Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio

Quirks and Quarks Complete Show from CBC Radio


CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks covers the quirks of the expanding universe to the quarks within a single atom... and everything in between.


No New Podcasts For This Summer  

There are no new podcasts for the Summer, programs are rebroadcasts from earlier this season.

Aphantasia:  Missing Your Mind's Eye, plus, Mission To Jupiter, The Whale Microbiome, and more - 2016/06/25  

Aphantasia: When The Mind's Image Is Missing, Juno Arrives At Jupiter, Floating Poop Reveals Secrets Of Whale Evolution, Mammoths Were Promiscuous Pachyderms, Hot Young Planet Snuggles Up to A Star.

Science From Animal Selfies, plus, Light Polution Blocks Out The Milky Way For Most People On The Planet, and more - 2016/06/18  

Ocean Plastic Is Fake Food For Baby Fish, Boreal Forest May Find Safety in Quebec, Rabbitfish Pairs Coordinate Look-out Behaviour, For Many The Milky Way Is Out Of Sight, Candid Creatures - Science From Animal Selfies.

The Nature Of Sex, plus, Electric Eels Send Shockwaves Onto Land, Fish Recognise Human Faces, and more - 2016/06/11  

Electric Eels Leap To Make Shocking Attacks, Fish Can Recognize Human Faces, Peublo People Lugged Logs For Leagues, LISA Pathfinder Holds Space Very Still, The Nature Of Sex.

Making A Cardboard House, plus, Squid and Octopus Get A Grip on Climate Change, Arctic Fox Are Good Gardeners, and more - 2016/06/04  

Keeping Off The Rain With A Cardboard Roof, Arctic Fox Turns Stark Tundra Into Green Space, Squid and Octopus Thrive in Changing Oceans, The Antarctic Did Not Escape The Mass Extinction, Exercise Can Impair Your Eyesight, Moths Tell Bats They Taste Nasty.

Meerkats:  Survival Of The Fattest, plus, A Horned Dinosaur With A Story To Tell, Supernovae In Our Cosmic Backyard, and more - 2016/05/28  

Meerkats Compete In Survival of Fattest, Purple Martins Keep Invasive Ants In Check, Helpless Babies Make For Smart Parents, Arctic Warming Shrinks The Red Knot Bird, Spectacular Horned Dinosaur Joins The Club, Supernovae Shrapnel Hits Our Solar System.

Suffering Stings For Science, plus An Autonomous Surgical Robot Makes A Stitch In Time, and more - 2016/05/21  

Robot Surgeon Does Suturing Better Than Humans, Underwater Archaeology Confirms Early Humans In Americas, Plankton Drunk On Algae Take Life Threatening Risks, Giraffe Genome Tells A Tall Tale, The Sting Of The Wild.

The Search For Life On Other Planets Widens, plus, The Connection Between Dung Beetles and Dinosaurs, and more - 2016/05/14  

Kepler Confirms A Thousand Planets, Earthworms Threaten Forest Diversity, Dung Beetles Diversified By Dining on Dinosaur Droppings, Humans Get Lousy Mileage Compared To Apes, African Frogs Face Fatal Infection, Early Humans in Europe Had A Rocky Road.

The Science Of Wildfires - Why The Fires This Year Seem To Be Stronger, Bigger and More Dangerous, plus, Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are?, and more - 2016/05/07  

Fort McMurray And The Future Of Fire, Labrador Retiever's Obesity is Genetic, Ritual Holes Cut In Human Skulls 6,000 Years Ago, Tiny Star Has Triplet Planets, Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are?

The Amazon River's Coral Secret, plus, Baby Dinosaurs With Adult Proportions, A Plant That Attracts Ants To Fend Off Attackers, and more - 2016/04/30  

Amazon River Hiding A Massive Reef Ecosystem, Tiny Titanosaur With Perfect Proportions, The Peacock Makes Eye Contact With Its Tail, Priests And Traders Collected Climate Date 600 Years Ago, Plant Bleeds Nectar To Recruit Ant Bodyguards.

The Great Coral Reef Deathwatch, plus, A Difficult Childhood Leads To A Shorter Life - Even For a Baboon, and more - 2016/04/23  

Coral Catastrophe On Christmas Island Reefs, Seeds Saved Dinosaur Birds From Mass Extinction, BC Tree Regaining Carbon Sink Role, Difficult Childhood Makes Baboon Lives Briefer, The Serengeti Rules.

Reusable Rockets And Our Future In Space, plus, A Brain Bypass Allows A Quadriplegic To Move His Hand, and more - 2016/04/16  

Neural Bypass Allows Paralysed Man To Move His Hand, Mysterious Stone Jars May Have Held Human Remains, Not A Planet-Not A Star-So what Is It Really?, SpaceX Sticks The Landing-And Sticks It To The Competition.

Human Sacrifice And The Historic 1%, plus, Invasive Water Flea Threatens The Great Lakes, Melting Permafrost Threatens The Arctic, and more - 2016/04/09  

Human Sacrifice Built Complex Civilizations, Invasive Spiny Water Flea Has A Cost, Stone-age Humans Imported Deer To Scottish Islands, A Fossil Fills Gaps In Spider Evolution, Permafrost Is Thawing Faster Than Expected, Breaking Rocks With The Hot Sun.

Black Hole Blues (and Other Songs From Outer Space), plus Not Tonight Dear:  Beetle Moms Zap Their Male Partners With An Anti-Aphrodisiac, and more - 2016/04/02  

"Hobbits" Were Older Than We Thought, Female Beetles Use Anti-aphrodisiac to Turn Off The Sex, Adorable Prairie Dogs Become Serial Killers, Epic Ant Battles End In Sudden Truce, Black Hole Blues.

Aurora - In Search Of The Northern Lights, plus, Baby Monkeys Get Big Or Get Eaten, The Mystery Of The Tully Monster Is Solved, and more - 2016/03/26  

Tully Monster Mystery Solved, Baby Monkeys Change Coats Quickly To Avoid Infanticide, Super Spiral Galaxies Are Beautiful Giants, Why Do Chimps Throw Stones At Trees?, Aurora - In Search Of The Northern Lights.

Meet T-Regina:  The First Fossil From a Pregnant T-Rex, plus How T-Rex Got So Big, Mighty Mites Set A Land Speed Record, and more - 2016/03/19  

First Fossil Evidence Of A Pregnant T-Rex, T-Rex Had To Get Smart Before It Got Big, Young Children Invent Tools - Just Like Great Apes, Mites Are The Fastest Land Animal, Nitrogen Fertilizer Leaves Legacy In Deep Soil, Pluto Shows A New Face.

Drilling Deep for What Doomed The Dinosaurs, plus The World's Oldest Land Fossil, How Our Brains Are Made for Music, and more - 2016/03/12  

Drilling For What Doomed the Dinosaurs, Dragonflies Are World Travelers, Oldest Fossil of a Land-dwelling Organism, Birds Pay A Price For Alligator Protection, Our Brains Are Tuned For Music, Plants Glue On Sand For Armour.

What Is The Secret Of Our Success?, plus Raccoons Learn There's Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself, A Lack Of Sleep Leads To False Confessions, and more - 2016/03/05  

Victoria Kaspi - Herzberg Gold Medal Winner, Restoring Ecosystems With Fear, Sleep Deprivation Can Result in False Confessions, Wolves' Call Of The wild Comes in Different Dialects, The Secret Of Our Success.

Sex In The Sea, plus A New Telescope Gives Astronomers X-ray Eyes, A Giant, Flightless Bird Once Roamed The Arctic, and more - 2016/02/27  

Giant, Flightless Bird Lived In The Arctic 50 Million Years Ago, Canadian Astronomers Get New X-ray Eyes On The Skies, Bouncing, Baby Humpback Whales, Ants Locked In Mortal Combat For 99 Million Years, Sex In The Sea.

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