Rule Breaker Investing

Rule Breaker Investing


David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool, is among the most respected and trusted sources on investing. As a best-selling author, hugely successful stock picker, and financial authority, David has led The Motley Fool’s growth into a worldwide investment and financial advisory services company. Each week David shares his insights into today's most innovative and disruptive publicly traded companies -- and how to profit from them by following his signature “Rule Breaker Investing” principles.


Non-Political Pre-Election Special  

After a few years of brutal campaigning, the U.S. presidential election is upon us! Always the Rule Breaker, David’s take on politics is decidedly non-political. Taking the long view, we’ll apply some systemic thinking and reach all the way back to Dickens for some perspective and inspiration. And be sure to listen to the end for your homework assignment!

Mental Tips, Tricks & Lifehacks, Vol. 2  

Today we return to the subject of mental tips and tricks, and a few Lifehacks to boot. Get things done in two minutes, win a drink at ro-sham-bo, and make all your photos picture perfect! Do you have a favorite mental tip or trick? Share it with us on Twitter @RBIPodcast.

Financial Literacy: Interview with Dr. Annamaria Lusardi  

The Motley Fool has long been an advocate of financial literacy in our schools. Crazy talk, right? Today, David has the pleasure of hosting one of the preeminent experts on the subject, Dr. Annamaria Lusardi of George Washingon University to discuss why this is such an important subject. And stick around for the close, where we will announce a fantastic opportunity for you and your kids!

Extra: Interview with Candice Millard, Bestselling Author and Honorary Fool  

When one of your favorite authors stops by the office, a 10-minute interview just won't do! Lucky for us, Candice Millard was generous with her time here at Fool HQ. In this bonus episode, David goes into greater depth about Millard's New York Times bestsellers The River of Doubt and Destiny of the Republic, as well as her upcoming epic story of the making of Winston Churchill, Hero of the Empire.

Foolish Heroes: Interview With Author Candice Millard — Plus: September Mailbag  

Candice Millard is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The River of Doubt and Destiny of the Republic, which David has praised in earlier episodes of the podcast. Today she sits down with David for a conversation about presidents, prime ministers, Fools, and non-fiction. Also, we dip into the mailbag to tell some listener stories, including one of the best exchanges ever to hit the Rule Breaker inbox. All that and more in this very Motley edition of Rule Breaker Investing.

A Portrait Of The Investor As A Young Man  

Ah, the Folly of youth! Today David takes a tour of some of his earliest investments, from mistakes to multi-baggers. Find out which companies went under, which are still around, and most importantly, what were the lessons learned along the way.


When Robots Rule The Earth  

In a century or so, humans might be able to scan our brains and run emulations or "ems" on futuristic supercomputers. That means conscious, digital minds working much faster than our own, and rendering us all but obsolete! So how should we plan for that? Today David interviews Robin Hanson, George Mason University economist and author of "The Age of Em - Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule the Earth."

5 Low-Risk Stocks For The Next Year  

A year ago, here on the Rule Breaker Investing Podcast, David picked 5 Stocks For The Next 5 Years. Today we check in on those companies, because we’ll never know who’s winning if we don’t keep score! Then David digs through the safest stocks on his recommendation list to choose 5 more stocks for the coming year.

JCOC Part 2: Lessons From Our Military Leaders  

What your business can learn from the US Military, why America will keep on winning, how to conduct a public Q&A session, and other learnings from David's experience with the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference. Plus, a few items from the August mailbag.

JCOC Part 1: A Visit With Our Armed Forces  

Today David inspects an F-35, fires an M-16, overlooks combat operations, flies in a Blackhawk helicopter, and lands on an aircraft carrier. Has he joined the Special Forces? No, but as a member of this year's Joint Civilian Orientation Conference, David has had the remarkable opportunity to visit with the United States Armed Forces up close, and has come back with stories to share.

Great Quotes Vol. 4: Lessons From Past & Present  

In this fourth installment of RBI's "Great Quotes" series, we're digging into the past with words of wisdom from philosophers and founders, and then jumping to present-day Foolishness – all in the service of helping you create a better future.

Lessons From A Great Business  

In 1998, Tom & David made an appearance on ABC's The View and recommended a company for investment. Six weeks later, they were invited back to explain why the stock had already dropped by 33%. Luckily we are still keeping score -- and are still invested. Today we take a deep dive into one of the great companies of our time and its truly visionary CEO.

"I Own The Water:" A Fool's Brush With Donald Trump  

In 1997 The Motley Fool publicly shorted Drumpf Hotels and Casino Resorts (DJT). In 1999, after the stock had dropped significantly, David got a call from the CEO, Nicholas Ribis. He invited a handful of Fools to Drumpf Tower in New York City to hear a defense of the business, and to meet The Donald in person. Here's what happened.

July Mailbag: Should The Motley Fool Go Public?  

Should you buy in thirds or set limit orders? What's the big deal about Pokemon Go? Why would anyone ever own a bond with a negative interest rate? And why isn't The Motley Fool a public company? All this and more in this month's mailbag!


Pet Peeves & Other "Cool Stuff"  

State lotteries, disclaimers, and soaps that don’t lather… From the sublime to the ridiculous, David shares his list of pet peeves.

The Brexit Inspired Stock List  

Five companies that we like over the next 3 years - all inspired by The United Kingdom's recent move to withdraw from the European Union.  

Investing Lessons From An 8 Year Old Gardner  

Motley Fool CAPS ( is a free service you can use to test your stock-picking prowess. You don’t have to risk any money in the market, but you will be scored for your performance. At the age of 8, David’s son Zack started picking stocks on CAPS, and now, nine years later, you may be surprised by how well he did. Today, a teenaged Zack is in the studio to review those picks, his reasons for making them, and the lessons learned growing up with a Rule-Breaking dad.

June Mailbag: Is Diversification Overrated?  Should You Be Picking Stocks? Do You Have a Buy Discipline?  

Are you cut out to pick stocks or should you stick to index funds? Should your first thought be your final thought? Is what to buy > when to sell? All this and more as we go over your questions and comments in today’s monthly mailbag episode!

Extra: Interview with Rob Daviau, Rule Breaking Game Designer  

A few minutes with Rob Daviau in last week's podcast was simply not enough! In today's extended interview, David digs deeper into Daviau's disruptive game design, how he runs his business, and where he finds his inspiration.

5 Board Games That Will Make You A Better Investor  

What's more exciting than the next hot IPO? The release of the next blockbuster board game, of course! Today we delve deep into David’s greatest obsession and see how his favorite games relate to you as an investor. And we meet Rob Daviau, a true Rule Breaker and designer of Pandemic Legacy Season One, which at least one sources ranks as the highest-rated of all-time.

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