Running Commentary

Running Commentary

United States

Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life and comedy - but mainly running. Whilst running.


Episode Eighty Two - with Adharanand Finn  

A summer trot with 'Running with the Kenyans' author and modest but impressive runner Adharanand Finn. Featuring Wimbledon in Kings Cross, buses that aren't buses, street food and buskers, ultras, barefoot running, global running differences and similarities, and running right into Heaven - unless they shut the gate.

Episode Eighty One - Into The Woods Part Two  

Rob and Paul, now totally resigned to being hopelessly lost, go even further into the woods. Featuring the Happy Mondays' long lost slug song, a detour down the Woodcock Way, deer in the distance, mediocre metaphysics, and getting lost all over again right at the very end.

Episode Eighty - Into The Woods Part One  

Paul and Rob attempt a challenging ultra, without support or GPS, on a different day to everyone else, in a misty forest - what happens next will blow your mind... Featuring Rob sounding like he's in a little tin box, slugs, deer and cat hair, Ed Sheeran, and a very exciting - albeit quietly grumpy - cliffhanger.

Episode Seventy Nine - the Return of Susie Chan  

Friend of the show and runner extraordinaire Susie Chan takes the boys back to Regents Park to report on her latest adventures. Also featuring a parkrun PB for Rob, some camels, and some technical difficulties for Steve to wrestle with.

Episode Seventy Eight - Heatwave Special!  

Paul and Rob's favourite park - Clissold Park - sizzles and shines as the boys take a brief turn on the hottest day of the year. Featuring paddling pools, bad gender guesses, what-and-what-not to wear, a Golden Stag preview, and the most disgusting trainers in London.

Episode Seventy Seven - Round the Parks  

Rob and Paul are back in North London after a week of national and international travel. Featuring swans, reality TV, a little bit of politics, surprisingly good Donald Trump impressions. Bookended by Clissold Park House fun - a kids' singalong upstairs to start, and an emergency visit downstairs for Rob to finish.

Episode Seventy Six - A Dorset Adventure with Martin Yelling Part Two  

The epic jaunt continues and concludes. Featuring cows, comparative podcasts, what to tell a runner before they do a run (or have a baby), more rocks (Old Harry this time), the magic of parkruns, reasons to run a mile, and how to do it when you do.

Episode Seventy Five - A Dorset Adventure with Martin Yelling Part One  

Marathon Talk's Martin Yelling joins Paul and Rob on the Isle of Purbeck. In this first instalment, they talk about coastal calamity and the wonders of Comrades, photobomb a non-couple, get into difficulties on a rock, cross a golf course and climb a hill. Will Rob's vulnerable knees make it all the way round? Find out next week.

Episode Seventy Four - with Sam Murphy in some Royal Parks  

Insight and larks with Paul's fellow Runner's World columnist Sam Murphy on a Summer run round St. James's Park, Green Park... and St. James's Park again. Featuring serious bird action, three-dimensional training, running then and now, and serious running challenges in the past and in the future.

Episode Seventy Three - Tech Trouble, Tremendous 10k  

After performing at the Comedy Store in the early hours, the men turn up - Paul injured, Rob on virtually no sleep - for the glorious Crouch End 10k. Part of this recording was lost, but Steve has saved the day, so enjoy the huffs and puffs as Rob and Paul try to chat, make up time and sprint to the finish all at once.

Episode Seventy Two - Sunny Regents Park with Natalie Haynes  

Summer in Regents Park, where Rob and Paul are joined by writer, broadcaster, stand-up and classicist Natalie Haynes. Featuring classical tragedy and popular film, camels, bears and fancy ducks, nudity and toe-length in ancient Greece, but NO RUNNING ON THE GRASS.

Episode Seventy One - Highs and Lows  

The yin and the yang of life on a classic Islington loop; cold but Summery, beautiful but polleny, new rivers, old canals, private jets and forgotten support acts, preparation and improvisation, and spotting a minor celebrity... and her bag of poo.

Episode Seventy - Bluebells, Beasts and Kneejerk Knonsense  

Normal service is resumed as Paul and Rob trot up the Parkland Walk to Highgate Wood. Featuring wheels and the wall, Liverpool and Lincoln, complaining about complainers, wheelie bins and wild beasts, toilets and traps, masculine pursuits and a man in a gorilla suit.

Episode Sixty Nine - The Virgin Money London Marathon 2017  

Paul and Rob's full report on the weekend's long-anticipated adventures. Featuring before, after and longer after, the squirting of water and gels, body armour from both ancient Britain and a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, hot air balloons, spaghetti bolognese, to wee or not to wee, sub-3 and not sub-3, chilling on Sunday, martini Monday and much more besides.

Episode Sixty Seven - Last Thoughts Before London  

Twice round the park and the boys are set for Sunday. Featuring predictions, temptations, Belgians, karaoke, ill-advised shoe shopping and the quest for a mantra.

Episode Sixty Eight - A Marathon/Crossword Special with John Halpern  

Rob takes a short run in London - a few days before the LONG run in London - with John Halpern, crossword setter, who is setting a crossword as he runs the marathon on Sunday. Featuring cryptic clues, crosswords and comedy, Christopher Wren, wedding rings and London landmarks.

Episode Sixty Six - Six On Grass Round Hackney Marsh  

A foot-friendly long loop-the-loop round Hackney's huge Marshes. Featuring toe trouble, DJ Dobby on the Decks, Brexit, clock nazis, proper dancin', smoothies and cocktails, saveloys and a tongue-tied crow.

Episode Sixty Five Kate Carter Guardian  

A run along the Regent's Canal and around his park with the Guardian's Kate Carter who, like Paul, is hoping to do the London Marathon in less than three hours. Featuring drama, confusion and stupidity - right at the start - a noisy pontoon, Strava, cherry blossom, jam, a shy giraffe, international adventures, and hopes and plans for April.

Episode Sixty Four - A Brighton Long'un, Part Three  

The third and, thank goodness, final part of Paul and Rob's epic run, back along the coast to Brighton, past it, and back again. Featuring wind and waves, surfing and Starburst, nudism and ball games, piers, poles and the possibility of pasties, an inspiring statue of Steve Ovett, PWs, PSBs and PDBs. We may never know how far they went in the end - but it was pretty darn far.

Episode Sixty Three - A Brighton Long'un, Part Two  

The boys turn South from the South Downs Way and head towards the sea. Featuring a Runkeeper-related confession from Rob, Irish adventures - and accents - a beautiful, sad spot, lots of map-reading, Bill Bryson, the pros and cons of solitude, and a wind that slides inexorably up the Beaufort Scale towards Gale Force.

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