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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now*


Matthew Dellavedova and Stingray Steve 10/21/16  

NLCS Game 5 recap and NFL Week 7 preview of an ugly slate of football (1:59 - 17:13). Matthew Dellavedova joins the show to talk about playing in the NBA, winning a Championship, Australian accents, and killing snakes ( 17:13 - 36:33). Stingray Steve hops on to give his Friday call as well as a bonus call from History (36:33 - 42:38). Segments include Hurt or Injured, Humans vs the Sun, Hey JJ, PR 101 Rick Pitino and Friday Roast.

Mike Ditka and Aaron Nagler 10/19/16  

NLCS and ALCS recap as the Cubs are down 2-1 out in LA ( 2:20 - 6:50). Hot Seat, Cool Throne (6:50 - 15:30). Mike Ditka joins the show to talk about his could have been political career, football in 2016, apple washing, and who farted on Sunday Countdown last year (15:30 - 27:05). Aaron Nagler from Packer News hops on to figure out what the hell is wrong with Aaron Rodgers. Footwork? Olivia Munn? Brett Favre being around too much? Mike McCarthy's eyes too close together? (28:11- 44:35). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Curt Schilling's Senate opponent. Hurt or Injured Terry Francona. Sabermetrics, Could Alabama Beat the Browns. Not Afraid to go there with Stephen A. Smith and an Update on JJ Watt's last tweet.

Joe Buck 10/17/16  

Live from Chicago and Big Cat has been officially Kershaw'd but the show still starts with the fastest 2 minutes recapping week 6 in the NFL (2:21 - 5:01). The guys talk about their weekend in Chicago watching Cubs and Bears with Uncle Chaps and Marlins Man (6:24 -18:43) . Football Guy of the week and the Tiger Woods weekly "who's back?" (18:43 - 30:52). Interview with Joe Buck talking about his book, going to stip clubs with his dad, and who he is going to vote for in the upcoming election (30:52 - 53:33). Segments include Put one in his earhole, Just Chill Out man for Bills Mafia, and Thoughts and Prayers for Odell Beckham's immaturity.

Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club 10/14/16  

Game 5 of the NLDS and Clayton Kershaw and Dave Roberts are the heroes (1:55 - 6:34). The Boys call Lenny Dykstra for everyones new favorite segment "Locker Room Talk" (6:34 - 8:05) NFL picks and weekend preview + Friday iTunes review Roast (8:05 - 16:47). Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club holds its monthly meeting and discusses future plans to get tattoos (16:47 - 36:33). Segments include Just Chill Out for Curt Schilling, PR 101 for Ken Bones. Trouble in Paradise for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Explain it to Hank and Jimbo's of the Week

Danny Woodhead 10/12/16  

The Cubs are heading back to the NLCS and the PMT boys are on their way to Chicago this weekend (1:40 - 10:13). Power Rankings Wednesday (10:13 - 15:14). Hot seat cool Throne (15:14 - 22:25). Danny Woodhead joins the show to talk about rehabbing his knee, oreos, Nebraska, and playing with Phil Rivers (22:25 - 48:05). Segments include thoughts and prayers for Atheists after Tim Tebow saved a guy. Hurt or Injured Tommy Lasorda. Humans vs the Sun. Stay Woke. And the debut of "things I wrote down when I was drunk that I thought were funny"

Jay Glazer 10/10/16  

Week 5 action and the fastest recap in sports. Playoff baseball. Football Guy of the week. Tiger Woods Who's Back Of The Week. Jay Glazer joins the show to talk NFL, Aliens, and the toughest player he trains. Segments include Thoughts and Prayers to Breast Cancer, Sabermetrics, Uhhh Ya Think, Respect the Biz and the debut of 2 new segments. "Yeah Right" and "Locker Room Talk" with special guest Lenny Dykstra.

Stingray Steve, Addison Russell, Dan Haren 10/07/16  

MLB Playoffs and NFL Football recap (1:55 - 7:07). Week 5 Gambling picks from the guys and Larry the Goldfish (7:07 - 11:40). The first ever Friday Roast of Pardon My Take (11:40 - 15:36). Addison Russell from the Cubs reads a MET-RX ad script (15:36 - 25:08). Stingray Steve gives his call of the week and updates us on Hurricane Matthew (26:11 - 32:33). Former MLB All Star Dan Haren talks about pitching in October, why Madison Bumgarner is so good, and the Cubs chances to win a World Series (32:39 - 50:57). Segments include Sabermetrics, Sorry Not Sorry, As A White Guy for Joe Buck, Thoughts and Prayers for Mike the Tiger, Done or Finished for the NFL, and Jimbo's of the week.

Peter King 10/05/16  

The guys talk about Buck Showalter's brain fart and the classy fans in Toronto as the MLB playoffs are off and running (1:50 - 7:13). Power Rankings of lunch orders( 7:13 - 14:47). Hot Seat Cool Throne for coaches facing the firing ram (14:47 - 21:07). Peter King joins the show to talk about podcasting, the NFL, Roger Goodell, and what happens when he eats the trash on Twitter (21:07 - 59:35). Segments include "PR 101" for First Take, "Thoughts and Prayers" for ODB's happiness, "Sabermetrics" for Harbaugh vs Urban Meyer's fake Twitter war and "Respect The Biz" for the clown profession

Harrison Smith, Kyle Rudolph, and Blair Walsh 10/03/16  

Week 4 NFL Recap and the Wikipedia Club takes down Books (2:53 - 13:29). College football recap and the Tiger Wood Memorial Who's Back of the week. Football Guy of the week in honor of Interim Coach O (13:29 - 22:33). Harrison Smith, Kyle Rudolph and Blair Walsh join the show to talk about playing for the Vikings, Charlie Weis, and post Teddy B life (26:09 - 53:11). Segments include PR 101 for Chuck Pagano, Humans vs the Sun Ryder Cup. New segments Worst Team In Football and Tell The Truth Mondays.

Tim Meadows and Stingray Steve 09/30/16  

The guys talk about the upcoming Football weekend and whether or not Ryan Tannehill sucks (he does) (2:42 - 13:10). Tim Meadows joins the show to talk SNL, his new show Son of Zorn, and an Office table reading (13:10 - 39:32). Stingray Steve joins to talk about CFB and his call of the week (39:32 - 44:51). Segments include "Thoughts and Prayers" for the entire Browns organization, "Trouble In Paradise", "Spinzone", "Hurt or Injured", "Stay Woke", "Sorry Not Sorry" for Curt Schilling and "Jimbo's".

Katie Nolan FS1 09/28/16  

PFT and JJ Watt are both on the IR and America is worried(2:21 - 8:49). Power Rankings drink orders at the bar (8:49 - 15:48). Hot Seat Cool Throne of the week for the Coach's in trouble (15:48 - 23:13) . Katie Nolan joins the show to talk about working at FOX, Regis Philbin, Fish Fighting, and what it's like working for Roger Goodell (23:13 - 57:09). Segments include "Uhhh Ya Think", "Spinzone", "Hmmm", "Michael Wilbon name drop of the week presented by Michael Wilbon he once golfed with Obama not to brag" and a very special debut of our new unnamed RGIII segment.

Katie Nolan 09/28/16  

PFT and JJ Watt are both on the IR and America is worried(2:21 - 8:49). Power Rankings drink orders at the bar (8:49 - 15:48). Hot Seat Cool Throne of the week for the Coach's in trouble (15:48 - 23:13) . Katie Nolan joins the show to talk about working at FOX, Regis Philbin, Fish Fighting, and what it's like working for Roger Goodell (23:13 - 57:09). Segments include "Uhhh Ya Think", "Spinzone", "Hmmm", "Michael Wilbon name drop of the week presented by Michael Wilbon he once golfed with Obama not to brag" and a very special debut of our new unnamed RGIII segment.

Giants Offensive Lineman Marshall Newhouse and Justin Pugh (and Eli Manning) 09/26/16  

Week 3 NFL recap is live and the guys are playing injured. Tiger Woods Memorial who's back of the week (2:20 - 16:17). Football Guy of the week (16:17 - 32:35). Giants Offensive Lineman Justin Pugh and Marshall Newhouse join the show to talk about funniest QB in the league, College days, Coughlin stories, and a call to Eli Manning (32:25 - 58:44). Segments include "Just Chill Out Man" for Jason Whitlock, "Respect The Biz" for Michael Wilbon, "Thoughts and Prayers", "People vs The Sun", and a very special "Stay Woke"

Richard Deitsch and Stingray Steve 09/23/16  

The Broketship has failed to launch. The guys discuss the Patriots annihilations of the Texans on Thursday Night Football and their Larry II problem (2:52 - 10:36). Stingray Steve joins the show for your CFB preview (10:36 - 16:07). Richard Deitsch from SI discusses the media landscape, his feud with Darren Rovell, and how to be a big J Journalist (16:07 - 52:20). Segments include "Trouble in Paradise", "Hurt or Injured", "Thought and Prayers" for USA Hockey, Jimbo's of the week and a bonus Explain it to Hank.

Mike Portnoy 09/21/16  

The Bears are dead and mid week NFL action means Coaches have to speak to the media (1:50 - 13:04). Hot Seat/Cool Throne to tell you the next NFL Coach to get fired (14:27 - 18:38). Power Rankings of uniforms (18:38 - 24:55). The People's lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk about Larry the Goldfish fraud plans, ponzi schemes, and the debut of the new segment "Portnoy's Complaint" where Mr. Portnoy tells everyone what is bothering him this week (24:55 - 52:07). Segments include "PR 101", "Uhhh Ya Think", "Just Chill Out Man", "Respect the Biz", and the newest segment "Big Cat eats chips because he went to Soul Cycle yesterday"

Robert Klemko From Sports Illustrated And EDP 09/19/16  

Week 2 Round up is here. The guys discuss Andrew Luck, who wins the "Tiger Woods is Back memorial of the week"(2:21- 12:08) and Football Guy of the weekend (12:08 - 19:11). Robert Klemko from Sports Illustrated joins the show to discuss Colts/Broncos, surprise teams and what it's like working for Peter King(19:11- 38:20). Eagles Superfan EDP hops on to preview Bears/Eagles MNF and thoughts from Week 2 (38:20 - 43:22). Segments include "He said what now?", "PR 101", "Hurt or Injured" for Danny Woodhead and PFT's life. "Hmmm" and a "Spinzone" for everyone who owes their bookie.

Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club and Stingray Steve 09/16/16  

The guys talk Thursday Night Football and the death of Bills Mafia (1:53 - 5:26). NFL Picks for the Las Vegas Supercontest and an update on Larry 2 (5:26 - 12:51). Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club discussing Toilet Paper Orientation and Cider Donuts (12:51 - 30:03). Stingray Steve comes on the show to talk SEC football and gives us his call of the week for CFB Week 2 (30:07 - 37:42). Segments include "Spin Zone", "Stay Woke", "Connect the Dots" with Curt Schilling. Humans vs The Sun, and Jimbo's of the week.

Cat Killer Michael Rapaport 09/14/16  

The guys talk about the NFL owning their mind, body and soul as well as their excitement for the new color rush jerseys(2:14-7:59). Wednesday's Hot Seat, Cool Throne (8:00 - 13:31). Power Rankings of what football guys eat (13:31 - 18:43). Michael Rapport joins the show to talk about his recent cat murders, fantasy football and wars on twitter (18:43 - 45:50). Segments include the debut of "Humans vs the Sun", "Sabermetrics", "Spinzone" for Rob Ryan getting his lap band removed. "Respect the Shield" and "Jagging Off" with Uncle Chaps. The show ends with a very special shout out to ourselves for being Rainmakers.

Dave Dameshek 09/12/16  

The first NFL Sunday has finally arrived and the guys are ready to recap all the action as well as Larry The Goldfish's triumphant 3-0 gambling start (1:53 - 12:23). Football guy of the week is awarded and Roger Goodell talks concussions (12:23 - 23:18). Dave Dameshek from the NFL Network joins the show to talk Week 1, fantasy football, and what it was like working on the Man Show with Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel(22:18 - 51:32). Segments include "Thoughts and Prayers" to baseball, "As a white guy", "Uhhh Ya Think", "Sabermetrics" for Jack Del Rio's ballsy move, and PR 101 for the American Flag.

Mike Florio and Stingray Steve 09/09/16  

NFL Season is finally back and the guys recap the Broncos Thursday night opening win(1:51 - 8:31). Week 1 Las Vegas Super Contest picks for PFT, Big Cat, Hank, and Larry the Goldfish are revealed (8:31 - 21:15). Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk joins the show to preview the NFL season and his dark horse team of the year. Stingray Steve's Friday spot debuts with a preview of CFB Week 2 and his call of his favorite play from CFB week 1 (21:15 - 40:56). Segments include "Protect The Shield", "Respect The Biz", the debut of "Hot Seat, Cold Throne", "Spoilers", and weekly "Jimbos"

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