Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits

Rhod Gilbert's Best Bits

United Kingdom

Comedy circuit star Rhod Gilbert is joined each week by a fellow comic for entertaining chat and banter. Broadcast on BBC Radio Wales, every Saturday from 11 AM to 1 PM.


Is it natures lid?  

Rhod is joined by Clint Edwards and 'coffee' comes under the spot light.

The Wanderer Returns  

Little Lloyd Langford and comedian Bennett Arron join Rhod for a quiz with one question.


After hearing the news that well-read people are kinder and more considerate, Rhod confesses to Clint that he hasn't read Catch-22, let alone the 21 prequels. And Carmarthen band 'The Tates' drop in to chat about hamsters.

That anonymous bit between your knee and your shin.  

This week, Rhod is in Carmarthen & tells Chris Corcoran all about his hatred of coconuts.

Roland Rat walks the line  

Rhod Gilbert and Clint Edwards discuss the difficult topic of why shoelaces come undone

Barry makes a sblish  

Barry Castagnola tells Rhod about his mum going to Monkey World without him Mother's Day.

Live and Let Fry  

Rhod calls in comedians Suzi Ruffell and Tom Allen to make the coffee. Together, they join forces to solve the nation's problems, when Rhod introduces his new feature... STRESSBUSTER...

Stealing Bob Hope's Jokes  

Mike Bubbins, from the radio series 'The Unexplainers' is called upon to investigate a double banana. Rhod thinks the unusual fruit is far more interesting than Korkey's social media feed...

Luminous Underpants  

Rhod is joined by Korkey this week, while comedian Suzi Ruffell makes a late appearance.

Surpisingly an International C.I.A. Spy!  

Rhod is shocked to find out who comedian Clint Edwards Valentine's date was.

60 Second Debate  

Rhod & Korkey discuss Woolly Mammoths,musical guilty pleasures & hold a 60 second debate.

Yes, No on the spot!  

Rhod and Korkey decide if it's a 'Yes' or 'No' to traffic lights and swimming goggles.

Shake It Off  

Did a toaster inspire Taylor Swift's hit 'Shake It Off'? And where is Rhod’s beanie hat?

Garlic Free Guacamole  

Rhod's disdain for Lloyd Langford's culinary skills is revealed as Lloyd prepares guacamole without an ingredient which Rhod believes is vital. Also, the often promised Donkey Quiz is finally played and Lloyd dazzles Rhod with his January 'Fact Fountain'.

Phantom Footsteps  

Rhod's bought a new pedometer, however he's unsure of its indoor accuracy, given a recent binge session of 'Dexter' resulted in him gaining 400 steps. Also this week, what role does air traffic control play in allowing a younger twin to be born before his older sibling?

I'm Not John Humphrys  

Rhod is joined by little Lloyd Langford to get 2017 off to a smooth start.

Rhod's Big Christmas Special  

Accusations of cheating are rife as Rhod pits Lloyd against Korkey in the Christmas quiz. Also, Lloyd reveals who his companion would be if he is asked to play Doctor Who, Sian Harries and Carys Eleri look forward to their S4C sketch show and there's live music from Johnny Cage and the Voodoogroove. (To hear the band's performances in full listen to Rhod's Christmas Eve show on the BBC Radio Wales website or the BBC iPlayer Radio app until January 23rd 2017.)



Monkey Madness 2 - The American Trip  

Rhod's surprise birthday party doesn't go according to plan, a can of 'air conditioning spray' causes Christmas confusion in Barry Castagnola's house and 'Barry's Mum's Monkey Madness' goes Stateside.

5’ 6’’ from Nottingham  

Clint Edwards joins Rhod to play ‘Top Trumps’ against a cow.

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