Official Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Official Mark Levin Audio Rewind

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Mark Levin has become one of the hottest properties in Talk radio, his top-rated show on WABC is now syndicated nationally. He is also one of the top new authors in the conservative political arena.


3/24/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

A big congratulations goes to the Freedom Caucus, the true constitutional conservatives, for stopping this disastrous RINOcare bill from passing. Republicans should be listening to the Freedom Caucus who took a principled stand, but instead are attacked. The Republican’s had 7 years to prepare for this to bring in different factions and address the fundamental problems of Obamacare. The problem is a big chunk of the Republican Party is utopian progressive and many do not want to repeal large parts of Obamacare, including HHS Secretary Tom Price. They voted 60 times to repeal but they refused to do it when they control both houses of Congress and the Presidency. If the Republican Party can’t repeal Obamacare how else will they deal with the other entitlements? In addition, the Democrats don’t have an answer because they helped cause it. The Democrats have destroyed our healthcare system and they are cheering today because they want to keep it destroyed. It is time for really smart conservative intellectuals and economists to begin to unravel what the left wing intellectuals did with the disastrous Obamacare. After that, President Trump’s comments on Friday were outstanding as he showed enormous humility on the defeat of the Republican replacement bill. It was a mistake for Trump to get behind it but he is right that a better bill is going to come out of this.

3/23/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Devin Nunes is under brutal attack because he has changed the narrative on the Trump-Obama surveillance story. These surveillance distribution activities and leaking is on the hands of the Obama administration. All the focus has been on President Trump, but he wasn’t conducting surveillance on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Now where are all supposed to trash Nunes because he had the brass to take this information to the White House. What Nunes took to the White House had nothing to do with Russia and none of the Republicans are coming to his defense. Are they demanding an investigation into this confirmed surveillance of the Trump transition team? No. Sen. John McCain, for one, is running around supporting the Democrats. After that, possibly, suspicious, may, appears, premature, largely circumstantial, not conclusive are all words that describe CNN reporting. This is pathetic and disgusting. These media reports are a joke and ideologically driven. All these investigative activities and all of these leaks occurred from and during and as a result of the Obama Administration. Later, some Republicans who were for the Paul Ryan health care proposal from day one have done nothing to improve it. This is not about Republicans, Democrats, politicians or bureaucrats but about the American people. The Republicans promised to rip out Obamacare by the roots and they are not doing it. Finally, we don’t know what kind of justice Neil Gorsuch will turn out to be, but he has been a superb candidate. The idea that Gorsuch is supposed to answer every trick question by Democrats to get confirmed is just a spectacle. Chuck Schumer is going to filibuster Gorsuch. This will be the second case in U.S. history that a Supreme Court nominee will be filibustered based on his judicial philosophy. The philosophy that Gorsuch has, is what constitutional conservatives believe, follow the Constitution.

3/22/17-Mark Levin Audio Network  

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has discovered that the intelligence community did collect information on American citizens involved in the Trump transition team. These innocent Americans’ names were unmasked and were widely disseminated around the intelligence community. These names were revealed in scores of reports that were brought to him by an unnamed source. In addition, this had nothing to do with Russia. If it is not in the course of an investigation between the Trump world and Russia why would the intelligence community have unmasked the names of U.S. citizens? Rather than protecting these American citizens the intelligence community chose to circulate them through intelligence reports. President Trump needs to see what is out there on him in these reports. The question should be who ordered this? Have you noticed how quiet members of the last administration have been? There is a conspiracy of left wing silence. If this had been the Obama transition team and we had any inkling of this kind of information, the media, and even Republicans would be very adamant about tracking it down. Later, Sen Mike Lee calls in to talk about the GOP’s replacement plan for Obamacare. People pushing this bill seem determined to get it to pass even though it’s a bad bill. What is it about Republicans that they abandon repealing Obamacare? We want more choices. Federalism and free markets bring about more competition and bring costs down. Adding amendments to this bill is not going to fix its fundamental flaws. Also, a lot of congressman have been told this is the best we can do under current Reconciliation rules, but this is not true.

3/21/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

There was a horrific situation involving the alleged rape of a 14 year old high school girl by 17 and 18 year old men from El Salvador and Guatemala, one of who is here illegally. These atrocities continue to happen because of America’s current open door policies. The book “Men In Black” showcased how illegal immigration became normalized in the country and how illegals continue to receive benefits once they entered the country under the guise of the Equal Protection Clause in the Constitution.The court has nationalized the issue of immigration and has taken it away from Congress and it began in the 1960s. Free schooling, welfare benefits, in state tuition. Virtually every benefit that is available to American citizens is also available to illegal immigrants. After that Mark Meadows, Chairman of the Freedom Caucus calls in to talk about Obamacare and the GOP’s effort to replace it. We are not doing anything to bring the cost of healthcare down and are just throwing federal dollars at it. The American Healthcare Act doesn’t get us to a free market healthcare system and requires all these magical mandates for the consumer and insurance companies. Republican leadership doesn’t really want to appeal Obamacare. They are just using propaganda to get it through. Later, Jeffrey Lord, Contributor at Conservative Review, calls in to discuss how the left wants to transform the judiciary. It doesn’t make any difference who the nominee is, these leftists have stolen what once was a dignified process. Finally, Craig Shirley calls in to talk about his book, Reagan Rising: The Decisive Years, 1976-1980.

3/20/17-Audio Rewind  

The House Intelligence Committee hearing Monday was pointless. The Committee neglected to ask the important questions. Why wasn’t FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers asked about the NY Times reports about Obama White House officials receiving intelligence information and spreading it with various agencies and who were the source of those leaks? The Russians did try to interfere with our elections, but we already knew that, that’s not the issue. The issue is the conduct of these agencies, who has been leaking, what information was shared, and who shared it. If Comey can’t assure the American people that the leaks will go uninvestigated, how come it’s fine for Comey and the FBI to investigate alleged Trump and Russia ties? Also, the Russians we are told, wanted Trump to win because they hated Hillary Clinton. Can anybody name a single policy that Hillary Clinton had that was truly harmful to the ambitions of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government? Finally, the purpose of the Constitution is to defend the individual and his or her liberty and create a government that supports that. The phrase, “living and breathing Constitution”, is always promoted by progressives. An activist court that upheld Plessy vs. Ferguson believed in a living and breathing Constitution, so did FDR with the internment of Japanese Americans and the court that upheld the Roe vs Wade decision. You want judges to apply the facts, not a living and breathing ideology. Having an originalist interpretation of the Constitution like Neil Gorsuch has nothing to do with supporting slavery, or being anti woman.

3/17/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President Donald Trump mentioned a “talented lawyer” who spoke on Fox News and immediately certain news outlets said that Mark Levin was the one Trump was referring to. That was not Mark but Judge Napolitano. This shows how corrupt, partisan, incompetent, and diabolical the media in this country is. They cannot help but lie deceive and insinuate, because Mark exposed them. The media needs to be held to account on the so called Trump and Russia ties. They have been caught red handed including the New York Times, the Guardian, CNN, BBC and others. You have to be the lowest of the low to promote a left wing meme that somehow the Russians were in collusion with Trump. They keep pushing it out there to delegitimize Trump and his election. We know that Barack Obama wasn't wiretapping Trump's phone calls. Now we want to know if the media’s past reports on Russia and Trump collusion are true. Now the media is trying to reverse course. Were they lying to the American people or were they telling the truth? After that, 5 judges on the 9th circuit went out of their way to rebuke their 3 colleagues on the 9th Circuit panel who decided to block Trump's travel ban. The judges who blocked Trump now are applauded for what they do by the liberal media. This is a rogue judiciary and tyranny. If we can’t rely on judges to be judges, we are living in a third world banana republic.

3/16/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President Trump’s budget proposal is overall oustanding, however the one part of the bill you won't hear discussed in the liberal media is the debt. The national debt is out of control, but the left-wing media doesn’t care. Instead they will act as the Praetorian guard of big government and viciously attack any attempt to reign in profligate, wasteful federal spending. This is unsustainable. After that, the media is putting out statements by Intelligence Committee members saying Obama didn’t order the wiretaps. The fact that these chairmen said what we already knew is of no consequence. Information was shared with the White House about the Trump campaign. What was the information? We have a right to know what police state tactics happened and now the media just wants us to move along. Later, there are people in this country who want to use power to destroy our liberty and they are succeeding. Conservatives are not dividing the country, the left is dividing the country. They want to use the iron fist. to impose their will. Those of us who push back shouldn’t be apologizing. We have to be smarter and more resolute. Finally, if you are below the poverty line, rather than expand Medicaid, people should get vouchers to buy their own private health insurance policies. This would help unleash these companies to create all kinds of policies, that don’t need the approval of government.

3/15/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

There is no evidence that Barack Obama ordered a wiretap of President Donald Trump in Trump Tower. However this is not the issue. The issue at hand isn’t whether Obama ordered any sort of surveillance on Trump or his team, it’s whether he knew anything about it. News accounts are pretty condemnatory of what the Obama administration was up to. What is curious about all this is that the media is not tracking down Obama, Loretta Lynch or Obama staffers to get to the bottom of the story. The media let the Obama administration get away with it. In addition, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is concerned about the incidental collection of individuals tied to the Trump campaign and unmasking of Americans names for political purposes. Regular Americans want to get to the bottom of this. Later, did Rachel Maddow commit a felony in disclosing Trump’s tax returns from 2005 on her show? It is a close call. She has First Amendment rights, but it doesn’t mean that she is immune from criminal charges. After that, a federal judge, Derrick Watson, in Hawaii blocked Trump’s new travel ban, hours before it went into effect. We have judicial anarchy taking place right now where judges are seizing plenary authority from the President on immigration. There is nothing unconstitutional, racist or bigoted about what Trump is trying to do. We have to admit in this country that progressives have won so we can fight back. Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire calls in to discuss the travel ban in more detail.

3/14/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Vice President Mike Pence called into discuss the Republican health insurance reform plan and the repeal of Obamacare. Pence said that the American Healthcare Act will give Americans the ability to choose what kind of insurance they want to have. He expects that this will help us unleash the full power of the national market place. This plan is better than what the left would do, but it is not good enough. However, Pence said there are several amendments that will be added to the bill this week from conservative members of Congress that will hopefully fix critical errors in the legislation. This Healthcare Act will still leave the pillars of Obamacare largely intact. The Republican healthcare plan is not a repeal and it is not a more free market oriented system. They have a lot of smoke and mirrors built into this and are using propaganda to promote it. We will still be subsidizing people who are required to purchase health insurance approved by the federal government. The plans have to be within a certain required type of policy, such as young adults remaining on their parents’ policy until 26 and preexisting conditions. Later, Republicans are exposing themselves when it comes to repealing Obamacare. Progressive Republicans like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen are not supporting the American Healthcare Act because not enough of their constituents will be covered. After that, Bernie Sanders is claiming that the Healthcare Act being passed will result in the death of thousands of Americans. This is ridiculous. Actually, Obamacare is responsible for people dying. Rationing has already begun especially with our senior citizens and veterans. Finally, John Heubusch calls in to talk about his new book, The Shroud Conspiracy: A Novel.

3/13/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Early in our Republic, the press aligned with one party or cause and would identify themselves as such. Today too many media outlets are simply dishonest about who they are and what they are doing. They claim to be journalists, pursuing facts but all too frequently that’s not the case. When you dress up partisan politics as freedom of the press, it’s destructive to freedom of the press. It’s time to focus on those abusing their power and more thoroughly call them to account. Also, Sen Mike Lee calls in to discuss the Republican replacement healthcare bill, which has ended up as something different than Obamacare repeal. It’s half repeal and half replace, which is a disaster. He’s pretty sure this bill, as of right now, won’t pass the House or the Senate. Later, John Solomon calls in to explain that the FBI investigated a Trump server in its Russia probe, but no charges are expected. If you were watching CNN you would swear there are connections between Russia and Trump but the FBI has found little evidence. Finally, the big news today is that after 3 years the Arizona state legislator passed convention of states resolution, making it the ninth state to do so. This movement has gone under the radar but if we can get 20 states people will start to realize this is a real movement.

3/10/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Full repeal of Obamacare through the budget reconciliation process in the Senate is possible and they can do it with 51 votes. Paul Ryan even said on the Mark Levin show in 2012 that 85% of Obamacare could be repealed through this process. But neither the House nor the Senate, have even attempted to pass a full repeal of the law through this process. So why won’t the Republicans do this? Because there are so many moderates and liberals in the Republican party that some of them want some aspects of Obamacare to stay. Also, the NY Times pushed sleazy reporting with their February 14th piece – “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.” If there was no evidence of cooperation in their story then why write it? This is a smear job with innuendo and comingling of information with selective leaks. The media are caught red-handed in their propaganda. They wanted so badly to find something nefarious placing Trump’s campaign in cahoots with Russia that they engaged in Alinksy-like journalism tactics. Now, they have completely pivoted. The media are backed into a corner and all they can do is try and flip the story. Finally, AG Jeff Sessions fired 46 Obama appointed U.S Attorneys and the media is trying to make this out to be a scandal. Was there a scandal when Janet Reno fired 93 U.S. Attorneys in 1993 under Bill Clinton? A President has the right to pick his own appointees who he can trust to carry out his policy.

3/9/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Paul Ryan is way off on RINOcare and not answering any important questions. How much will the average premium or deduction go up or down? How much will the federal government be spending on subsidies for certain individuals? Where is it written that Ryan or President Trump can tell us what kind of insurance we can have? At the end of the day, the problem with RINOcare is that it embraces the Left’s assumption that government involvement is needed to make health insurance affordable. It embraces progressivism and centralization. Republicans have blown it. There is something horribly immoral about RINOcare. Also, Ryan is targeting conservatives, not democrats, with ads promoting RINOcare. Once again the establishment is against conservatives. Later, Sen Ben Cardin, who is Jewish, came out against David Friedman as Trump’s pick for Israeli ambassador. This is a prime example of how liberal Democrats put their party ideology first before their religion.

3/8/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President Trump is 100% behind the RINOcare replacement plan, which is a combination of establishment Republicans and the Trump administration pushing a massive government program. This plan will create a massive amount of regulation that will have a devastating impact on the economy. They are leaving price hike regulations in place and getting rid of the individual mandate, and then putting in place a 30% fine for those who don’t have insurance and decide to come back in. In addition, there will be tax credits, where the tax payer is going to be subsidizing an enormous amount of money. How will we ever move towards a completive market system for insurers to market to the middle? Also, the government is throwing money at the states to help them deal with high risk pools but it won’t be enough. The Republican plan doesn't address the cost increasing mandates and it will affect Republicans at the ballot box. Why are the Republicans talking like liberals to get their big government program through? Conservative’s opposition is not based on purism or perfectionism but based on promises to fully roll back the core pillars of Obamacare which are hurting the country. After that, GOP leaders, like Steve Scalise are trying to shore up support for the bill are sending a dire message to conservatives. He’s telling principled constitutional conservatives that they have 2 choices, either you support Donald Trump who supports the American Healthcare Act, or you support Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare. These Republicans are acting like leftists and are creating a false dilemma. Later, Jim Jordan calls in to discuss his effort in fighting RINOcare. Finally, the fact that it was revealed that there were wiretaps on a Russian ambassador is outrageous. Why did the New York Times put a story out there about wiretapping if it wasn’t true? What was the point of the story? It was to create suspicion and a false impression.

3/7/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The problem with the Republican RINOcare healthcare plan is that it is not a market-oriented plan. The substance of this thing is politics through and through. Republicans embraced the progressive agenda, and Barack Obama and the Democrats have won. The worst part is that the Republicans are dressing their RINO plan up with conservative propaganda. Every one of the Obamacare fundamentals is being preserved, because Republicans fear being blamed. In addition, more and more of our society and what the government does revolves around the centralization of power, because the people are apparently too stupid to decide for themselves what kind of healthcare they need. Now, we need politicians, professors and surrogates to develop our healthcare plans. Later, Daniel Horowitz, Senior Editor at Conservative Review, calls in to talk to explain that the new RINO care not only doesn’t replace Obamacare, it doesn’t repeal it either. Also, Rep Dave Brat of Virginia calls in to talk about his opposition to the Republicans replacement healthcare plan. After that, we are leaving our children and grandchildren a broken Social Security system, a broken healthcare system, broken education system and trillions of dollars of debt. We have gone from a nation that was consent of the governed to a nation where the government gets to make every decision for us. What kind of a country do we want to be? Finally, Chuck Todd sounds shocked to hear from James Clapper there were no FISA warrants issued. This is an important revelation. The media in the aggregate have reported about FISA warrants. They allowed this story to hang out there. Are the media so ideologically driven that they have to take ten sides on one issue? At the end of the day, whether there was FISA Court involvement or not or wiretaps or not, the media reported it.

3/6/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

The media have been caught in a web of contradictory lies when it comes to the FISA court issuing a warrant for wiretapping on President Trump’s 2016 campaign. Why is the media now denying that the Obama administration asked for FISA court warrants to surveil the Trump campaign? For weeks the media wanted us to believe that so serious were the connections between Trump, his campaign and Russia, that a probable cause standard was reached to launch wiretaps on Trump and his campaign. Now they would have you believe that there was no FISA warrant and no investigation. If there were no FISA court warrants issued last year, then why did the media report that there were for weeks? When is the media, including Jake Tapper, and Joe Scarborough going to track this down? Why didn’t Chuck Todd or Brian Stelter raise this issue about whether or not there were FISA court orders weeks ago? The media were basing their information on anonymous sources. The media is so ideologically driven they can't even get their story straight. In addition, James Clapper former Director of National Intelligence denied there was a FISA court order. If Clapper is telling the truth, it helps Trump and his presidency. It shows that not only was there nothing, but there was never anything there. After that, is this a criminal investigation or intelligence investigation? You won’t get any help in answering this question from the newspapers such as the New York Times. James Comey should come out with a statement to say, not only did Barack Obama not give an order to investigate the Trump campaign but there was no FISA warrant issued.

3/3/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Dan Bongino Contributing Editor of Conservative Review fills in for Mark. All of a sudden the Democrats remember who the Russian ambassador was, because as a member of the Senate, Jeff Sessions met with him. Sessions has a reputation of being an upstanding and honest guy, even among Democrats. Now that he is Attorney General, all of a sudden he is dishonest. Democrats are using this as a false bludgeon to take out the Trump administration. This massive treasure trove of evidence against Sessions is nowhere to be found. In addition, an illegal wiretap on Gen Mike Flynn happened under the Obama administration. They were imbedding people in the bureaucracy. Before Barack Obama left office, those bureaucrats had a job to sabotage the incoming administration. They were there to violate federal law and release sensitive information. If this is allowed to happen without media exposure and investigation, what does this mean for our country going forward? No one thinks this is even a mild controversy, that there are people in the government committing felonies to take down President Donald Trump and his administration. This is what unprincipled people do. After that, the conservative movement is a proud movement. We want to keep our money, pick our own healthcare and choose where we send our kids to school. We don’t do what the left is doing. In addition, the Democrats are trying to make Trump look like the worst thing ever, which is their usual line about Republican presidents. You would think principles would take over and the liberals would see the truth. Fortunately, Republicans haven't changed their mind on Jimmy Carter, and FDR’s new deal. At least they are not trying to rewrite history and call destructive liberal policies great.

3/2/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation between President Donald Trump and Russian ties. Did Sessions give 20'% of uranium to Russians like Hillary Clinton did? No, he didn’t do anything like that. He met with the ambassador as matter of his duty as a senator not as a surrogate for the Trump 2016 campaign. However, Republicans in the house and Senate insisted that he recuse himself. You can bet Republicans will throw these guys overboard just like they did with Gen Mike Flynn. The left's desire to destroy this administration is insatiable, and they are not going to stop. Did Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch ever recuse himself on anything? This is so pathetic that Republicans are all over T.V. saying Sessions should recuse himself. Republicans like Kevin McCarthy are running for the hills whenever liberals attack. The bigger scandal here is that we've had Obama administration holdovers within intelligence agencies surveilling the Trump campaign and leaking information to the public, in hopes of getting Hillary Clinton elected. Those are police state tactics! Nothing Gen. Michael Flynn or Sessions have done are even in the same category as that. This is a massive scandal, the likes of which we have never seen. The real question should be, was Barack Obama as President using our intelligence services through the FISA court to gather information on their opponent? In addition, where did the information on Sessions come from? The Obama administration knew exactly what they were doing. They loosened NSA information gathering rules weeks before they left office. The information was then grabbed and spread to plants in the government. Finally, Dr. John Eastman, Law professor at Chapman Law School calls in to talk to discuss Trump’s fascination with Andrew Jackson. Jackson vetoed every bill by Congress that attempted to work on local and state projects.

3/1/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President Donald Trump gave a terrific speech on Tuesday. It will resonate with most Americans because of the conservative aspects and the patriotic packaging of some liberal policy items like family leave and infrastructure spending. Of course liberals and Democrats are furious because Trump is politically hijacking their issues. Rather than trying to hang onto their constituents they are letting them go. However, it’s frustrating that Trump is trying to win the Reagan Democrats with big government policies. He should instead win them over with free market economics and unleashing the economy. Trump was extremely effective in advancing both conservative and liberal policies. Maybe this is what the American people want and what the Republican Party has become. In addition, there was not a single thing mentioned about the debt by Trump, the Democrats or Republicans. Nobody wants to talk about the debt because they created it. After that, the Democrats are despicable and acting like children during the speech. They still can’t accept the outcome of the election. Finally, it has been 5 years since Andrew Breitbart has passed away. He had an exceptional and brilliant way of communicating conservative ideals.

2/28/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

President Donald Trump will give his speech before Congress on Tuesday night and we already know a lot of what is going to be in his speech. It will include increases in defense spending, slashing aspects of domestic spending, slashing the EPA and the State Department bureaucracy. Here he is trying to do the right thing and he’s coming under attack from Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham for wanting to slash the State Department. We now have Republicans objecting to conservative elements of Trump’s budget. Barack Obama had Harry Reid’s support but when it comes to advancing a rational fiscal policy Trump won't have anybody. Trump is proposing slashing of spending, yet it is hard to do that while simultaneously supporting a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending. After that, Republicans are near a make or break moment on the Obamacare repeal. Conservatives who want to repeal Obamacare are now criticized as jeopardizing so called moderate Republicans’ plans. Conservatives like Ted Cruz are opposing refundable tax credits which are subsidies. Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee won't back Obamacare lite. The left media is calling them hardliners - this is fake news. Finally, according to Juaquin Castro only illegals with violent crimes should be deported. Open borders radicals like him will never be satisfied. This phony politician wants a list of laws that would not qualify as deportable. For Castro, forging social security numbers and traffic tickets should not merit deportation. He and Washington want the scam of illegal immigration to go on and on. To add, Castro is considering running against Cruz in Texas. He doesn’t want to serve the people of Texas but the people who want to come into Texas from other countries. If Texas is gone the country is gone.

2/27/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind  

Since the day he took office, President Trump has been baselessly threatened with impeachment by the Democrats in Congress. Leading the pack, Nancy Pelosi clamors on and on about convincing Trump supporters that they made a huge mistake. Maybe it’s time we expel Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from Congress. If they’re gonna talk about impeachment, then we need to talk about expulsion, it’s time to go on offense. Democrats tried to take out Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and now Trump. Who is the “Party of No” now? We have now reached the point where the Democrat Party is a soviet style party. The Democrat Party is built on violence and ethnic balkanization. It doesn’t care about the Constitution unless it can use it to take out somebody. In addition, the Democrats are trying to drive down Trump’s popularity so they can pick off some Republican seats in the House. When the Democrats are out of office they are viscous and vile. After that, Sen Chuck Schumer is saying that criticizing the media is against the core of democracy. Of course it’s not against American values to criticize them, but is perfectly legitimate. The media is supposed to be a bulwark against government but they were in the tank for Barack Obama and Pelosi. They have thrown in with the progressives. Also, Trump’s plan on infrastructure ought to be resisted. This is not free market economics and will just add to the national debt. It's not the 1930's and the New Deal. The problem is too much government, Andrew Jackson would be absolutely appalled at this. The problem with this country is too little economic freedom and too little commerce. The majority of this money is going to new projects not to fix old bridges, tunnels, etc.

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