Politics Inside Out from Marketplace

Politics Inside Out from Marketplace

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Feel like the system is rigged? Like mysterious forces choose winners and losers? Marketplace turns those questions inside out in this pop-up podcast for the next two weeks during the political conventions. Gone are the stale divisions of “left vs. right” and “big-government vs. small.” The modern era is about “insiders vs. outsiders” -- in economics, government and politics. Join the crack team of reporters at public radio’s Marketplace as they demystify those forces and bridge the gap between the insiders and outsiders of the 21st century. Visit marketplace.org for more. From American Public Media. Twitter: @Marketplace


Goosebumps and tears on Hillary Clinton's big night  

Delegates talk about their impressions of the Democratic National Convention's final night.

An evening of seersucker and 'malarkey'  

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden spoke on day three of the Democratic National Convention.

Third time was the charm  

Bill Clinton didn't exactly talk at length about the economy or policy during his Tuesday night speech at the DNC.

The trade lines that divide us  

Democrats hope to shore up support from anti-trade voters.

The duct tape economy  

How do cracks in the Democratic Party compare to the GOP's?

The economy according to Donald Trump  

The GOP nominee had a lot to say about America's economy, but less about how he'd fix it.

Outside the hall and across the country  

Outsiders weigh in from the streets of Cleveland and the cattle ranches of the Pacific Northwest.

Who is and isn't talking about the economy  

The economy is top of mind for convention goers, even if it's been barely mentioned on stage.

Never, maybe, always Trump  

Republicans negotiate new fault lines within their party.

Inside and outside the fence  

Locals in Cleveland wonder who the convention is really for?

Introducing 'Politics Inside Out'  

A pop-up podcast from Marketplace.

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