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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doubt change your life for the better- guaranteed, or your money back. *Pretend a reggaeton air horn is going off right now*


ESPN's Trey Wingo  

NBA All Star Weekend and Kyrie Irving thinks the world is flat (2:59 - 15:47). Tiger Woods Memorial Who's Back Of The Week (15:47 - 22:24). ESPN's Trey Wingo joins the show to talk about the NFL, what it's like to do live TV every day, how much his name has benefited his career, and whether or not he smokes weed when he golfs (he doesn't, we made that up) (22:24 - 42:05). Segments include PR 101 for the Dunk Contest. Thoughts and Prayers to Carmelo Anthony. The debut of Tony Romo watch. Hmmmm. Parental Advisory and That's Enough Internet For Today.

Ice Cube, Mike Portnoy & Lenny Dykstra  

Spring Training and the guys are ready to break down all the Spring Training story lines you're bound to hear (2:57 - 11:11). Sports Do Overs in honor of Adele's Do Over at the Grammys (11:11 - 18:34). Ice Cube joins the show to talk about his new movie Fist Fight, 3 on 3 basketball league, and a rap battle against PFT (18:34 - 31:35). The People's Lawyer Mike Portnoy joins the show to talk about criminal trespassing at the Westminster Dog Show, the new Barstool Employee Handbook, and Portnoy's Complaint (31:35 - 50:52). Segments include Bad Visual for Phil Jackson, Put one in his earhole, Locker Room Talk with Lenny, As a White Guy, Man Card, Fair Play Mike and Mike, PR 101 for Vince Young, and Jimbos Of The Week.

Ryan Whitney and Trill Withers (@TylerIAm)  

Welcome to the only podcast officially banned by the Westminster Kennel Club. The boys attempted to go to the Best In Show competition at Madison Square Garden with fake credentials and were promptly detained by the NYPD ( 2:54 -16:10) - . Hot Seat/Cool Throne (16:10 - 19:22). Trill Withers joins the show to talk NBA, the official debut of the Mickstape podcast and who's mans is it for all of the contending teams (21:22 - 35:38). Ryan Whitney from spittin chiclets joins the show to talk NHL, is this the Caps year, and whether or not peaking too early is a real thing in hockey (35:38 - 47:41). Segments include respect the biz, the debut of "is ____ a bad sports town?", Lebron Blames, hmmmm, and not to brag but we called it.

Mike Golic  

Kevin Durant vs Russ Westbrook and an update on Lebron Blames (4:07 - 8:50). Who's Back Of The Week including Grammy's Talk (8:56 - 15:53). Mike Golic joins the show to talk Football, what it's like having the same co-host for 18 years, and what he thinks of our Mike and Mike impression.(16:50 - 46:06) Segments include PR 101 for James Dolan. Anonymous Sources season for College football players. Uhhhh Ya Think. Is He Dead Yet? Bad Radio and Respect The Shield for the Madden Champion that loves to tweet offensive things.

Super Bowl Champion Chris Long  

College basketball season is back and we miss Dickie V calling the big UNC/Duke game (2:57 -12:00). Charles Oakley vs James Dolan and a power rankings of ex-athletes you would least want to fight (12:00 - 18:40). Super Bowl Champion Chris Long joins the show to talk about Bill Belichick smiling, what the halftime locker room was like in the Super Bowl, and the first 15 minutes after winning the big game (18:40 - 40:22). Segments include Mike Greenberg's dumb rules, Sabermetrics, Perspective, Respect the Biz, As A White Guy, Emergency Who's Back, PR 101 for Sean Spice on how to deal with big J Journalists and Jimbos of the week.

Scott Van Pelt and Stanford Steve  

The guys are inside the mothership in Bristol to appear on Sportscenter with Scott Van Pelt. Hank is back from Houston and we wrap up story lines from Super Bowl 51. (7:19 - 13:50). Hot Seat, Cool Throne. (13:57 - 18:15) Scott Van Pelt and Stanford Steve join the show to talk about behind the scenes of their show, how we did on Sportscenter, and our team review of the ESPN cafeteria. (19:23 - 43:26) Segments include the debut of "Lebron Blames", PR 101, Trouble in Paradise, Hmmmm, Stay Woke, and a not to brag but phone call with Jim Rome after his new contract with CBS after coming on our show.

Super Bowl 51 Recap and Jim Rome  

Super Bowl 51 recap. Was it the greatest game ever? Is Matt Ryan elite? Did Kyle Shanahan care too much about his new job? Did the Patriots win it or did the Falcons lose it? Embrace Debate and much more. Who's back of the week. Football guy of the week. Jim Rome joins the show to talk about controversies, smack offs, and our favorite game Rome vs Rome (PFT does a mean impression of him in his face). Segments include Kings stay Kings. Thoughts and Prayers, Put one in his earhole. Stay Classy, PR 101, Is Pat Riley Dead Yet and Respect The Biz - stories from our day on Radio Row.

Mike Vrabel & Scott Zolak  

Super Bowl Week Finale. Roger Goodell has banned the boys from all official activities so they've gone rogue journalism. Favorite Super Bowl Prop Bets(10:58-13:35). Former Patriot Quarterback Scott Zolak joins the show to talk about Jimmy Johnson intimidating him on a boat, how long Brady will play and Roger Goodell's vendetta(17:49-34:32). 3X Super Bowl Champion Mike Vrabel joins the show to talk about what it's like to play in the Super Bowl, catching passes as a linebacker and Andy Reid's clock management.(34:42-50:09). Segments include Kings stay kings, Thoughts and prayers for the Conglomerate(ft. Spencer Hawes), Hurt or Injured, Spinzone, Explain it to Hank, Dunk ideas and Jimbo's.

John Clayton and Doug Flutie  

Live from Houston, PFT talks about getting smuggled past the Barstool blockade to get some interviews at Superbowl media day. Hot seat cool throne featuring AllBusinessPete (10:25 - 16:18). Doug Flutie talks about playing for Trump, his infamous drop kick and being a short guy in the NFL (18:27-28:18). John Clayton gives us his best Terry Bradshaw impression, Shouldergate, and plays "Three Downs" with the guys (28:24 - 51:19). Segments include LeBrons a baby back bitch, Is Lane Kiffin Kidnapped, Hmm, Sabermetrics, and Bad Radio.

Stu Feiner  

Live from Super Bowl Week in Houston the boys are ready to celebrate their birthdays and say goodbye to the 2016-17 NFL Season. Football Guy of the week(10:02-16:45). Tiger Woods Who's Back Of The Week(16:50-22:30). Gambling legend Stu Feiner joins the show to talk football, the Wild West of gambling, and how he lives life(25:05-50:21). Segments include People Forget That, PR 101, Kings Stay Kings, Thoughts and Prayers to Uber, And Drunk Ideas

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill  

On today's show, PFT Commenter and Big Cat talk about Big Cat's RV trip down to the Super Bowl (2:50 - 4:20) and Coach K's decision to not allow Duke basketball players to wear any Duke logos until they straighten their act up (5:00 - 11:00). They debate Trump's Bernhard Langer voting story (11:04 - 13:53). The guys are joined by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill from ESPN to talk about their new Sportscenter, and their plans to include the underrepresented white male sports fan in their show (16:42 - 44:41), Segments include "hurt or injured" for the basketball player who got his eye taken out, "Man card" for Tom Brady's 9-year old son, "Protect the shield" from Roger Goodell, and Jimbos.

6X Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte  

Does Lebron need help and other mid week talk while waiting for Super Bowl Week (2:59-7:22). Bachelor recap by guys who don't actually watch the Bachelor (10:41 - 13:19). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (13:25-21:00) World Premiere of PFTs latest hit single song (21:00 - 25:30) . Olympian Ryan Lochte joins the show to talk about competing in the Olympics, what it takes to be a world class swimmer and whether or not he regrets anything from his experience in Rio (25:30-40:42). Segments include Hurt or Retired for Big Ben, PR 101 for Johnny Manziel, Locker Room Talk with Pacman Jones, Hmmmm, Sabermetrics, Trouble in Paradise and Bad Radio while we work out using our new thigh masters. #TightVaginaSquad

Cordarrelle Patterson  

Fastest 2 minutes for Championship Weekend. The guys predict Super Bowl bye week story lines. Embrace Debate - Mike and Mike debate whether its ok to punch a Nazi. Who's Back Of The Week. Football Guy of The Week. Minnesota Viking Cordarrelle Patterson joins the show to talk NFL, possibly playing Running Back next year, is Tennessee back? and his love for Appleebees. Segments include Man Card for Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano, Respect the Biz, Connect the Dots, Sabermetrics, Keep Fucking that Chicken, and Drunk Ideas.

Aaron Nagler, Dave Dameshek, Dave Portnoy, A Person Working At Coca Cola  

NFL Championship weekend is finally here and the guys are ready for all the storylines ( 2:59 - 15:18). Westbrook vs Durant (15:18 - 19:55). In prep for the AFC and NFC championship games the guys welcome on a representative from each team. Aaron Nagler (Packers 19:55 - 29:22) ),Dave Dameshek (Steelers 29:22 - 36:46), Dave Portnoy (Patriots 26:46 - 45:07) and a random representative from the Coca Cola call center and the Braves front office voicemail (Atlanta). Segments include PR 101, Hmmmm, Uhhh Ya Think, Spinzone, Is Pat Riley dead yet? And weekly Jimbo's

3X Pro Bowler Shawn Merriman  

NFL mid week drama (2:56 -7:30). NBA season is heating up with Cavs/Warriors, Melo trade rumors, and Joel Embiid (7:30 - 14:54). In honor of President Obama's Pardons, Pardon My misTake where we Pardon parts of our show (14:54 - 17:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:16 - 27:45). Former San Diego Charger and 3X Pro Bowl Winner Shawne Merriman joins the show to talk about the Chargers move to LA, what it was like to sack Tom Brady and Ben Rothlisberger, and whether or not he will sue us for our various business ideas that "borrow" the Lights Out name (27:45 - 49:47) . Segments include Hmmmm, Trouble in Paradise, Hurt or Injured, Embrace Debate do you button your top button, Uhhh Ya Think, Bad Radio watching Giannis dunks, and our weekly Bachelor Talk from guys that don't actually watch the Bachelor.

Mike Florio And Uncle Chaps  

Fastest 2 minutes for the NFL Divisional Round + full game breakdowns (2:56 - 11:39). Who's back of the week (11:39 - 14:40). Uncle Chaps joins the show to talk about the Jaguars and Football Guy Of The Week (14:40 - 27:27). Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio Joins the show to talk Playoffs, Seahawks Championship window, Aaron Rodgers, and what the hell is going on in Indianapolis(27:20 - 48:41). Segments include PR 101, Respect the Biz, Rumors, Hurt or Injured for Big Ben, #JumpsuitJanuaryProblems, and As A White Guy what does MLK day mean to us.

Tito Ortiz And Lenny Dykstra  

Los Angeles is back on the map with the Chargers moving and the Rams hiring a 30 year old coach (2:59 - 10:04). NFL Divisional Round Matchup preview (10:04 - 25:29). Power Rankings of the all time best piss guys (25:29 - 29:24). The long awaited Lenny Dykstra interview is finally here and it's our worst one yet (29:24 - 36:37). MMA Fighter joins the show to talk about his big fight against Chael Sonnen and his time on Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump (36:37 - 47:17). Segments include Mike Greenbergs Dumb Rules, Grumors, new segment "The Good Old Days", Is He Dead Yet, That's Enough Internet For Today and Jimbos Of The Week

Rickie Fowler And Smylie Kaufman  

National Championship recap, what's next for Nick Saban (2:59 - 12:20). Bachelor Recap by guys that don't watch the Bachelor (12:20 - 15:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (15:53 - 22:14). PGA Tour Golfers Smylie Kaufman and Rickie Fowler join the show to talk about golf ettiequte, spring break, is Tiger back, and who they hate the most on tour (22:14 - 49:17). Segments include PR 101 for Derrick Rose, Stay Classy, Connect the Dots David Ortiz, As A White Guy, Put on in his earhole, and that's enough internet for today.

Paul Finebaum  

Fastest 2 minutes for NFL Wild Card Weekend (2:51 - 5:24). Recap of the weekend of blowouts (5:24 - 12:04). Who's Back of the Week (12:04 - 16:20). Football Guy Of The Week (16:20 - 25:03). ESPN and Sirius Radio Host Paul Finebaum joins the show to talk about the National Championship, what went wrong with Lane Kiffin, his disgust for Michigan, and a Headline Grabber (25:03 - 54:37). Segments include Hurt or Injured, Just Chill out Man, Bad Visual, Bad Radio, Trouble in Paradise, Spinzone, and that's enough Internet for today.

Mark Titus and Colts Punter Pat McAfee  

NFL Wild Card Weekend and the guys are ready to break down every game in a highly detailed fashion (3:06 - 14:27). Embrace Debate, do you wear shirts when you sleep? (14:27 - 15:53) Friday Roasts (15:53 - 18:30). Recurring Guest Mark Titus joins the show to talk Grayson Allen, Coach K, NBA, and the time Tom Crean searched for a live bat (18:30 - 41:21). Segments include Man Card Nick Saban, bonus conversation figuring out how many times a year Coach Saban orgasms. Bad Visual for George McCaskey, Locker Room Talk, Mike Wilbon Name Drop Of The Week, and Uhhh Ya Think. Pat McAfee joins the show to finish the week off with a great round of Jimbos.

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