RAW talk with Sheena

RAW talk with Sheena


Podcast by Sheena Mannina


#24 Let's Talk About Pot {A spiritual perspective on drugs}  

Sheena & Amberleigh discuss mind-altering chemicals and recreational drugs (like weed) and their effect on those seeking a spiritual path. Laced in the conversation is how to obtain integrity in decision-making on all fronts from food to friends. Tune in for a puff.

#23 The MOST Haunted Story in New Orleans +  More on Entities  

Sheena's boyfriend is on the set of a show documenting the energy of a house where one of the most heinous crimes in history went down; Sheena and Amberleigh discuss the presence of energies and how to deal with the not-so-nice ones.

#22 A Vaginal Steam and Ray Donovan.. It's Getting Hot in Here!  

Recorded during the election, Sheena and Amberleigh took the opportunity to talk about how to facing adversity with love is the only way to transpire it. Sheena also divulges that she partook in a Gwenyth-approved practice of vaginal steaming and asks for a vote on whether she should make a detour to see the real Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) on broadway.

#21 Everything is Everything and That's All You Need to Know  

Sheena and Amberleigh have a truly channeled session and release BIG information on transcending and shifting through acceptance of the shadows. The girls address the question of alien types and multi-dimensional beings and give insight on HOW to actually source information from those seemingly exterior channels.

#20 On A Life of Meditation & Healing with Noell  

Sheena is joined by Raw Republic's resident acupuncture, Noell Eanes, where Noell recants her year of mediation, working on self-love and the creation of her 'Love Based Medicine.' The girls touch on relationships and how to remain strongly independent despite all preconceived responsibilities. by facilitating a greater connection with one's self.

#19 It's Basic Witch LAUNCH week and Amberleigh finally gets to host!  

Sheena relinquishes control and allows Amberleigh to host this episode. Amberleigh gets knee deep in her experience in the research industry and the girls bring in a new perspective of acceptance for differing opinions from their own.. This episode includes a very special promo code to commemorate this launch week for Sheena, Amberleigh and Stassi's new Basic With apparel line.

#18 Channeling & Forgiving to Raise the Vibration of the World  

Sheena & Amberleigh give insight on how they channel, how you can channel, and what it means to connect with channeled information. The girls touch on the topic of forgiveness and how showing up as nonjudgmental in your friendships and relationships elevates not only your personal vibration, but the vibration and frequency of the world.

#17 BIRTH CONTROL... Yep, we said it  

Sheena & Amberleigh address one of the BIGGEST topics affecting modern-day female health: the Birth Control Pill. In this very controversial podcast, the girls give insight on the effects and truth surrounding the pill with intermittent humor from their recent travels. Its a must-listen episode and one to share with your girlfriends.

#16 Analyzation of a Sheena&Amberleigh Texting Situation  

Sheena and Amberleigh garner insight on one another's communication habits, revealing lessons for each of them and Raw Talk listeners. The two also give information on how the moon affects our behaviors and hormones and how to tap in to the potential of the moon to harness what it can provide.

#16 Analyzation of a Sheena&Amberleigh Texting Situation  

Sheena and Amberleigh garner insight on one another's communication habits, revealing lessons for each of them and Raw Talk listeners. The two also give information on how the moon affects our behaviors and hormones and how to tap in to the potential of the moon to harness what it can provide.

Raw Talk Goes Straight Up With Stassi & Amberleigh  

Sheena has a special childhood friend, Stassi Schroeder, and fellow podcast host, Amberleigh Carter, recording in Stassi's living room in Los Angeles on the Basic Witches Healing Tour. Stassi turns the tables and becomes Sheena's life coach for the episode, getting raw about relationships with food, others, and especially ourselves.

#14 An insight into a Basic Witches Energy Healing Session & How it really is all about LOVE  

Sheena & Amberleigh give the play by play on their carpool mornings and how much they love each other. The two also recap a client's Basic Witch healing session from the day before. They touch on the importance of love , understanding and giving each other and themselves props for all they do.

#13 Sheena & Amberleigh on HAIR LOSS, HORMONES + How to be like Kate Hudson  

The girls recap on their first Kundalini yoga class experience, where Sheena describes what it feels like to be like Kate Hudson. Sheena interviews Amberleigh on a listener-requested topic of natural healing for hair loss in women and men. This conversation is empowering to those trying to heal their hormones through food and natural methods.

#12 Sheena & Amberleigh.. the ultimate talk on FOOD, FRUIT and Mercury Retrograde  

This is the realest and the rawest episode where both of the girls give their past food and eating history and the painful experiences they underwent to get to the point where they are today. They cover the controversial topic of fruit, sugar, carbohydrates and gluten, it’s raw and real and completely unedited. It’s as heart wrenching as it is empowering. This is one of the best Raw Talks yet.

#11 The aliens support your career move & a recap from Healing in Austin  

Sheena & Amb are recording at Amberleigh’s Covington office today before taking a Sunday off of work for self care. The girls recap their amazing and hilarious stories from energy school in Austin while giving insightful advice on how to handle an inspiration to shift your career or friend group. This podcast may or may not include channeled information. Listen at your own risk.

#10 LIVE Plaeidian Connection from Terminal B  

Sheena & Amberleigh are shocked to discover the synchronicities in their wild travel day from New Orleans to Austin for The Reconnection training… all signs point to an alien connection. On other topics, the girls share natural hair tips, how to live in the flow, saying YES to your life and a call for community. This episode really calls you to Tune In.

#9 MEDITATION // Sheena Guides Heart Opening Meditation  

A Recorded guided meditation taught at Raw Republic by Sheena, this meditation focuses on connecting with and opening the heart chakra. This practice is a perfect one for the end of the day, relaxation and complete release and additionally opens the heart for both giving and receiving purely. We bring you this meditation with so much love. Please do not practice while driving or operating machinery.

#8 When Jesus Turned Out the Lights  

Sheena interviews Giselle Whittington, one of the South's most esteemed energy healers and workers, on her interactions with Archangels, ascended masters, and what tools she uses for self care and enhanced JOY! When Sheena begins to talk about her experience with Jesus, all the electricity in the business goes out. This is a totally RAW, unedited session of Raw Talk with Sheena... and of course, her bestie Amberleigh makes a cameo. This episode is recorded live by candlelight from the meditation room at Raw Republic.

#7 Sheena & Amberleigh on Bringing Joy to Every Experience  

Recorded live from the meditation room at Raw Republic, the girls talk about what they have been manifesting from money to friendships. They touch on finding joy through work and every other experience to actually bring about more happiness, abundance and peace. You can find a crystal informational at the end as an answer to many listener inquiries.

#6 Sheena & Amberleigh in 'THE FOOD ISSUE'  

Sheena talks with her healer and holistic health practitioner extraordinaire, Dr. Amberleigh Carter about eating for nutrients, based on intuition, for optimal health. This new concept of eating expands into every aspect of your life, meaning, if you are eating based on someone else's structure, in some ways, you are not nourishing yourself. Tune in for tips on some amazing nutrient-rich foods, how to eat, how to shift your patterns on eating, and what's worked best for Sheena and Amberleigh. The girls also touch on both of their experiences on their friend Stassi's podcast "Straight up with Stassi" Tune in for laughs and lots of love and healing.

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