Pete and Sebastian Show

Pete and Sebastian Show

United States

Two A-list comedians, Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco, get together once a week to create a tight comedy radio show with stories and comedy bits.


Pete And Sebastian Show 278  

Sebastian gets weird at his wife's party and Pete has tips for stain removal!

Pete And Sebastian Show 277  

No one is commenting on Sebastian's baby pics. Pete has a big disagreement with his wife and the guys remember what it was like to be in the prime of their good looks!

Pete And Sebastian Show 276  

Sebastian writes his will and Pete does something awful in his car while driving!

Pete And Sebastian Show 275  

Sebastian tries to joke at the doctor, Pete plays a round of Italian Take, and DJ Lou wears an embarrassing necklace!

Pete And Sebastian Show 274  

DJ Lou knows where Sinead O'Connor is hiding, Sebastian is a bad audience at Gaga, and Pete teaches his daughter to poop in the woods!

Pete And Sebastian Show 273  

Pete has a problem with the mechanic and Sebastian encounters two street thugs!

Pete And Sebastian Show 272  

Someone tries to steal Pete's air and Sebastian goes to the hippie market!

Pete And Sebastian Show 271  

Pete swims with bacteria and Sebastian acts with Jeremy Renner. Also, this show needs rehab and find out what a Produce Fairy is!

Pete And Sebastian Show 270  

Pete has a visitor at his new home and Sebastian continues to get into it with strangers on the plane.

Pete And Sebastian Show 269  

Sebastian says the worst thing possible to an old lady. Pete wants to kiss his wife's belly in front of a pony. The Scar Tissue book read for you by Correale.....yes, it's a Best Of Show. But a damn funny one!

Pete And Sebastian Show 268  

Sebastian plans to charm the passengers and pilot on his flight and Pete argues about the most moving Oscar speeches.

Pete and Sebastian Show 267  

Pete spots "a big celebrity" and thinks he will get "wacked" because he talked about it. Sebastian has trouble with bad service again and wont stand for it.

Pete And Sebastian Show 266  

Sebastian has the most important movie audition of his life and Pete finds a second family in this new episode!

Pete and Sebastian Show 265  

Pete continues to dazzle us with his alternative parenting skills and JJ Watt sends the guys hilarious texts in this new episode! (Posted a day early-happy Sunday!!!!)

Pete And Sebastian Show 264  

Sebastian's wife Lana, A.K.A. Supermom, comes on to teach Pete how to pop corn. Sebastian declares himself "King of the Conversation Starters", and Pete fails as a jukebox hero.

Pete And Sebastian Show 263  

Sebastian plays the Fox Theater in Detroit right after Chris Cornell died. Also, Pete doesn't even remember interviewing Cornell back in the day! We play the tape. Meeting new friends, paying to attend a birthday dinner, Jimmy From Boston is much in this NEW episode!!! Enjoy your weekend!

Pete And Sebastian Show 262  

While Pete is on vacation in Mexico, he talks swimming pool etiquette with Sebastian. The guys address some fans from social media and DJ Lou pays tribute to Chris Cornell.

Pete And Sebastian Show 261  

Sebastian gets competitive with a Michael Jackson impersonator and Pete gives him a questionable baby gift in this new episode!

Pete And Sebastian Show 260  

Sebastian has a life-changing week!!! Enjoy this NEW EPISODE #260!!!

Pete And Sebastian Show 160  

Sebastian has two life-changing experiences is on week!!! Enjoy this new episode!

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