Running Commentary

Running Commentary

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Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life and comedy - but mainly running. Whilst running.


Episode Forty Six - happy on the Heath.  

A 'dog run' round Hampstead heath on a beautiful Autumn day. Featuring classic cross country, road rage, big nights and nights off, violence and the avoidance of, and a variety of green birds.

Episode Forty Five - Dark Clouds and Blue Skies.  

Out East to Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes, where the sun starts shining and Autumn gets out the gorgeousness. Featuring apples, macs, Apple Macs, post-truth politics, poppies, and the beginnings of a review of the year - allowing for whatever might happen next.

Episode Forty Four - Sorry Ms Jackson  

Our guest this week is Lisa Jackson, author of Running Made Easy and Your Pace Or Mine, and sworn chat- and walk-runner. Featuring the Tower of London, South African things from biltong to Anthony Sher, and some excellent insight into some of the adventures that take place in a marathon beyond carb gels, motivational headphones and speedy PBs.

Episode Forty Three - November Sunshine  

After a week of illness and international upheaval, a surprisingly lovely turn round the parks and waters of Hackney, Haringey and Islington. Featuring Planet Earth 2 plot spoilers, one runner feeling better than the other, football, films, a fleet float, footwear, fowl, families, Four Weddings... and a fuse box.

Episode Forty Two - Golden Brown  

A crisp golden autumn run with a little bit of rock'n'roll Hackney thrown in for good measure

Episode Forty One - Heroes and Villains  

Still recovering from the Yorkshire Marathon, Paul and Rob take an Autumnal turn round Islington. Featuring Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra, Jarvis Cocker, Rosemary's Baby, killer clowns, multiple magpies, a hipster having canal boat-related difficulties, and Rob's friend Lesley. Quite an exciting morning all round!

Episode Forty - last run before York.  

Paul and Rob talk taper as we flash back to their last run together before the Yorkshire Marathon, on another sunny run round (and round) North London's Clissold Park. The sound of runners breathing comes in for some criticism - quite a pot-calling-the-kettle-black situation for listeners - along with chat about childhood games, parkruns, deer, and the boys' delicately balanced commitment - or lack of. But who's on a bit of a downer, and who seems ready for a fight? Listen and find out...

Episode Thirty Nine - Marathon Report  

We join Rob and Paul in York just before the Yorkshire Marathon, and on their recovery run round Clissold Park afterwards. Featuring a scary hotel, a TV presenter getting a workout, Starburst, extreme weeing, a high-fiving vicar and a very impressive PB.

Episode Thirty Eight - mighty, modest Vassos Alexander  

BBC broadcaster and incredible runner Vassos Alexander takes Paul and Rob - and his dog Holly - on a sunny spectacular round the green spaces of South West London. We hope you find this as inspiring as we did, it was GREAT. Some minor sound issues at the beginning - apologies.

Episode Thirty Seven - Can You Hear Louise?  

Rob and Paul are joined by actor Louise Breckon Richards, along to tell us all about her autobiographical, one-woman play Can You Hear Me Running? - if she can get a word in. Featuring classic woods, real and pretend running.... but no plot spoilers.

Episode Thirty Six - Indian Summer  

Gorgeous September Sunshine in North London, as Rob and Paul discuss - and in one case execute - their last long runs before the Yorkshire Marathon. Featuring a Good Samaritan, a pack of dogs, fund raising, hill climbing, bird watching, a shiny conker and a vibrating knee.

Episode Thirty Five - Back to School  

Rob and Paul head from Newington Green to Victoria Park along the canal - and back again. Featuring ideas for new sitcoms, all the new-term, September-y Autumness you can handle, a good look at the upcoming Yorkshire Marathon and hazards left right and centre.

Episode Thirty Four - Two Mice, Two Tigers, Two Feet, Two Faces  

The boys take a turn around Hackney's nicest bits on the cusp of Summer and Autumn. Featuring mid-life crisis hobbies, Buddhism and bare feet, Keats, a witch and some credit card fraud.

Episode Thirty Three - squeezing the pips out of Edinburgh  

The boys' last Caledonian run before Paul heads home and away - actually the second part of a 12-miler. Featuring flat-sharing, a Yorkshire Marathon preview, a Great North Run critique, baby-carriers, Braveheart and a speedy finish.

Episode Thirty Two - The Innocent Railway  

Rob shows Paul one of Edinburgh's lesser-known routes. Featuring bounce bouncers, a beef about a roast, a bit of local history and ZOMBIES!

Episode Thirty One - Zoe Lyons  

Fourth and final comedian on the Edinburgh run Zoe Lyons talks comedy and running. Zoe is a regular on 'Mock The Week' and is having a stonking time in Edinburgh

Episode Thirty - Mark Watson  

Our third comedic run in Edinburgh with the hugely talented Mark Watson a regular on 'Mock The Week' and 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'

Episode Twenty Nine - Simon Evans  

Our second run in Edinburgh with comedian Simon Evans, not only do we ask the question why do we enjoy running? Simon also talks about making financial news funny and there are bagpipes too, the noo!

Episode Twenty Eight - Jason Byrne  

A run with Irish comedian Jason Byrne that includes Black Belt comedy, the pain of running a Marathon. And nearly a technical disaster when Jason knocks one out as he runs. Running Commentary with Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering.

Episode Twenty Seven Tate That  

Rob and Paul run from Pimlico central London via the old Tate to Tate Modern a journey that involves some disturbing stories of hairy legs whether salt or sugar is best to add to your hydration plan, bad jobs and London sights.

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