Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio

Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio


CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.


Can psychedelic drugs work magic on depression?, Piecing together Darwin's evolution, and more  

Stopping a pandemic before it starts; Can psychedelic drugs work magic on depression?; Piecing together Darwin's evolution; Prepping for the biotech onslaught; A star on the run for 500 years; Question: What is the Environmental Footprint of the internet?

The mystery of the colossal statue discovered in a Cairo; plus Particle physics - The Greatest Story Ever Told, So Far; and more  

Colossal statue discovered in Cairo; The Greatest Story Ever Told, So Far; Biofuels could cut aviation pollution in half; Rhinos post 'poop emojis' on social sites; New technology safely reheats frozen tissue; Quirks Question - hiding in the asteroid belt

Fukushima is a robot graveyard; Scientists stored an amazon gift card on DNA; and more  

High intensity exercise; Fukushima Fukushima is a robot graveyard; Why are pandas black and white?; Scientists stored an amazon gift card on some DNA; Facial recognition at Canadian airports; Quirks Question: Why are those turkeys circling that dead cat?

Dear Canada you are peeing in the pool way too much;  Can we control computers with our dreams?, and more  

A pain killer that could replace Fentanyl; Controlling computers with dreams; Canadians are peeing in the pool too much; A bee slam dunks a ball for a treat; Product of a "Holy Grail" experiment has...disappeared; Does my iPhone get heavier with music.

Ideal setting for alien life; NASA Poop Challenge winner; Fort Mac rebounds; and more  

Solar system with 7 earth-size planets; New Zealand wants to use gene drives in war on predators; Cave crystals contain 50,000-year-old life; Somebody won NASA's spacesuit toilet contest; Fort Mac forests on the rebound; Why did my jello freeze like this?

Why Chewing Food Triggers 'Sound Rage'; NHL vs Concussion Science; Cockeyed Squid; and more  

Sound rage caused by brain overdrive; The NHL and the legal fight on its hands; Cockeyed squid's wonky eyes; Rocket launches deadly bug into space; Seagrass is Vital to Marine Life and Human Health; Quirks & Question: Mining The Moon.

Why Do We Sleep?  What Happens If We Don't?, The Environmental Impact of Trump's Wall, and more  

Why Do We Sleep? What If We Don't?; Reversible saliva helps frogs eat; Radiation clouds a hazard for frequent flyers; Trump's wall more likely to stop wildlife than people; Lithium ion battery scientist wins Herzberg Gold; Why Isn't Jupiter Solid?

Twin Studies on Earth and in Space a Window into Nature vs Nurture; Human Pig Chimera; 38 Thousand Year Old Engraving, and more  

Twin Studies on Earth, and in Space - Nature vs Nurture; Early Human Artists Connected The Dots; Part human, part pig chimera; Evidence Torture doesn't work; Metallic Hydrogen-Did it Finally Happen?; Quirks & Question: Is Earth's Weight Changing?

U.S. Scientists Call Canada For Help; Chimps, War and the Cuddle Hormone; Carl Sagan Saw The Future, and more  

US scientists call Canada on how to deal with being muzzled; Carl Sagan saw the future; Chimps, war and the "cuddle hormone"; Tales From The Parasitic Crypt; What gives a tomato its flavour; Death and decay are part of life; Quirks & Questions - Moons.

Antarctic Evacuation; Science Has A One-Hit-Wonder Problem; Frankenstein, Turner and Climate Change  

Evacuation from the Antarctic; Science has a one hit wonder problem, Mice turned into tiny efficient predators; Monarch migration over 40 years; New England's Mackerel Year; Quirks Question-Light Pillars; MH370 Search Suspended Despite Breakthrough.

The Science of Mindfulness  

An in depth exploration of Mindfulness, including the science, the industry and its claims, as well as an actual scan of Bob's brain to see the changes mindfulness can bring.

Mysterious Radio Waves, plus Emotional Hangovers, The Return of The Slime Mold, and more  

Cosmic blasts from a galaxy far away; Emotional hangovers boost memory; Slow hatching dino eggs sped up extinction; Brainless slime can learn; Unique visuals allow hummingbirds to hover; Driverless car, meet self repairing road.

Top Science Stories of 2016, plus The Glass Universe, Fish Pee Helps Corals Grow, and more  

Top Five Science Stories of 2016, The Glass Universe, Fish Pee Helps Corals Grow, Beyond Earth.

The Annual Quirks & Quarks Holiday Book Show  

The Earth In Human Hands: Shaping Our Planet's Future, Driverless: Intelligent Cars And The Road Ahead, All These Worlds Are Yours: The Scientific Search For Alien Life.

Weed:  The pot breathalyzer, plus the problem with pot research, fake news and your brain, the head transplant, and more  

US lab weed is weak and a research problem, A pot breathalyzer is just down the road, How to convince a climate change skeptic, Fake news and your brain, Calcite makes solar geoengineering less risky, Canadian nanotech makes head transplant less risky.

Is Factory Farming Spreading Drug Resistant Super Bugs?, plus Phantom Pain - Virtual Reality, 100 Million Year Old Dinosaur Tail in Amber, and more  

Drug resistant "superbug" gene found on pig farm, Check out this 99-million year old dino feather, VR Helps Reduce Phantom Limb Pain, Bay of Bengal is home to newest 'dead zone', Thunderstorms rain mercury pollution.

Chernobyl Sealed, plus How Religious Fervour Changes Your Brain, Some Birds Have A Compass Not A Map, and more - 2016/12/03  

Chernobyl's new confinement structure a feat of engineering, Chinese scientists use 'elegant strategy' to design new flu vaccine, Religious Fervour changes your brain, NASA Asks You For A Better Way To Poop In Space, Migrating sparrows are poor navigators

This Is Your Brain On Fentanyl, plus, How Close Are We To Westworld's AI? Deleting Scary Memories, and more - 2016/11/26  

Inside a fentanyl high, withdrawl and overdose, Mercury's Giant Valley Dwarfs The Grand Canyon, Westworld's artificial intelligence: separating fact from fiction, AI Helps The Brain Overcome Fear, Deep Earth Minerals Hold an Ocean of Water.

Scientists to PM:  Limited, Biased Science Threatens Canadians, plus, Being A Dog, How Carbon Came To Earth, and more - 2016/11/19  

Scientists Say Environmental Assessments Are Not Good Enough, European Contact With First Nations shows Up In DNA, Being a Dog, Moving Onto Land Was A Balancing Act, A Planetary Mash-up May Explain Carbon on Earth.

What Will A Trump Presidency Mean For Science, plus Talking To Aliens, A Blood Test For Concussions, and more - 2016/11/12  

A Trump Presidency And Science, How Ebola Became More Contagious, Talking To Aliens, Chicken Bones Reveal Rich Cultural History, Why Did The Chicken Cross The World, Small Brained Birds More Likely To Get Shot, A Game-changing Blood Test For Concussions.

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