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RAW talk with Sheena


Podcast by Sheena Mannina


#38 When you take a step back, your viewpoint expands  

Amberleigh helps Sheena take a look at her life since moving, taking a step back from where she lived, how she worked and how she was taking care of herself to see the importance of doing so to make changes. Sheena bluntly references how taking a step back from her portrayal of herself in social media revealed some things she wasn't able to see. This conversation brings into perspective the necessity of stepping back to move forward... an insightful episode with lots of positivity!

#37 On how we can UPGRADE education with the proprietors of New Orleans Montessori Academy  

Sheena interviews Harry and Rachel Cole on what the experience of childhood education was like for them, and reflects on what the experience was for her. The group recognizes how much healing has needed to take place from a constricted educational structure, and how we can begin to shift our perception of learning to create a more positive experience for our children.

#36 QUICKIE // Blending vs Juicing.. which is BETTER?!  

In this quick track, Sheena gives the low down on the culinary difference between blending and juicing and Amberleigh gets into the nutritional aspect of both. They iron out the correct terminology regarding both so you know what you're getting when you order juices and smoothies. Tune in for mega information on condensing those delicious nutrients!

#35 Sheena says Trump isn't THAT bad, and her childhood friend softens that blow  

In this episode, Sheena is joined by her best friend of over 20 years, Randee Unsworth. Although Randee is a master stylist and the Director of the Saks Fifth Avenue Club in New Orleans, LA, she also has an affinity for politics. Sheena, Randee and Amberleigh discuss controversial political topics and suggest that Trump being elected president may be one of the best things for the country.

#34 Sheena's meditation teacher reveals insight on BIG SHIT happening on the planet  

Sheena + Amberleigh interview Cindy Daigle, a 35-year studier of Masters of many lineages, traditions and lifestyles around the world. Having spent time in rainforests, caves, and monasteries, Cindy sees that the world and people on it are capable of shifting at an exponential rate, no longer needing many of the tools and traditions that we have all been studying. Tune in for revealing insight on what is happening, what you can do, and how you can raise your own frequency.

#33 How Business and Work is a Spiritual Experience with Developer Joshua Bruno  

This is the first official meeting of Joshua and the Raw Talk team, so the girls wanted to gain an understanding of how and why Josh came to this place of success in his real estate and development career. Also, Bruno's social media claims a great deal of passion, balance and play amid a powerful career, so Sheena and Amberleigh were hoping to expose how the balance and the fun with work actually brings inherently more success than the "work hard endlessly" and "just for money" model.

#32 An Age of BOTOX with Beauty Expert Diane Heying  

After attending a book signing on the academic "Botox Nation," a discussion is prompted on the beyond-physical drive to inject, nip, tuck and improve. Sheena interviews Diane, an expert on the field, from her 19 years of experience as a skincare and laser representative in both California and Louisiana.

#31 She's really doing it.. She's SHIFTing on the stage  

Giselle Whittington joins the tail end of the Basic Witch Supercourse and starts sending out energetic frequencies.. just by the nature of her presence. All of a sudden, things escalate quickly, and Amberleigh begins shifting and being effected out of her control while we're recording LIVE ON STAGE! If youre interested in the direction energy healing can point you, tune in, but hold on.. this is one of those windy fast roads on the edge of a cliff!

#30 Do Psychics believe in aliens?  

In this episode, Sheena interviews celebrity psychic, Buzzfeed-featured, intutive, model, actress, author and host-- Laura Powers. Laura goes into detail about Supernatural existences from her book 'Supernatural Survival Guide.' Sheena + Amberleigh anxiously wait to get Laura's perspective on one of their most favorite topics: aliens! Laura's answer is not what you would expect. There's a lot of information in this episode, listen closely!

#29 The SKIN episode + why that cream isn't going to fix your problems  

On this episode of Raw Talk with Sheena, Sheena and Amberleigh discuss the REAL causes of skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Amberleigh gives amazing tips on how to actually begin treating these conditions from the inside out. The girls discuss important ways to connect with the body's messaging system to avoid coming to a point of dis-ease or illness.

#28 We're bringing you BEYOND BASIC in 2017  

Sheena & Amberleigh provide New Year, New You suggestions for a healthier mindset, and health-centered tools for elevating your life in 2017. The girls touch on the importance of connecting with yourself, taking inspired action, incorporating more health and nutrition from a loving, easeful place and HAVING FUN! There are 5 tips for 2017 from the Basic Witches included in this episode.

#27 Stassi + Scientology LIVE from Raw Republic  

Recorded LIVE from Raw Republic, Sheena interviews Stassi on her experience with Scientology while also addressing the similarities in alternative spiritual teachings and the Scientological religion.

#26 The TRUTH on SUPPLEMENTS & SUGAR... went there!  

Sheena & Amberleigh discuss the REAL reasons people are attracted to and use supplements and how to incorporate them in ways that are actually beneficial. Amberleigh also addresses different viewpoints on SUGAR and how not all foods are created equal. The two are sure to ruffle some feathers on this one, especially when they address how DIETS DONT WORK. TUNE IN!

#25 Tips on shifting OUT of problems + our mystical experience of the PNW  

Sometimes it takes time to be in the presence of your shifts and changes as they are happening. Sheena and Amberleigh give examples from their own life of how to witness and experience situations from a high level viewpoint. The girls also gave tips regarding reaching out to others, physically moving the body, smoking a joint, using essential oils, or eating certain foods, etc. to shift you out of the vibration of your problems to a place with higher insight.

#24 Let's Talk About Pot {A spiritual perspective on drugs}  

Sheena & Amberleigh discuss mind-altering chemicals and recreational drugs (like weed) and their effect on those seeking a spiritual path. Laced in the conversation is how to obtain integrity in decision-making on all fronts from food to friends. Tune in for a puff.

#23 The MOST Haunted Story in New Orleans +  More on Entities  

Sheena's boyfriend is on the set of a show documenting the energy of a house where one of the most heinous crimes in history went down; Sheena and Amberleigh discuss the presence of energies and how to deal with the not-so-nice ones.

#22 A Vaginal Steam and Ray Donovan.. It's Getting Hot in Here!  

Recorded during the election, Sheena and Amberleigh took the opportunity to talk about how to facing adversity with love is the only way to transpire it. Sheena also divulges that she partook in a Gwenyth-approved practice of vaginal steaming and asks for a vote on whether she should make a detour to see the real Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) on broadway.

#21 Everything is Everything and That's All You Need to Know  

Sheena and Amberleigh have a truly channeled session and release BIG information on transcending and shifting through acceptance of the shadows. The girls address the question of alien types and multi-dimensional beings and give insight on HOW to actually source information from those seemingly exterior channels.

#20 On A Life of Meditation & Healing with Noell  

Sheena is joined by Raw Republic's resident acupuncture, Noell Eanes, where Noell recants her year of mediation, working on self-love and the creation of her 'Love Based Medicine.' The girls touch on relationships and how to remain strongly independent despite all preconceived responsibilities. by facilitating a greater connection with one's self.

#19 It's Basic Witch LAUNCH week and Amberleigh finally gets to host!  

Sheena relinquishes control and allows Amberleigh to host this episode. Amberleigh gets knee deep in her experience in the research industry and the girls bring in a new perspective of acceptance for differing opinions from their own.. This episode includes a very special promo code to commemorate this launch week for Sheena, Amberleigh and Stassi's new Basic With apparel line.

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