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Faith, life, and theology come together in this bi-weekly look into the people and ideas that shape Regent College.


#004 Hans Boersma  

Regent College's Professor of Theology, Hans Boersma, joins Claire Perini to discuss the recovery of Christian tradition, spiritual reading of Scripture, and why a theologian's character matters just as much as what they say. If you enjoyed this episode, or have some feedback, leave us a review on iTunes! We'd love to hear from you. Regent College is an innovative graduate school of theology, where vibrant evangelical faith meets rigorous academics. Find out more at

#004 Preview - Hans Boersma  

Does a theologian's character matter? In this preview of our next episode, Regent professor Hans Boersma tells us why this is a dangerous and highly personal question for any theologian or pastor. The full conversation will go online next week, on October 21.

#003 Carolyn Hindmarsh and Shirley Sullivan  

Biblical language instructors Carolyn Hindmarsh and Shirley Sullivan join Claire Perini to talk about how learning Greek and Hebrew impacted their own lives, why they're still important to learn, and the gifts--and hazards--of translations.

#003 Preview - Carolyn Hindmarsh and Shirley Sullivan  

Biblical languages are a hard sell. Why even bother? In this preview of our next episode two of Regent's language instructors, Shirley Sullivan and Carolyn Hindmarsh, discuss the deeper insight that comes from reading the Bible in Hebrew and Greek. The full conversation will be released next Friday, October 7.

#002 Malcolm Guite  

Join us as Claire Perini and Malcolm Guite (@malcolmguite) talk about poetry, slowing down, being a good host to words, and how poetry helps us read scripture and see the world around us anew. Malcolm Guite is a poet, priest and singer-songwriter. He is also Chaplain of Girton College. Malcolm has written several poetry collections and books, including Parable and Paradox, The Singing Bowl , Sounding the Seasons, and Faith, Hope and Poetry. His next book is Mariner! A Voyage with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, forthcoming in early 2017. Malcolm most recently taught the course "Poetic Meditations on the Teaching of Jesus" at Regent in Summer 2016. He will be back at Regent in Summer 2017 with the course, "A Passion for Poetry: How to Read It, Enjoy It, and Grow with It". You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and read his blog at

#002 Preview - Malcolm Guite  

In this special preview, Malcolm Guite recounts for out host, Claire Perini, the story of when his poetry had a disastrous encounter with a photocopier. The full episode will be released on Friday, September 22. You won't want to miss the entire conversation! Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or with the RSS feed to get it as soon as its released.

#001 Richard Mouw  

In our inaugural Regent College Podcast, host Claire Perini has a good conversation about good (and hard) conversations with Professor Richard Mouw. Richard Mouw is Professor of Faith and Public Life and President Emeritus at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is a popular visiting professor at Regent College, most recently teaching Cultural Discipleship in a Secular Age (INDS 512). A nationally recognized leader in theological education and interfaith dialogue, he writes for the Washington Post and is involved in a number of interfaith theological conversations, particularly with Mormon and Jewish groups.

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