Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits

Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits

United Kingdom

Comedy circuit star Rhod Gilbert is joined each week by a fellow comic for entertaining chat and banter. Broadcast on BBC Radio Wales, every Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM.


Rhod Gilbert Show  

Rhod is joined by co-host Barry Castagnola and Lloyd Langford pops in to talk about an unusual dinner invitation he had when in New Zealand

Midge Ure Drops By  

Rhod and Barry Castagnola are joined by a new co-host, the legendary musician Midge Ure. Midge tells tales of Ultravox, Band Aid, The Sex Pistols and more, while in this week’s quiz Rhod pits Barry and Midge against each other to determine who has 'made it'.

Pig in a Gold Hat  

Rhod Gilbert and co-host Barry Castagnola discuss clever dogs, schooldays, rice pudding, long journeys which end in disappointment, custard, pigs…and semolina!

Bear Grylls and Blue Orville  

Rhod Gilbert and co-host Clint Edwards discuss beards, caterpillars, Bear Grylls…and a sweary Orville!

The Beard Quiz That Never Was  

Rhod wants to hold a beard quiz. However with a shorter show this week will he run out of time? Also, co-host Chris Corcoran finally discusses over forties fashion faux pas and Rhod's showbiz painting secret is revealed.

Jest a Minute Live!  

Rhod is joined by Paul Foot, Rob Deering, Ed Gambe and Kiri Pritchard-McClean for a special edition of ‘Jest a Minute’ from the Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

How British Are You?  

Rhod Gilbert and co-host Chris Corcoran discuss daleks, chimps, nude dining, dogs with carrots and they ponder the true nature of 'British'-ness…

The End of Days  

Rhod Gilbert and co-host Lloyd Langford discuss kale, racoon invasions, Christmas trees, the secret crime life of Sophie Raworth…and the end of the world as we know it!

A Sponge of Coffee  

As the World Half Marathon Championships take place in Cardiff, Rhod and co-host Mike Bubbins lament the loss of the tradition of passing a sponge of water to thirsty runners. Also this week, Mike takes Rhod's test to determine whether he's a real man and there's the welcome return of 'Celebrity Out Of Context Bingo'.

The World Carb Final  

It's the race to be crowned the world's greatest carbohydrate in the first World Carb tournament. With pasta and rice eliminated in the semi-final, bread and potato are just one match away from victory. But there can be only one winner...

Pam Ayres Rock  

Rhod and Korkey are at Old Deer Park in London ahead of the England v Wales Six Nations game, and optimism is high for a Welsh victory. Rhod resurrects his classic quiz, Drop Goal, launches a brand new feature, Pam Ayres Rock and lifts the spirits with the London Welsh Rugby Club Choir.

A Ghost in Trainers  

Rhod and co-host Barry Castagnola discuss ghosts, how to make robots out of kitchen appliances, chameleons on tartan rugs, nose-picking gorillas and very dangerous piranhas!

Honkers and Polar bears  

Rhod Gilbert and co-host Zoe Lyons have colds but are there any useful remedies around? Also, potholes on the M4, the uses of sawdust...and do Polar bears ever feel chilly?

Blast from the Past  

The news that the Trio chocolate bar is to go back on sale inspires Rhod and co-host Chris Corcoran to put out a call for the one thing you would like to see make a comeback. This leads to a call for the return of 'Chimp Quiz', which Rhod happily obliges.

Nothing But the Truth  

Rhod Gilbert and his special guest Clint Edwards wonder if you've ever told a whopping big lie! Also under discussion- bottled air, 'turf sandals'... and a sandwich-stealing dog!

She's No Octopus  

Rhod and co-host Barry Castagnola ask whether you can make predictions with asparagus. Also this week, a rabbit from the Wizard of Oz and Barry's mother's obsession with monkeys.

Dermot O'Leary's Curry Sauce  

Co-host Chris Corcoran cooked a curry in Spain this week but, much to Rhod's frustration, chose not to make his own curry paste. The incident does lead Rhod to reveal his desire for a Paul Newman style career though. Elsewhere, an incident involving Arnold Schwarzenegger changes 'Celebrity Out Of Context Bingo' forever and the quiz conveyor belt continues with 'Right Wrong Quiz Show Answer Quiz'.


Rhod & Chris Corcoran spend much of the show talking a load of pants, while debating whether a 'pair of trousers' refers to one or two garments.

And Finally....Happy Gnu Year !  

Rhod kicks-off 2016 with fellow comic, Clint Edwards & decides to draw a line under the long-running 'gnu debate'. Also, cutting back on toilet-paper leaves Rhod bemused.

Rhod's All You Can Eat Boxing Day Buffet  

Rhod hosts a festive edition of his show with guests, Clint Edwards, Chris Corcoran, Mike Bubbins and Daniel & Josh from Welsh band, 'Peasant's King'.

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