Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl

Psychobabble with Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl

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It's not just crazy talk, it's Psychobabble - the official free audio podcast from YouTube sensation Tyler Oakley. Listen each week as he and his bestie Korey Kuhl bring you a half hour of unfiltered gossip sessions, pop culture scrutiny, and stories never told before.


PB 116: Please Insert Your Nunchuck  

No mumbling or grumbling over this chitter chatter! This week, Tyler and Korey break into the latest in random news, ranging from Korey’s pre-Taco Bell ritual and Mamrie’s oddly challenging ping pong table. Don’t sneak away if you want to learn how to skip the line at the bar, which AMA performances were the biggest flops, and which celebs they’re boycotting after the election.

PB 115: Text Etiquette & Circus Dates  

Don’t ignore this round of advice! In this counseling convo, Tyler and Korey guide you through your latest struggles. How do you ask out your crush? Where can you find dates that aren’t just looking for sex? Gather up these pieces of non-expert wisdom, including how to remember people’s names, how to stop ghosting your friends’ texts, and what to do if your high school fling has changed his sexuality - but you’re not over him.

PB 114: Cuckholds & Stinky Nuts  

Flap your wings for some animal antics! This week, Tyler and Korey plunge into the pandemonium of Planet Earth. What would they do if they caught their lady penguin having an affair? Why is your corpse better off with a dog than a cat? You can’t escape from this wild ride through twink bottom snakes, problematic Grey’s Anatomy nicknames, and straight sex in Bee Movie.

PB 113: Shots in the Fanny  

VOTE! Or if you’re too young - remind the adults to swing by the polls! Now with that off the agenda, it’s another chit-chat catch up with Tyler and Korey. What is Tyler’s new favorite shower activity? Why haven’t they invited Connor on the podcast? Walk along as they try to diagnose the mysteries of Korey’s anonymous ailment, the real reason why Trump ran for POTUS, and the uses of a second winking butthole.

PB 112: Lady Gaga - Queens Edition  

Give a round of Applause for Lady Gaga! In celebration of her latest album Joanne, Tyler and Korey are Dancin’ in Circles for this versatile chameleon queen. How did she evolve from go-go to Gaga? Which iconic tracks changed their lives? Just Dance for this special homage, including her classic dirty condom fashion, the performances that made Korey wet, and the one issue that Tyler has with his pop idol. Sure, her fans might’ve had some Bad Romance with her transformative discography - but Yoü and I both know that this Monster in the charts has soared over the Edge of Glory and given us a Million Reasons to love her.

PB 111: Children’s BDSM Curiosity & Cycle Daddies  

Slam the gavel on this week’s advice! Tyler and Korey offer big brotherly insights to some heavy head scratchers. Should you confront a 10 year-old about her secret BDSM library? How can you get your mom to shut up about losing wedding weight? Dig into these dilemmas, including whether or not to sue your mooching ex, and when your #pbidentity transforms from cycle baby to cycle daddy.

PB 110: Ball Pits & Ritzy Pinto Beans  

Gather round for the first edition of Psychobabble Storytime! This week, Tyler and Korey tell their tales based on your suggestions. Dive into the unforgettable memories of drunk nights in Heaven, sheeps’ balls with Patty Luma, strangers licking feet, worst first dates, and the YouTuber who is the epitome of a middle school horse lover.

PB 109: Manscaping Boiz  

Hack your way into this foresty frenzy! This week, Tyler and Korey wander into strange territory about chest hair, Sophia Bush, and hookups with Tylers. It’s a wild, untrimmed mess including the pros of Brangelina’s divorce, creepy pickup lines from classmates’ moms, and Matthew Gyllenhaal’s debut.

PB 108: Who? Hoo?  

Get swooped up into this nest of nonsense! In this week’s episode, Tyler and Korey get all their feathers ruffled up. Who would win the battle of Alaska Nome owls vs. celebrity killer parrots? Which reality stars would make a better presidential candidate than Trump? Your sanity might get kidnapped in this ridiculous round of icebreaker games for rheumatoid arthritis, secret poop exchanges, and the whole new (and possibly illegal) meaning behind “cat got your tongue.”

PB 107: Getting Dirty With Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart (& Beanz)  

Apparently God’s not dead - because it’s a miracle that Grace and Mamrie are finally in the studio! In this YouTuber reunion, they dish some details about their #Dirty30Movie - and of course, bear through the inaugural guest question about doing the nasty with a Muppet. After live wardrobe malfunctions, canine stripteases, and some major four-person costume planning, they dig into the real dirt - their weirdest fan fiction, most awkward brand requests, and the fake soyrizo beef with a certain Vine star.

PB 106: Pussy Willows & Bloody Marys  

Collect this treasure of a talk! In the most unrelatable episode, Tyler and Korey take their Psychobabble game to all kinds of worlds. Which animated furry is the target of Tyler’s cartoon fetish? Was DNCE’s security scuffle in the right or wrong? Hoard these scattered updates about how nature stabbed Tyler, why they’re skeptical of Prince Charming’s drama, how Katy fought off the stans - and most importantly, how Katy got her Cheesecake Factory order.

PB 105: Britney Spears - Queens Edition  

There’s nothing but Glory for Britney Spears! To celebrate the release of her ninth album, Tyler and Korey go Crazy for this pop queen, the beard of a gay generation. What are Britney’s most iconic singles, albums, music videos - and music video male stars? What are the theories on her head shaving scandal? From Mouseketeer to a once-in-a-lifetime artist, Britney’s had Lucky moments, Clumsy tumbles, and Sometimes downright Outrageous performances. But no matter what, we will always love her Till the World Ends.

PB 104: Silent Discos & Sharp Boogers  

Sink your teeth into this slice of Psychobabble updates! Tyler and Korey fill you in on their latest adventures, including highlights from #bestcampever and the musical that turned them into a bucket of tears. Scoop into their sweet and sour stories about on-screen dicks during Oakley family movie night, face painting from a bloody nose, the most cringe-worthy dad moments at the VMAs, and a little Q&A on some of your pop culture questions.

PB 103: RoBeyonce vs. Freddie Tomlinson  

Rumor vs. trumor has returned! (Please refer to Episode 7 if you are thoroughly confused.) This week, Tyler and Korey investigate the truth behind all the current celeb conspiracies. Help them hire Freddie Tomlinson to rescue Sia from robot Beyonce, which could start a diaper war with Blue Ivy, who was only born because Whitney Houston was sacrificed to the Illuminati. Oh yeah, and Swiddleston - aka Hiddleswift aka Tiddleston aka whatever it’s called - is probably fake.

PB 102: Listen Dude  

Stop, drop, and roll into this not-really-advice episode! This week, Tyler and Korey offer words of wisdom, but only to a certain someone who is in desperate need of celeb counseling. (Hint: first name Justin, last name Bieber.) Snag this investigation on why Selena wants to join the Instagram feud, why the Amazing Race owes Korey an Emmy, and which absolutely mom-approved hashtag we have in store for you.

PB 101: Thou Shalt Gobbledy Goop  

Treat thy neighbor with this god-forsaken gibberish! This week, Tyler and Korey conjure up a whirlwind of religion rants, room raids, and rule breakers. Which of the Ten Commandments needs a revamp? What would they steal from Zac Efron’s bedroom? Keep thy ears open as they reveal how they’ll become undercover interns for Taylor Swift, why a Real World contestant deserved the slap heard 'round the world, and what Connor said to Tyler that made him death drop.

PB 100: #PsychobabbleTurns100  

Hold onto your walkers and grab your dentures - we are officially old! In honor of this milestone, Tyler and Korey take the ultimate tangent trip as they reveal their 100th episode surprise story. You might feel like triple digits as they swerve into traditional, topsy turvy tales about how Tyler almost killed Korey with a Rolls Royce, why Jacob Tremblay’s music career needs a porta potty, which donut would replace their ding dong, and why they spend a moment to hold hands.

PB 99: Bomb Thick Thighs & Third Wheels  

Put a leash on this week’s advice - things get wild! Once again, the cycle babies have asked, and Tyler and Korey have answered. Is it possible to look past your partner’s fondness for furries? How can you regain confidence when an asshole ruins your body positivity? Hold on tight as they tackle your struggles with complicated sexting, and approaching your friend if she’s emotionally abusing - and dating - your brother.

PB 98: Poof! You’re Gone  

Zoom into this pop culture report! This week, Tyler and Korey share their “boos” and “bravas” to the latest happenings in TV. Who is Prince Charming on the gay version of The Bachelor? Is Big Brother allowing sexual harassment? Join this outrage about outrage about outrage involving celeb child starvation, controversial American flag photos, and the Star Trek gay debate.

PB 97: Daytime TV Death Threats & Pokemon Romance  

Tyler and Korey have a full list of updates - so you gotta catch ‘em all! Which YouTuber “dated” Tyler at a rooftop pool? Why won’t they meet any fans on their next tour? You know it’s your destiny to find out what YouTube Red series they’ll make with Mamrie, how to disguise a death threat in a thank you card, and why Michelle Obama should invest in Pokemon Go.

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