciliation leaving conservatives hanging. Also, John Cornyn is saying if you vote against the Republican healthcare bill you are voting for Obamacare. It is Cornyn, Mitch McConnell and the majority of Republicans who are responsible for failing to repeal Obamacare. After that, the Treasury’s monthly federal spending topped $400B for the first time. What will future generations say about us if we continue this massive driving up of the debt? Later, Russian lawyer, Natalie Veselnitskaya, with whom Donald Trump Jr. met was let into the U.S by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Veselnitskaya got permission to have her stay in the country extended in 2016. She embarked on a lobbying campaign against the Magnitsky Act, passed by Congress. Finally, Linda Sarsour is now threatening individuals and in media outlets. Her rhetoric is hateful and bigoted. We don’t need any lectures from her about what jihad means. Many of our soldiers have died because of this jihad.

7/12/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

According to the Democrats and the media, we are supposed to focus on Donald Trump Jr. now. People are saying that Jared Kushner's legal team leaked the Trump Jr. emails. That is not true as they discovered the emails and had to go through the FBI to amend Trump Jr's security clearance. Were the email leakers part of the FBI security clearance team? This is all a joke. The more we find out about Trump Jr., the more we know the media attacks against him are absurd. While the whole nation, hour after hour on T.V. and radio is forced to chase these shiny objects, Mitch McConnell is trying to pass a healthcare bill that he hasn’t even shown to all Senate Republicans; he showed it to the K-Street lobbyists first. We need to repeal and replace McConnell. The most intelligent proposal short of full repeal is by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Their proposal has insurance companies offer one policy that has all the junk in Obamacare and then enables the insurers to offer affordable insurance policies that people actually want. After that, Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times calls in to talk about how the Democrats used disinformation on Russia to attack the Trump campaign. Scarborough says that the real collusion was between the Democrats and the Russians. Also, Paul Kengor, Professor at Grove City College, calls in to talk about how Ted Kennedy reached out to the Kremlin to influence the 1984 election. In addition, Bob Corker helped to arm the regime in Iran and helped clear the way for them to build ICBM’s. Corker blocked a bill by Rand Paul to stop funding for the Palestinian Authority’s aid to terrorist fund. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to subsidize terrorists. Finally, Mo Brooks calls in to talk about Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC running ads against him in Alabama. Brooks is a constitutional conservative and that is why McConnell Is after him. These ads are flat out lies and try to paint Brooks as a leftist.

7/11/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Our borders are wide open, we need to rebuild our military, and the Islamo-nazis in Iran are building ICBM’S, yet we are a nation that wastes its time accusing Donald Trump Jr. of collusion with Russia. The New York Times piece says nothing and is smearing Trump Jr. Trump Jr. along with Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with a Russian lawyer. We are told that this is evidence of dishonesty yet the New York Times does not offer any evidence that the lawyer had ties to the Kremlin or that she provided any damaging information to Trump Jr. He met with the Russian lawyer and that is it. If anything, this demonstrates that there was no collusion between President Trump and Russia. How did the three people who leaked to the New York Times even get access to this information? This happens endlessly to Republican administrations. In addition, the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with the Ukrainian government to get information on Paul Manafort who was part of the Trump campaign. A DNC official Alexander Chalupa approached the Ukrainian government for this information and then shared it with the Clinton campaign. How was this any different from Trump Jr.'s situation?

7/10/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Instead of the story that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer one time several months ago, today’s major story should be a report signifying that more than half of James Comey’s leaked memos about President Trump contained classified information.If the report is true that would mean Comey disregarded the same security protocol he publicly criticized Hillary Clinton over during the 2016 election. Comey’s behavior is absolutely contemptible and must be subjected to an investigation. In addition, we are all supposed to be stunned that Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian lawyer. If you follow the leftist media , you would think Trump Jr. was Alger Hiss, Ted Kennedy or the Rosenbergs who were all Democrats. Trump Jr. did nothing wrong and the optics of it are irrelevant. After that, President Trump pressed Putin on Russian hacking for 40 minutes, which was 39 minutes and 58 seconds more than Barack Obama did. All that Obama did to Putin was to say, “cut it out”. Later, the biggest lie in modern American history is perpetrated by the Republican Party. They promised that they would completely repeal Obamacare. These senators like Mitch McConnell and Susan Collins are not beholden to their constituents, they are independent actors. Now because of progressive Republicans like McConnell and Paul Ryan, we are going to have government run healthcare from top to bottom. They could send Trump the same repeal bill they sent Obama, but they will not do it because they are liars and progressives.

7/7/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The media hate Republican Presidents and love Democrat Presidents. We didn’t have a serious media challenging Barack Obama and his radical claims, violations of the Constitution and the Iran Deal. They still don’t contact Obama over the domestic surveillance that took place under his watch. The media are a praetorian guard media that protects big government, progressive ideology and its politicians. If you have a media like CNN and Brian Stetler that doesn’t consists of serious professionals and journalists you have to deal with them in a different way. After that, the more decisions we funnel through politicians the more our society splits. More and more people are going to be angry and disappointed because this is a complete win or lose scenario with Obamacare. Why are Republicans abandoning a proposal by Sen Ted Cruz that will liberate some from Obamacare and let others keep Obamacare? In addition, we don’t do a good enough job on selling this nation's success. Day in and day out the politicians are attacking our society using the epithets of racism, sexism and inequality. They try to conceal the vibrancy of civil society in order to empower the government. Later, President Trump met with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit. Trump didn’t just say, cut it out to Putin, like Obama did but pressed him on the issue of Russian hacking. In addition, Trump did attempt to address China but what he and his administration are doing is not enough. China needs to be pressured in the area of commerce. They are assisting North Korea in getting nuclear materials.

7/6/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President Trump’s speech in Poland on Thursday was excellent. He called out Russia, North Korea and gave his support for NATO during his speech. But the out of control media have once again exposed themselves as anti-Trump to the point of sheer stupidity in reacting to President Trump's speech. Look how angry the NBC reporter asking Trump questions was. In addition, CNN’s Jim Acosta calls what the President is saying “fake news”. Which political party is Acosta a reporter for? If he wants to present an opinion that is one thing, but he is covering the President. Acosta never challenged Barack Obama, like he does Trump. Can you think of anyone in the media who challenged Obama? After that, the nominee for Deputy Director of Office of Management and Budget, Russ Vought is a practicing Christian and was grilled by Bernie Sanders at his confirmation hearing. Sanders raised questions about a post Vought made about Muslims which was based on Vought’s Christian faith. Sanders is voting no and is violating the Constitution through his line of questioning. In response, 64 Republicans, including James Lankford wrote a letter to AG Jeff Sessions asking him to reaffirm that no religious test should be required to be admitted for public office. Later, the Republican Party is no longer the Party of Lincoln, Reagan and Coolidge. Republicans are now upset that Ted Cruz wants to allow insurance companies to carry any kind of plan they want while keeping at least one Obamacare plan. This is not about healthcare and quality medical care but, about power and control by Democrats and progressive Republicans, who follow their lead like puppies. Progressives want to determine what you can do with your life and what doctor you should see, or whether you get to see a doctor at all. Individualism is rejected not just by Senate Democrats but by Senate Republicans as well.

7/5/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

NYPD officer Miosotis Familia was assassinated while sitting in her patrol vehicle in the Bronx. This environment for shooting cops happens way to often. When these things go on a lot and they are not properly addressed, it becomes a pattern. Then that pattern becomes expected and becomes a problem. When you rip at society, and you keep at it, you destroy that society. You cannot have liberty without order. You have mobocracy. After that, North Korea is working on a missile system that can hit the continental U.S and that represents a direct threat to America. There are only two options to deal with this, forcibly remove Kim Jong Un or give Japan nuclear weapons. Giving Japan nuclear weapons will get the Chinese attention as they don’t want Japan to have nukes. In addition, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley recognizes that the North Korean actions are closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution. However, what is the Trump administration waiting for? Exercises with South Korea and tongue lashing hasn’t gotten us anywhere. We need to put pressure on China right now when it comes to trade. There is no appeasing of North Korea and they will just be emboldened if we ignore them. Later, CNN is now in the blackmail business. They are facing universal backlash for targeting a Reddit user who posted a gif that Trump tweeted out on Sunday of him wrestling CNN. CNN was threatening to reveal the person's identity if they reneged on their apology. CNN which wraps itself in 1st Amendment and freedom of press is blackmailing this individual and are excited about it. Also, they may have targeted the wrong guy. It was pointed out that the meme Trump generated had video, whereas the Reddit user’s gif did not. Finally, the 25th Amendment will not be used for the purpose that liberals want to use it for, the removal of President Trump. Mike Pence and a majority of the Cabinet would have to be in on the scheme.

7/4/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

We bring you the best of Mark Levin on this Independence day! The long-held official policy of the Department of Justice is that a sitting president of the United States cannot be indicted, according to an official 1973/2000 DOJ memoranda. All this talk about whether President Trump personally is under investigation for obstruction of justice, or whether Trump violated the law, will never go to court. If Robert Mueller should seek to indict Trump in the end the Supreme Court would throw it out. So why does the endless cloud of investigation around the Trump administration exist? It exists generally to distract and derail Trump’s presidency, and specifically for the purposes of impeachment. Also, leftist politicians pushing single-payer healthcare are trying to institute hell on earth. Senate Democrats have gone past criticizing the GOP’s current health care proposal to espouse their support for government-run health care. They paint these things as paradise. Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal believe that freedom attains its highest possibility through the state. This is the ideology off the progressive today. The progressives are always marching in support of their agenda. Also, now some want the Republicans to move on from healthcare to tax cuts. That is how you lose a country. Republicans need to push a conservative healthcare agenda and take their case to the American people. As long as you have guys like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, single payer will be our fate. In addition, the scholars and intellectuals like Walter White that gave birth to Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama and the rest of them. You ignore the academics and intellectuals at their own peril, but they have the last laugh. Ultimately academicians want to control your lives. They think they are smarter than everybody else. Finally, Jeh Johnson testified at a House hearing on Russian hacking. Didn’t this hacking happen under Barack Obama, Johnson and Loretta Lynch’s watch? Well for a while they covered it up and didn’t tell the American people; they sat on this information until October. Johnson pats himself on the back for getting the information out about the Russian hacking weeks before the election. Why not months? They thought Hillary was going to win and that is why they didn’t want to upset this outcome. The hiding of this crucial information about Russian interference was purely partisan. It’s not Trump colluding with the Russians, it is the Obama Administration concealing what the Russians did in order to help Hillary so her election would not appear tainted. In addition, there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. There is no witness anywhere that has said otherwise.

7/3/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The Declaration of Independence is what July 4th celebrates and is so important. The Declaration of Independence is the formal consensus proclamation for America's founding and is a revolutionary document. It was the first time that anyone wrote down the statement, “All men are created equal”. The first part of the Declaration is the heart of the Declaration. There is a debate between constitutional conservatives and liberals. Does the first part of the Declaration really matter or is it just the 28 count indictment against King George and the British Crown? The progressive movement says forget about the first part of the Declaration, the American Revolutionaries fought just on the 28 issues. They want us to forget, overlook and dismiss the phrase "laws of nature and nature’s God” among other things. Those words have been the target of progressive attacks for 150 years. If you live in the U.S. or anywhere in the world you know right from wrong, whether you live it or not is another issue. These ideas are not legislative or political but are based on right reason. There are certain values and beliefs and principles that are right. This is a big problem for the progressives. In addition, a Constitutional Republic is the only form of government that can nourish the principles that are protected by the Constitution. The Constitution is best way to protect us from tyranny. No other kind of government including progressivism acknowledges the unalienable rights of man. Later, Bernie Sanders is exactly what the Founders abhorred. They knew about Sanders and his ilk during time of the Founding. Sanders and those like him like to wrap their message in popular sovereignty and ability to choose. They only believe in this and other things when it results in more power for the state.

6/30/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President Trump’s tweet about Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski has taken us away from the big successes of his administration in the last few days. There were laws that were passed that will save lives. The House passed Kate’s laws, there’s a crackdown on sanctuary cities and the travel ban is in effect. But the entire news cycle hasn’t mention any of this. Let’s focus on the business of America! Kate’s Law says if you deport an illegal alien and they return, there is a 5 year minimum federal prison sentence. Although the Left believes this is unfair, not only will be saving American’s job but we could be saving American lives. Also, sanctuary cities basically say screw the federal law. Federal grant money will be withheld from Sanctuary Cities with the new law that has been passed. Many are now saying this law puts our cities safety in peril by telling them how to police themselves. Illegal aliens are criminals. The moment you come into this country illegally you are a criminal, you are not a victim. Later, 2 dozen Democrats are getting behind an actual bill to lay the foundation for removing Trump for being mentally 'incapacitated.' There’s one problem, they would need VP Mike Pence to agree to this. This is nothing more than the left trying to undermine Trump. Finally, Eric Bolling calls in to discuss his new book, The Swamp: Washington's Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It.

6/29/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski don’t have legitimate criticisms of President Trump, they endlessly attack and smear him. If you relentlessly attack the character and integrity of a man, that man will push back whether he’s President or not. None of this improves healthcare or secures the border, but all day long this was the media’s focus. This is how you know the country is unraveling. Also, the parents of Charlie Gard, a terminally ill baby, lost their final appeal in the European court of human rights, which meant their son's life support would be switched off and that decision was final. Centralized planning on health care results in rationing and that affects the sickest among us. There is nothing compassionate about government run healthcare and waiting lines. This could be the future in America and the Republicans won’t reverse course. Finally, an illegal immigrant in Virginia was charged in killing an innocent Muslim teenager with a baseball bat. These debates about securing the border aren’t a joke. This is a debate about our safety and security, it’s not humane to have open borders. The media downplayed this story because illegal immigration affects everybody no matter what your religion is.

6/28/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Leftist politicians pushing single-payer healthcare are trying to institute hell on earth. Senate Democrats have gone past criticizing the GOP’s current health care proposal to espouse their support for government-run health care. They paint these things as paradise. Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal believe that freedom attains its highest possibility through the state. This is the ideology off the progressive today. The progressives are always marching in support of their agenda. Also, now some want the Republicans to move on from healthcare to tax cuts. That is how you lose a country. Republicans need to push a conservative healthcare agenda and take their case to the American people. As long as you have guys like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, single payer will be our fate. In addition, the scholars and intellectuals like Walter White that gave birth to Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama and the rest of them. You ignore the academics and intellectuals at their own peril, but they have the last laugh. Ultimately academicians want to control your lives. They think they are smarter than everybody else. Later, Republican Senators want surveillance requests for the FBI Russia probe. They are asking the FBI to hand over any warrants tied to its probe of Russian election interference. On this Lindsey Graham deserves credit. Finally, Jim DeMint calls in to discuss Article V and North Carolina possibly being the 13th state supporting it.

6/27/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Throughout 'Rediscovering Americanism,' you’ll see these dichotomies. You’ll see these opposites. Americanism versus progressivism. What does that mean? It means constitutionalism versus centralism. It means individualism versus conformity. It’s about private property versus collectivism. Prosperity versus redistribution. Separation of powers versus the administrative state. It is about discerning who we are, where we are and why we are. These are the big questions. This is a book for people who want to be inspired but informed and to get us back to basics. After that, for months and months the Obama administration covered up Russia interference and did nothing effective to stop it. Barack Obama knew full well that Russians had tapped into the DNC database and tried to tap into the Republican database. He knew full well that 39 states were under attack while he gave a news conference in October of 2016, where he trashed President Donald Trump over questioning the integrity of the elections. Trump overcame that as well as the investigation into his campaign. Now you can be sure that the Russians wish Hillary Clinton was president and that Obama was still in power. This is on Obama and all his Democrat appointees who appeased Putin and Russia. In addition, Project Veritas did an undercover operation and got the supervising producer at CNN, John Bonifield on tape saying the Russia story is mostly bullsh*t. We now know what is going on at CNN from the top. It has been CEO’s Jeff Zucker's purpose to go to war with Trump and to drive up his ratings by doing so. CNN goes after anybody that doesn't dance to the tune of the left. Finally, unfortunately for Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republicans wouldn’t pass the healthcare monstrosity. McConnell’s priorities are screwed up and he has been in D.C. way too long.

6/26/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The real Russian collusion is from Obama Administration officials as they covered up Russian interference in the election for months. We are the victims of the perpetrators, Obama and his officials. Also, the Obama Administration and former top officials leaked classified information to the media. Sources leaking to the press include Ben Rhodes, former National Security advisor and Colin Kahl among others who leaked about the Obama Iran deal. They need to be subpoenaed and put under oath to be questioned about what exactly they leaked. After that, we hear about this deep state which is the administrative state. The administrative state stays behind no matter who is elected President, to Congress or picked for the Supreme Court. When was the last time an agency was abolished or cut by 20%? It has never happened because this is the empire of the progressives. This is the empire they built and this the empire they expand to crush what is left of our principles. The idea that we get liberty from big government is absurd. The notion of liberty comes from the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence. Later, everywhere you look in this country, progressivism put into practice through big government is failing. Yet the progressive Democrats continue to institute their policies, and Republicans seem complicit in the growth of government. How do we explain all this? First, you need to know the roots of progressivism and of the rejection of the political theory of the American founding by progressives in both the Republican and Democratic parties. What is liberty? What are natural rights? Why have the leading progressive intellectuals attacked our founding principles and our republican system? These questions are fundamental to understanding how to preserve our liberty. These are the themes in “Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism.” Finally, the FBI launched a criminal probe against Mike Flynn after he roiled bureau leadership. Flynn intervened on behalf of Robyn Gritz over alleged sexual discrimination by Andrew McCabe. Gritz’s career took a sudden downturn after she started working under McCabe. Did Mr. McCabe and senior elements at the FBI leak information to go after Flynn?

6/23/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Not only is Obamacare here to stay but single payer is on the way and the Republicans will help bring it in because they won’t take the steps necessary to reverse course. The problem is nothing in the Republican proposal moves us toward a market based healthcare system. Making Obamacare great again? This is the best they can do? Democrats don’t believe in the market and Republicans have abandoned the market. Rather than discuss market solutions, the entire discussion is based on Obamacare. These are just first steps to nationalize our healthcare through the back door. Bernie Sanders wants to nationalize healthcare and wants to decide who gets what. What Sanders is preaching is totalitarianism. This is where we are headed thanks to the Republicans. Later, there is no evidence of Russian collusion, but there is evidence of utter incompetence by Barack Obama and his administration. The fact of the matter is, it is outrageous that the Russians tried to interfere with our elections. But the fact that Obama Administration knew it was happening and did nothing to stop it is unconscionable. Finally, Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ wife, is under investigation for her financial dealings at Burlington College which is no longer open. Did Bernie Sanders’ wife commit fraud in a loan application and did Bernie know about what his wife did?

6/22/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The number one reason that Republicans took control of the Congress, Senate and the Presidency is because of the problems caused by Obamacare. Why would Republicans think that repealing Obamacare would not be popular? The bill that Senate Republicans are putting forward is 95% Obamacare and is a joke. The McConnell-care bill is so weak that even Jonathan Gruber, a chief architect of Obamacare agrees that it is not a repeal. We never move in the direction of free market capitalism, of choice, and liberty. We seem bound in the box the left has made for us. After that, Daniel Horowitz calls in to explain that the Republican healthcare plan is not even Obamacare 2.0 or Obamacare lite but keeps the core pillars of Obamacare. We get the crony capitalism of the private sector lobbyists and government interference all together. McConnell said he was going to rip Obamacare out root and branch, but what he really meant was that he was going to take it out of the Democrat field and replant it on the Republican side. The real difference is Democrats want Obamacare funded with tax increases and Republicans want it funded with deficit spending. This plan will be the biggest driver of deficit spending. Later, the ideology of Statism appears in many ways like healthcare, education, immigration, and even our governing system. It is a bulldozer that plows over our institutions. You are not free to have the healthcare you want in this society as an individual, because the only way you can be free in the statist mentality is among the collective. The left believe you can only be free by way of the government. That means that the government has to make things equal and eliminate risks which of course it can't. True freedom includes the unalienable rights of the individual. Finally, the Russians tried to interfere with the 2016 election and the Obama Administration failed to stop them. Even President Trump is asking why didn’t they do anything to stop the Russians from hacking?

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