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PleasureTown is a story-based podcast told in serial form that details the history of a little-known, failed Oklahoma utopian society. The town’s history is crowdsourced, piece by piece, by the producers, collaborators and audience members. PleasureTown is created and produced by Keith Ecker and Erin Kahoa, along with the assistance of WBEZ in Chicago.


Ep 212 - Last Breath  

In the season finale, Bulger and Rudd discover the Cintamani Stone, sending them on a collision course with Alvin Pilfer and Warren Featherbone III.

EP 211 - By Blood or Bond  

Veiled by the magic of the Cintamani Stone, Adrianne enters Bulger’s store to make contact with her estranged brother. Later, the stone’s elusiveness manages to push Alvin Pilfer to the brink of insanity.

Ep 210 - Of Such Metal  

It's Oklahoma's 10th anniversary, and President Roosevelt is visiting as part of his campaign to drum up favor for the War. The citizens of PleasureTown are are the spirits who watch over them.

Ep 209 - Hunt Of The Hunter  

In The Hunt of the Hunter, a sinister figure walks in Rudd’s footsteps. Will this be the comedian’s last laugh? Meanwhile, the shantytowners stage a revolt, bringing their dismay to Claude’s doorstep. Can the city clerk save his friend and mollify the angry mob?

Ep 208 - The Flames Rising  

It’s the Feast of the Wretched! A stranger on her way to town encounters Jeb, who has become a man on the run. Through a tale of family and fire, he warns her against what she might find in PleasureTown. Meanwhile, Alvin, masquerading under the guise of Warren Featherbone, continues on his singular mission to recover the Cintamani Stone, which he believes will relieve him of the real Featherbone’s treachery.

Ep 207 - Needed Quiet  

In this week’s episode, we visit with Goldie as she examines the reflection of her violent past with former lover Alvin. Waist deep in an ocean of regret and sorrow, Goldie laments failed resolutions, paths not taken and decisions that would inevitably haunt her until the end. After all, a heart of gold is easy to tarnish.

Ep 206 - History of Solitude  

In this week’s episode of PleasureTown, we join the Bartender as he ruminates on the retribution that fate has dealt him for his years spent as a hitman. Also, a withdrawn Cyrus is confronted about his reclusive ways by a mysterious yet familiar figure. What will old Cy make of this strange encounter?

Ep 205 - Thinly Veiled Disguise  

In this week’s thrilling episode of PleasureTown, Mudd plans on spending his earnings from a recent heist but instead encounters an individual possibly more devious than himself. We then walk with Jebediah as he recalls the bloody night that led to his arrival in PleasureTown.

Ep 204 - Always Spot the Thorns  

In the garden of life, some people are petals...and others are thorns. This time, Shiner returns to share details of her legendary romance and her legendary death. Next, we listen as Mudd and Rudd as they strike up an unusual friendship, which leads them to the stage. Finally, we are introduced to Evelyn, whose sister meets a smooth-talking man who threatens to tear them apart. Join us, won't you?

Ep 203 - Years of Mayhem  

More often than not, it is those that we least expect that are our undoing. In this week’s episode, we rejoin the town’s stoic Bartender as he is confronted by the widow of the man he murdered. Will she be the one to give the Bartender the conclusion he has been bracing himself for? And later, we meet Warren Featherbone, a treasure hunter whose predisposition towards the arcane may be more hindrance than help. Will his dangerous profession catch up with him? Find out this week on PleasureTown.

Ep 202 - Good Luck Charm  

In the second episode of Season 2 of PleasureTown, we become reacquainted with Jebediah, a blind man whose father exploits his preternatural ability to taste what others are feeling. Also, Claude digs up a memory of a long-held keepsake that nearly took his life...and saved another.

Ep 201 - And You Run  

Claude and Cyrus are back with another season of strange and twisted tales from PleasureTown's past. In the Season Two premier, we begin by flashing back -- way back -- to hear a story of loss and bloodshed from a man whose people predate the Oklahoma utopia. Next, we hear from Rudd, a charismatic jokester whose lost his thrill for the stage. Finally, we end the only way we know how... with a train heist. Just jumping on the PleasureTown bandwagon? Give a listen to Season One, and join the story at

Ep Mini7 - This Same Flower  

In PleasureTown's seventh and final "minisode," we meet a young New York City couple with big dreams of small town living. But money is tight and trouble abounds. Will the couple make it to the fabled utopia, or will they get lost along the way? Written by Bob Garick, this is part of our "Write an Episode" contest.

Ep Mini6 - The Shadows  

In the thrilling conclusion to the Fantasy Fair & Freak Show trilogy, tough-talking Frank and the mysterious Mirella come to Pete’s aid while Mr. Blythe attempts to confront Buster about their altercation. Will the unlikely trio be able to rescue Sal, Buster and all the other children from the clutches of Crandle Philing? This installment marks a collaboration with the Reading Out Loud podcast.

Ep Mini5 -  Legitimate Medicine  

In PleasureTown’s fifth minisode, we are introduced to smooth-talking huckster Nicholas Morrison, a new arrival who makes his living as a slinger of suspicious solutions. Soon after his arrival, Nicholas enlists the help of aging Darlin and drunken Mortimer to help con his way into the hearts and minds of the PleasureTowners. Will this not-so-saintly Nicholas succeed in relieving the citizens of their hard-earned money? Special thanks to Matthew Aaron Glover who wrote this minisode as part of our“Write an Episode” contest.

Ep Mini4 - Nothing But Hungry  

In PleasureTown's fourth "minisode," we continue the story of Crandle Philing’s Fantasy Fair and Freak Show. Suspicions rise among the carnival workers as more strange happenings occur among the children. Will Buster, Sal and Pete escape, or will they remain trapped forever as one of Crandle's diligent servants? This installment marks a collaboration with the Reading Out Loud podcast.

Ep Mini3 - My Life Wandering  

In PleasureTown's third "minisode," we flash forward to the present, where we meet young Mason Bowen, a student at Enid State University. As part of his college thesis, he interviews Mr. Johnstone, an elderly man who visited the fabled PleasureTown as a boy. But is Mr. Johnstone's account as credible as he'd like Mason to believe? Written by Richard Izzo, this is part of our "Write an Episode" contest and features music by the band Axons.

Ep Mini2 - All Sorts of Trouble  

In PleasureTown's second "minisode," a local shopkeeper with an axe to grind has a run-in with a band of youthful hoodlums. But there's opportunity to set the children on the straight and narrow when a traveling carnival rolls into town and offers to take PleasureTown's young miscreants under its care. This installment marks a collaboration with the Reading Out Loud podcast. Join the Story:

Ep Mini1 - By My Own Hands  

In PleasureTown's first "minisode," we meet Esther, the town seamstress, who spins a yarn about her lost heritage and life under the watchful eye of the menacing Miz Janine. This is part of our "Write an Episode" contest, which follows the completion of our first season. Listen to Season One: Join The Story:

Ep 112 - The Road Appearing  

In the season finale, an apocalyptic premonition could alter the course of Claude and Cyrus' lives forever. Meanwhile, the battle between the virtuous and the fallen comes to a head as Angie must save her beloved -- and PleasureTown itself -- from the clutches of the treacherous Sheriff.

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