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In this first podcast from Man Repeller, Filmmaker Jay Buim sits down with women in the arts, tech and beyond for one on one conversations about their life and work. Logo by Kelly Shami, http://legsny.com.


051: Sarah Jones - Playwright & Performer - Part 2  

Today, in Part 2 of Oh Boy's 50th Episode, the conversation between award-winning playwright/performer Sarah Jones and host Jay Buim continues. The two discuss the actual work that goes into a career like that of Sarah Jones: how to balance it, challenging the status quo, her separate work with the human rights movement and the research process that goes into her one-woman show. It's a fascinating episode. Headphones in, enjoy! Want more Sarah? sarahjonesonline.com/ Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

050: Sarah Jones - Playwright & Performer - Part I  

This week on Oh Boy, Jay sits down with Tony and Obie-award-winning playwright and performer Sarah Jones. known for her one-woman shows wherein she embodies multiple characters of varied backgrounds (the first of which, Bridge & Tunnel, was produced off-Broadway by Meryl Streep). The New York Times called her a "master of the genre," but raise your hand if you were sold by the capital M in Meryl. Ready for this one? Headphones in, enjoy. Want more Sarah? http://sarahjonesonline.com/ Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

049: Ruby Karp - Teen Comedian  

In this episode of Oh Boy, we meet 16-year-old comedian Ruby Karp. She's had a remarkable career: at seven years old, Amy Poehler tapped her for feminism-themed episode of Smart Girls. At age eleven, she began writing a weekly column for HelloGiggles, gave her first TED Talk at thirteen, now performs stand-up comedy and has as a book coming out in September. You don't want to miss this one. Headphones in -- enjoy! Want more Jay? @beardwizard

048: Katie Alice Greer  

Katie Alice Greer was born to a minister in Michigan, where she spent her childhood feeling lonely, getting herself grounded and discovering Jock Jams compilations and Motown music. She's now the lead vocalist of Priests, a D.C.-based punk band that's made a name for itself in music and political spheres alike. Spin recently dubbed Priests "activist rock," but Greer says they didn't set out to be an explicitly political band, it just kind of happened. "Music is inherently political, everything is political," Greer told Paula Mejia of Rolling Stone on the heels of the D.C. event she'd helped organize on Inauguration Day, called "No Thanks: A Night of Anti-Fascist Sounds." This week's episode of Oh Boy, a conversation between Greer and our host Jay Buim, comes at an interesting time. While a lot of us are quietly navigating the clashing of culture and politics, Greer is doing so on a very public stage. On purpose. Give it a listen to hear her tell Jay how, when and why it all started. Want more Katie? @K_ALICEGREER Want more Jay? @beardwizard

047: Cathy Lew - Founder & Writer of Above Average  

In this episode of Oh Boy we meet Cathy Lew, comedy writer and founder of Above Average. She once did a "Daily Shouts" for The New Yorker where she paralleled Drake and Bernie Sanders. ("He dances like an old man, and I like it.") Another piece she wrote for the publication's humor section: Grandmas Rise Up Against Millennials. But how'd she get here? To learn about her journey, you know the drill: plug your headphones in and enjoy. Want more Cathy? @cathy_lew Want more Jay? @beardwizard

046: Martha Wainwright - Musician  

In this episode of Oh Boy, Martha Wainwright (who just released a new album in November), daughter of musicians Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle, speaks about how she learned to find her place within the music industry that truly felt like home. In partnership with The Real Real Want more Martha? @WainBright Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

045: Franchesca Ramsey  

In this episode of Oh Boy, get to know Franchesca Ramsey -- comedian, activist, actress and YouTube personality. She talks about how she went from uploading her own videos online (like the viral "Shit White Girls Say...to Black Girls," to hosting MTV's "Decoded." Need to know more? You know the drill! Headphones in, press play! Want more Franchesa? @ chescaleigh Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

044 - Ashley Ford - Writer, Editor and Speaker  

Ashley Ford has no strategy for authenticity. She just is who she is. In this episode of Oh Boy, the writer, editor and speaker tells host Jay Buim of her childhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a child, she felt as though her thoughts didn't matter. But later, a teacher who saw Ford hanging around the hallways, doing the usual teen nothingness, changed her life. She said, "While I'm here working, you need to read an article in the newspaper and write something inspired by it." That lit a match under Ashley Ford which propelled her to where she is in this very moment. Want to know just what that means? Great. Headphones, press play and enjoy. Want more Ashley? @iSmashFizzle Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

043 - Miki Agrawal - Author, CEO & Co-Founder of THINX & Icon Undies  

If you have ever worn a pair of Thinx — a lined-underwear that eliminates the need for a pad or a tampon, the brand with the beautifully-shot ads that aim to destigmatize periods and run on the subway like What up?, then you may have said out loud to yourself, “I need to meet the woman who made this product. Because A) obviously it was a woman and B) you can’t believe you’ve been spending all of this time playing Russian Roulette with your favorite thongs. Well here is your opportunity! In this episode of Oh Boy, host Jay Buim sits down with Miki Agrawal, the founder of Thinx, to talk about everything from D1 soccer to her family to her belief in kismet. Headphones in — enjoy! In partnership with TNT. Want more Miki? @mikiagrawal Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

042 - Helena Bala - Writer & Creator of Craigslist Confessional  

Helena Bala knows that everyone has a story. After feeling a little lost in her career as a human rights lawyer, she made a connection with a homeless man simply by listening to his story and then telling him hers. It sparked an idea — maybe more people simply needed open ears. Thus, Craigslist Confessional was born. Two years later, she’s still listening. In partnership with The Real Real Want more Helena? @helenadeabala Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

041 - Meika Hollender - Sustain Co-Founder  

Meika Hollender wants to break the stigma of women buying and carrying condoms — and also just having sex. She co-founded Sustain, the first brand of vagina-friendly all natural condoms, lubricants and wipes, and she created GetOnTop, a national campaign aimed at getting women to take control of their sexual health. Cool, right? She's this week's Oh Boy podcast guest -- enjoy! In partnership with The Real Real Want more Meika? @missmeiks Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

040 - Aidy Bryant - Comedian & Actress  

Comedian and actor Aidy Bryant isn't just living her best life, she is living everyone's best life. She got hired at Saturday Night Life at age 25. She co-wrote a short film that's beloved by the Vimeo staff. Louis C.K. didn't just tell her she was funny after a table read, he hired her for his web series without requiring she audition. And you know what she told Oh Boy host Jay Buim about all of this? The most rewarding part has been the friendships. Say "aww" and plug your headphones in. You're going to love this one. In partnership with Squarespace. Want more Aidy? @aidybryant Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

039 - Tyler Haney - Founder of Outdoor Voices  

Outdoor Voices’ Tyler Haney grew up playing sports in Boulder, Colorado. She thought running would be her destiny, and in some ways, it may have been: she ended up moving to New York where she studied design at Parsons. She took an interest in activewear, began researching fabrics, started working on Outdoor Voices and graduated with a five piece OV kit. Now look at it! You know the tagline: the brand isn’t about winning, it’s about #DoingThings. Want to know how she did all of these Things? I think listening to a podcast counts as Doing someThing (sorry x2). So what are you waiting for? Put your sports bra on and plug your headphones in: it's time for this week's episode of Oh Boy. In partnership with Squarespace. Want more Tyler? @ty_haney Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

038 - Laurie Simmons - Artist, Photographer & Filmmaker  

Laurie Simmons has a message for artists: “those years when no one has their eye on you and you’re free to work, those are your best years." The artist, filmmaker and photographer always knew she wanted to work in this field. She pursued her dreams even despite a teacher's cautioning early on to get out of art. She had her first solo show in ‘79 and is just now wrapping up a five year project: it's a film called “My Art" in which she's starring and directing. Want to know more about the artist who is also known in some circles as "Lena Dunham's mom"? Headphones in; volume on. In partnership with Squarespace. Want more Laurie? @SimmonsLaurie Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

037 - Aurora James - Founder of Brother Vellies  

When you meet Aurora James, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund-winning designer of Brother Vellies -- a footwear-centric accessories label that works with artisans in Africa -- her shoes make a lot of sense. They are unique. Bold. Many are like nothing you've seen before, and all communicate a strong point of view. That's absolutely how I'd describe the designer. Her personal style is reflective of her inherent taste, as well as the colorful and sometimes complicated layering of cultures she's been introduced to over the course of her life. So is her character, strong sense of self-worth and steady view of the world. Want to know more? So did Jay Buim, host of Oh Boy. Headphones in, and enjoy. In partnership with Squarespace Want more Aurora? @aurorajames Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

036 - Sally Singer - Digital Creative Director at Vogue.com  

In this episode of Oh Boy, Leandra takes the mic from the show's regular host, Jay Buim, to interview Sally Singer, the Digital Creative Director at Vogue.com. They talk about the exciting, changing landscape that the internet has offered the fashion industry, how Singer got started, and the importance of story telling. Enjoy! In partnership with Newsette. Want more Sally? @voguemagazine Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

035 - Gloria Steinem - Journalist & Social & Political Activist  

This week’s episode of Oh Boy is a special one: the inimitable Gloria Steinem is our featured guest. Steinem talks to host Jay Buim about many things: social justice, writing, Donald Trump, modern politics, how she was the first woman at New York Magazine, how she eschewed marriage for an opportunity in India. She talks about how she discovered the women's movement and how it changed her internal dialogue about external expectations, and she talks about progress -- how far we've come, how far we still have to go. "We have to be more patient, human, realistic to make change," she says. Of course, I can’t give any more away. Listen, enjoy and be prepared to feel inspired. You’ll come out the other side swinging. Want more Gloria? @gloriasteinem Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

034 - Aimee Chesire - Founder of Hey Gorgeous  

This week on Oh Boy, Jay sits down with Aimee Cheshire. fashion blogger and founder of Hey Gorgeous, a plus-size focused website and Instagram shop that features cool clothes, size 10 and up. Chesire wanted to be a plus-size model her senior year in college so she did what any inspiring model wants to do: she bought a book on how to model, emailed the author, and the author said, "Go for it!" A blog that turned into Hey Gorgeous. Intrigued? Need to feel inspired? Just looking for some cool pants that fit? Great. Excellent. Plug your headphones in and let Jay's soft voice introduce you to one Aimee Cheshire. Want more Aimee? @ heygorgeousny Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

033 - Gail Simmons - 'Top Chef' Judge, Author & Food Writer  

Today’s episode of Oh Boy features none other than Gail Simmons. It will comfort you to know that Simmons, like everyone else, didn’t have a clue what she wanted to do after college. She didn’t really know what she wanted to do while in college, either. In fact…she didn’t even know anything about food, according to a food editor she spoke to while hunting for her first job. So how did she get to be who she is and where she is, with two hit shows -- Top Chef and Top Chef: Just Desserts -- and a published book with a title that proclaims, “I have the best job ever!” (It’s called “Talking With My Mouth Full: My Life As a Professional Eater,” hello!)? Wellll…you just have to plug in your headphones and listen to this episode, don’t you? Want more Gail? @ gailsimmonseats Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

032 - Jenn Rogien - Costume Designer  

Jenn Rogien's a real jerk! The costumer designer of GIRLS and Orange is the New Black doesn't like sour pickles, brownies or apple pie. Other than that, though, she's perfectly delightful, which you'll come to find in this episode of Oh Boy that's all about her young life growing up in the Rockies (she still owns a canner -- as in, to can pickled things that aren't sour), her formative years in a liberal college town, how she found creative, crafty loopholes in any and every school project, and of course, how she came to be exactly who she is and how she got arguably one of the coolest jobs on the planet. I will tell you this: it didn't just happen by dumb luck. Girls! You know the drill. Headphones in, and enjoy. Want more Jenn? @ jennrogien Want more Jay? @beardwizard Edited by Jay Buim Produced by Kate Barnett

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