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A show about the internet, hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman. From Gimlet.


#88 Second Language  

A new Yes Yes No, plus Sruthi meets her first fully-functional cyborg.

Further Reading

Norm Kelly's Twitter
Eric Valor's Website
Eric's non-profit Sciopen Research Group

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#87 Storming the Castle  

This week: Alex meets his hero, the thorn in the side of Dick Dale, GG Allin, and Alex Trebek.

Further Reading

Longmont Potion Castle's website
The Twice Removed podcast
Nazanin Rafsanjani's Twitter

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#86 Man of the People  

This week — a new technology falls into the wrong hands.

Pope Brock's book, Charlatan
Penny Lane's documentary, Nuts!

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#85 The Reversal  

For years, Dr. Richard Bedlack has hunted for a cure for ALS, a fatal degenerative disease.  And then one day he builds a website called ALS Untangled. That's when strange things start to happen. Reported by Peter Andrey Smith and Reply All producer Sruthi Pinnamaneni.

Further Reading

The ALS Untangled website
Dr. Richard Bedlack’s ALS Reversals website
The PatientsLikeMe website
The ALS TDI website
Nelda Buss wrote a book, You Can Walk, about her experience, and she originally appeared on Fox in 1992
Eric Valor’s website
Angelina Fanous’s reporting on VICE and The New York Times
Peter Andrey Smith’s website

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#84 Past, Present, Future 2  

This week, updates on some of the stories we’ve done over the past year, some bonuses and surprises, some breakbeats, a motorcycle ride, and we take a glimpse into the future.

Check out the amazing 2016 Reply All poster by Matt Lubchansky!

The Episodes

#56 Zardulu
#64-67 On the Inside Parts I-IV
#53 In the Desert
#68 Vampire Rules
#57 Milk Wanted
#47 Quit Already!

Lightning Round

#76 Lost in a Cab
#83 Voyage Into Pizzagate
#60 A Simple Plan
#61 Baby King
#69 Disappeared
#78 Very Quickly to the Drill

Further Reading

Illustrator Matt Lubchansky’s website is OVER HERE
Singer/songwriter Matt Farley can be found on his website or on Spotify.
Our theme song is by the Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.
Our ad music is by Build Buildings.

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#47 Quit Already (REBROADCAST)  

Everybody has that one Facebook friend who just won’t stop posting their political opinions. This week, we talk to one of those Facebook friends, someone whose opinions got her into an enormous mess.

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#83 Voyage Into Pizzagate  

A conspiracy theory, a pizza related map, and a website fighting for its very soul.

Further Reading

Bryan Menegus' great article, "Reddit is Tearing Itself Apart."
An interview with Edgar Welch, the Pizzagate gunman.
The Donald Subreddit

If you have a question about a story we've reported this year, please email a voice memo of 30 seconds or less to with the subject line "updates."

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Introducing Crimetown  

On today's episode of Reply All we are bringing you the first episode of Gimlet’s new show Crimetown. Crimetown is by the creators of HBO’s The Jinx. This season is about organized crime and corruption in Providence, Rhode Island.

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#82 Hello?  

Alex and PJ take calls from anyone, about anything, for 48 hours straight.

Thank Yous

Adam Quinn (for setting up our phone system)
Peter Nelson (for his excellent horn playing)
The Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder (for going above and beyond this week)
Matt Farley
Jorge Just
Austin Thompson
Build Buildings
Everyone who called

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#81 In the Tall Grass  

One man tries to unite America. One Frog threatens to tear it apart.

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#80 Flash!  

This week: a bitter Yes Yes No rivalry, and the return of 10 Minutes on Craigslist. Someone has gone missing.

Further Reading

The original tweet.


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#29 The Takeover (REBROADCAST)  

Thomas Oscar is an Australian teenager who tried to make the most boring Facebook group possible - a group where members pretend to be corporate drones in a non-existent office.

The Facts

Karen Duffin is a producer at This American Life. You can find more stories by Karen Duffin at her website.

Our theme song is by the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.

Our ad music is by Build Buildings.

Further Reading

You can check out the Stackswell and Co. Facebook page here.

Read a story about Stackswell and Co. from Fast Company here.

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#79 Boy in Photo  

To reach a port, we must set sail.

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#78 Very Quickly to the Drill  

Alex and PJ chase down the strangest tips from our Weird Ads hotline, and at the bottom of the rabbit hole they find the Mother of All AdWords Scams.

Futher Reading

David Segal's story on locksmiths 

The Ringfinders website

Form to give feedback on specific ads

Google's statement on our episode: 

Our goal is to provide a great experience for the users, advertisers, and publishers that interact with our advertising products everyday. An important part of this work is listening to reactions—good, bad, and in-between—from our users about their experiences online. We appreciate this very much; it helps us make AdWords better. Bad ads are an industry-wide issue and we fight them with considerable fire-power: we’ve invested in best-in-class technology and built a global team of more than 1,000 googlers specifically dedicated to this effort. While this work has produced positive results—we disabled 780 million ads for violating our policies in 2015 alone—we understand this is an ongoing challenge for everyone and we’ll continue to battle it.

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#77 The Grand Tapestry Of Pepe  

Forty servers full of lost photos, a secret plan, and an unexpected rescue. Also, a Yes Yes No about a frog.

Further Reading

Hillary on Pepe

Matt Furie (Pepe's creator) on Pepe

Smugmug's statement on Picturelife

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#76 Lost in a Cab  

Liz lost her camera in a cab, so she went to the New York City Taxi website to submit it to their lost and found database. At least, that's what she thought she did. Alex investigates and finds a big business behind the success of a suspicious little website.

Further Reading

If you lose something in a cab in New York City, Call 311, or go to this website.

The Department of Consumer Affairs encourages anyone who feels they have been misled by to file a complaint with DCA‎ online at or by calling 311. 

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#75 Boy Wonder  

Barry develops a small but very inconvenient health problem, which becomes so persistent and pernicious that it feels as if someone put a curse on him. Sruthi Pinnamaneni goes deep on a decades-long medical mystery.

Lisa Sanders’ book, Every Patient Tells a Story.

Lisa Sanders’ column, Diagnosis.

Become a Gimlet Member to join our Q&A this Friday at 12PM EST!

Listen to Reply All Executive Producer Tim Howard's latest release as Soltero!

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#74 Making Friends  

This week, a story about people who start hearing voices in their heads. But, instead of trying to get rid of the voices, they try to make more. Reporter Laura Klivans has the story.

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#73 Sandbox  

One twin decides to plug her internal organs directly into the internet so the other twin can monitor her. Plus, PJ and Alex talk to a listener whose heart was broken by last week's episode.

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#72 Dead is Paul  

This week, a Yes Yes No about gorillas, conspiracy theories, and glitter.

Further Reading

See the original tweets on our Yes Yes No tumblr.

Marina Joyce's YouTube

Article on Marina Joyce

Police tweeting about Marina Joyce

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