Pete and Sebastian Show

Pete and Sebastian Show

United States

Two A-list comedians, Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco, get together once a week to create a tight comedy radio show with stories and comedy bits.


Pete And Sebastian Show 254  

Pete shows off his eclectic taste in music and Sebastian remembers that he once had a gig where he dressed as a pirate!

Pete And Sebastian Show 253  

We celebrate Italian Americans for St. Paddy's Day! Pete flips out on a pilot AGAIN, Sebastian tells stories of dating in high school, and so much more!

Pete And Sebastian Show 252  

Sebastian catches a thief in his home, Pete gives parenting advice about tantrums, and DJ Lou is asleep on the job!

Pete Aand Sebastian Show 251  

The guys imagine what it would be like to host the Oscars, and reveal how they first said "I love you" to their wives!

Pete And Sebastian Show 250 Sirius 3  

Sebastian has baby fever and Pete hangs out with the great JJ Watt!!!

Pete And Sebastian Show 249 Sirius 2  

Pete takes his family out to an embarrassing dinner and Sebastian saw the play "Hamilton!" Find out if he stayed for the whole thing....

Pete And Sebastian Show 248 SiriusXM  

The show makes its premiere on SiriusXM! Thanks for waiting! Enjoy!

Pete And Sebastian Show 247  

Sebastian deals with raccoons, a thief, and a car crash. Pete has to endure a millennial on the plane, a gay pass in traffic, and North Korea. Check out this hilarious new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 246  

Twice in one week! Pete ignores his skin irritation long enough to educate us about life in Korea and Sebastian gets a treadmill delivered to his hotel room in this hilarious new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 245  

The guys are back for the new year! Find out how their holidays went: someone got slapped and tears were shed in this hilarious new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 244  

Sebastian gets a cold nurse at the hospital, Pete blows his nose in a sock, plus- DJ Lou and Jimmy From Boston go see Sebastian's stand-up show in this hilarious new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 243  

Pete's mistake ruins this week's show! Find out why in this new episode!!!

Pete And Sebastian Show 242  

Sebastian marches in a parade and gets a home nurse. Pete prepares for Christmas and home intruders. Enjoy this hilarious new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 241  

Pete and Sebastian discover that they are gaining weight, they try new party games, and one of them lives next to a murder!

Pete And Sebastian Show 240  

The guys have a major announcement concerning the future of this show.....

Pete And Sebastian Show 239  

Pete goes to a comedian wedding and loses his mind at the dumpy hotel. Sebastian has some life-changing news and has to find out what a dula does in this hilarious new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 238  

Sebastian has to confront raccoons, they play a round of Italian Take, and find out who is the best dancer in this hilarious new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 237  

Someone gives out coins with his own face on it. Sebastian got a bit nude on a plane. Lots of announcements and funny stories in this new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 236  

Sebastian is promoting his 3rd Showtime special, find out what a "farmer's blow" is, and Pete meets a Goodfella and may or may not have made it awkward!

Pete And Sebastian Show 235  

Sebastian gets into a traffic incident, Pete meets a superfan, and find out about Tony Ocean and Terry Buchwald in this hilarious new episode!

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