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David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool, is among the most respected and trusted sources on investing. As a best-selling author, hugely successful stock picker, and financial authority, David has led The Motley Fool’s growth into a worldwide investment and financial advisory services company. Each week David shares his insights into today's most innovative and disruptive publicly traded companies -- and how to profit from them by following his signature “Rule Breaker Investing” principles.


February Mailbag: Recipes for Resilience  

February may be a short month, but our mailbag is as full as ever, overflowing with great questions and comments from you, our dear listener. Today we tackle why our biggest losers are the stocks we never buy, why predicting the future is getting more difficult, and much more. Plus, David reveals some of his favorite books to inspire and improve your investing.

5 Stocks The World Needs Right Now  

In a world of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” the political climate seems ever more chaotic and unpredictable. But as investors, by definition, we take a long-term view. And we look to businesses and innovators, not politicians, to bring us into the future. Today, David picks 5 companies that are likely to help us through these troubled times -- and become ever more valuable for doing so.

Looking Back: Last Year's Bear Market Picks  

This time last year, David picked “5 Stocks to Feed the Bear,” highlighting 5 smaller companies with low risk ratings. Though these were meant as long-term picks (3 years at least), today we’re checking in to see how they’re doing so far. Spoiler alert: we’re kind of hoping you bought a few shares!

Campfire Stories, Vol. 2: The Early Days  

After last year's Portrait of the Investor as a Young Man, David goes even further back, seeking insights and investing lessons from his early youth. So gather back around the campfire for a few stories and lessons from these formative years. We look back to days of school projects, theater companies, baseball characters and mishaps abroad. Through it all, we learn that as we stumble through this human experiment, character counts, and optimism is justified.

January Mailbag, Plus: Your "Don't Make Me Think" Stocks  

There are plenty of riches in this month's mailbag, including your thoughts on David's biggest losers, how to score your "Golden Ticket" to FoolFest, and how David switches hats when choosing stocks for Rule Breakers or Stock Advisor. Plus, a lightning round of your picks for "Don't Make Me Think" stocks.

Great Stocks Don't Make You Think!  

In March of 2008, David had just read a wonderful book on information architecture and website design by Steve Krug, entitled. "Don't Make Me Think." Turning lessons learned about design towards his home turf of investing, this inspired David to publish an essay titled, "Great Stocks Don't Make You Think!" Today we revisit that essay, the lessons learned at the time, and reflect on what we've learned in the years that have passed since. 

David's Biggest Losers, Vol. 2  

Last year around this time we released a two-part podcast entitled David's Biggest Losers. Let's make that a tradition here and talk about another half-dozen stocks that have performed poorly over the past 3 years. We don't like to dwell on failure—and indeed can learn a lot more by studying our wins—but it's good to eat some humble pie once in a while and remember that we don't have to win them all to win the game.

Great Quotes Vol. 5: A Fool To Make You Merry  

Happy New Year! In 2017, as always, we predict that the market will go up. But these great quotes will help you face the coming market, regardless of what it does. And if our prediction is wrong, we'll just "wait for a warm day and shoot off the next one!"

December Mailbag: Market Highs & Tight Shorts  

In this final mailbag of 2016 we answer your questions about picking stocks when the market is at all-time highs, what to do when "buy what you know" steers you wrong, how to navigate a short squeeze, and more. Plus, a little flattery from one of our favorite CEOs! This week’s podcast is brought to you by Foolanthropy: Learn more at

Why We Invest – Plus, Jack Bogle Interview  

Our newly founded Holiday Tradition here at Rule Breaker Investing is a re-reading of David’s 2010 essay entitled Why We Invest. But first, as special a gift to us all, a brief and illuminating cameo with the living investing legend, Jack Bogle. Jack gives us his recipe for great investing success, his thoughts on investing in our current political climate, the importance of character over success, and much more. It’s a perfect holiday blend of investing wisdom!

Love Letter To Jack Bogle  

December is a month of gratitude here at Rule Breaker Investing. With that in mind, we’re spending today’s episode talking about and, more importantly, listening to Jack Bogle. As the creator of the Index Fund, the founder of Vanguard, and an all-around stand-up guy who has dedicated his life’s work to helping people invest better, you might say that Jack is the ultimate Rule Breaker. Certainly his accomplishments are worth singing about. So indeed, we will!

5 Stocks To Put Under The Tree  

As the holidays approach, you may be looking for an extra special present for the children in your life. For the gift that truly keeps on giving, today’s show brings you five kid-friendly stocks that are good to hold for the next five years or longer. And never to pass up a teaching moment, David also shares some advice on how to talk about each of the companies those lucky kids will now own. Spoiler alert: The stock you’re probably most expecting is not on the list!

Entrepreneur Month Extra: 10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship with Guy Kawasaki  

Guy Kawasaki is currently the Chief Evangelist of Canva, an online tool with the mantra of democratizing graphic design. But his resume goes much deeper. From his early days at Apple to his venture capital firm to his bestselling books, Guy has a long history of helping startups succeed. In this RBI Extra episode, we break down some conventional wisdom with Guy's 10 Commandments of Entrepreneurship.

November Mailbag: Investing in the Great Recession  

Uh oh, it's both mailbag day and the close of November's Entrepreneur Month. How can we possibly do both? I guess it's time for another RBI Extra episode! Today we answer your questions on investing in the Great Recession, Stock Advisor vs. Rule Breakers, and games for the holidays, and we also address concerns over David's diction. Then, on Saturday watch your feed for a special episode with tech evangelist, Guy Kawasaki.

Entrepreneur Month Extra: Getting Things Done Primer With David Allen  

As a professional, at any given time, you probably have 150-220 action items and 30-100 projects on your plate. That’s a lot – in fact too much – to keep in your head. Your brain, it turns out, is a terrible office! Fortunately, with a little help you can build an external brain that’s designed to simplify your complicated life. In this RBI Extra, we get down to GTD basics with David Allen’s 5 steps to help you get your “stuff” under control.

Entrepreneur Month: Organize Your Business With David Allen  

David Allen did not set out to become a productivity guru, but with the release of his book, Getting Things Done, in 2001, he became just that. You may well be familiar with his methodology – in fact we hope you are, and that it has improved your life dramatically! After hearing a bit of his “super hero origin story,” today we’ll talk to David about some additional tips and insights specifically for entrepreneurs. Also, stay tuned this weekend for a special RBI Extra episode where we’ll get down to the basics of GTD with David Allen.

Entrepreneur Month: The Power of Hospitality with Danny Meyer  

Danny Meyer is famous for opening more than a dozen highly successful New York restaurants. And those restaurants – from Union Square Café to Shake Shack – are famous for their hospitality. More than mere service, hospitality is a measure of how a dining experience makes us feel. Today Danny speaks with David about how to differentiate your business in the age of plagiarism, how to glean entrepreneurial ideas from Seinfeld, how to pronounce Zagat, and more. Plus, an update on 5 lesser-known Rule Breaker stocks David picked on the show last year!

Entrepreneur Month: Tom Gardner's Tips For Business Owners  

Today it's David's brother Tom in the spotlight! Not only is Tom a fellow co-founder of The Motley Fool, he's also made it his life's passion to study businesses and the ambitious people who build them. With a little Fool history, a dose of brotherly rapport, and an obligatory mention of Strat-O-Matic Baseball, Tom Gardner brings his top 5 tips for entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneur Month: How to Succeed on Kickstarter  

We hereby declare November Entrepreneur Month here at RBI! First up: Stonemaier co-founder Jamey Stegmaier is known as a master of the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. His new book, A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide builds off of his already successful blog to help entrepreneurs make the most of Kickstarter. To kick of Entrepreneur Month, David talks with Jamey to geek out over board games and learn about how to go from zero to millions in croudfunding dollars.

October Mailbag: USA Core Values  

It’s the end of another month, and here at RBI, that means mailbag! We touch on the new Fool School, the Cubs’ run for the World Series, and then look at retirement strategies with Motley Fool Answers’ host, Robert Brokamp. But first, with your help, David spells out his Core Values for the US of A – which might just explain why this election cycle has been so disturbing.

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