Out of Bounds with Michael Barlow

Out of Bounds with Michael Barlow


The Out of Bounds Podcast with Michael Barlow is the first ever podcast to be hosted by a current AFL player that invites listeners behind the curtain to discover what life is really like in the AFL. 

 Your host, Michael Barlow, has a strong interest in all sports and a passion for human engagement and expression. Each week Michael will have a conversation with a current AFL footballer or key stakeholder allowing them to give a candid perspective on life inside and outside the AFL as well as their thoughts on issues surrounding the game, the league and professional sport in general. All feedback is encouraged to Michael on his Twitter @mbarlow21 Welcome and enjoy.


Round 8: Nathan Fyfe vs Michael Barlow  

Nathan Fyfe, One of the absolute legends of the modern era, joins me for the Round 8 Brownlow edition of the Out of Bounds podcast before footballs night of nights.

After giving his take on the story behind him playing thirds football in highschool, Nathan talks through in great and humorous detail the events leading up to and after his brownlow medal win last year. The discussion includes, amongst others, the fall out following the loss to Hawthorn, picking me as his date to go to the Brownlow, the story behind the cane addition to his outfit, the feelings behind winning football’s greatest individual award and the story behind that infamous topless photo.

We also give our tips for the brownlow, how we think the freo boys will go and even have time for some great stitch ups from the questions sent through on twitter.

Speaking to Fyfey about the Brownlow really does give the listeners a great insight into the goings on behind the scenes of the night and award. Hope you enjoy!

Round 7: Sam Menegola vs Michael Barlow  

For this weeks episode of the Out Of Bounds Podcast I have a chat to one of the most resilient (and fittest) players in the AFL, Sam Menegola.

It took Sam five and a half years and three AFL clubs until he finally made his debut for the Geelong Football Club, so it’s great to be able to reflect on his journey ahead of the preliminary final this weekend. Some of the great lessons he has learnt a long the way is a real inspirational for any up and coming footballer. 

Sam also opens up about the culture differences he has noticed at the clubs he has been at and what it is like taking the field with the dynamic duo of Joel Selwood and Patrick Dangerfield. I also quiz him on the story behind the “Cycle Mafia” that was started at Fremantle. 

The ability of Sam to remain optimistic throughout his journey makes for a great story and an even better episode of the Out of Bounds podcast. Enjoy the listen.

Round 6: Luke McPharlin vs Michael Barlow  

Fremantle Hero and great ex-teammate of mine, Luke McPharlin, is the guest on this weeks episode of the Out of Bounds Podcast with Michael Barlow.

It is great to reminisce with Luke over not just his playing career but also his lesser known music and modelling career. Hear about everything you didn't know about Luke from some of the best songs he performed for Ross and the club to why he has a particular phobia of Subway sandwiches.

Luke is happy to talk about all the best and worst parts of his career, including his take on who really won out of the trade when he went to Fremantle, his experience of playing on Buddy Franklin in a grand final, the overwhelming nature of his retirement and the players he will or will not miss around the club. 

A shout out to all the listeners who shot through those great questions on Twitter and Facebook so remember to follow us on social media to get your chance to pass on your questions to all our upcoming special guests. 

Round 5: Isaac Smith vs Michael Barlow  


This week on the Out of Bounds podcast with Michael Barlow I catch up with a great mate of mine, the “quintessential modern wingman” himself, Isaac Smith.

Isaac reflects on his highly successful career at Hawthorn and talks to me about the inner workings and culture of the club. I got to hear about the type of guy Clarkson is off the field, who is the biggest football nerd within the walls, the prankster of the group, the laid back trainer and most importantly who would’ve won the Normy for best on ground in the grand final party celebrations.

Isaac has an open discussion about the moments he remembers most from all the grand finals which is very insightful as much as it hurts to talk about the 2013 Hawks win. He even has time to run us through his current business venture to do with country football after talking about his own path to AFL football through the country scene.

Isaac is such a happy-go-lucky character who is happy to talk about anything (except when he plans on getting engaged) which makes for another great episode of the Out of Bounds podcast. Enjoy!

Round 4: Dennis Cometti vs Michael Barlow  

This week on the Out of Bounds podcast with Michael Barlow I am lucky enough to hear from the legend of football broadcasting himself, Dennis Cometti.

Dennis reflects upon his career on and off the field as I reveal some interesting trivia about the man behind the microphone that helps explain how he has become such a great commentator of the game. Listen in and learn about why Cometti sent me a personal letter back in 2010 and how this approach with other players made him find out some interesting information about Geelong gun Harry Taylor.

I also speak to Dennis about some of his passions outside of football, what it’s like having a son who was going to be a WWE superstar, his take on the national football competition since its development and the effect on the state competitions.

Dennis also shares a light hearted at his favourite players and moments to commentate and even has some fun trying to work out who he was referring to in some of his infamous quotes.

Round 3: Nathan Grima vs Michael Barlow  

On this weeks episode of the Out of Bounds Podcast with Michael Barlow special guest Nathan Grima will have you in absolute stitches as he provides his uniques insights into the AFL world.

Nathan and Michael cover all the big questions including life inside the Bombers camp and what it's like being part of the AFL equivalent of The Replacements. Ground breaking news into Nathans future is revealed and he give us his predictions for which of the top-up players will be part of the squad next year.

Michael also questions Nathan on his perception of AFL players in the everyday media and they discuss some of their favourite one-liners that come up from specific players that we've all heard before. No interview is complete with Grima without touching on his infamous goal, as well as some of the other highlights and lowlights in his career. Michael is even able to stump Nathan with one his questions during the always controversial 2 vs 1 segment. 

Nathan is known in the AFL as one of the blokes you'd love to have by your side on and off the field and this weeks episode does that reputation no harm with some great banter between himself and Michael throughout all the topics covered. 

Round 2: Mitch Wallis vs. Michael Barlow  

Western Bulldog midfielder Mitch Wallis is this weeks guest on The Out of Bounds Podcast with Michael Barlow.

Mitch and Michael have an in depth discussion regarding Mitch's recent horrific injury and the process that an AFL footballer goes through following such a serious injury both physically and mentally. Having gone through a similar injury himself, Michael discusses some of his tips for Mitch. 

Among this weeks episode, Mitch discusses some lesser known stories about his teammates, the reason for his nickname "Soli", the feelings behind their awesome start to the season at the expense of the Dockers and the morale of the club dealing with a large injury list leading in to finals.

Mitch's ability to remain optimistic while still raw from his injury and knowledge of the club provides for a great discussion on this weeks episode. 

Round 1: Steele Sidebottom vs. Michael Barlow  

Collingwood midfielder Steele Sidebottom is the first ever guest on The Out of Bounds Podcast with Michael Barlow.

Steele and Michael chat about who got the better of their match up in Round 14 and whether Steele believes he can become a ‘major milestone’ player.

Steele also discusses his role as a leader at Collingwood, his weird ‘knack’ for boot recollection, the pressures of playing for the nation’s biggest club, the folklore that surrounds the “Rat-Pack” days and Dane Swan, before completing an unprecedented three from three in our weekly “2-and-1” segment.

Steele’s quirky nature and good humour proves that there’s much more to AFL players than just their stats and results on game day.

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