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Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins

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Tim talks to his guests about life, comedy, and his favorite pottery techniques.


034 - Jonnie W - Bob Ross, Ozone Water and Wedding Songs  

Up and at ‘em! It’s time for another Poddy Break! Jonnie W is back for Part 1 of a TWO PART EPISODE! Everybody wakes up at the crack of noon to record the podcast. Jonnie has bed head, Caleb has hoarse voice, and Freight sits down REAL HARD!!! Tim bestows the virtues of Ozone Water. Caleb works out. Jonnie’s friends are using him as a crutch to bulk up. Caleb drink orange juice because he wasn’t warned.

Also on this episode: Freight says the bus is 50 hands high. Tim visits New York and loses $100 in 5 minutes. Jonnie reveals that Bob Ross hates his own afro. Tim’s wife, Heather, tries to address the white elephant in the room. Freight attempts early morning karaoke. And Jonnie ponders the name “Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse”.

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033 - Kenn Kington - m’Uggs, Jicama & Karaoke  

Who’s ready for more?!?! Kenn Kington is on the bus! Pooz is on the bus! Spencer is on the bus! EVERYONE IS ON THE BUS!!! Glade calls in! Kenn and Tim talk about past jobs. The gang talks about songs they never want to hear again, and OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS, TIM AND FREIGHT SING A DUET!!!!

Also on this episode: Fresh Thyme Farmers Market gets P-P-P-P-P-POOZED ON! Enjoy Bowtie Talk with Spencer. Ikea Man thinks the watermelon spears are as crunchy as jicama. And Tim calls his kids “Hun”.

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032 - John Branyan - Gnats, Chicken Strips and #freightbacks  

Are you ready??!??!?! John Branyan is back on the bus, and we’re ready to go! Tim insults John’s love of chicken strips. Freight forges Caleb’s signature on a cymbal. John gives an egg update. Tim tries to blow up a Jolly Rancher in the microwave. And Freight finds a gnat in his loaf of bread.

Also in this episode: John suggests making a twinkie gun with gunpowder. Homeland security confiscates some pumpkin canons. John explains where baby corn comes from, while Tim gets weirded out by english cucumbers. Tim eats a deer heart. AND FREIGHT GETS A COMEBACK STARTER KIT AND IT’S THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! World, get ready for #freightbacks!

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031 - The Crew - Pranks, Sniffles and Cornflakes  

The gang is hanging out in the man cave at Tim’s casa. Cheese has the sniffles. Tim installs a dimmer while sitting on the toilet. Freight sits on his mic. Caleb sprays sea salt in his hair. The gang has hat talk, and decides to go see hockey in Canada.

Also in this episode: Freight has a garage sale. Tim ponders getting the band back together. The gang talks about pranks. Freight pees in Tim’s cornflakes. And Cheese has his #iamfreight moment.

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030 - Bob Smiley - Cheerwine, Frogs and More Tiny Pumpkins  

Well, well, well… It looks like good old Bob Smiley is back on the bus! In this episode, Tim discovers Cheerwine. Caleb and Tim equip Freight to defend himself. The gang talks about meeting you, the fans, at shows. Bob gets a bottle of ketchup.

Also in this episode: Brian “Head” Welch brakes Tim’s frog. Caleb gets a tiny pumpkin. Coach cuts Tim’s hair. The gang talks about Halloween costumes. Bob doesn’t understand that haunted houses aren’t real. And, if you’ve had a tropical fruit smoothie between the dates of August 12th to September 14th, we can’t take your blood…

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029 – Jonnie W – Maintenance Men, Cheese Cubes and Rental Cars  

Jonnie W is back! (and we could talk to him if Freight didn't take his sweet time getting to the dadgum microphone...) Tim gets flummoxed by cheese cubes. Jonnie gets in trouble with his wife because of something Caleb said. And, in a special turn of events... JASON THE BUS DRIVER IS ON THE PODCAST! Jason gets a poignant phone call from the strange man that he found in his hotel room. (and it's amazing!)  

Also on this episode: Jonnie talks about his past jobs. Tim starts "hot sauce talk". Jonnie rants about E.T. for the Atari 2600. Freight touches his mic. The gang talks about Fortune Cookies, Ouija Boards and Magic Eight Balls. And Jonnie leaves his rental car running during one of his shows. 

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028 - Daren Streblow - Ticks, Guitar Solos and Tiny Pumpkins  

Hold on to your seats! Daren is back on the bus. This episode, the gang visits the Grand Canyon. Freight, Tim & Daren recount where they were on the morning of September 11th. Freight remembers tiny Caleb and his pumpkin. #pumpkinsforcaleb Daren gets covered in ticks. One of those ticks calls into the show.

Also in this episode: Daren gets locked out of the bathroom. Freight raises the ruff. We ask the fans to name the bus. Tim wants to put a slide in the nostrils of the mountainous visage of George Washington.

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027 - John Crist - Gift Cards, Oceans and Frei-pril  

We have the legendary JOHN CRIST on the bus! Tim, John, Caleb & Freight talk about John's viral video, authenticity in the Christian industry, and eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ikea man makes an appearance, and Tim wants to kickstart the Freight Fruit calendar.

Also in this episode: John talks about his failed stand up bits, Tim finds joy in picking up stuff in his yard, and Freight gives insight into the mysterious world of gift cards.

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026 - Tim's Mom - Hand Towels, Dancing and Hot Crossed Buns  

Tim's Mom is here! Pooz is here! John Crist is here! Honestly, this is the most people we've ever had on the bus. But even with those cameos this show is about the greatness that is Nelda Hawkins, Tim's mom.

Hear her spin yarns about not being able to find a towel at the hotel, Coach accidentally drinking champagne, and the time Tim drank a bottle of laxative. She's got stories about not dancing, what Tim was like as a baby, and what it's like having a comedian as a son.

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025 - Bob Smiley - Sheep Fur, Bad Jokes and Walking Around Tacos  

Bob Smiley is back! Tim and the gang have sandwich talk. Tim asks Jason the bus driver about putting pants on a pig. Cheese talks about sheep fur. Caleb and Tim talk about Christmas songs, Electric Light Orchestra and NEEDTOBREATHE.

Also on this episode: Annoying noises. Bob's fear of heights. Senor Pretzel. And Freight fills us in on "walking around tacos".

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024 - Jonnie W - Neil Diamond, Tattoos and Badminton  

Jonnie W is back on the bus! Tim and Caleb geek out on Michael Jackson music. The gang decides if Freight should shave his head and grow a giant beard. Tim gets in trouble for running in church. Caleb leads the gang in a retrospective of corporal punishment. Jonnie gets hit by a wet orange in a gym sock, and Tim has a potty accident in the car. Chris Cornell and Neil Diamond stop by, and Luke Bryan duets with Michael Jackson.

Also on this episode: Olympic Talk, Badminton memories with Tim & Freight, Tim gets a Gliffrey shirt and Freight gets his first fruit delivery from the fans. #FruitForFreight

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023 - The Best of Poddy Break  

Hey guys and gals, it's time for "The Best of Poddy Break... so far?*". We don't even know how to describe this. It's just a menagerie of ridiculous clips, characters and voices, failures and fruit. Caleb and Aaron are here to guide you through the veritable promised land of podcast stupidity. LET'S DO THIS!!!

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022 - Bob Smiley - Spilled Milk, Australian Accents and Cuba Gooding Jr  

Bob Smiley is back! Tim and company chat with Smiley B about real country music and what water tastes like. Tim learns that it's fun to stay at the IMCA and sings a song about a bucket. Caleb professes his addiction to animal crackers and Bob learns how to speak Spanish in a sauna.

Also on this episode: Ikea man calls in. Freight does impressions of muppets. Tim has an awkward moment with a transgendered cashier, and then makes it worse. Bob gets covered with a mysterious liquid on an airplane. And Tim and Bob share their most cringe-worthy moments from years on the road.

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021 - The Crew - Vikings, Bugles and Grey's Anatomy  

It's time for Poddy Break: Snack Edition… Tim and the crew chow down, and we're piping it straight into your brain! On this episode, we meet Bugle preserver, Brian Henry Thomson. Caleb and Cheese (Merch Manager Matt) discuss the last time they cried. Freight impersonates a Canadian while Caleb sings Taylor Swift. Tim talks about Satanist Youth Camps and how Frosted Mini Wheats brought down the Vikings.

Also on this episode: Tim talks about his old band "Better than Enemas". The gang discusses Pokemon Go. Free back hair maintenance tips. And Poozan (Freight's wife) calls with breaking news from Grey's Anatomy.

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020 - Michael Jr - God's Not Dead, Dog Names and 5 Roosters  

The awesome Michael Jr joins us on the podcast this week. Tim, Michael Jr, John Branyan and Caleb figure out that Craig isn't on the bus. Tim LOVED Michael Jr in God's Not Dead, even though he wasn't in it. Michael tells us to put our Mom's hands up. John Branyan tries to get free eggs from a bunch of roosters. Michael has a theory about pet names, and Tim pays top dollar for dogs without baggage.

Also on this episode: Michael Jr (dotcom) has a bunch of irons in the fire. Tim gets confused on Michael's projects again. Michael doesn't understand the rhythm of Caleb's voice. And John learns that he's color deaf.

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019 - Tim's Kids - Spoiled Rich Kid, Flip Phones and Hockey Talk  

THE RETURN OF SPOILED RICH KID… This episode is a special one, because Tim, his kids, Spencer, Olivia (Livi), Levi, and Spencer's new bride, Keagan are all along for the ride. Spoiled Rich Kid kicks things off, and educates Caleb on bidets. Tim gets a flip phone, and gets upset when people eat his macadamia nuts. Levi's hair looks like Twitty from Even Stevens, and family friend Brock gets mauled by a house cat off camera.

Spencer and his new bride, Keagan honeymoon at Disneyland and eat bad Japanese candy. Keagan gives her insights into the St. Louis Blues off season strategy, while Spencer and Tim get overly aggressive on the ice. Olivia gets a sloth for graduation, pledges her allegiance to the monarchy and cries at mean YouTube comments. Caleb and Tim get a curry in the basement of Rashpoot and talk about their trip to England.

Oh, and Spoiled Rich Kid is back, if you're into that sort of thing.

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018 - Kirk Cameron - Perm-mullets, Scottish Accents and the Hate-able Good Boy  

Show me that smile, again… Because it's time for another Poddy Break! This week, we've got the amazing Kirk Cameron! Tim is concerned for Kirk's disheveled appearance. Kirk suggests that Tim should take a turn on Dancing with the Stars, and Tim blames Kirk for his haircuts in the 80s. Friend of the show, Gary King, asks a serious question, and Tim gives a terrible answer. Then Kirk asks a serious question, and Tim gives another terrible answer. Kirk buffs up and beards up for a movie roll.

Also in this episode: The gang discusses the secret areas of Disneyland. Caleb orders Panda Express in the middle of the show. Tim has a movie idea, and gives Kirk the right of first refusal. Two new characters call into the show after Kirk decides to give away tickets to Tim's shows in exchange for answering a trivial question. And Kirk's marriage seminars prove, as long as we've got each other, we can take anything that comes our way.

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017 - Taylor Tomlinson - Buffets, Mozart and Dadmoji  

We havin' a poddy up in here! Tim welcomes comedian Taylor Tomlinson. In this episode, Caleb and Tim faceswap, while Freight gets crazy with emojis. Taylor teaches Tim a new word. Mozart gets insecure about his age. Taylor and Tim swap bad emcee introduction stories, while Caleb lights a candle for Kari Jobe and the Saint Louis Blues.

Also: Tim bursts onto the country music scene, unbeknownst to himself. Taylor recounts her time on NBC's Last Comic Standing, and decides to write greeting cards in a secluded cabin. Caleb gets "lotionized", and talks about how many friends he has. Tim tries to connect with his audience at a buffet. Finally theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking makes a brief guest appearance.

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016 - Aaron Willis - Foot Fives, Music Nerds and Candyland  

Dust off those record albums, and get ready to trip the light fantastic. Woohoo! Tim teaches Freight how to read. Caleb adds every movie in existence to his watchlist. Aaron's rescue dog barks at golfers. And Freight punches Aaron in the face.

Also in this episode: Tim and Aaron geek out on record albums and the difference between analog and digital. Caleb loses his mind for Hot Cocoa and learns some big words. Aaron cries like a little baby man at a cartoon, and Tim has chlorine eyes during bible study.

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Songs in this episode:
Walkin' the Country - Keith Urban in The Ranch - iTunes - Google Play
Major TomTom - Tim Hawkins - iTunes - Google Play
Hot Cocoa - Tim Hawkins - iTunes - Google Play
Take my Squirrel to the Park - Tim Hawkins - iTunes - Google Play

015 - John Branyan - Poopy Pants, Roller Coasters and Fish Milk  

Branyan is back! In this episode, Tim and Caleb metaphorically hold hands in laughter. John Branyan reveals his wrestling persona, and finishing move. And, Tim's music producer, Aaron Willis, chimes in with his virtual reality roller coaster experience. Tim eats a bouillon cube. John ponders putting vanilla behind his ears. Caleb becomes a comedy goalie. And Siri clearly has no idea who she's talking to.


Also in this episode: Meet Glade, the guy that wants to know where you got that turkey leg, the gang discusses their favorite smells, and Caleb opens a window of floor space.


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