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Outer Sanctum podcast talking Aussie Rules footy throughout the season! met Emma Race, Alicia Sometimes, Kate Seear, Lucy Race, Nicole Hayes and Felicity Race. Interviews and highlights with the game.


Outer Sanctum Podcast #30  

The day after the Grand Final we share a champagne and our thoughts about the game and the year that was.  This is our final episode for Season 16 - we'll meet you back here in February 2017. 

Outer Sanctum Podcast #29  

This week we catch up with footballers Melissa Hickey and Katie Brennan to hear about the Brownlow and what they are up to in the off season - and it's not putting their feet up. We also chat to some pretty special fans as they get ready for the 2016 Grand Final: Erin Riley - writer and Swans fan; and Anne Roughead - grandmother to Bulldog, Jordan Roughead, and our favourite number 2, Jarryd. In the Melee it's finals all the way. 

Outer Sanctum Podcast #29  

This week we catch up with Melissa Hickey and Katie Brennan to hear about the Brownlow and what they are up to in the off season - and it's not putting their feet up. We also chat to some pretty special fans as they get ready for the Grand Final: Erin Riley - writer and Swan fan; and Nana Roughead - grandmother to Bulldog, Jordan Roughead, and our favourite number 2, Jarryd. In The Melee it's finals all the way. 

Outer Sanctum Podcast #28  

This week we speak to Natasha Stott Despoja. You might know her as the youngest woman ever to enter the Australian Federal Parliament and the longest-serving Democrat Senator in the party’s history -- who eventually became their leader. But we know her as Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls and the founding Chairperson of Our Watch (the Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and their Children). And to South Australians, she’ll always be a daughter of the Power.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #27  

Tynan Winmar shares his story of being a gay, Indigenous boy in a country town, with a famous footballing father. He tells us about the day his dad Nicky took a stand against racism in 1993 with the now iconic raising of his jumper, what Tynan remembers and how it’s shaped him today; the responsibility he feels to make the most of the opportunity the AFL has given him as an Ambassador for the Pride Game, and what it’s like to have his dad stand beside him in this new role.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #26  

This week we chat to Mel Forge – Football Operations and Compliance Coordinator at North Melbourne Football Club. In this capacity she looks after the football department logistics and travel, as well as taking care of the player contracting process and compliance. Mel is executive assistant to the senior coach and Team Manager on match day. Mel completed a Bachelor of Business (Sports Administration) in 2008 and began working as a volunteer with the Box Hill Hawks in the VFL. In 2010 she became Netball Operations Manager at Netball Victoria, while still working with the Box Hill Hawks in a development and performance consulting role working mainly with the coaches and leadership group. Since 2010 she has been completing a Bachelor of Behavioral Science, an area of study that can be applied to high performance environments. Mel is a keen fan of podcasts, reading and is a fan of the New England Patriots.


Also, we speak with Chelsea Randall, Daisy Pearce, Mel Hickey and Michelle Cowan at the Dee's training camp and hear from Michael O'laughlin and Anita Heisss... 

Outer Sanctum Podcast #25  

This week we talk about the AFL Women's League and pay concerns. We interviewed Luke Ablett, former AFL player who played 133 games with the Sydney Swans including the 2005 Premiership. Since retiring from the game, he has completed a Bachelor of Arts at RMIT and has spent a year volunteering in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. Luke is passionate about promoting gender equity and preventing men’s violence, and has extensive experience delivering education and capacity building programs on these topics to a range of different groups.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #24  

In Episode 24 we chat about the massive issues of the week. After a confronting week for Eddie Betts and the Crows we engage Leila Gurruwiwi to help us understand how education can help move forward. We also check in with Mel Forge from North Melbourne to discuss the fallout from their list management bombshell. Our interview is with Prue Gilbert a highly regarded gender diversity consultant, facilitator and coach who is part of the AFLPA advisory committee, set up to navigate the successful integration of the women's teams.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #23  

A football lover who literally views the game through his own lens, our guest this week is award winning photo journalist Wayne Ludbey who talks about his insight from the boundary, pictures he missed, and that image.  

In The Melee we discuss where Olympics intersect with footy, the success and importance of the Pride Match and celebrate this round's milestones.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #22  

This week we have a very special guest over for dinner and we speak to Indigenous Studies expert Professor Barry Judd. We examine the links between Tom Wills and Marn Grook and the ongoing debate about the origins of Australian Rules football. We also hear about Barry’s work documenting the emergence of a new “breakaway” Indigenous football league in the Western Desert region of Central Australia: why it is happening and what the communities hope to achieve.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #21  

This week we speak Sam Mostyn is director of a number of leading Australian companies and Chair of Citibank. She is also formerly the AFL's first female commissioner.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #20  

This week we interview Leigh Russell. Leigh is an accomplished sports administrator and director, having spent many years working with athletes, coaches and behind the scenes staff to ensure sustained high performance with a number of AFL teams (Essendon FC, Gold Coast FC, Hawthorn FC), the AFLPA and the Melbourne Vixens. Leigh is widely respected for her work that she has undertaken in a variety of roles – welfare, people & culture, learning & development, leadership & governance. She is currently on the Fox 8 TV show, 'The Recruit'.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #19  

This week we head to the MCG to meet with Debbie Lee, Women's Football Operations Manager at the Melbourne Football Club and champion of Womens’ Football both on and off the field.  In the melee we discuss Caroline Wilson’s “David Parkin Oration”, the launch of Pride round and the other big issues of the week - including our new partnership with EON Sports Radio.

Debbie Lee is a five-time Helen Lambert VWFL best and fairest winner. She is also a five-time All Australian, five-time state captain and 15-time state representative.  Debbie was just the third female player to reach 300 games, a feat made more remarkable by the shorter duration of the VWFL season. She has been a coach and a part of the AFL’s womens’ advisory board, having set up football clubs at grass roots level she is now doing it at a national level as the Women's Football Operations Manager at the Melbourne Football Club where she continues to champion the game.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #18  

This we we spoke to Sean Gorman. Sean has studied and worked in the Indigenous Studies field for 23 years. In that time he has lectured and researched in the Indigenous studies programs at Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University and the University of Melbourne. He currently holds a senior fellowship at Curtin University. Gorman’s work draws on social justice, social history, sports history, and local history and gives insight and voice to contemporary Indigenous society and people. He is the lead CI on the recently completed ARC linkage grant entitled: Assessing the Australian Football League’s Racial and Religious Vilification Laws to Promote Community Harmony, Multiculturalism and Reconciliation. His book Brotherboys: The story of Jim and Phillip Krakouer was adapted for a play and had a national tour in 2011. Along with David Whish-Wilson he has commissioned to write a book entitled Derby about the rivalry between the Dockers and the Eagles. This is due for release in early 2017.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #17  

This we speak about multi-cultural round, NAIDOC week and we speak to Tony Birch, the author of many books including Shadowboxing, Father's Day, Blood and Ghost River. Both his fiction and nonfiction has been published widely in literary magazines and anthologies, both in Australia and internationally. He is currently the the inaugural Bruce McGuinness Research Fellow within the Moondani Balluk Centre at Victoria University.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #16  

This week, we're from Tigerland where we meet the yellow and black Peggy O'Neil, President of the Richmond Football Club.  In the Melee, its back to the big issues this week: which band best represents your club?

Outer Sanctum Podcast #15  

This week we talk to Marngrook legend Shelley Ware, Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins and journalist Caroline Wilson. Basically, an inspiring day at our office.* If office meant recording inside a car, someone else's kitchen and a small family room with two couches.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #14  

This week we celebrate the announcement about the women's teams and we talk to Bridget Barker about what it means for North Melbourne and for football.

Outer Sanctum Podcast #13  

Interview with Meg Hutchins, the first Female Football Operations Manager at Collingwood,  plus The Melee: our all-in take on football's big issues.    This week we take the Melee on the road, literally. 

Outer Sanctum Podcast #12  

This week we talk to Chelsea Roffey, journalist and a goal umpire in the Australian Football League. Roffey became the first female to officiate an AFL Grand Final when she was selected as goal umpire for the 2012 Grand Final.

We also talk superstition, gravy and about the fun police...


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