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Running Commentary

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Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life and comedy - but mainly running. Whilst running.


Episode Sixty Two - A Brighton Long'un, Part One  

Rob and Paul head out from Brighton for a pre-London 22 miler. In part one they climb up to and along the beautiful, windy South Downs. Featuring the Bath Half in review, an old school Ordnance Survey map, cyclist/runner tension, invisible fences, the Hanson Method and a little bit of Withnail & I. To be continued...

Episode Sixty One - Bath Half  

Adventures real and ridiculous, before, during and after Bath Half. Featuring flatulence, floozies, fancy dress, dinosaurs, impressive and not-so-impressive race times and all kinds of good fun and good people.

Episode Sixty - A Spring Taper Special  

Ahead of their next Half Marathon, Paul and Rob keep it to a strict three miles round pretty Clissold Park. Featuring Tai Chi, tree surgery, tapering tips, saucy swans, skiing stories and thoughts on doing a Half for the first time.

Episode Fifty Nine - Road Rage  

A little trot down the canal to Victoria Park turns out to be far more exciting than Rob and Paul could have expected. Featuring White Van Man, Cerys Matthews impressions, speed cameras, Driver Awareness courses and Motorway Service Areas - along with sinking boats, heavy rain, squawking parakeets, Oscars and running to jazz.

Episode Fifty Eight - Spring is Springing  

Paul and Rob check for evidence of Spring on a leisurely 7 miles round North London's parks and green spaces. Featuring noisy drills, road-crossing thrills, nights in Havana, parkrunners in bandanas, Jonny Lee Miller's muscles, squirrels, geese and castles, crocuses and daffs, and how to cook brown rice, and serve it up with something nice.

Episode Fifty Seven - Joe Warner  

Round Regent's Park and up Primrose Hill with Joe Warner, Editor of Men's Fitness magazine, who's running the London marathon for Parkinson's UK. Featuring a surprise trip to Berlin with Haile Gebrselassie, a mystery bum ache, transformations, giant chocolate buttons, and how Boris Johnson drove Joe to drink.

Episode Fifty Six - Finsbury Fun  

A short one for a change, as Rob and Paul head down for a spiral round Finsbury Park. Featuring Cross Country and Launch Lunch reports, Trainspotting, track suits, slips and sweats, caymans and couscous.

Episode Fifty Five - Sub Zero  

To distract themselves from the bitter chill of this North London run, Rob and Paul cover it all; treadmills, improving half marathon times, the yin-and-yang of inner voices, killing your pets to improve your marathon time, builders scamming your neighbours and much more besides. Features excitable dogs and a glimpse of a previous guest.

Episode Fifty Four - Way Out West Part Two  

Paul and Rob complete their long run out along the Grand Union Canal to Hayes. Featuring potato techniques, family relationships, bittersweet comedy vignettes, Eva Longoria, foxes, herons and swans... lots and lots of swans.

Episode Fifty Three - Way Out West, Part One  

Rob and Paul pull a few January miles, with a long canal run out of London to the West. Featuring even more birds than usual, a gusset-toe interface, family members charging you full price, several branches of Sainsbury's and a coconut.

Episode Fifty Two - Clapham Common with Bryony Gordon  

Paul and Rob are joined by writer Bryony Gordon, author of Mad Girl, for a start-the-year walk-run round Clapham Common; it's a day for dynamic extremes - slow and fast, high and low, serious and silly, partying and planking, Ibiza and Kensington Palace, first-time London Marathoners and old campaigners, and the glory and grubbiness of the condom. Sorry - common.

Episode Fifty One - Marathon Tips, Running Resolutions.  

Rob and Paul hit the ground running in 2017, trying to untangle the headphone wires that are their running plans for the Spring. Featuring Rob's regime, friendly cyclists, unfriendly dogs, marathon mantras, to wee or not to wee - that is the question - and a return to the postage stamp of grass where it all began. Happy New Year everyone - and happy runnin'.

Episode Fifty - Last Run of the Year  

Paul and Rob run down the canal to Limehouse Basin, looking back over Running Commentary's 2016... once they've dealt with booze, foxes, teddy bears, sunken boats, sitcom-characters-in-real-life, Rob's knees and Paul's thoughts on what to do at a comedy gig when they've already had it all. It's been a good year everyone - thanks for listening. See you in 2017!

Episode Forty Nine - Running Home for Christmas  

A little one to help you not run TOO far over the Christmas weekend; Paul and Rob have just run South Manchester parkrun, where there was mud, lowering skies, questionable cornering, and a real-life elf. Happy Holidays!

Episode Forty Eight - Christmas Memories  

Round Highgate Wood, and down memory lane, as Rob and Paul do some Christmas reminiscin'. Featuring the joy, sadness, and gluttony of the festive season, mid-life crisis rope swinging, student life then and now (it was grubbier then), grouting, foxes and Chris Rea.

Episode Forty Seven - Freezing and frosty with guest Tom Price.  

Rob and Paul are joined by actor / comedian / DJ Tom Price on the coldest, crispiest morning of the year. Featuring Arsenal landmarks, running-as-therapy vs the worst kind of peer pressure, 'can you run with a broken thumb?', frost, sunshine, skiing, mountains, Argentine Tango, Doctor Who and Paul's car.

Episode Forty Six - happy on the Heath.  

A 'dog run' round Hampstead heath on a beautiful Autumn day. Featuring classic cross country, road rage, big nights and nights off, violence and the avoidance of, and a variety of green birds.

Episode Forty Five - Dark Clouds and Blue Skies.  

Out East to Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes, where the sun starts shining and Autumn gets out the gorgeousness. Featuring apples, macs, Apple Macs, post-truth politics, poppies, and the beginnings of a review of the year - allowing for whatever might happen next.

Episode Forty Four - Sorry Ms Jackson  

Our guest this week is Lisa Jackson, author of Running Made Easy and Your Pace Or Mine, and sworn chat- and walk-runner. Featuring the Tower of London, South African things from biltong to Anthony Sher, and some excellent insight into some of the adventures that take place in a marathon beyond carb gels, motivational headphones and speedy PBs.

Episode Forty Three - November Sunshine  

After a week of illness and international upheaval, a surprisingly lovely turn round the parks and waters of Hackney, Haringey and Islington. Featuring Planet Earth 2 plot spoilers, one runner feeling better than the other, football, films, a fleet float, footwear, fowl, families, Four Weddings... and a fuse box.

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