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Paul's Security Weekly

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For the latest in computer security news, hacking, and research! We sit around, drink beer, and talk security.


Paul's Security Weekly #486 - Gimme Some Wood  

Adrien de Beaupre joins us to discuss "So You Wanna Be A Pen Tester?", we cover fixing pen test findings and XMLRPC, and talk security news. Stay tuned!

Hack Naked News #97 - October 18, 2016  

Microsoft and Adobe, Guccifer, and ransomware! Hack Naked News with Aaron Lyons!

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Startup Security Weekly #12 - A Handwritten Thank You  

We tell you how to spot a bad Kickstarter, inside the mind of a venture capitalist, how to be disruptive with your startup, and how to stop hackers from destroying your startup. Stay tuned!

Paul's Security Weekly #485 - Thank You, Greenland  

Scott Lyons of WarCollar Industries and Joshua Marpet of CyberGRC join us, our listener feedback segment discusses drinking from the infosec fire hose, and we talk security news for the week. Stay tuned!

Enterprise Security Weekly #19 - Defending IoT Devices  

Securing your data, an account security solution or ASS?, and securing IoT in the Enterprise!

Hack Naked News #96 - October 11, 2016  

Tons and tons of Ransomware and Cisco! All that and more with Aaron Lyons on Hack Naked News!

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Startup Security Weekly #11 - The Magic of Momentum  

We discuss magical momentum, how to build online trust, pivotal stories every startup leader should be able to tell, and more. Stay tuned!

Paul's Security Weekly #484 - SECOND LIFE  

Cody Pierce from Endgame will talk about pre-exploit prevention. Security news will discuss Yahoo! spying, Mirai source code lessons learned, and more! Our interview this week is with Ed Skoudis of Counterhack Challenges and the SANS Institute. Stay tuned!

Enterprise Security Weekly #18 - Darkweb Monitoring  

Juniper's bug push into security, a big endpoint player goes IPO, and a firewall company enters the Anti-Virus game. The topic for this week is Darkweb monitoring, is it really worth it and how can it help your enterprise? Stay tuned!

Hack Naked News #95 - October 4, 2016  

WoSign, Cisco, Ransomware, and Linux crash! All that and more, so stay tuned!
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Paul's Security Weekly #483 - Jack Hacks Back  

We interview Ferruh Mavituna of Netsparker, discuss shadow IT in our listener feedback, and discuss our security news. Stay tuned!

Enterprise Security Weekly #17 - Security Training For Enterprises  

A behavior analytics company has a new release, endpoint security for vulnerabilities and threats, outsource your threat hunting, get with the flow on your network, and waiting in the wings to get bought. Plus, John and I discuss security training for the enterprise, what will work work best for you?

Hack Naked TV - September 27, 2016  

Hack Naked coversthis week, CompTIA Security, CISSP, CEH v9, and Red Hat Linux. All that and more on Hack Naked TV!

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Startup Security Weekly #10 - Technical Debt  

A listener feedback segment on technical debt, we delve into more listener requests, and in our news stories, we discuss how freemium can work for you, seven common mistakes entrepreneurs make, and more. Stay tuned!

Enterprise Security Weekly #15 - "Documentation"  

Microsoft partners with Ping, CyberArk gets a new patent, yet even more behavior based endpoint protection, Intel sells McAfee, teaming up with MSPs, and embracing change in the cloud. Stay tuned!

Security Weekly #482 - "Shell Yeah"  

Kobi and Doron Naim of Cyberark Labs join us, Paul shows us how to try to make a secure shell script, and we discuss TMobile's free network, Cisco's injection flaw warning, and more, so stay tuned!

Enterprise Security Weekly - Episode 16: Privileged Alphabet Soup  

Runtime application self-protection market shows growth, cloud-based access provider new single sign-on for SAS, Oracle bought someone, and privileged identity management. Stay tuned!

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